Within This NOW – Suzanne Lie



Within This NOW–A Poem–Suzanne lie



Within this NOW – I am here

Within this NOW – I have NO fear

Within this NOW – I remember cheer

I remember NOWΒ Β – To just be here

To know that I’m – Within the NOW

Reminds me that – I still know HOW

How to BE – in love and light

And how to master – all my fright

Within this NOW – Is good for me

To remember that – My Soul is Free

Free to be within the NOW

Free to see I do know HOW

How to BE within this NOW

How to know I still know HOW

To let the fears and sorrows Go

To hold the love and let it flow

The flow of love can fill the NOW

To remind me that I still know HOW

How to be within the ONE

How to fell my Inner Sun

The sorrow and the fear is done

When I am deep within the ONE

Within the ONE

There is NO time

Within the ONE

My life if Mine

I am the master of my life

And remember how to Love all strife

Love it FREE

To Let it BE

The teacher that

I cannot SEE

I cannot see this inner ME

I cannot know who it will BE

But in the NOW

I remember HOW

To BE the ME

Who sets me FREE


Suzanne Lie

Posted byΒ Suzanne LieΒ atΒ 2:03 PM


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