Please Tell Us Who We Are – Part 3/4 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Healer painting ~ Jaaneman Art and Wellbeing


Please Tell Us Who We Are – Part 3/4


It’s hard to believe, when we read the explanations of the Company of Heaven, what they say about who we are, where we’re from, and what we’ve come to do.

I again use question-and-answer format here to get as much literature into circulation to assist the newly-awakening as possible.

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

Are we in training?

Archangel Michael: You are masters; you are in your mastery. And it is a matter of accepting and living and embracing this. So you are not here to be in boot camp, as it were. You are here to flourish and to bring in all this understanding of who you are. (1)

Sanat Kumara: All of you … came because of your mastery, not as trainees; not as beings in service to work off karmic debt; not because you simply yearn for adventure. (2)

Archangel Uriel: You are mighty creators. You have come to this planet as Ascended Masters, in and of yourself.

This is not egoic. This is the truth of who you are and you have come in fulfillment of your promise, your mission, your purpose, in alignment with all of us, in service to the Divine Mother as we journey as One to the divine perfection and ascension and anchoring of this planet Gaia in the higher realms. (3)

The Light Collective: Even if you believe in all sincerity that you have just started your journey, we now lovingly remind you that for all of you this is a process of reiteration that you are now embarking upon.

All of those who are incarnated upon the planet are masters. We do not share this information as a jest or impossibility, but as a truth that you will begin to recognize for yourself as you proceed to open yourself up to the energies of your higher self and full multidimensionality. (4)

The Arcturian Group: There comes a time when each individual must accept and move into their masterhood, no longer a full time student or simply a clearing house for the world’s old energy. Many of you are now ready to believe, accept, and live as the spiritual masters you have become – letting go of seeing yourselves as un-awakened students forever seeking.

“Forever students” often live in the belief that this is humility, but it actually represents a sense of separation from who one really is and serves only to delay spiritual progress.

The point of years of study, seeking, and practice, as well as all the personal and world clearing experiences is to bring you to the point of Mastery. Many of you are ready to step into your masterhood and let go of the books, classes, paths, and tools that assisted you to where you are now.

Allow these tools to pass to those newly awakening students you will find yourselves guiding. Step fearlessly into your power, Dear Ones, accepting who and what you are, and trusting that everything necessary will be given when needed.

Your attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness will draw you to your spiritual work, whether that be students, spiritual work, or new awareness and more Light.

It is time to be that which you have been seeking through lifetimes. You have learned and integrated the deeper truths through years of study, meditation and practice, and have arrived, should you choose to accept this. (5)

Hilarion: It is time to release the universal subconscious thought forms of ‘not good enough’ that have been holding humanity hostage. It is time to begin to see the magnificence that has been hidden within you and which now begins to burst forth spontaneously. (6)

When you get to the point where you can acknowledge the master that you are, when you can come to the place where you look upon all of the choices, all of the challenges and you can be joyful about them and know that truly they are just passing and temporary—which they are—resting in your divine Self, then you recognize and know, truly know, the master that you are. (7)

(Concluded in Part 4, tomorrow.)


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The Healer painting ~ Jaaneman Art and Wellbeing

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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The Virtue of Prudence encompasses the quality of moderation, the genuine knowing and practice of everything in balance.

Prudence Allows Your Essential Self to Emerge

Archangel Gabrielle

Saturday Conference Call       2018-06-16

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love


So, take a nice deep breath of green, the green of your heart chakra, that beautiful emerald green, and bring it in, whether it’s through your mouth, or your nose, or your crown, breathe in the emerald and feel yourself sinking into your heart chakra. This is you anchored in the 7th dimension, this is your home, this is where love lives. So, feel yourself sinking in to your heart chakra and into your tri-flame, into your beautiful tri-flame. Sink into the seat of your soul, at the base…the basement…of your heart and feel, on the wonderful foundation of emerald, here’s your tri-flame, your beautiful Pink Diamond…this is the essence of who you are regardless of what ray you travel on.

In your tri-flame, your pink sparkly diamond is your life essence, your soul essence. And on either side is the Mother’s beautiful Blue Diamond and the Father’s beautiful Gold Diamond. Really feel yourself balanced, so it isn’t that one of your flames is higher, or stronger, or more vibrant than the other…and if you look and you feel that it is, just give yourself a moment and adjust it, you’re really powerful and if you want some help, just ask for it…and there you go.

Now, anchored firmly in your sweet heart, move up ever so slightly to the middle of your chest, to the middle, to where your thymus is, where it feels like there is bone, below your clavicle, above your heart, about a hand’s width above your heart chakra. This chakra is being more fully activated during this time of Nova Being and Nova Earth and your true ascending self. This is your center, your energy center…because that is what your chakra is…for peace and harmony and balance. You can’t live as Nova Being without peace and balance and harmony. And we can’t anchor Nova Earth, and our community as Gaians, and our Cities of Light without peace and harmony and balance.

The rays of this chakra are very fluid, they are not stable, they’re always constantly moving. And those rays, those colors are coral and pink and yellow and gold. So, let’s breathe into this center…put your hand there, up on your thymus…I want you to give yourself, with a couple of fingers, just a slight circular movement – and you’ll know exactly where you’re supposed to be, where your fingers land – just very gently, clockwise, let’s give a little awakening to this chakra.

And let’s begin by breathing in coral, that beautiful burnt red-orange, soft pastel peachy color, and smell the peach, and breathe in the coral. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to go scuba diving or snorkeling and you’ve seen that pink coral underneath the waves, feel that energy of growth, of movement, and community; coral lives in colonies. So, breathe in the coral.

Now, let’s breathe in the pink. Bring up some of your Pink Diamond and let’s throw it in here, and then the softest sweetheart rose, the pink of a baby’s cheek when they’re asleep, the tinge of pink in the sky just before dawn. Breathe in pink and breathe it in as if you feel like there’s a laser going right into this chakra…yes, it’s coming down through your crown, but let it come directly as well from Source. Breathe pink.

Now, let’s bring in the yellow and gold. Let’s bring in Gabrielle’s gold, and Yahweh’s gold, and sunshine Solaris yellow, the centers of daisies and buttercups, marigolds, and a wheat field at sunset. Breathe in the gold and feel it merging, swirling, marrying, merging with the coral and the pink. And feel that chakra spin, and feel and see and taste those sparks flying. Breathe in a Georgia peach, taste it, that richness of summer.

I want you to go inside this spinning wheel chakra as if you’re diving into it…let’s go exploring. Yes, we know the importance of high heart, we know the importance of thymus and the regulation of our body…there is a balance right there! But what else are you feeling deep inside this swirling energy, this sunset, glorious sunset energy of corals and oranges and golds and yellows and pink and fuchsia. What are you feeling? Go deeper. Allow this sense of peace and harmony deep within you, not external, but your very essence come to the forefront. This energy doesn’t announce itself loudly or scream…it’s a quiet feeling like a rose blossoming. And breathe it in…deeper…’till you feel like you’ve really got it…that sense of harmony and balance, that knowing of who you are, and your ability, our ability, to hold this for the collective.

Now, let’s beam it out, let’s beam out this beautiful siroun energy, this peachy, skin, sunset energy. Let’s beam it out all over the planet. Declare today and every day a day of peace and harmony and balance! Let’s go! Further…put on your high beams!


Greetings, I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome my beloveds, sweet angels of light, sweet angels of love, and as you merge with your beautiful siroun, you are merging, sweet one, and bringing to the forefront the fullness of your angelic self…no, not merely a memory, not merely an aspect, but the fullness of your being. And this is necessary, desirable, exciting, and might I say, not only liberating but fun…and child, it’s about time you had some fun!

Yes, prudence is not raucous, but it is a great payday because it is in temperance, it is in balance, and it is not denial, and it is not going overboard.

So often in the human realm of existence, it is an existence of extremes, and it has been an existence of extremes because human beings, in so many ways, have denied themselves to such an extent that they have forgotten how they actually feel and what their essence actually is.

All of you, and I mean all of you, have emanated, not merely from the Mother but from the angelic realm. Yes, you have traveled hither and yon, and you have traveled to many universes and assumed many forms…even upon this planet you have assumed many forms. But what of the driving desires of every being, and your sweet self included? It’s the desire to be in harmony, the desire to be in balance, and what brings that about is the prudence, child. And it is that quiet, not merely acceptance of a ho-hum Virtue, but that which nurtures you and everything around you, and everybody around you.

No one truly likes someone who is pushy, or bossy, or conceited…because that is not of love. And similarly, there is a world of difference, there is a universe of difference, between being shy and quiet, and being withdrawn and in denial. You’ve all had experiences where you work and work and work and work to draw somebody out and they just won’t cooperate. Well, that is not of balance either!

Balance and prudence does not deny the essential self; it allows it to emerge, to be seen, and to be celebrated in ways that are of equality, not manipulation, not drama, not grandstanding, and not hiding.

Each and every one of you, my beloved angels of light, are being asked to step forward…but not carelessly, not with false bravado and not with such fear and trepidation that you are trembling in your boots. You step forward with prudence that is in the measured balance for you. Somebody else, whether it is me, or Mi-ka-el, or your neighbor down the street cannot tell you what that measured balance is for you because it is unique reflection of who you are. That is the beauty of such diversity upon this planet…in the implementor’s collective and individual energies. How you step forth is the unique expression of your being and it is not merely in one way, one fashion, one time…it is consistent. And sometimes it is a quiet word, or a hand on the shoulder of a friend or a child. And sometimes it is leading the parade. Do not hesitate to do either…I am very much in favor of parades and will gladly join you. But I will also gladly join you in the quiet, radiant joy, in the quiet moments of sunset. All of these avenues are equally beautiful.

Stop limiting yourself. Stop restricting yourself. And in the discovery of prudence, exact measure.

Go forth my beloveds and know, we are with you. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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The Creator of the WingMakers Materials ~ James Mahu

The Creator of the WingMakers Materials

James Mahu, residing in upstate New York

In His Own Words

Perhaps the best way to understand James Mahu and his role in bringing this work to realization,
is to read, in his own words, how he explains his role. The following quote is an excerpt from the
Author’s Preface in the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

“Whenever one is asked to explain something as vast as the cosmos and its relation to the
individual entity, one is tempted to throw up their hands and expel a deep breath of resistance.
Why me? Why now? Haven’t people more capable than I done it a thousand times before? The
answer to those questions is sometimes hard to understand, and other times hard to ignore.
In my case, it was the latter.

“I have said before that this was a commissioned work. That is to say, I was asked to produce
these materials by an energy field I met when I was a young child. I call it an energy field because
I had, at the time, no other way to describe the WingMakers. Over the years, I grew to understand
their intelligence and creativity, and ultimately their purpose and how it was linked to my own, and
by extension, to each of you who are reading this.

“I was given visions of this work when I was yet in my early teens and I could see that its trajectory
was not concerned with the production of a text-based treatise. It would require multiple forms of
content and technology to include visual art, mythological storytelling, music, poetry, video,
philosophy, and ultimately a global community that could embellish these works with its own
perspectives and insights.

“However, regardless of the many layers, complexity, and scope of these works, there remains a
core essence, and this essence is spiritual equality. This is the equality that is found in the deepest
layers of the human heart, living free like a mountain stream—uncrystallized and unconformable
by social programming or even human experience. You could call this quality of equality many
different names. In my own work I’ve endeavored, and, in some cases, struggled, to name it, define
it, describe it, compose it or paint it.

“This quality of wordlessness and imagelessness is its real essence. How it has survived over thousands
of years of persecution by those who would try to own it, enslave it and make it into something it is
not, is proof of how carefully it is protected by those who would have you enlightened by its existence.
In part, because it is unseen and unspoken, this spiritual equality runs through the DNA of all life as
its template of existence—its distillation or quantum essence. It is what survives all time-forms and
though it is hidden in the mundane, it is expressible. It can live in our actions. It can have force in our
lives. It can become us.

“The beauty of this inexhaustible essence is that we—living as human beings—orbit around it like
planets to their solar centers. It is this essence that activates us to live a love-centered life and to
express the virtues of the heart into our local universe just as the sun expresses its light and energy
outward without condition. Spiritual equality is the activator of the highest frequencies of love on

“This essence or quality of equality is what is coming to this planet. We are all evolving into it, and it
into us, and not necessarily because we are consciously trying or because some all-powerful force is
orchestrating it. It is simply a natural outcome of the process that is designed into life. It is the design
of an intelligence that arises from our collective sovereign essence. We are all a piece of the design
whether we are conscious of it or not.”


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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