Living A Life of Miracles In The Presence of Guan Yin – Live Stream ~ Altair Shyam



Altair Shyam will do a live meditation “Living a life of miracles in the presence of Guan Yin” at 13:00 GMT, Sunday 12 August, or 2:00PM London (6:00AM in Los Angeles and 9:00AM in New York, 22:00PM in Tokyo and 23:00PM in Sydney) on Facebook Live Stream.
This meditation will explore portals of awakening in the presence of Guan Yin, from Altair’s new book β€˜Diary of a Yogi’ due to be published in October of this year, and reveal the miracles we can unfold through that state of being.
The Bodhisattva of Compassion, Guan Yin, Avalokiteshvara, is described in the Lotus Sutra as the Universal Gate, She Who is the Gateway to Everywhere through observing the sounds of the world.
That gate is love and compassion.
No matter what happens to us in this life, love and compassion is the answer, the Universal Gate.
To share in this meditation please contemplate the doors within you and around you that would like to open. These could include any need or circumstance, from health and abundance to love and clarity on your path.
As you start to work with the presence of Guan Yin within you, your love and compassion open, and you feel ready to respond to the needs of any being, in any circumstance, across any grounds, in any time or space.
We can do this in incredibly simple ways.
First by stopping, and allowing ourselves time and space to be aware of those needs, within us, and then in others.
Second by looking and listening deeply.
When we stop and look deeply, in that moment we are in presence and awareness, awake and free from suffering.
In that moment we become free.
Liberation is a process of becoming open, in our heart, to these moments.
Having the capacity to stop, listen, look, and offer our love.
When we meet on Sunday, please work with the healing and awakening energies of Guan Yin you feel most divinely inspired by.
See you in the Light, with Maia.Β Β 

Love and Blessings always
Altair and Mother



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