Living In The Presence of The Holy Spirit – Live Stream ~ Altair Shyam


Just returned from the island of Saraswati and the Amitabha Guan Yin Japanese temple after sharing ‘Living in the Presence of the Holy Spirit’. Maia said she missed you all so wanted to be in the photo


In just over an hour, from a Japanese Temple known as the ‘Connector of All Connections’, Altair Shyam will do a live meditation “Living in the presence of The Holy Spirit” at 13:00 GMT, Sunday 5 August, or 2:00PM London (6:00AM in Los Angeles and 9:00AM in New York, 22:00PM in Tokyo and 23:00PM in Sydney) on Facebook Live Stream.

This meditation will explore ‘The Faith of a Mustard Seed’ and the miracles we can unfold through that state of being.
To share in this meditation please contemplate the miracles within you and around you that would like to explore manifesting together in the Presence of the Holy Spirit and the power of unity consciousness.
Please work with the healing and miracle energies you feel most divinely inspired by.
Love and Blessings always
Altair and Mother



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