Archangel Michael: Have Compassion for Yourself – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: Have Compassion for Yourself

Archangel Michael asked me to have compassion for myself.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t reprint this passage, but he said: “What I am asking you this day and what I’m asking of all of humanity, all of existence every day….” It isn’t crystal clear but it sounded as if he wished it posted generally.

He’s right when he says I’ve come back from anger, aggression and – putting the best possible light on it – assertiveness. The other day I was getting irritated with someone and a voice said, “Is it of love?” And I got that it wasn’t and I stopped what I was doing. This was the very first time.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 17, 2018.

You know I am Warrior of Peace. But the wages of war are not the wages of peace for peace is found gently.

So, when I wage peace, sometimes it is stern and felt as forceful, particularly when there is resistance, or, yes, even recalcitrance. But generally, if there is such a thing, when I wage Peace, it is gentle. It is pervasive. It does not force. It does not demand.

It most certainly beckons and is so attractive, so alluring that of course you want to come. And, my beloved brother, that is what you are seeking. It is the sense of being in peace.

Now, being in peace does not eliminate change. It certainly doesn’t eliminate questions or queries or expansion. In fact, if anything, it permits it because in that sense of well-being, in that depth of knowing, there is the desire to go down the avenues and expansion of even greater knowing.

And yes, it may be, it can be reflected into the mental but truly it is a state of being in your heart. And there are times, sweet one, when you have felt that your sense of peace is somewhat like a bouncing ball. It is up and down.

And yet for you, my ally, my friend, my brother, peace is not just a yearning. It is essential to you. And you have learned this more and more and more over the past few years. And you have relinquished that sense of defensiveness that you carried for so many years, which often exhibited in aggression and certainly assertiveness.

You have struggled and you have worked and you have conquered and been victorious in dampening down, in finding that middle way. And so your heart and your being is demanding that sense of peace, not to the exclusion of joy or intimacy or anything.

Because in peace, in joy, in love, all is possible. It is the knowing that all is possible, it is the delight that makes your heart sing. So, you have been a little bit on this seesaw, teeter totter.

What I am asking you this day and what I’m asking of all of humanity, all of existence every day is to have enormous incredible, unmeasurable compassion for your sweet self.

Give to yourself not only that which you feel you need, that which you feel you desire, that which you feel will keep you going. Give yourself, Beloved, what you deserve. And that is a sense of compassion and deep, abiding peace.

The changes, the enormous shifts that are being wrought upon this planet, even as we speak, are based on this internal knowing of peace. Not on hurried action or reactive behaviour what you see far too much of all around you, both with small and large.

No, it comes from a sense of temperance, and yes, tolerance. And tolerance for one another and tolerance for yourself. Tolerance for the rapidity or the slowness with which things move.


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