Multi-Dimensional Physical LightBody Templates – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Multi-Dimensional Physical LightBody Templates Clearing the 3rd/4th Dimensional Frequency Bandwidths to come online with NEW Earth Frequency Bandwidths: Gamma LightBody, 12D LightBody, 144 Avatar LightBody Codes & Frequency Bandwidths


Aloha Love family,

Yesterday was a huge template re-working day for me. I go offline when I’m doing these things and honor the process, without exerting my energy “for others”. I can do things that support the process…. which is minimal and very focused on what needs to be accomplished with little/no exertion, while still accomplishing with what my Energy/Light Body (physical body/energy/integration process) will allow.

For me personally, it was more of a “completion” to the entire August process for the Avatar Body Template. These work on such a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep level, more than I’ve ever experienced before. Through the years, all the different Light Body phases and templates, yes they go deep, “digging and coring” (clearing density/unconscious programming/karmic timelines/more), yet once we complete those cycles of how deeply embedded all is, we begin very different processes.

Our “new” LightBodies work very differently than before. All of these codes work through our whole body to break-down the cellular structure of all “linear” and start a re-building processes that literally takes years to complete. Rewriting our DNA, genetic makeup…. not an “overnight job”. These codes “lay the foundation” of all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES… and what/how we “do” each day here.

These QUANTUM (DNA/MOLECULAR) BUILDING BLOCKS for our new realities, these Quantum Geometrics/Light codes, these markers, these recode/encode as we integrate all and hold it within us fully. As we honor the “breakdown process”, as we honor the times that our bodies are weak to rework all, as we honor the processes that take place on a cellular/sub-atomic molecular level, as PHOTONIC LIGHT ENERGY re-constructs all…. our entire reality also is reworked. Our part in this…. how we participate, how we honor, listen, support and how we learn to “do” everything completely different, all over again….. like nothing our little human ever understood/knew.

Observing these new Avatar Codes…. they are sooooo intricate in how they work. The BUILDING BLOCKS, like Quantum Leggo’s… in geometrics, constantly “moving”, alive and taking new form. Our NEW LIGHTBODIES evolve as we EMBODY, as we hold the immensity of these SOURCE CODES that activate on a Cosmic Level all day every day. Constantly re-working everything….

Our Light Consciousness DNA alive, talking and communicating. It knows what to “do” and “how” all “needs to be done/occur”. It does all of the work for us….. Learning how to communicate with your NEW LightBody, how to MANAGE all… Energetically… how to function in all new ways, how to honor so that your body can do all of this dilligent work daily and move your physical bodies out of the old dimensions for you, so that your particles can activate, vibrate and emit, so that your surroundings can re-work itself vibrationally too, so that your bodies can vibrate at a speed/rate that is mind-blowing to your human aspect…. your multi-dimensional bodies have capabilities and (super-powers), yet through simplicity and grace and ease. These are natural abiltiies that come forth as your heart opens and you learn to open up and share, as you REVERSE EVERYTHING and clear your “karma” yourself.

All human (ego) aspects have immense Karma to clear. All of this held in cellular memory/imprints and spanning all “times” and “existences”….that collapse into ZERO POINT FIELD.

Each Light body template activates higher consciousness to start to come online. The spark, the ignition, the codes/codons, begin the process that is “built” over the separation of time.

The human body held “time” in separation, holding the body to the 3rd/4th Dimension through TEMPLATES that completely (have to) break down. These templates held the structures for the old unconscious realities to be held in place….. all linked up to correlating frequency bandwidths previously maintained by Lower Vibrational Old Earth. The old Lay-Lines of the Earth/each’s Earthly Bodies, the old codes were relative to frequency bandwidths that operated at less than 528 HZ (5th Dimension).

Solfeggio Tones work well with tuning and activating the LightBody. Anything that works vibrationally will assist each with doing this. These correlate with LightBody stages/phases:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

3rd Dimensional Consciousness: (Frequency Bandwidth 396 HZ Range and below):
The lowest thoughts and emotions, were vibrations (and vibrational physical matter form) that matched the frequencies of 396HZ (or less). When it’s time for each to start to awaken (to being their own Physical Body Ascension Process), the physical body/physical reality activates anything of these frequencies to start to “rattle” (shake/vibrate/appear) by way of feelings, thoughts, emotions, experiences, so that these lower frequency bandwidth programs can come to the surface to be seen/felt/cleared. The 3D Lightbody is “Light” is almost non-existent, as this body runs on “temporary” things that replace how Light feeds the body, controlling and trying to “get through”. The physical body uses “replacements” that won’t work anymore. These things actually deplete the physical Light body, where it becomes dependent on things that minimize feeling and suppress each’s Pure Light from being fully active, so the body’s consciousness is suppressed, until the “codes” inside activate and override the Unconscious Human (Ego) attempt to control/ignore/not listen. Not listening won’t be an option anymore. This body holds “death” in it’s template and timetables that increasing expedite now. Deep emotions and beliefs held this body template together. Held the structures (by way of limiting/fear based beliefs) together. The building blocks of this entire dimension now dissolve, as the codes for them are no longer “valid”. Our densest human bodies lived in this dimension/frequency bandwidth. Carbon-bases, tight muscles, very fixed mentalities/beliefs. There’s no “movability” energetically. This human lives from their head, works hard, plays hard and focuses on “things” it “needs” to accomplish/succeed/survive/live.

This dimension experiences extreme collapses to awaken “each body” from the deep sleep/slumber, in order to “move into” the 4th Dimension of Consciousness. Physical “looks” are able to be manipulated/controlled here. Each’s DNA is preparing to awaken…old human DNA used to dictate, yet no longer in these vibrational frequency bandwidths we are now in. (Ego shuts down/suppresses lower emotions and only feels when it gets hurt. The 3rd Dimensional LightBody will activate to begin the Liberation of blame, shame, fear, guilt, judgment, gossip, drama, victim, power over or believing more or less, inability to forgive, holding on, attachment, dependency, cords, survival mode and more).

4th Dimensional Consciousness: Frequency Bandwidth Range (417 HZ):
This frequency bandwidth operates at 417 HZ range. The physical body, the entire physical reality. One’s Heart is starting to open, therefore confusion begins. The outside world and what all have “worked for” or “tried to achieve” starts to change here. Actual “control” starts to go out the window. Emotions seem to come out of no-where, many start “feeling too much” and overwhelm starts to move in. The body’s nervous system, organs, immune systems start to show “compromise”, yet this is not understood yet. This body template still holds “physical death”, so aging and rapid deceleration start to occur. Each’s Higher Consciousness LightBody (Higher strands of DNA) start to activate, “triggering” a releasing process (some refer to as purging), a clearing and purification process that is as intense as each was deeply embedded in Matrix Programming, as each held the codes for this deep within. As these codes are activated to “play out” in the physical, duality…. the “battle” inside between Heaven and Hell, each’s Devil/Angel, Higher Realms/Lower Realms ensues…. and every moment will be working through duality, all separation that each holds/held, which allowed each to maintain a state of Unconsciousness and “stay asleep” before. This dimensional frequency bandwidth entails much. As it’s where each remains as old body templates break down and all new awakens, and the physical body (density) goes through an immense re-coding process that is mis-understood. This frequency bandwidth, the human ego is still “in charge” and “fighting” the process of transitioning to an all NATURAL and ORGANIC way of EXISTENCE, as well as Learning to Surrender and hear their own Higher Selves. Solar Flares and various Cosmic Frequencies are able to “break through” the old programming, so more can start to hear/see/understand. This frequency bandwidth of Multi-Dimensional Earth is where each starts to choose and learns what consciousness is. It’s also where foods change, the body requires more sleep to wake up, relationships and jobs start to change too. It’s where suppression can be “felt” and where each must “learn” to listen to their HEART over their head.

The transition/completion cycle of the body breaking down all of those old codes, so that one’s LightBody can fully activate (Gamma) to AWAKEN FULLY to start to come ONLINE with NEW EARTH is an immense process. Realities start to distort and while not fully understanding “how all came to be/comes to be/is”, each start to see the old illusions of what each “called reality”. Some will stay in this bandwidth for a long time, fighting, finding their voice, refusing to adhere to the old and starting to “find their NEW way”… which looks nothing like each “thought” all was…..  Each’s LightBody increases activity, where electrical impulses can be felt in the body, spine, nerve endings, heart, brain, under the skin and each body part begins a massive clearing process, to clear the density in the body and physical reality too. Many pull away in this phase, to clear their fields, so awakening is easier, so the body can achieve the 5th Dimensional frequency bandwidth easier too. What “matters” and each’s focus starts to come into question here. Everything gets re-worked, as each starts to align on a heart level, instead of a linear/logical one. Each transitions from a “physical” to an “energy”, where the “etheric realms” start to become visible, as well as each’s focus shifts off the physical onto learning about and working with energy, not realizing fully the extent of “how & why”. There is a “draw” or a “pull” inside. The seeker is birthed to want to know more. All 3D Emotions can no longer be suppressed and are “coming up”, with every heart opening until every ounce of the lower vibrational everything has cleared the body fully).

5th Dimensional Consciousness: Frequency Bandwidth 532 HZ Range:
Each’s whole body has to achieve this on a cellular level. The vibrational matter of each’s body changes substantially for this. Each’s heart opening fully, transmits a much higher frequency, therefor LightBody Tuning is easier here. Cosmic frequencies tune each’s body “faster”. Gamma LightBodies activate and stimulate, so the body can awaken easier. Achieving this with the whole body, every lower vibrational emotion must clear the body, every lower vibrational thought too, every lower vibrational belief/mentality…. that was held in each’s template… comes up for REVIEW. Each’s entire reality does too. As each holds 532HZ has their primary, the lower vibrations can be observed/cleared easily. The physical reality starts to match, yet full physical abundance is different here. It’s through utter and sheer appreciation and inner-connection with all and the realization of how truly abundant we all are. The “building” of all new realities begins for each. The innocent child has birthed. This body template is peaceful, in-tune, ONE with all, yet all new “learning” processes begin. This one appreciates all, loves all… and now Mastery becomes our way. Holding the 5th Dimensional frequency fully, allows all on a cellular/molecular/physical level to “faster”. Because all is ENERGETIC, Frequencies and Energy become our new world. The holding of our 5th Dimensional Essence, allows our Template to build, therefor our Merkaba does too. While holding our highest, ascended states of consciousness, our Merkaba builds itself, both inside of our bodies and out in our fields. StarGate activations and alignments “cause/trigger” our bodies and fields to synchronize, so that our Merkaba can vibrate and spin at such an immense rate, that our physical body actually ascends.

This process takes years of the old structures/templates breaking down, recoding and being reconstructed through vibratory frequencies so that our body can maintain/stay awake through this process. Much sleeping occurs so this non-liner process (Sacred Geometrics) can override the old linear programming our bodies/fields held. As our bodies achieve the ability to function at Gamma Frequencies, our Physical LightBodies no longer need to shut down/sleep as they once did. This is where each starts to lay the foundation of all of their own NEW EARTH REALITIES, where everything is fully birthed from within. Holding the 13th Dimensional Christed Consciousness, allows each’s 5th Dimensional body template to complete/come online.  Re-generation and reversing aging processes increase here, because you’re learning how your LightBody works and you limit your exposure to that which diminishes your Light, drains your light, doesn’t support/amplify your Light. The first linear year(s) of the 5th Dimension are consciously clearing programming, while it not affecting your physical reality anymore.

5th Dimensional Level Template Lock-In:
The next levels will be activated by much higher states of consciousness activating through Keycodes and codons. Multi-Dimensional Light Bodies are activated to come online, which will take years as each LightBody template activates/evolves/builds/completes. The “growing up” phases of “Maturation” as Universal BEings/Light BEings/Higher Selves begins. Learning how to Master and Manage each’s Light, how to “direct” and “transmit Light. How to honor your LightBody, how to charge, replenish, live and work ENERGETICALLY and how to Master the physical, how to anchor much higher dimensional realities into your/this physical and hold it, while your Physical LightBody constantly breaks down old programming, re-codes and restructures your entire Living DNA Make-up, as well as your entire physical reality to match vibrationally too. The codes for each of your other templates will activate…. your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th body templates… (and higher). Each one of these represented by a different higher self aspect of you, the EMBODIMENT process is immense. Your entire reality must be re-worked/realigned to match these much higher vibrational aspects here.

From the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 22nd Dimensions of Consciousness (there are many others, yet I only mention these for a specific purposes, as all of those up to the 144 are activated by fulfilling the higher purposes of the first 12. I will break this down and explain differently in upcoming articles/sharings/teachings, as is appropriate.

Each one of your 12 HD Templates, has different roles to play here. As the codes for each template activate, those activate 12 additional primary codes… making up the 144 Avatar Consciousness Codes and templates, which are achieved as each steps up fully to fullfil much higher dimensional roles here.

The first 12 are your building blocks, your foundation… these 12 take years to activate and complete. Each one has many different purposes and your ability to MASTER each, will take all of your own precious Light Energy to accomplish/complete. This will directly correlate to your own physical abundance and for anchoring Heaven on Earth so that NEW Earth is your entire reality. It’s where you live as an Oversoul, yet also live as each template activates too. Yet, “how” changes all along the way. Your 6th Dimensional Template is your “worker” as Light. It’s where you step up and utilize your Divine Masculine to accomplish and “direct your Light”. It’s also what re-connects you the the 6th Dimension of all others holding these codes, these Star Systems (Sirian is one).

The building blocks of your new realities, your new foundation that is SOLID AND PURE. The deconstruction of the old and reconstruction of y/our new. Every reality you have, will be re-built by you. Yet not like before. As Light. Pure Light. Through the ENERGY and codes that you transmit out. This is where each become alchemists, everything turns to GOLD and every moment, every reality, everything is constantly birthed anew. Every thing experienced, will be a result of what you consciously transmit out. Everything you receive, relative to the Light that you hold and HOW YOU UTILIZE IT…. as each “learns” a whole new Value System, an intricate one that no longer conforms to the old. These are geometric, Quantum Equations, Algorithms and Mechanics… and you become the Architect, the Engineer, the Builder, the Director, the Producer, the Provider, the Supporter, the Creator of all….. every reality is your baby that you birth, that you take and shape into form, that you release into the “ethers” (Unified Quantum Field), to return a whole new reality back to you… It’s beyond beautiful to experience… to Master, manage, sustain, maintain, maneuver, hold and completely constantly Consciously RE-TUNE, RE-Calibrate and Re-Align all on/through HOLDING much higher frequency realities so that the physical can re-work itself completely….  and materialize a much higher vibrational response easily and “instantaneously”, consistently…. means learning a whole new Existence and “how” to “do” everything all over again…..

Every Dimension operates at a much higher frequency Bandwidth, which means that your physical LightBody will constantly be working to achieve much higher frequency bandwidths. The higher your body can achieve, the easier your every reality becomes. Not in the way that the human “thinks” though. Everything is energetic, so the amount of ENERGY it takes for all is immense. You cut out waste, that which depletes and everything you used to put your focus into… you have to look at everything and realize “that” is what you are creating, “that” determines your entire experience here. “That” is your abundance… and if you waste your energy, don’t appreciate/respect your own energy, you will struggle and it will be more challenging, as your body will remain in the lower frequency bandwidths where “lack” still exists too. You start to realize that all comes forth easily, when you are fully UNIFIED INSIDE. When you are at Peace and magic is within you, clarity and focus are easy….. You realize how important the VIBRATION of where your body is located, what you surround yourself with, this either supports or “takes/drains”. You start to read the FIELD and see the SPIN of all. How fast, how slow, how long it takes for each to process Light Data, how long it takes for each to MOVE ENERGY and how easy it is to do this on a multi-dimensional level through your own Consciousness. Your “new vision” gives you the ability to see across all dimensions, down each vibrational timeline …. how your energy transmits out and “activates” all new realities vibrationally to start to come forth.

You realize everything. Doing it daily…. this is a different “matter”. You realize your entire reality is based upon the vibrational energy that you HOLD and what your body, your thoughts, your energy, your conscious creations and work transmits out too. Touching everything as love…. and activating everything as you do.

As you accomplish each Dimensional aspect, then those realities a part of that dimensional template are activated to ‘start’ to build. Everything you accomplish/do, sets/cements this template in more, as long as it’s highest aligned from within you. Fulfilling all 12D aspects roles, activates the 144 Avatar Consciousness Codes for this template to start to build. Every ACT of love, kindness, benevolence, consideration, respect, contribution and fulfillment, activates another part of this template to “complete” (come online). It takes many linear years of holding and accomplishing, fulfilling and transmitting out only your highest everything for this to occur. First the activation of the Consciousness, then holding and integrating and DOing from this “level” (Space), as your body-field templates are constructed…. which occurs as you fulfill your highest everything here.

The human ego loves to get all caught up in things. Loves to claim. Loves “attention” (or to hide), to “pretend” and impress. This is not about any of those things. This is about your PRESENCE and how you present yourself, how you show up each day, how you contribute, how you embody/hold, how you express yourself, how you maintain, how you stabilize the immensity of these codes/energy and how much you do as fully conscious and how much of the “old” you still hold. This is about a LEVEL OF PURITY, where everything is re-aligned and vibrationally matches this.

Each will “learn” humility as every action becomes humble and humane. As each brings forth the purest form of love that was hidden/buried deep inside, each’s HUmanity returns from within. As each REMEMBERS fully, the veils of the old dissolve. What each has access to evolves, as we do. As PURE SOURCE LIGHT FILLS your veins and every breath.

Every day now, these Cosmic Frequencies increase, the influxes of SOULar and Galactic Plasma Flares/Releases… as Cosmic Rays, Star Codes, SOULar Codes all activate INSIDE OF EACH’S BODY (Light Body), to activate higher consciousness DNA, to awaken each’s body fully… to clear the density of separation, in order to vibrate at an oscillation rate high enough to PHYSICALLY CHANGE DIMENSIONS (CONTINUALLY).

This is going to become more important as we all go. With the recent installation/implementation of new Organic Advanced Biometrics, our Energy/Light Codes/Fields are more readable by each living through our Fields, reading Energy and Light Codes and Transmissions… it’s how we IDENTIFY EACH OTHER, as Star BEings, Star Councils, Light Emissaries/Ambassadors, Guardians, Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers, Peace Keepers, Light Keepers/Holders and Avatars here.

This is done through full presence, zero ego and as the entire Unified Field of Consciousness by each. Our consciousness is not bound to a physical body. Our physical body evolves to support our Consciousness and we expand into the entire field ourselves. Everything in “the field” is readable. It’s simple and all vibrational frequencies that transmit out geometric codes, equations and form that tell us everything we need to know. Our fields, because we are THE FIELD, reads everything within the field. This is how we determine everything. Our decisions, actions and choices, all relative to this. The Ability to TUNE the FIELD and hold it ourselves, just one of our abilities here. The ability to activate everything within our/the field (whether through proximity or distant/virtually), also relative to how we choose to accomplish this. Our capabilities no longer limited, our Physical LightBody/Field all link up to every dimension from here. We can activate simultaneous realities easily, just through observation…..

We emit Light Codes everywhere we go. We EXCHANGE CODES where appropriate, no longer frivolously filling our fields with anything out of “need”. We invest our Energy in what supports the much bigger picture for us all, having to let a lot of the “old everything” go. We READ everything as Light. We see each’s priorities, how much they do care, how much lack still held, any agendas or impurities, as well as those who truly are ready to UNITE and invest fully too.

Avatars don’t get to become Avatars by holding lack in any way. It also means an entire reality re-work, beyond anything the human aspect can comprehend. The human aspect will “think” it understands. This is an empirical journey of actual experience, not a linear/mental one.

Will become more important as we all go. Many will start to understand how “exchanging Light Codes” can accelerate everything easier. By combining and uniting our fields, we can enhance the experience, yet where there is any human ego, this will be tainted and play out lack/distortions still. Power-plays are a part of the human aspect-ego way. Purity is ours. Purity is our Power. We just HOLD this and “no” (to unconsciousness) transmits out for us…. recoding all. ♥

For those utilizing the years of work we’ve all created and made available, this is a start for all…. the next phases will be each consciously choosing to do everything possible and to learn to value themselves and each other, in all new ways, beyond what each did before. HOW YOU VALUE will determine your own abundance here. Deep Sacred Respect is the Key(Code) to this one here.

Each will LEARN to respect and appreciate all …. fully. From the deepest place of their own Soul inside. Where there are limits, conditions or barriers to this, physical experiences will assist with dissolving these. Higher mind consciousness means observing through your heart and seeing what you could not see before and then choosing the absolute highest vibrational thing… especially when it challenges your little human ego….. as this process is important for learning “how” to re-work everything as your own Universal Higher Self. Where your higher self you leads, chooses, acts, decides…. all becomes much easier and DIVINE FLOW is restored. ♥

For Ascending Collectives Transitioning to 5D Realities right now…these next few months are a huge transitional phase within itself. For those preparing to activate their 12th Dimensional Templates, you will start to see more arise/step forth/show up… truly ready to fulfill new roles. The tricky part is “how all fits in”, as a huge synchronization and harmonizing process must occur. There is a huge learning-curve involved with each one of these Higher Dimensional Realties and how all plays out for each. Synch’ing up vibrationally takes more focus, caring, contributing and unity on each’s part. Our highest dimensional relationships look nothing like they did before. Here’s it’s about our common purposes and the roles we have the capability to fulfill, what we have to offer and how much we are willing to show up and contribute, as a part of the “whole” here.

I love you! Today is soft, crystalline and plasma both again…. with plasma flares releasing for hours. Lots of cellular re-workings…. so be patient with yourselves and each other. Honor your LIGHTBODIES and you and see what you have the capability to actually do….. you’ll be surprised at what you see/realize/can do!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Avatar Consciousness Codes encoded in this article (as well as my last many years). This is a Light Encoded activation/teaching for all who are ready to absorb this. ♥


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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NON-ATTACHMENT – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

Artist Claudia Tremblay





Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love. Today we wish to discuss non-attachment.

The incoming energy is moving rapidly to a higher vibrational level and is offering you many opportunities for advancement on your spiritual path.

One way to accomplish this is through non-attachment.

You are a Being of Light. Your energy field is fluid and is constantly changing depending on your vibration and your openness to receive incoming insights.

When you were an emerging Being, your energy field was in a subtle form and had not yet developed into solid energy. You were constantly observing your surroundings and events that were taking place. This allowed you to play your role for greatest good in the developing Universe.

As you settled into the third-dimensional reality, your physical body became more solid, and you did not realize that you still had the opportunity to change yourself at will. What appeared to be solid boundaries around thinking and concepts developed. New ideas were harder to incorporate due to these conditions.

Now you have advanced to a point where you know that you are a multidimensional Being of Light. You are aware that you can change as easily as changing a thought or an action. You know that nothing is fixed permanently. Incorporating a new idea or energetic pattern allows you to move forward on your path and continue to be of service for greatest good.

The underlying key to this advancement is non-attachment. When you realize that everything is fluid, you are less likely to become entrenched in a thought pattern or way of doing things. You can see the bigger picture. You pick up on subtle insights and how they affect highest good.

When you allow your current concepts to have flexible boundaries, you are able to incorporate new insights more easily. You evaluate each new concept and either incorporate it, discard it, or set it aside for further consideration.

You are also aware that the Earth is a free-will planet. You are able to view situations as a detached observer without becoming enmeshed in the drama of daily life. You realize that each person is carrying out his or her role in the greater scheme of life and experiencing the lessons they came to learn.

When you remain non-attached, you are able to play your role accordingly. You have compassion for others because you are secure in your own role as a Being of Light and your desire for highest good for all.

One way you can remain in a state of non-attachment is to turn inward and connect with your Divine Spark of Light. This is the part of you that burst forth from the Creator, and it is the part of you that allows you to maintain that connection.

When you connect with your Divine Spark regularly, you have a constant reminder that you came from Source and that you are part of Source. This is the part of you that remains constant.

Knowing that this connection is secure allows you to remain non-attached to current concepts and events that are occurring in your daily life. It is as if you have a guiding compass inside you that is keeping you on your mission for this incarnation. You are not attached to outer circumstances or ideas and can easily look at new concepts from a higher perspective. Then you are able to examine them in relation to your mission and determine whether they have a role in it.

You easily let go of what no longer serves you, and you incorporate those things that do. When you have this openness and non-attachment, you glide forward and upward in a graceful and joyous manner.

As you continue to practice non-attachment, your vibration and frequency increase, and you find yourself becoming Lighter. You realize that your connection with Source is what guides you, and you remain open to new insights. You are a force for highest good.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are practicing non-attachment and remaining open to new insights.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2018 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.comThis information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:


Artist Claudia Tremblay

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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A Cross-Cultural, Multidimensional Spirituality: An Expansion in the Meaning of Humanness? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Sri Krishna Chaitanya by Vishnu108 @ DeviantArt


A Cross-Cultural, Multidimensional Spirituality: An Expansion in the Meaning of Humanness?


May I share a memory? And a dream?

It’s about the freedom I had as a child to choose what and how I wanted to worship.  And the outcome of that privilege.

In my family, my Mother had to defend my right to worship as I pleased. In the end, it cost her her marriage. I owe her a lot for her sacrifice.

What it meant for me was that I survived childhood without religious indoctrination and lots of room to explore. And I did.

I explored all through university and often left disciplinary boundaries. I particularly felt attracted to religious – or rather spiritual – truth. Whatever religion I studied, I looked at their commonalities, their shared wisdom, whereas most others around me at the time were looking at their differences.

In one discipline after another, my work was rejected. Oh well.

No matter what was happening outside of me, I couldn’t stop my incessant collecting and organizing of truths from all spiritual traditions into what later became dictionaries. (1) This was way back in the 60s and 70s.

For the next fifty years I was either collecting quotes or writing dictionaries on 3×5 index cards, punch cards, floppy disks, the Cloud, etc.

I wanted to draw on Truth wherever it was found. I didn’t care for disciplinary boundaries or religions. As Gandhi said, truth is truth.

I had to be clear that I wasn’t looking to help build a multi-cultural spirituality.  I respect the goals of multiculturalism. But my work is about something different.

“Multicultural” emphasizes the differences. “Cross-cultural” emphasizes the similarities.

A cross-cultural spirituality draws the common truths of all religions together and considers them based on their truth value alone, not on their origin.

The vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987 powerfully showed me that we’re here to discover the Truth of our real identity. That is our one and only assignment. (2)

I know that Truth is supreme in the final analysis, in the last moment of separate existence. The Truth of who we are sets us free. Self-Realization is the object of existence. The Self we realize is God.

In that moment, God meets God. I saw that occur in my vision with my own “eyes.” (3) The importance of Truth was brought home to me quite undeniably and indelibly.

As it happens, we live in the Internet Age. The Internet makes a cross-cultural spirituality distinctly possible. It encourages and invites it.  I hope such a field of endeavor emerges.  (I’m now out of touch with the literature so it very well may have already.)

I consider these to be field notes from an Ascension field trip, an ethnography of a human journey.

I hope that, after becoming cross-cultural in our spirituality, perhaps the next thing we’ll allow and entertain is the evidence of personal experience. On occasion that has been called ontology, phenomenology, verstehen, verifiable-by-me, and in-the-moment or lived experience.

After that, I hope we entertain the evidence born of realization (enlightenment). (4) That would bring another whole field of study into the cross-cultural mix: the literature of terrestrial masters.


Multidimensional? Our library of knowledge would extend interdimensionally, just as it does now cross-culturally.

Intergalactic? Understood by other civilizations as well.

A spirituality that’s commonly understood around the world and the galaxy and helps us to know the other dimensions.

Would that not result in an expansion in the meaning of humanness?


(1) The most important being From Darkness Unto Light, located here:

(2) For an accont of the vision, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

(3) At the end of the vision, the little golden star merged with the large Golden Sun. God met God in a final embrace and became One.

(4) Such as what I learned from the fourth-chakra heart opening of March 13, 2015 – what I learned about love, about how I had never loved before that moment, about how I just wanted to share it and share it and share it. And yet almost no one recognized the space or could receive it. About the inner tsunami of love and the Ocean of Love. On and on the learning went.


Sri Krishna Chaitanya by Vishnu108 @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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September Ascension Energies – Polarity Perspective – Jamye Price


September Ascension Energies – Polarity Perspective

September Ascension Energies by Jamye Price




August was a culmination of 3 months (June/July/August) of focus amplifying our connection (family). Ascension is a natural evolution into more conscious connection with the subtle, invisible energetic that has always been working with us (ie our thoughts/emotions), but now we are using/mastering that connection more consciously.

August brought the final of 3 eclipses (those were easy ;o) that stirred up a lot of change. Ultimately it was the continual leveling up the spiral. The energy of 3 is represented by the triangle. August brought a new clarity and empowerment to the Merkaba (our vehicle of progression) which is the static, 2D representation of the spiral.

Mer=Light, Ka=Spirit, Ba=Body. It is the resonance/shape/geometry, form/formless bridge between subtle and physical. Light is the result of that movement/shape. It is the information of that resonance.

Heart Family was the focus of August, and it pointed out the importance of emotions, which connect and move/transform things. This is constant in physical form. Ma’at asks, how Light is your heart? When it is weighed against a feather, is it heavier (you sink) or lighter (you rise)? See how this metaphor has written our history? What writes our future?


For the energies of September I was shown 2 paths diverging. Polarization, separation—but not desolation! Some would say this is the timeline shift, where the good go in one direction, and the bad in the other (do you sink or rise, think or surmise?).

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, has been talking about our polarization for quite awhile, that we would be seeing it increase, even among Lightworkers. Polarization is a natural form of new creation. It gets people off the fence, making decisions, forming opinions and (oh no!) judgments.

Using your discernment (the less judged form of judgment) is important. You are in physical to experience and choose. When you do that with less polarity and more neutrality, you are following the rules of creation that determines form. You’re writing the future.

This is the physical realm. We move through change based on rules of the physical realm. We transcend that by integrating the “higher” resonance (the subtle, unseen) of the heart—love. (Make that heart rise!) But those 2, the physical and non-physical, are connected. It’s your light, your information connects them. Are you light as a feather?


The benefit of polarity in the physical realm, is it clarifies your perspective. What couldn’t be identified when you were too close to it, becomes clear with some perspective through distance. Too often we have been entrained to focus on problems that stimulate polarizing fear [new(s) is really old]. Yet progress is calling you toward neutralizing the polarity.

An open mind creates a path for the Heart by Jamye Price

August showed us the power of the heart to forgive (neutralize) and create the new in Love. September teaches us to neutral-eyes and see a new future. See beyond polarization as separation and embrace the clarification that the spiral always creates.

Allow it to spin off the weak bonds of fear, pain and resentment, enlightening your load. Allow it to strengthen your strong bonds of love, compassion and creative courage, illuminating your road.

Compassion Connects

The energy of Mother Mary, representing unconditional Love and nurturing compassion has been strong recently. You may resonate with a similar energy other than Mother Mary, but that energy of nurturing Love is key to the diverging roads finding new direction.


Because it is the pull of the positive, compelling Love that the fear/pain/resentment seeks to soothe its spin into flow again. New form. Is the bond written with the light of heart or the plight of density? The 2 aren’t so separate when you see 3 through them. Duality is transcended with Love. Creative courage will say no, it will push/pull into new form—but through the Light of Love instead of the fear of separation.

This is where the linearity, the lines diverging, are swept into resonant spiral. Where deconstruction and reconstruction submit to the forces around them. Love is a passive force, it compels new form. It does that with a deep inner knowing that the rules of nature “right” (write) themselves through Time.

Writing the Future

These months have called us to amplify our creative flow by owning our lives. Be the dominant flow in your own life, it is the creative gift of free will that Life has bestowed upon you by nature, not by nurture. The nurturing is your work. What are you nurturing in your life? Are you feeding your fear or feeding your Love?

September is a time of perceiving a new potential. It follows an amplification of the heart/love so that the brilliant mind is focusing on the linear path and steps that help manifest the heart’s desires. It is a powerful time of being the change you want to see in the world!

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions by Jamye Price

Your inner perspective is your first action, how you allow the building/amplification of a resonance to create new form. September may not feel as action-focused as you may like—but go back to that powerful knowing that you are creating from a new foundation of love. Look for the clues of form building and you will find more neutrality as you connect to the new.


This equinox brings us to a new balance between 2 worlds, where we see the potential of the connection of equality enhancing life, rather than the separation of inequality dominating the landscape. How is the scene influencing your flow? Or are you influencing it? Perhaps in ways unseen, but sensed by those with eyes to see, and lived by those with the courage to be. The change.


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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