Choicepoint: I (Now) Choose to Ascend – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art – Ichiro Tsuruta


Reading Adamu’s brilliant Open Letter (1) had me look deeply over whether I had made the choice to ascend or not.

And I discovered numerous parts of myself that were holding back. I was actually resisting the thought of ascending.

I heard voices say things like “Did you get an invitation?” “Did you say yes to the invitation?” There are voices disguised as protocol officers, professional worriers, voices with competing agendas, on and on I identified the resistance to “definitely ascending.”

Finally I declared, “I am definitely ascending.”

And I went over that sentence word for word. “Definitely” – Does that mean you say you’re committed because you can’t speak for another, you know.  How can you be so sure? On and on, I listened to them all without reacting.

“Ascending” – You can’t ascend. You need to stay here. What do you mean by “ascending,” anyways? On an on. And I listened and experienced them too.

And finally I found myself suddenly in a wonderfully-rich and pure space in which I was absolutely certain. There was not the shadow of a doubt remaining. All opposition had been heard and had fallen silent and a new space came into being in the quietness then revealed.

I am definitely ascending, in every meaning of the words. Viewed from whatever angle, I definitely choose to ascend.

And I had made my choice.

I feel at peace now in a way I did not before. And confident.


(1) “Adamu: An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families,” Aug. 27, 2018, at


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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