The Spirit of Kelsang Nampso – Trevor Taylor

Tibet, Himalayas by Nicholas Roerich

My poem below, and set in the Spiritual Himalayas, was inspired by Kelsang Lampso, the 17 year old Tibetan Nun shot by soldiers while leading Tibetan children and pilgrims through the Nagpa La Pass in the Himalayas, on their way to Freedom inย  Nepal.

I dedicate this littleย  poem to her Spirit and her inspiration to many children who followed her

~ * ~

The Spirit of Kelsang Nampso


In the Mystical Misty Peaks
Of the High Himalayan Fells
Where the God of the Mountains dwells
Where crystal streams laugh as they fall from the sky
Through the Kingdom of Eagles in the realms where they fly
A snow leopard shadows the children below
As the thar of the rocks dances a fleeting show
Kelsang Nampso guides them through
The fateful Langpa La pass


โ€ฆThey do not see her,
but they know of her care
See their bright smiles, they know she is there
Guiding them on through rocky way
Through the dark of the night, bright light of day
Giri Raj takes them from the Langpa Pass
Gently gathered from Kelsangโ€™s firm grasp


The devatma divine guides them on the road to Nepal
Tapobhumi nods, all is well
While Shivaโ€™s Bull under the Deodar Tree
Waves them on to the hills of the free
The King of the Mountains, sacred Himalayan Lands
Devatma has delivered with his safe hands
The children of God
From Tyranny in the Land of their Birth
To young lives anew, joyous re-birth
Trevor Taylor

Snow Leopard via WWF


Trevor Taylor LLB (Hons)
Devon, United Kingdom
Award winning Commonwealth Writer and Academic Magazine Editor.

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