Dear Mayan Gods – Trevor Taylor

Myan Cacao God by Renee Sarasvati @ Fine Art America


Did you really have to…

(With tongue firmly in cheek)


Dear Mayan Gods we love you but
I will have to let you know
Did you really have to stoop so low
You gave your people those calendar things
And over 2 thousand years they grew their own wings
They travelled far and wide with a message of doom
That filled the people with darkest gloom
The world will end on twenty first of December
It’s now a date we will all remember
We had people camping on the top of hills
Others stockpiling assortments of pills
We’ve had prophets of doom in a hamlet in France
We’ve had preachers leading us a right song and dance
We’ve had newspapers shouting the β€˜End is nigh’
Without pausing to tell us why.


Maya what you meant was like miles on a car
The odomometer only goes so far
It re-sets to zero on a hundred thousand miles
And your calendar does the same, hence our smiles
Your 13 buktans of 394 years
Have been interpreted with so many fears.
But they came to an end on twenty one twelve
It doesn’t take long to delve
And see like the miles in a car, you re-set to zero
Now I’ve worked that out and I’m no hero


Ok, right, you didn’t foresee the car
But surely you should have if you could see thatΒ  far
You had me praying and preparing for the worse
And we all now realise it wasn’t a curse
The gentle Maya never meant it that way
They wished us to live to see another day.
But …you have left us stronger, with much less fear
A new Baktun has begun and a New Age is here.


Trevor Taylor LLB (Hons)
Devon, United Kingdom
Award winning Commonwealth Writer and Academic Magazine Editor.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.