Money Is Love – by Kat @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist Corinne Reignier

Money Is Love – Sept. 30, 2018

I’ve asked Kat to share her writing with us. Welcome aboard, Kat!

To introduce myself, I’m a writer.

But I’m a writer who suffers from excruciating shyness. When Steve first asked me to consider writing for his beautiful Golden Age of Gaia, I delayed and deflected my answer until I hoped the question would go away. Fear, fear, fear, and that’s the truth of it.

But then, Steve, undaunted, took matters into his own hands and yesterday reprinted in GAoG, my “Letter to Archangel Michael,” that I had written for Patrick DaCosta’s IDC website.

Oh, my goodness. What an avalanche of support ensued. I am unceasingly grateful to all who wrote in and gave their thumbs up to my letter. You heard me and I sure heard you.

My favorite aspect about writing is that it connects hearts. If I’m writing from my heart, then other hearts will connect with my words and then the world is not so terrifying. And that’s what happened with AAMichael’s letter.

Steve sure is a sneaky Pete Editor-in-Chief. Now he’s got me writing for him and I couldn’t be more delighted.

In full disclosure, my legal name isn’t “Kat.” It’s my birthname. Or more exactly, my birthname is “Kathryn.”

But when I found “Kathryn” some twenty years ago, I knew that, if I’d kept that name, I’d call myself “Kat.” So my nom-de-plume is “Kat,” which makes me very happy.

I thought for a first article, I’d continue the conversation I began in my letter to AAMichael—a meditation on money. More precisely, flooding this planet with money and it’s about bloody time.

I cannot take credit for the title of this series of articles. Money Is Love is the title of a book written by Barbara Wilder. But the title perfectly outlines how I wish to write on this fascinating subject: Money and Prosperity.

Because of family issues with money, I never felt I deserved any. I never felt I deserved crumbs. I never felt I deserved to be alive. It has taken decades of inner work to get to this stage, which is, I believe I deserve EVERYTHING wonderful, and I believe everyone deserves everything wonderful. I’m with Steve, we all deserve a world that works for EVERYONE.

I didn’t come to this conclusion naturally. I’ve been studying Abundance and reading Prosperity writers for many years and I highly recommend them: Catherine Ponder, Florence Scovel Shinn, Wallace Wattles, Charles Fillimore and Barbara Wilder, to name a few.

There isn’t one person I know who doesn’t have a dramatic relationship with money. We all do. And our relationship with Money is decidedly unbalanced.

I’ve sat in mansions where families, who had multi-millions in the bank, constantly worried about having enough and worked themselves to death to make more in order to keep at bay their unreasonable fear of lack. And I’ve sat in humble abodes where families, who don’t even have a bank account, are grateful for and bless their abundance.

It’s not our fault that we have a suspicious relationship with money. Money is a fake thing creating the illusion of plenty or lack and we instinctively know it. We’ve been told by Masters and Angels, Gods and Goddesses, that we are Multidimensional Light Beings who can create anything.

Anything: Houses, universes, rocket ships. If we think it, it can be so. But such is not the case here in 3D Gaia. We’ve been told – and I believe – that we descended from higher-light realms, for various individual reasons, into 3D forgetfulness, to play a game of limitation.

Where we came from there is no money. If you can create anything you want or can think of, money is superfluous.

But in this dimension, money was cabal-created in order to divide and conquer humanity and, good grief, did they succeed. They created money in order to create a lack mentality. In order to create a “Them that have and them that don’t” society. In order to create a 1%, greedily controlling all the wealth and power on Earth while the rest of us live in lack, debt, never enough, unable to afford education, healthcare, retirement, food, housing, clothing, etc.

People shrivel up from lack of money. No one can achieve their best when they’re frightened of never having enough. Lack has driven countless people to suicide.

The cabal created money, weaponized it, and then use their money-weapon continuously and viciously to beat angelic Humanity into slavery.

So consider the brilliance of this simple idea, created by those who’ve been working to defeat the cabal for hundreds of years: Flood the planet with money and wash away, instantaneously, all the controls the cabal has on it.

It’s genius.

—Hence the idea of the Reval and Global Currency Reset (RV, GCR.) The revaluation of currencies that, at the moment, are worthless, but after the RV become extremely valuable.

—The re-introduction of the gold-standard (GCR) insuring that every piece of money, paper, coin and bond has true value, backed by precious metals, and not just fiat paper the cabal prints whenever it feels like it.

—And best of all, GESARA: The Global Economic Security And Reformation Act, which would, among other marvelous things, implement a global jubilee of debt forgiveness for all: Individuals, businesses, countries—all.

Imagine joyous students who no longer have to carry the crushing burden of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, of educational debt.
People who no longer have to carry the unbearable burden of medical debt.

Or killing mortgages.

Or excruciating credit card debt.

Or impossible-to-get-out-from-under tax debt.

Imagine the poorest countries that owe billions of dollars in loans—forgiven.

ANY debt you can think of—forgiven.

Imagine all the marvelous things that can be done with oodles and googols of endless money: Cleaning up the planet, the waters, air, Earth, healing Humanity and Gaia’s Kingdoms, Peace on Earth, Good will to all, etc.

Imagine the happiness factor on Gaia when THAT happens. The joy. The celebration. The relief. The love. The explosion of creativity. The FREEDOM.

You bet the cabal doesn’t want that to happen. Under a tsunami of money, the cabal is neutralized in one fell swoop and all the darkness and despair they’ve used to control Gaia and Humanity for millennia is swept away on a tidal wave of PLENTY.

It’s an absolutely brilliant plan and everyone I know on this path is ready for it to happen.



Let’s discuss.

Next time.