Dawning Awareness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Samadhi Painting Opening to Light by Christina Gage @ Fine Art America


Dawning Awareness

It’s 4 am. I’m awake and I’m torn between going back to sleep and writing this down. Something tells me I should bite the bullet and write it down.

If I were to summarize how I feel after having briefly experienced the Self, I’d say I feel freer, freed up, released.

Freer in every respect. And that includes freer in certain capacities. The capacity to feel happiness is an example. I never had that capacity before. I was “headed off at the pass” by the vasanas (core issues).

Another example is calmness. I used to say, “I feel calm now.” That implied that there was a state in which I felt calm and one where I did not and I went in and out of them.

But at this moment, I’m not going in and out of anything (knock on wood). Calmness has become, for the moment, a background condition, not even noticeable any more because it lacks differentiation. There is only calmness. I didn’t notice that until just now.

Swami Brahmananda said something once that I didn’t really understand at the time.

“The sins of many births are wiped out in a moment by one glance from the gracious eye of God.” (1)

If I were to put that now in my own vocabulary, I’d say: Many vasanas, including some pretty persistent ones, seem to be released as the result of one brief encounter with the Self, “the eye of God.” A more direct connection with the Self is created and many vasanas seem to lose their grip as a result.

I like these newly-encountered states of confidence, buoyancy, and hopefulness.  But I also recall another thing Brahmananda said:

“When through japam [saying the name] and meditation a little awakening comes, do not imagine you have achieved the end. Light! More Light! Onward! Onward! Attain God! Gain his vision! Talk to him!” (2)

Yes, more Light! Don’t stop here.

Now that you have my attention, now that I’ve test-driven the car, I like it. How can I buy it?

How do I “work” my process? I work it in two ways. The first way is by noticing. I maintain constant self-awareness as an important agreement with myself. I monitor my breath, bodily sensations, feelings, and thoughts as often and as continuously as I can.

When I get together with other people, my chief delight is in sharing our noticings and “comparing notes.”

The second way I’ve called on other occasions “dawning awareness.” Where the awareness comes from, I don’t know. All I know is that answers arise in me if I remain quiet and get out of the way. I just allow them to come up as insights, “Aha!” moments, intuitive knowing, etc.

With my writing, after I choose the topic, I still don’t know what I’ll write before I write it. The process works by allowing writing to happen by itself.

Finally, I’m beginning to dimly discern where this process is going. Given how much of me became accessible after the heart opening and now this encounter with the Self, I can extrapolate into the future.

It doesn’t become so difficult now to accept the statement that we are already masters who’ve consented to forget. More experiences like this  – what the Mother called “jumps” (3) – and I can imagine that untapped areas of myself will become accessible and come into play again.

There. I did it. The work of seeing how this altered constitution works is on-going, even at night.

Now can I go back to sleep?


(1) Swami Brahmanananda in Swami Prabhavananda, The Eternal Companion. Brahmananda. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1970; c1944, 60-1.

(2) Ibid., 61. Going from the vision of God to talking with God represents further and further stages of enlightenment.

(3) Steve: When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

Divine Mother: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.  (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/07/12/the-divine-mother-we-are-creating-a-new-species-of-humans/.)



Samadhi Painting Opening to Light by Christina Gage @ Fine Art America

LOVE Is The Silent Language – Suzanne Lie


LOVE Is The Silent Language


LOVE Is The Silent Language

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Love is an energy field, a resonance, a frequency which functions as a carrier wave to deliver all your messages to your self, others, and to the planet. Love is the silent language. You are all familiar with fear as a carrier wave, as well as anger as a carrier wave for when you come into the energy of fear and/or anger.

Your body warns you by making your hair stand up on the back of our necks, adrenalin rush through your system, and you become hyper-vigilance to find the source of this unseen message. You feel this fear as a shout when it is activating our fight/flight response and puts us on alert of something, but you may not always sure what.

On the other hand, love is a whisper, a soft cool breeze, a feeling of peace and a sense of wellbeing. Everything in your body alerts you to fear and prepares your biological systems for battle, but what does love prepare you for? It is understandable why you are afraid of fear, but why are so many of you afraid of love?

In fact, why is your third dimensional reality so filled with fear, while love is far too rare? The answer is “survival.” In your long sojourn through your third dimensional realities, you have learned that if you did not attend to fear, your lives could be endangered.

But who wants to live a life without love? Unfortunately, for some people, love is fleeting at best. However, that is often because that love is “human love.” Human love often experiences fear, anger, sorrow, judgment and conditions.

However, just as humans can be filled with fear, so are humans filled with love. Fortunately, there is also unconditional love, which is based on ones ability to be able to give and accept the gift of love WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS.

It is the Unconditional Love that is NOT trapped in the third dimensional matrix of fear, anger, separation and limitation. In fact, Unconditional Love is a fifth dimensional quality of reality in which fifth dimensional, Unconditional LOVE is the strongest energy field in your third dimensional reality.

Whereas human love, which can also be beautiful, resonates to the frequency of the third dimension, Unconditional Love resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. In fact, unconditional love resonates beyond the frequency of third dimensional, human emotions.

Unconditional love is the resonance of the higher multidimensional frequencies that can adhere to any person, place, situation or thing, in any dimension in all the Cosmos. Unconditional love is a gentle wind on a clear day and the breath of Life for all eternity. Unconditional love is the glue that holds all life together and the healing force of all creation.

Most important, unconditional love is the silent language that can be shared to create calm, peace, unity and knowing. Unconditional Love can heal any communication and solve any problem.

However, in order to use Unconditional Love as a carrier wave for your daily communications with your Higher SELF, with others. and even with your planet, you must be conscious of these carrier waves of Unconditional Love that your are presently receiving, and hopefully sharing with others, as well as sharing with dear Gaia.

Once you become consciously aware of the resonant frequency of the thoughts and emotions that are serving as carrier waves of your communications, you will be better able to FEEL  the energy fields that you are sending out into your reality.

You will also know what you are sending out, as “energy out equals energy back.” In other words, the frequency of the carrier wave of every message that you put out into your reality, is actually more important than the message.

that which  hear and feel the frequency of the words and thought that flow into, as well as through, your physical body.

It is the resonance and frequency of your thoughts and emotions that serve as the carrier wave for our communication, we can choose to replace the lower resonance of carrier wave, such as anger, fear, sadness or conditional love, with unconditional love.

Furthermore, to allow unconditional love into our personal consciousness we will first need to love our self—unconditionally. Therefore, we must begin by listening to the carrier wave that we us to when we speak to our self.

I Am the “I AM” that I know that “I” Am!

The process of personal and planetary ascension is not for the “weak of heart.” The process of personal and planetary ascension is free of time and exists within the NOW! But within which NOW does this process of ascension exist?

That question has a different answer for every different individual. In fact, each individual is a “puzzle piece” of the cosmic puzzle of shifting frequencies of reality.

It is because of this “shifting frequencies of reality,” that many Galactics, have chosen to take third/fourth dimensional earth vessels within this NOW. We have been protecting, guiding, and, as much as possible within this karmic plan, been assisting Gaia to return to her true fourth/fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

Every planetary reality has a “resonant frequency.” The resonant frequency is the primary frequency to which that planet, and/or civilization resonates. However, when a reality is moving into a “re-birth process” of expanding it’s resonant frequency into the next octave, that reality can be very challenging.

It is because these transitional realities, which include a reality which is ready to transition into a higher frequency, as well a reality which is NOT ready to expand it’s into the higher frequencies of reality.

When a planetary being, such as Gaia, is ready to “shed it’s 3D Matrix” and transmute into a higher frequency of reality, the darkness must all be revealed so that it an lovingly be transmuted into the higher frequencies.

Those who volunteered to take an earth vessel with this NOW, have taken an earth vessel to better assist Gaia. However, it is vital that our “volunteers” to assist Earth” awaken NOW to the memories of their higher dimensional SELF, and the promises that they made before they chose their current earth vessel.

Please think of your “earth vessel” is the body you are currently wearing which is comprised of third dimensional elementals to create a physical form. Your “earth vessel” also includes the higher dimensional consciousness of your fourth, fifth, and beyond expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

The higher and higher frequencies of your consciousness, as well as the physical vessel that surrounds, encompasses and grounds your multidimensional consciousness into Gaia’s third dimensional, planetary body, is they key to your personal and planetary ascension into fifth dimensional frequency of Earth.

Awakened humanity is serving as the “planetary ascension team” who volunteered to assist Gaia with Her ascension from Her third/fourth frequency of reality into Her innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

All the wars, bombs, poisons, pollution and radiation of Chernobyl, as well as other areas that suffered “bomb testing,” great pollutions and wars, we need to be transmuted back into their higher dimensional frequencies of reality.

Many of the damaged areas of Gaia, as well as the greed and selfishness that created that damage, will need to be transmuted by the Ascending Ones who volunteered to leave their loving, safe and inspirational fifth dimensional worlds, to take a vessel to assist Gaia, are greatly honored by their Galactic Family.

When this reality is resonating to a higher frequency, such as the cusp of third dimension into fourth and/or fourth dimension into fifth dimension, there is great change within that reality.

From the perspective of the fifth dimensional frequency of reality, to which we/you will return, your third dimensional self is much like an automobile that your human self purchased so that we can more easily travel through the third dimensional reality.

Some times, humanity merges so deeply with their “automobile,” third dimensional self, that they believe it is their SELF. It is true that your third dimensional earth vessel is an extension of your higher dimensional SELF who chose to wear an earth vessel within this NOW of planetary shifting.

However, YOU are NOT your earth vessel. YOU are WEARING your third dimensional earth vessel so that you can interact with and assist with the transmutation of the third/fourth dimensional realities, back to their true, fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

We Galactics do not think of “realities” as places. We think of realities as frequencies. Therefore, one physical “place” could have can have many different realities on different frequency of Gaia’s planet.

From our perspective, we can perceive the many versions of reality as “overlays,” with the lowest frequency realities at the bottom of the overlay and the higher frequencies of reality in the higher frequencies of resonance.

The first part of “The Great Shift” is when the inhabitants of third/fourth dimensions of “human habitation” begin to shift their consciousness from their innate beta and alpha wave consciousness of the third/fourth dimensions, theta wave consciousness.

Since the state of ones consciousness sets the frequency of the reality that they perceive, whenever a grounded one (Galactic in human clothing) shift their consciousness from the third/fourth dimensional brainwaves and into the fifth dimensional gamma wave consciousness, their perceptual field begins to expand to encompass the fourth and fifth dimensional perspectives.

With higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, humans usually are still wearing their third dimensional earth vessel, but they are remembering how to expand their consciousness into the fourth dimensional “creative reality,” as well as into the constant HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension.

When the fourth/fifth dimensions are one’s primary “frequency of habitation” they can more easily see auras, expand their instincts and creativity, as well as communicate with their own higher dimensional expressions of their Multidimensional SELF.

This shift is often a great challenge for our human “grounded ones” because their “inner, higher dimensional SELF” is, consistently and persistently, endeavoring to remind their “physical self,” who surrounds and encompassing the consciousness, to remember and fulfill the Mission that they chose while they were wearing their Multidimensional SELF.

Too often the Higher Self becomes forgotten in the long, and often difficult, process of wearing a third dimensional earth vessel. We remind ALL of our volunteers who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, that you are NOT alone!

We, the higher frequency expressions of your multi-frequency SELF, experience everything that you, our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel on ascending Gaia, are experiencing.

One of the primary things that we, your Galactic Family, are assisting you with is to maintain a consciousness that resonate to the mid-fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension. We know that most of you have busy lives. Therefore, these higher states of consciousness are some thing that you an visit while meditating, etc.

Again, we wish to remind you that WE, your Galactic Family in the fifth dimension and beyond, are always with you. Since we resonate beyond the 3D illusion of time and space, we are able to be with you any were and any timethat you need

We perceive your physical plane as the “time/space” adventure to remember your innate time/NOW and space/HERE of the fifth dimension and beyond. that we are observing from the safety and unconditional love of our fifth dimensional, and beyond, reality.

One of the most difficult things for humanity to change is their beliefs. We wish to remind you that you do NOT need to change you beliefs, but to put them through the filter of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Since your fifth dimensional consciousness is not bound by time or space, it can soar into the HERE and NOW of the many realities that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:21 PM


Artist appreciation

Are Hindu Deities Extra-Terrestrials? – Narendra Mishra

Lord Brahma


Are Hindu Deities Extra-Terrestrials?

Are Hindu Deities Extra-Terrestrials?

Awakening Spark, 14/9/2018


Following my last article on Intelligent Extra Terrestrials (iET), I was asked by Jennifer if the Hindu Deity Vishnu was a Blue Avian- a type of highly advanced iET that is currently assisting with the Earth’s Ascension. I post my reply below, along with further explanation.

​Whereas the Creator God, Bramha is the creator of the transcendent and immanent aspects of this universe, and is manifested physically as the Black (W)Hole in the centre of the galaxy, Vishnu is the holder of the entire spectrum of probabilities- all timelines and parallel universes. He is completely transcendent. He does often take a physical form upon the creation where he exhibits His supernatural powers, and he is very often depicted as being Bluish/Indigo in complexion.

However, I do not think he is a Blue Avian. Rather, his vehicle, Garuda, is depicted as being a Humanoid with eagle-like features and is often depicted as also being blue. Garuda is a personage in his own right and often gets up to things on his own. He is also used very often by Vishnu as His intermediary. So it is very likely that the Blue Avians (either as individuals, or as the entire race) are Vishnu’s emissaries.

To elaborate further on these concepts, let me first begin by stating categorically that Hindus believe in ONE Supreme Being. The nature of this Being is pure Consciousness, or Chitta.

This Supreme Being wishing to experience itself then caused the multi-dimensional creation to appear from within Himself/Herself. Yet, each aspect of creation, down to every sub-atomic particle, contains the original Divine Consciousness of the ONE Supreme Being. Scientific researcher Micheal Talbot points to this very concept in his groundbreaking work, The Holographic Universe.

​Hindus, along with many other ancient traditions, recognise this truth and have named the essence of the ONE as it appears in its diverse forms. Hence, Agni is the name given for the Consciousness present in fire, Varun in water, Vayu in air, and so on.

Yet, the ancient Indian sages did not stop there. They recognised that the entire Milky Way galaxy was created by an aspect of the ONE Supreme Creator. They called this Consciousness of the Milky Way galaxy Bramha, and acknowledged that there were many different Bramhas throughout all of creation- one for each galaxy.

​In essence, the Creator’s role is to bring that Consciousness into physical matter and manifestation. However, there are many different possibilities that can exist when bringing energy into matter. The results of many experiments in quantum physics point to a multitude of variables affecting the result.

Thus, the Indian sages point to yet another ‘higher’ aspect of the ONE Supreme Creator that holds all of the possibilities in pure potential. Other schools of thought such as proposed by Physicist John Wheeler consider these potentials to be manifest in/as parallel universes. The essence of this aspect of the ONE Supreme Being that holds these possibilities is called Vishnu. For more information on these concepts please see my articles on The Science of Consciousness and The Chakras.

From the foregoing discussion then, we can see quite clearly that the Hindu Deities are not in fact iET. The Hindu Deities are qualifying names for the different aspects of the ONE Supreme Being who has brought all of creation into manifestation.

​iET are also aspects of this creation, and they are also imbued with the essence or Consciousness of the ONE. They may be much advanced as compared to Earth’s humanity, yet they are not Gods themselves.


Talbot, M. (1991). The Holographic Universe. HarperCollins Publishers Inc. NY



What is the Transcendent Reality? – Part 1/2 by Narendra Mishra

Art Shri Vishnu Narayana by artist Padmavasan.


What is the Transcendent Reality? – Part 1/2

Steve: Narendra and I differ in our use of the term “Transcendental,” but the difference is in words, not realities. All opinions are welcome here.

What is the Transcendent Reality? – Part 1/2

Awakening Spark, Sept. 17, 2018


In my previous post, “Are Hindu Deities Extra-Terrestrials,” I stated that the Hindu Deity, Vishnu, was the holder of the transcendent reality, while the Creator, Brahma, was the creator of the physical, manifest reality. In this post I’ll examine in more detail the concept of the transcendent reality.

The Oxford English dictionary defines ‘Transcendent’ as Beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience, ‘the search for a transcendent level of knowledge’.

The opposite of transcendent is immanent, or that which is manifest to the senses. Most, if not all religions, speak of the existence of the Soul which transcends the physical body. For many religions, Heaven is supposed to lie in a transcendental realm, accessible to us as eternal Souls when we die.

​In many philosophies, this transcendent realm is given more importance than this Earthly or material realm. In fact, Vedantic thought posits that this physical world is Maya, an illusion. Yet, it feels real to our senses. What do the Indian sages mean when they refer to the world as being an illusion?

Perhaps the best description comes from the Greek philosopher Plato, in his famous allegory of the cave. In this description, a group of people are seated in a cave facing the wall. To their back, which they can’t see, is a light source that casts shadows of people and objects behind the group facing the wall. The people facing the wall see these moving shadows, and not realizing the source, thinks the shadows are real. This is Maya, illusion.

The allegory of the cave

Thus, the Indian sages alluded to the fact that this physical world of the senses is but shadows of the real world which is transcendent to our senses.

Interestingly, experiments in quantum physics seem to point to the existence of this transcendent realm. For more detail on the scientific evidence of this see my article The Science of Consciousness.

In quantum physics, the ordinary laws of time and space do not apply. It is known for example that a quantum object such as an electron can randomly disappear from existence (ie. to the senses) and reappear at any point in time and space. In quantum physics it is all about probabilities.

Vishnu is said to hold all probabilities within his Being. In fact, it is stated that in every pore of Vishnu lies an entire universe. These universes exist in parallel, each holding the result of particular permutations and combinations of existence.

In the Sri Ramacaritamanas of Saint Tulsidas, we get a beautiful example of this in the story of the enlightened sage Kakbhusundi. Through a series of events this sage was born as a crow near the palace of Sri Rama, one of the avatars of Vishnu. While still a toddler, Sri Rama saw the bird-sage Kakbhusundi and stretched out his hand to grab him and put him in His mouth, as toddlers are wont to do.

​Relating this episode to Garuda, the sage said,

“Listen, King of Birds. Inside His belly I beheld multitudinous universes with many strange spheres each more wonderful than the rest, with myriads of Brahmas (Creator Gods) and Rudras, countless stars, suns and moons; numberless Lokapalas (guardians of the spheres)…

“And listen dear Garuda, Sri Rama’s parents, as well as His brothers, were all different in each universe. In each such universe I witnessed the descent (avatar) of Sri Rama as well as the infinite variety of His childish sports.”

The sage Kakbhusundi was blessed to be able to witness firsthand the various parallel universes that exist within the body of the transcendental Vishnu.

Several of the greatest minds in physics, including John Wheeler and Stephen Hawking postulated theories of parallel universes. These universes are transcendent to our physical senses. They exist in the transcendent realm.

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


Gita Press, Gorakhpur (1998). Sri Ramacaritamanasa. India.