Watching My Own Arrogance – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Manipura – Solar Plexus art by Jane Marin


Watching My Own Arrogance

I wanted to say more about feelings like arrogance because I think the discussion needs to be had, preferably before the Reval.

Since writing “Two Views of the Ego,” (1) I’ve been watching my own arrogance and I see it, just below the surface.

What happens with most of us in the process of growing up, I think, is that we suppress, control, or hide our arrogance – or similarly troublesome feelings. But they don’t go away – as long as we live in these dense vibrations. (2)

And they’re troublesome because other people don’t like being around arrogant people for a variety of reasons.

I think, deep down, we have an intuitive understanding that the ego in everyone operates in part through drawing on feelings like arrogance, jealousy, anger, manipulation, etc.

The function of the ego is to promote the survival of the organism. In caveman times, the ego kept us alert and alive. Suspiciousness, focused concern on one’s own person, responding with ferocity – all had survival value in the dog-eat-dog world of tribal circles. The strongest survived (and was admired) and the weakest went to the wall.

What seems to promise survival more than being on the top of the heap – and being recognized as such? I am the King (or Queen). I am the Judge. I am the Guru, until the population rises up and overthrows the arrogant one.

Seeing that other people bristle when we relate to them from an arrogant place may not be enough to stop us however. But when people drift away from us or reject us outright, we … OK, I … gradually or quickly come to see that these negative feeling states don’t promise a happy future.

Although I no longer reside in that place, I’m told and believe that a spiritual state is permanently reached where (1) we realize we live forever and so survival concerns fall away, (2) we experience a deeper form of love that naturally and unendingly embraces everyone, and (3) we find ourselves putting the welfare of others ahead of our own (after first taking care of our own basic needs). We call that state “Ascension.”

I’ve seen how the inner tsunami of higher-dimensional love wipes away feelings like arrogance, jealousy, hatred, etc. Nonetheless, I’m back in the soup of feeling the negative feelings again, that experience of love having been temporary.

Until that state of affairs becomes permanent after Ascension, the best it gets is to feel the arrogance and other negative feelings as they arise, simply “be with” them, experience them through to completion rather than acting on them, and then let them go.

That’s the best way I know. Byron Katie may have a faster way. Or someone else. I literally have seen dozens of approaches to what I call vasanas (core issues) advertised on the Internet or in bookstores.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because, as I said earlier and repeat here, I believe that the Reval will expand many of these latent tendencies and feelings in us. The situation will be compounded because our wealth will suggest to us that we really are superior. The chosen people, as one intel guru calls us.

And it’ll be compounded more because we now have the means to act on our feelings of outrage at being poorly treated. We may set about suing people or buying up companies that offend us, etc. We’re now launched on a path that will ultimately lead to our downfall.

So what was before merely amusing – the thought of us marching up and down in front of a mirror, admiring ourselves, like the Emperor with his “new clothes” – has now become a realistic scenario in which we march unwittingly into our own mission’s failure. Our inhibitions are removed and we become part of the very social force we wanted to see removed or disappear. (3)

Awareness is our best friend, I think, in moving through these troublesome feelings. Rumi called simply watching and being aware of our thoughts and feelings without resisting them, “welcoming the unexpected guest.”

Not putting them on like a suit of armor and then laying waste to those around us whom we regard as the cause of our troubles or somehow “inferior” to us. That, as so many movies and novels remind us, will not have a happy ending.


(1) “Two Views of the Ego,” Sept. 30, 2018, at

(2) Feelings like these were absent from my experiences in higher-dimensional love and bliss.

(3) I described in “Two Views of the Ego,” above, how on two occasions I saw the face of my unbridled ego and it was shocking. That sets up my thinking on this matter. I know what can be unleashed if we surrender to what feels good in the moment but has bad long-term outcomes, such as arrogance, jealousy, greed, etc.



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