What’s the Plan for Building Nova Earth? – Steve Beckow

Artwork Painting – Earth by Svetlana Tikhonova at Fine Art America


What’s the Plan for Building Nova Earth?

What’s the Divine Mother’s Plan for building Nova Earth?

Well, the first thing we need to know about it is that it involves us.  We are essential to it, as she tells us here in one of her statements of the Plan:

“This is my Plan. I beckon you. I invite you and now I am reaching out to you. Take my hand that we may go forth in the truest adventure of the co-creation of Earth, of Gaia, of Gaians and humanity and the multiplicity of the kingdoms.” (1)

The Plan is for us to become our creator selves and rebuild the planet:  “To be your creator self is the Plan.” (2)

While Gaians have been at war with each other for almost their entire history, the Plan sees us all come into harmony, as she tells us here:

“To be in the harmony of One … is my Plan, to be in the harmony of love, in that perfect balance of bliss and exuberance and joy.” (3)

It doesn’t lack adventure, she reassures us: “I do not imply that [it] negates adventure. Quite the contrary!” (4)

We cannot become our creator selves without aligning with love, she tells us:

“You cannot fully embody and embrace the totality of your creator self, especially in form, if you are not in alignment with the love, with the will, and even with the divine mind. That harmony necessitates creation and it is also a precursor to meaningful creation.” (5)

We create from a space of love calling love into manifestation in a world entirely built from love.

What’s new about Nova Earth if there’s no love in it? she asks.

“If the love is not present, if the commitment, the demonstration of that commitment is not present in physicality, then how is it Nova Earth? How are you Nova Beings? How does that reflect the anchoring of heart consciousness?” (6)

She acknowledges that she fills us with the inspiration we’ll need to build Nova Earth:

“You are … filled with inspiration, with ideas, with love, with laughter to bring that stillness into form, into matter, into experience, into creation. And right now beloved ones, into the creation of Nova Being and Nova Earth.”  (7)

In 2015, she guided us on how to build Nova Earth.

Divine Mother: Sweet Steve, you have said to me many times: How do we build this Nova Earth?

Steve Beckow: [laughing] Yes, Mother.

DM: And you build it, my beloved son, by claiming the love, by claiming the building blocks, the glue, the dissolving agent, and you use it as your creator self however you choose.

And I support those choices because when we are in harmony, when I am permitted to be acknowledged and loved within you as you are within me, then the choices are always reflective of this forward movement of Ascension. (8)

She asks us to expand our dreams, to think big:

“Michael has spoken on my behalf many times and asked you to dream big. You’re not there yet. So let me infuse you, let me gift you that, as you expand, your creations expand. Your being expands. And the feeling, the knowing, the anchoring of my essence within reach and every one of you expands. Let it be, dear hearts.” (9)

She asks us to start close to home and extend ourselves in a steadily-growing circle.

“Take care of those around you, those within your community — and yes, I do mean your lightworker community — who are in need, and then take care of what your heart dictates. There are some of you who immediately migrate to taking care of the humans, and there are some of you that immediately migrate to taking care of the land, of the oceans, of the seas, of restoring Gaia.

“There are some of you that are moved to reinstate systems, institutions, cultures that support ethical behavior. So do that, because it is always in alignment with your mission and purpose. There are some of you who are moved to take care of the barking animals because they are hungry.” (10)

Many extinct species will return, she informs us.

“Now, in the new world, many species that have been extinct will return. Your cities become places of fresh air and play and gardens. And so some of you will wish to take care of that and be part of that creation. So go where your heart pulls you. Many of you have come to work with your star brothers and sisters, because, do not forget, we know the attention in the moment is on the Ascension and the completion of this wondrous, wondrous anchoring of love.

“But the next phase, dear heart, is the ripple effect out into my universes. So many of you will be focused on working with your star brothers and sisters and the next Ascension.” (11)

Excuse me? The next Ascension? Say what?

Well, yes. Michael revealed in 2011-12 that the next Ascension will happen after a time-out of 200 years.

AAM: When you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off.  (12)

S: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

AAM: You will have a choice of planetary systems. This is just the warm-up for [a further] Ascension. It is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. 

Hold onto your seat and see you in the Seventh!


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Artwork Painting – Earth by Svetlana Tikhonova at Fine Art America


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