I Already Have What I Want – Steve Beckow

Gratitude to artist


I Already Have What I Want

I’m on a ferry to Victoria to celebrate my birthday with my family.

I’m momentarily awash in love and bliss. There can be no better feeling than this.  Except more deeply feeling it, which is all one ever wants at these moments.

It’s our common destination. Let me try to describe it.

First off, I feel supremely happy, secure, fulfilled. Higher-dimensional love does all these things to a person.

Second, the mind chatter is absent. There’s no felt impediment, obstacle, or reservation.

While in my everyday state, I might feel afraid to feel safe (because of childhood memories). But if this type of love is added to the equation, these considerations all disappear. And disappear immediately. They cannot coexist with this state of being. (1)

Third, I seem to have access to knowledge, in this state, that I don’t ordinarily have. Ideas flow. Connections I might not ordinarily make are possible here. My confidence is greater. I’m no longer worried about what others think of me.

Fourth, everything works in this space. A great deal does not work when I’m in my ordinary moods.

While I might be ordinarily short-tempered and self-absorbed, in this space I feel patience and interest in others.

Removed are all my likes and dislikes around being with other people. They are simply gone, not there.

All need to hurry is gone. I put one foot in front of the other and head for the ferry. While boarding with the crowd, I take care of the three square feet below and around my feet and keep my attention on myself.

I allow others to go ahead of me. No need to push or shove.

I already have what I want.


(1) Ordinary love is like orange Kool-Aid compared to the freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice of transformative love.



Your Higher Intelligence Quantum LightBody: Communicating with Your Advanced Cosmic DNA – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Dreaming in Colour ~ Josephine Wall


Your Higher Intelligence Quantum LightBody: Communicating with Your Advanced Cosmic DNA

Cosmic waves initialize… yet we also have uber-high frequencies going straight for our nervous systems to upgrade more/again. There’s a WHOLE LOT going on in every way. Our body parts (eyes/ears/heart)…. organs, flesh/skin…. pineal, spine… everything getting LIT UP… for some, you may feel tingling (as the body stimulates/wakes up). Any distortions will be “activated” to start to “play out” where visibility is not “inside first”…. The massiveness of how these work on the whole body…. doing this for years… I’m used to it… yet, these…. still are very different….

Over the last few years…. “softer, deeper, more powerful” …

For those “new” to their LightBody…. electrical stimulation is “normal”. Any “blockages” (linear/ego/constructs) get broken down with these… if the “blockages” are “too big/dense”, then physical pain can build around the area as your Light Codes attempt to communicate/work through the density, break down the programming and so very much more…. as your LIGHTBODY establishes a whole new COMMUNICATION SYSTEM and PROCESSES….working through your neural networking systems in your body/brain…. (and sub-neural too).

There is a “grid”, a “mesh” that is the “formation” of your reality … the foundation for which you function from…. this is a part of how your REALity takes FORM….

The old gridding systems were built on old data, old programs, old information, old codes… all obsolete and “out dated”….

The NEW (Earth) gridding systems are VERY DIFFERENT… and on a cellular/molecular/sub-atomic level…. wayyyyyyy deep in your DNA…. these Cosmic Codes are re-working EVERYTHING……….

This MASSIVE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS falls so far OUTSIDE the SCOPE of human comprehension, yet you, as your highest version/aspect of you… you get this, you know this…. and it’s what you CAME HERE FOR… to be a part of…. to anchor/integrate/embody…. here.

From within YOUR PHYSICAL FORM…. your organic, living, breathing NEW PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY…. an intelligent bio-electrical suit so finely tuned…. so that your immense LIGHT CODES can fully integrate within every molecule of your body…..

Every moment for us is integrating the immensity of these magnanimous codes…. and learning how to function all over again … a-new…. This process takes immense dedication, patience and LOVE for all of us … to accomplish… every day here.

Honor your ever-evolving Quantum LightBody…. whatever phase it is in….. it needs your support, your cooperation…. as it’s YOU in purest form… LIGHT. ENERGY. LOVE. PURITY. NEW. HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS EVERYTHING…. working it’s way through you… to merge fully, giving you access to more than you ever had as a limited human aspect…..

This is your INFINITE YOU….. the one not living in lack, fear or distorted programs anymore…. this YOU is PURE….

PURE Joy, Pure Love, Pure kindness, Pure Deep Sacred Respect and Connected with ALL from deep within you…..

This YOU flourishes, this YOU is so abundant in every way, because you REMEMBER all and you understand in all new ways. You EXPERIENCE REALity very differently than your little human aspect did…. with exuberance, vitality…. full of bliss and magic with every peaceful breath….

Your NEW REALities are birthed from within you and as all UNITE to share…. as all UNIFY to uplift, support, inspire and BE THE NEW…. a whole new world is created, energetic brick by brick, stone by stone… building our new together….

I love you…. Embrace fully…. and be ready to step up and into all new roles again/soon too. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼☼☼


Dreaming in Colour ~ Josephine Wall