Explosion in the Meaning of Humanness – Steve Beckow


Explosion in the Meaning of Humanness

AA Michael once said that we weren’t going through an expansion in the meaning of humanness, but an explosion:

“The horizons of what it means to be human, of what it means to be Gaian … comes to the forefront in redefinition, expansion and, might I even say, explosion of what it means to be in human form – Angel in form – at this time upon this beloved planet.” (1)

“Yes, we know that we have used this term ‘expansion’ time and time and time again and expansion in this instance does mean explosion.” (2)

If you can be with and savor the distinction between “expansion” and “explosion,” you have the difference between Third/Fourth Dimensionality and Fifth, as I’ve known it in my brief excursions.

Expansion is gradual. Explosion is sudden. The heart exploding, for instance, creates a spiritual pipeline where before there was only blockage and no flow. Some obstruction is blown away and now love flows. It’s wordless so we’re left to wonder, after the fact, what just happened.

As Michael is indicating, Ascension is both gradual and sudden. The expansion part is gradual, going on all the time.

The explosions, which result in brief excursions to the higher dimensions, are the sudden part. These events may come decades apart:

1977 – Lost fear of death after OOBE.
1987 – Was shown the purpose of life. Now knew what to do.
2015 – Had my heart blown open. Etc. First experience of transformative love.
2018 – Had a glimpse of the Self. First knowledge of my own innocence at essence.

Each event repays years of peeling off the layers.

Sometimes the way things appear to me these days is as if I’m in a mine where there’s been an explosion. A wall of dirt now separates me and my rescuers. And we have miners on both sides of the wall digging furiously.

When there’s the slightest glimmer of light, that light brings increased freedom. Right now for instance, working with the metaphor of miners digging, I see intellectually that I am that Self that I saw.  That is a glimmer of light, that I will need to nourish, if I want the light of freedom to break through.

The only direction worth going in right now is inwards. The only place for me to go is to master every thought and feeling. And the only game worth playing is to move from being what Werner Erhard called “at effect” in my life to being “at cause.” (3)

I am the Self that I saw.  I really have been dreaming. And having a bad one at that. Hence I feel agitated and resentful upon awakening.

If I’m to honor who I really am, rather than perpetrate against and obstruct it, then I need to master every thought and feeling.

It used to be a favorite saying among spiritualists that, when we come to know the workings of the Law of Karma, our lives gradually begin to straighten out. Karma = causality so I’d extend that and say when we learn the true causality of things, our lives straighten out.

I see more clearly every day the degree to which I cause my life. When I see that, I also see my need to take command of my various bodies and selves, (4) to emerge from unconsciousness into consciousness, from immaturity into maturity.


(1) “Archangel Michael: Explosion in the Meaning of Humanness,” 

(2) Loc. cit.

(3) At effect = Powerless, victim, subject to forces outside myself that determine my choice of words and deeds.

At cause = Empowered, not a victim, determining my own choice of words and deeds.

(4) And that’s all i get to take command of.



Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.


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