Karen: Is There Still Purpose in Being Ill? – Sanat Kumara


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Karen: Is There Still Purpose in Being Ill?

“Karen” channeled this discussion with Sanat Kumara through automatic writing.


I was asking Raj about being ill and why, why is it taking so long. Am I not using the universal laws correctly? So, I asked him:

Karen: What do I do?

Raj: Just be.

K: Just be? There is no action?

Raj: You are hurt. You are injured. This is a good time to BE. What do you want to DO? Climb Mt. Rushmore?

Yes, I have a sense of humor. But seriously, in the stillness there is much action. Packets of information are flowing into you and indeed into everyone in the planet whether they know it or not.

Your desire to get moving is admirable, but is it wise for you at this time?

Now, you ask me how do I get well, is there still purpose in being ill?

I would say, yes there is, or you would be well.

You ask is this because I am not using the universal laws or not using them correctly? Well, not exactly, though practicing with them will help your advancement and that of the whole of Gaia, dearest one.

You think you do not know me, and I do not know you, but we do know each other and have known each other for millennia. I cherish you and your beautiful sparkling Will and eagerness to fulfill the Mother’s Plan.

It is taking too long; it is going too slow you, say, but that is all an illusion. There is no time. All is PROCEEDING .

So, being is o.k. It is more than O.K. It is Being in the stillness of the One. As Steve has commented on St Francis and his Debauschery, as it was called, he wondered if laws were violated how did he get from point A, let’s say to being a saint. (Laughs.) (1)

It is the same principle in ACTION with you. There will BE a TIME, as you live in a framework of brackets of action within set points/time, when you also ascend. Not Ascension because that is already occurring, but ascend the illness, the dis-ease, like St. Francis transcended his debauchery phase, shall we put it.

It will just occur. Does this mean you will sit back and wait? No, you are in action in THE STILLNESS and the time will come where everything will shift for you. You will feel well. You will be well.

Can I give you an exact date? Not exactly, but it will BE because that is the Mother’s will for you and all beings, and specifically because that is part of your unfolding and your plan that was designed together with mother father one.

Does that help clarify the conditions you currently manage, quite courageously, I will say. I am not alone by any means in that sentiment.

K: Yes, I believe it means I’m to BE and BE still for this now, trust and know that I am working.

Raj: Yes. There is nothing you desire more than to complete the Mother’s Plan and you are and you WILL.

To be continued my dearest heart. Call on me AnyTime. I am as close as your whisper.

Be in Love Dear One.

Always Raj.


(1) I asked Raj how a debauched youth like Francesco had suddenly become a saint in a single evening.



Beyond The Stars by Dorina Costras @ Redbubble

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