November Energy Is Going To Continue To Build – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Artist ~ Kaya Singer


November Energy Is Going To Continue To Build: Focus is on Re-Working Your/The Entire Matrix Programs & Systems: Increased Magnetics Shift Balance (More Avatar Consciousness Codes with Increasing Cosmic Activity)


Understanding how your body and field ARE your entire Matrix… Yours. Completely.

Understanding the magnetics of your body and how every cell within you LINKS UP to an intricate SYSTEM … a huge “ball” of Geometrics (Your Universe) and how this links up to the Extended Reality, as well as how your body is the CENTER of it all. (Center of your Universe).

Understanding that you are an entire Universe and that the entire COSMOS is within you (small at first) and how what “used to only be in your Energy Field” is activated 24/7 …. to shift how all of this works…

Understanding how there is a CODE inside of you that “turns on” (is activated), which simultaneously communicates with a CODE in your field (and vise-versa, as all is simultaneous) and how THESE CODES reconfigure your entire everything for you…..

Understanding how these Cosmic Frequencies “target” those codes (on purpose/pre-determined by your own Galactic Soul) to “turn on” and reconfigure your entire DNA/Genetic make-up to ALL NEW CODES…

Understanding how you are not “just a human being”, you are a Galactic, an Angelic, an Elemental and a bazillion aspects as a part of your OVERSOUL…. and that the DNA CODES for each one of these “rest” inside of you to AWAKEN and COME ALIVE….NOW.

Understanding that you are a UNIVERSAL COSMIC LIGHT BEING, PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS in your PUREST FORM…. and that body you are in, those identities you have, those things/others you attach to….. all of that is CHANGING….. huge.

Understanding from DEEP inside of you…. that all of the systems and programs you once adhered to and believed, that as you fully AWAKEN to who you truly are (not that body or those stories you tell yourself or those things)…. that everything you thought you once knew, that everything that used to hold meaning…. will completely change…..
Understanding the immense POWER, KNOWLEDGE and CAPACITY FOR LOVE that you hold AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT is beyond immense….

Understanding that in order to RETURN YOU to INFINITE, “that old” will “cease to exist” within you….. and be REPLACED BY ALL NEW…. brought forth from deep within you… and YOU will completely RE-WRITE your whole REALity from deep within….

Your human aspect (E-go) will have fear and lack programs still. It will not matter, as those dissolve, your NEW AWARENESS will override all of that… trust and know and feel your “truth” inside….. FEEL what you KNOW… and open completely up to NEW that doesn’t look anything like your old…..

Understanding that you will transition out of your old… from your old fear based matrix to your Crystalline Grids & Systems of NEW Earth….

Allow yourself to DREAM… IMAGINE what your NEW EARTH is like…. SEE the beauty, see the UNITY, see the FREEDOM, see the PURITY, see the LOVE, the HARMONY, the PEACE…. and see that this can only occur if YOU ARE BEING THIS…. SEE that your NEW EARTH BECOMES VISIBLE as you LIVE IT…. as you CHOOSE the new over the old…. as you are ready for the magnificence, you will start to make the changes in your own lives…. and you will REALIZE how you held the old in place before…. with your fears…. that old earth matrix was your own Soul Suppression, by way of you supporting a belief, a system, a program that no longer supports your FREE and PURE you.

SEE and FEEL your LOVE for all as ONE, SEE and FEEL your LOVE for yourself and each other, SEE and FEEL your LOVE for Gaia, our BELOVED Earth, our BELOVED Children, our BELOVED animals…. SEE and FEEL your NEW REALITIES all built on LOVE, all emanating from Love, all UNIFIED THROUGH LOVE that comes from DEEP inside of YOU…

YOU are the ONE that has to let the excuses go, the ability for FEAR to RULE any part of your own reality…. YOU are the ONE that must SEE & FEEL your NEW… in order to actually EXPERIENCE IT, as it’s BIRTHED/BORN/BROUGHT FORTH from DEEP WITHIN YOU…. and SHARED… OUT.

YOU are the ONE that held all of that programming before, the one that believed it and kept re-creating it in your own Matrix Reality World….. now YOU are the ONE that transcends all of that SEPARATION fully from within…. ​

​This morning when I awoke, I was observing each’s Merkaba building through our advanced bio-metrics, and linking up to the NEW EARTH GRID for this COLLECTIVE ASCENSION occurring right now. I was observing the restructuring of each’s reality, in accordance with much HIGHER TRUTHS now REMEMBERED by each from within…. It was beautiful. A massive geometric gridwork of linking all up…. words just can’t describe… so YOU SEE IT…. SEE EACH’S MERKABA/STARGATE SYSTEM and SEE each that is a part of our NEW EARTH EQUATION here…. SEE all of the HEARTS AND SOULS AWAKENED and “arriving” to also LIVE AS LOVE…. to be THE LIGHT… ready to JOIN IN UNION, to create, build/re-build and to anchor much higher vibrational timelines/realities in this physical here….

YOU SEE IT…. YOU FEEL IT…. SEE YOUR OWN…. see your inner matrix re-working to fully align with LOVE. See your inner world, your inner Universe, your inner realities all shifting HUGE. SEE with every part of you, FEEL with EVERY PARTICLE OF YOU… YOUR NEW…

NOW HOLD THIS FEELING… THIS VISION… THIS KNOWING and THIS REMEMBRANCE of what you are here to BE and DO. HOLD THIS as YOUR NEW REALITY, so that when you do every act, when you make every decision, when you engage and connect, YOU REMEMBER YOUR PART that you AGREED TO on a SOUL LEVEL… yes, it is that important…. for us all… that you/all REMEMBER NOW.

THESE Energies are going to continue to build, increase, accelerate and shift all to a much higher vibrational everything and re-work all to fully align on a SOUL LEVEL…. NEW EARTH IS WHERE ALL SOULS LIVE… it’s a very different reality, literally…. it’s PEACEFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND PURE JOY, because the “inhabitants” live by ALL NEW CODES… ones that honor each other, ones that support HUmaNITY and all as LOVE….

Uniting is FOR HUMANITY…. a Harmonized Existence where PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS is the basis (and the glue) for all. β™« 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY Unites AS THE NEW β™«

I love you… β™₯

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

​p.s. The increase in shifting magnetics through each’s bio-electromagnetic and plasma energy cellular bodies and fields shall continue to increase substantially … this will (intentionally) throw the “old” out of balance in more extreme ways, while re-balancing the “scales” in many ways, as well as unanchoring each from their own 3D/4D Realities (Levels of Density/Consciousness) to shift/move each over to their own 5D Crystalline/Christed/Energetic Matrix, where realities are no longer “fixed”, yet instead built fully on Divine Inner Connection and as ONE. The “uprooting” process can be challenging, because of how “strong” the “hold” of the “old” is embedded deep inside of each. This process shall assist with “re-planting” each in different realities (dimensions)…. be patient, honor, open up and observe… SHIFT WITH IT ALL… notice any inner-fight or struggle for you to resolve/dissolve yourself. Meanwhile, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, WayShowers, NEW Earth Stabilizers and Frequency Holders all anchor/hold/embody and work with 5D – 12D Templates and Grids for all of us here. β™₯

P.P.S. For the sake of this article, I am using the “original” Merkaba & Flower of Life Geometrics and minimal linkage points for visual stimulation/connection. We have been in wayyyyyyyyyy more intricate and advanced geometrics for years (Diamond/Crystalline/StarGate & So much more), yet our body template geometrics “build” upon previous templates, once all has re-worked itself for physical body ascension to occur. Template building alone, is an intricate process, an overlay of many/every geometric, all creating a cohesion to inner-link and work together as one DYNAMIC INTELLIGENT SYSTEM…. each of which link up to each other in infinite ways, which is a part of what “creates” multi-dimensional access with our whole body/fields here. β™₯

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