The Self is the Original Superhero – Steve Beckow

Warrior Prince Divine Masculine art by Jane Marin @ Jaaneman


The Self is the Original Superhero

The commonsense version of things has matters completely backwards.

If a person suddenly gets mad, we say, “I saw who he really is.”

No, you saw a vasana (core issue) go off obscuring who he really is.

The prevailing paradigm is that we’re born in original sin, who we are at the deepest level is sinful, etc.

And of course, as I experienced at Xenia, this is not so. (1) We’re not born in original sin. We’re born in original innocence.

How could it be otherwise?

How is the Self the Christ or Son of God if it’s sinful? How could it be that the closer we come to God, the more we approach original sin? It simply would negate every word that’s ever been said about God, spirituality, and enlightenment. The closer we approach God, the closer we approach our own original innocence.

This pure and original Self enters into lower and lower dimensions and forgets more and more about itself. Until here we are and we remember nothing.

We have needs and wants with seemingly limited means. We scrape by and we suffer, punctuated by times of plenty. We feel bad and create judgments about others and conflict with them and vasanas arise.

But all of that lies on top of the pure and shining Self, untouched by these lower-dimensional dramas and traumas.

That having been said, our experiences of it, as long as we’re fulfilling our soul contract as lightworkers, may be truncated so that we can continue to serve, as mine was at Xenia. The Divine Mother explains:

Steve Beckow: The Light I saw should have been brighter than a thousand suns. And the fact that it wasn’t suggests to me that the experience was truncated. Am I correct in that?

Divine Mother: It was not as brilliant as possible. Let us put it that way.

Steve: Alright… And again, the reason is to keep me in sync with my readers?

DM: It is to keep you in sync with your readers….  But let me be very clear…. If you had seen the light as it actually is – yes, a million, billion suns – you would have simply departed.

Steve: Really! But that is, in classical enlightenment studies, thought of as the first stage of Enlightenment. Why would I depart, Mother?

DM: We don’t mean die but you would have departed the life that you have designed – yes with us, for yourself, for the service you are providing – you would have departed and simply said, “I do not need to do this. I will just simply sit in the bliss of love and good luck, everybody!” (2)

Seeing the Self, even toned down, is still a life-changing event.

The Self is the original superhero. It’s safe and secure, beyond the reach of the passions, shining in the seat of the heart. Our continued and eternal existence is guaranteed, it proclaims. We have nothing to fear.

In my reading with her, the Divine Mother asked me to give my worry to her.

I couldn’t say this even six months ago, but now I’m ready to do that.


(1) See “Original Innocence,” Sept. 21, 2018, at

(2) Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.


Warrior Prince Divine Masculine art by Jane Marin @ Jaaneman

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