Telepathy Replaces Spoken Word Communication – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Heart ~ by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

Telepathy Replaces Spoken Word Communication: Reading & Responding to a Transmitting Vibrational Energetic Quantum Field of Consciousness (or Unconsciousness)


It’s been interesting all of these years, observing the evolution of our experiences, as we BEcome the Unified Field of Super Consciousness here. How we communicate and exist is very different. It’s all Energetic, on a Quantum Level (Soul)… and READING Quantum Energy through our own inner-connected Consciousness…. Everything is “VISIBLE”, by way of an electromagnetic field, by way of the Vibration changing, by way of Quantum Mechanics and Geometrics, by way of “Light Codes” and so very much more.

“Thoughts” are vibrational energy transmitted and visible/audible differently….
E-Motions are vibrational energy transmitted and visible/audible differently…
Words are vibrational energy transmitted and readable differently…
Heart closed transmits a much “lower/discordant” frequency Energy than Pure Heart Consciousness/Openness does…

Your FIELD TRANSMITS everything FOR YOU….. for all to hear/see/feel read…

Human aspects mis-interpret, because of the lens/fractal that they “view” through…
​Quantum Light BEings see the whole field… all fractals of the entire Matrix… as ONE.​

I’ve been observing all of the judgment of those who communicate by way of Spoken Word…. and those who function as the UNIFIED FIELD through a deep inner-connected SPACE AND HEIGHTENED EXPANDED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS… and there is a huge communication gap on the human ego part… because of their own disconnected state, they cannot “read” Energy, they cannot comprehend or understand on an energetic level, they are not in-tune vibrationally/energetically, which creates a distortion within itself. What humans understand is very different, due to the programs and old unconscious beliefs/mentalities/discordant energy still held and applied.

Many recent exchanges and comments of judgment on humans’ parts about “we are not listening” or we are being rude or we aren’t giving another the chance to speak… when it’s quite the opposite of “truth”. We don’t need the words, we’ve already read the field, we’ve already “read their minds”, because “though energy” is visible long before the words are ever formed…. Our “telepathic abilities” are beyond “enhanced” on a human level, give us the ability to see/read/understand and RESPOND BEFORE the human aspect has even formed the words or sentence… and we are responding at “our rate” of communication, which is Quantum… not a linear one.

I remember in my early days, how we all talked over each other out of excitement and “getting all faster” and sharing from our hearts, how we all had to “stop” the “wait until it’s your turn to speak”… we came to understand vibrational/energetic communication and that communication was “non-linear” …. therefore our conversations were often “all at the same time” too. We’d laugh at how much information there was and how we were all speaking at the same time…. eventually we learned to communicate “differently”… it took years though, as how communication is “processed and formed” by the carbon-based human aspect and us as Light BEings….. totally opposites and the “Speed of Light” for us applies….

Recent inner-actions with various “others” have shown much. One person was unaware that her “mind could be read” and her thoughts were “not her own” anymore, and that she couldn’t “hide anything”…. Another didn’t understand that we often answer “before” “they” ever speak, because we’ve already “heard, compulated and formed a response”…. We actually “don’t hear” them talking until after we’ve answered… because of the “delay” across different dimensions…. Our Quantum Plasma Crystalline LightBodies give us this ability…. to process a ridiculous amount of “Light Data” all simultaneously through PRESENCE within a FIELD….. that’s “readable”, visible, audible on a Quantum Level….

I stopped using the word telepathy once I realized how limited it was…. because it’s a human word of wanting to learn how, when in essence the “learning” is in BEing and Presence and total connection with all ….. Our “abilities” are natural, organic and simple… they are a part of how we function here…. So we don’t “stop” to form a word or thought or sentence…. like when we were “human” before.

As LIGHT BEINGS we LIVE through a PHOTONIC FIELD…. a Quantum Field… a Unified Field… A Field of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, and anything not in full alignment on a vibrational/energetic level is LOUD and easy to see. The human mind takes “forever” to compulate (think) because of the “rate at which” it processes…. Neural pathways have not opened completely up for the Universal Mind to have access/understand yet… which is a part of each’s Physical Lightbody Evolution here.

It’s misunderstood, how we communicate… as it’s direct and straight to the point (cellular program). Quantum Intelligence & Access is very different than our old ways…. Unconsciousness is a PROGRAM that’s not acceptable as a “way of BEing anymore”…

Our ROLES AS LIGHT BEINGS HERE is not to cater to the old, not to feed the old, not to agree to the old, not to support the old, not to “pretend” the old is okay… because it’s not…. By the human ego aspect, WE are often mis-read… we are often mis-understood.. because WE don’t play in the old programs ONE LITTLE BIT….. Our roles here are to identify/recognize and SHIFT ALL to a much higher state of consciousness than before. We provide information, through the transmission of our LIGHT CODES…. out into the FIELD and through the UNIFIED FIELD of Super Consciousness to activate/be received as all are “ready”…. which often “takes awhile”, due to density/light quotients and “how long” it takes one to open up to “learn new” and process the data for full integration…..

We don’t concern ourselves with the judgment of others…. that’s their limits and lack of respect. Our roles are to “challenge” each’s old reality and open them up to “new”, a much higher dimensional, much higher consciousness, a whole “new” real-ity…. alternate realities… Judgment just means one is not ready to fully understand. The human ego doesn’t want to “learn”… which is the opposite of this evolutionary process…. where MUCH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS KNOWLEDGE (Light Codes) rewrite/replace all Old Earth ways….. Until one is actually READY TO LEARN, all falls on closed hearts, closed minds, deaf ears…. This is a process of LEARNING NEW in every moment, yet in a much different way than before…. It’s “learning” what RESONATES ON A HEART & SOUL LEVEL… not what appears to make logical sense…. “Logic” comes “later”, through the activation of Quantum Mechanics/Algorithms/Geometrics activated on a cellular level THROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS… It’s a much different type of Logic… it’s Quantum Equations correlating in a very different way…. Our “new way” is all telepathic. We only SPEAK when something needs to be explained (taught) or to Consciously Create… to communicate on a “human level”, where one/each is not fully able to communicate/read through Quantum Energetics themselves….

When all of our hearts are wide open, our minds are too… our Energy relaxes (is SOFT) and is able to hear/see/feel “new information”… When all are FUNCTIONING AS LIGHT, AS LOVE… then all is SIMPLE… it’s not complicated at all. There’s no BS, everything is very “real” and our focus is very different than before. We are not focused on “the old”, we are not focused on “saving”, fixing or trying to convince anyone of anything… Their Universe/Higher Selves “has got them” and each is having the experience “necessary” and important for their own current DIMENSIONAL PHASE they are in…. We are anchoring, creating and DOING REALITIES on a QUANTUM LEVEL too… we are not catering to the lack programs, the stories each keeps creating as reality…. we honor and respect each’s current place/space, because we understand HOW ALL WORKS ON A QUANTUM LEVEL… on a multi-dimensional one…

I’ve been observing each dimension for years, observing “how” each is woken up through their own experiences, how each “chooses” and “creates” their own realities here…. I gained respect a long time ago for each to have their own experience perfectly here…. and to not take other’s REALities and Response-Abilities on as my own. I learned to RESPECT DIVINE ORDER… through understanding all….

As Guardians, our roles are very different… we don’t impose or force or even try to convince… we make the LIGHT ENCODED INFORMATION AVAILABLE and we allow each to determine when/if it’s important for them. Our roles are to BE THE LIGHT, to HOLD THE NEW IN PLACE… We unite when there is a SYNERGY present, where we cohesively have higher purposes together, where each is ready to fulfill their highest roles/purposes/missions AS LOVE here too….. Otherwise, it’s a karmic/unconscious program, which serves no purpose at all…

Our lives, our homes, our bodies… all Sacred Temples … our whole existence is one of DEEP SACRED CONNECTION AND RESPECT…. The human ego aspect doesn’t hold this yet… so there will always be a “rift”… because the field can’t UNIFY until all hearts/minds/energy can align vibrationally in every way….. The human ego’s body transmits discordant frequencies that disrupt/confuse the FIELD…. the amount of ENERGY IT TAKES TO HOLD A FIELD IN PLACE is immense. The more unconsciousness there is, the more LIGHT ENERGY NECESSARY TO OVERRIDE and TUNE THE FIELD….

Many of us live lives of solace, silence and solitude … in order to accomplish the ridiculous amount of “service work” we came here to do. We don’t invite or fill our field with unconsciousness that takes all of our ENERGY…. it doesn’t serve any of our highest purposes here. When we do come together, there’s a much bigger purpose…. we all have roles, we all have things to unite/contribute and FROM THAT share….. Our silence is not silent… it’s constant COMM-UNION (Communication through Union) on a SOUL/Galactic/Cosmic Level…. a very different existence than before…. our ability to dedicate our lives to full service rests upon that which is not audible/visible to the human aspect yet….

Many are coming into “learning” how Unity Consciousness “works”. This is done in many ways. BEing exposed to that which is “not of full UNITY and LOVE” is just one end of the polarity spectrum to show each WHAT IS and IS NOT…. Without an actual EXPERIENCE, the human aspect cannot “see” or understand… because there is not yet enough “DATA TO COMPUTE”…. The human aspect does not understand EXPERIENCE and how that correlates on a multi-dimensional level here. EXPERIENCING A REALITY is what gives each the “data” to understand and then TUNE and CHOOSE a different vibrational reality/timeline…. Until each is exposed to PURITY, it’s not understood. Until each is EXPOSED to all of the different VARIABLES that make up the DYNAMICS of an EQUATION… there’s not enough DATA to process…..

Each’s Plasma Crystalline LightBody gives each the ABILITY to PROCESS LIGHT DATA at various/different rates…. The more “evolved” one’s Plasma Crystalline LightBody is, the faster/easier/simultaneous the PROCESSING RATE is…. It is this easy… What’s “not easy” are all of the experiences necessary to dissolve the EGO constructs that inner-fear with this NATURAL ORDER/DIVINE EVOLUTION that’s accelerating 24/7 now…. What is easy is once each actually DECIDES that they are truly ready to LEARN…. truly ready to open up/listen and shift their own ways of “thinking”… and fully align all on a Soul Level… and start to come from HONOR to a process that “needs to” occur (is already occurring). What’s “not easy” at first, is all that it takes to anchor & integrate fully and to function in the physical while we do. There’s a HUGE LEARNING CURVE to all… that will challenge every ounce of human programming and linear constructs still held.

What is EASY is when each fully surrenders their own EGO, where FULL UNIFICATION CAN ACTUALLY OCCUR…..

OUR WAY of communicating is through TRANSMISSIONS …. that are “readable”…. in every way. It’s challenging to “do” anything with humans that don’t function this way yet, because of how we have to communicate differently…. it takes so many words to explain the complexity of the geometrics involved in one “thought” or belief. One thing can take an hour to break down “every piece and part” of the “equation”… because a “thought” and “belief” has an entire equation for how all is formulated… and we have to break down the equation of the entire matrix around that belief and then reconstruct the whole thing based upon a whole new “standard”/foundation of reality (Christed/Crystalline Matrix)… aligned on a Universal/Cosmic Soul Level….which is PURITY AND LOVE. β™₯

FOR US, it’s not complicated… for the human it is… because we are breaking down the CONSTRUCTS of the whole belief system (Matrixes)… and reconstructing it (New Earth Quantum Matrix)…. which is immense. β™₯

So, start to pay attention to how you communicate, how you listen to (FEEL) words and “believe” or how you listen to the energy/tone/frequency/vibration instead…. Our very presence is LIGHT LANGUAGE… everything we speak/transmit is this…. the words and the “delay” (AND RECEIVING) is different. We function on a Quantum Level… not a linear one… Quantum is “Instant”… linear takes much longer and is only relative through Quantum Linear Geometrics… which is “connecting the dots” non-linearly….. with all of the Pieces and parts of the whole equation…. For the human aspect, the “whole picture” is not visible yet, yet the human aspect will not understand this, because of what’s visible is still beyond each’s own Veils of Amnesia still held within.

We remove the veils… because we live beyond them…. WE see the whole Matrix… all of them. β™₯

YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES are based upon YOUR ENERGY and where you function from. Shift where you function from and your REALity shifts too. β™₯

I love you! Powerful upgrades 24/7 working through every one of our systems lately… which is important… honor your Physical LightBodies re-wiring, re-coding, re-calibrating and tuning process. It’s mega important for us all. β™₯

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. The more Light Embodied… the more “telepathic”… so “words” have a different purpose here.


Heart ~ by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

The Sacred is where to place your attention, for from Source all else is born – Kara Schallock


Fear is an illusion…Β –Β 05-Nov-2018

Fear seems to be very prevalent in the old world. Yet, it is an opportunity to see it is an illusion; to hold you back and empower the fear. Don’t! Go beyond the fear and focus on Love instead, for within the fear is Love. The fear is also an opportunity to release any residual fear you still hold. Look into the fear; whatever it is; and see at its core Love. In every instance, focus on your own Integrity; your Truth. Being in your Integrity keeps you on your Path of Love. You can see fear as just another distraction; something to cling to; complain about or take on. It’s best to be Love instead. And what is Love? It is who you are. It is Source and by being authentically you, you transform the fear to Love simply by being you; simply by being your Integrity; your Truth.

Realize too that the phase we’re in requires each of us to be patient with ourselves and others. It requires us also to share our gifts; whatever they are and how large or small they may be. Some are writers, some are poets, some are photographers, some are Earthkeepers, some are conduits of a greater Love. It matters notΒ howΒ you express your gift; as long as you do. It can be as small as caring for a pet or loved one or caring for a plant…as long as you do it with Love; share your gift or expand your gifts. Be sure to ground often, for Earth is shifting as we are. Everything is shifting…your beliefs and concepts, your identity…everything. Trust only in Source, for this helps balance and ground you. The Sacred is where to place your attention, for from Source all else is born. Source is who you are.

We often want to control things by believing we must work at a loveless job or keep certain people in our lives. Yet, control is also an illusion. You control nothing and no-one. This is why it is essential to know; truly know; that the Power is within you, for you are Source. If you stay in neutrality as well, then you maintain your Sovereignty. You do not attach to β€œgood” or β€œbad;” you observe with Compassion, knowing a deeper Truth.

Trust and have Faith that all is in Divine Order. This includes the many things and people that are no longer on Earth or choose to remain asleep. If it feels like everything is falling apart; rejoice; for it is and must. You have consciously let go of much; this also occurs on an unconscious level. I have said there is a great Transformation occurring. Perhaps some of you didn’t feel beneath words or you just skimmed over that word, since it is used so much. Transformation is a complete let-go. From the goo that is left, a New World and a New You is reconstructed cell by cell. Even your DNA is changed, as is your consciousness. All is so all of Who You Are is aligned with and as Source. None of the old can remain. Of course, you must choose. Some may not want to let go of certain things; some may want to continue their complaining and complacency; and yet many will do anything to bring forth the New…not just for themselves and Gaia, but for the All.

If there are still old wounds that you carry around, heal and transform them to Love. This requires you to be in the Now Moment and to have loving support. Your support can be like-hearted others or the invisible realm. When you are in Stillness, call upon support. Ask for what you want and remember just because you have a memory of something it does not mean it is still actively creating in your life. Go into the memory and see if it gets you to react. If it does, ask to have the energy of it removed. If you do not react, trust that you have healed and transformed that particular wound. Just because you remember something does not necessarily mean it is still creating in your life.

If you are one who is asking to ascend and you feel as though nothing is happening, pay attention to your messages. Whether they are in your dreams, meditations or in regular life, pay attention. Stay in the Moment; stay in your Integrity. You are being guided. Yes, there are baby steps, for Ascension doesn’t happen when you want it to (control). It can happen in a second or in a lifetime, for everyone is unique. Remember that you aren’t alone; you are being guided in each moment. Are you listening? Be strong, committed and patient. Each choice you make leads you to Ascension or leads you away. You know the difference. If you feel overwhelmed by too many choices, take a deep breath and do just one thing at a time. Keep it simple.

Are you experiencing gold? This is the essence of Christ Consciousness as well as the New Earth. Do you experience purple? This is the essence of Transformation. Do you experience green? It is your Heart expanding. Do you experience blue? It is your New voice (and could also be the Blue Beings of Sirius communicating with you as well as other beings of Light). As we move toward 11/11, these colors/essences will intensify. Do you experience sensations in your higher chakras (Pineal, 3rd Eye, Crown)?These chakras are being updated. Along with the colors/ essences, there probably are some physical sensations. Flow with it all; observe without wondering what it is or why; just observe without attaching to whatever is going on. How you can help yourself…ground, be in Nature, take care of yourself and be gentle. Don’t push; flow.

If it feels as though you are taking one step forward and one step back, do not depair. It simply is the way it works. Energy ebbs and flows and since you are energy,Β youΒ ebb and flow! Linear time is an illusion. Nothing goes by Point A to Point B to Point C, etc. Nothing goes in a straight line. Energy is a spiral. You are not a victim; nothing happensΒ toΒ you except when you have disempowering or limiting thoughts and beliefs (you create it; it onlyΒ seemsΒ as though it happens to you). If you don’t like or resonate with your creation, begin again. You are not on a timetable either; all is in Divine Order and in Divine Time. Everything occurs in the Moment. Think of the popular word, β€œtimeline.” Time is an illusion and line is linear. Very 3D. Of course, this is only my perception. What is yours? Or do you just go with whatever is fed to you without Discernment? Use Discernment with everything you see, read or hear. Always ask, β€œIs this true?”

Much seems to be sensationalized these days. By using Discernment, you are guided. If you feel victimized in any way regardless of who a person says they are or where they get their information, askΒ to be removed from the situation. Remember, you have a support team ready to help you in any given moment. They will not interfere, so you must ask. Discernment is a tool you have within. It is a Soul Essence. It rests within your Heart.

Here are some examples of being awake or awakening more: you lose track of time (yesterday I was speaking with a daughter and mentioned it was Tuesday; she replied, β€œMom! It’s Friday!” I couldn’t stop laughing). You might not even remember what you did just an hour ago. If things seem strange or you get lost in familiar surroundings, this is another message that you’re awakening even more. Sometimes you’re clear; sometimes you are in a fog. Only wanting meaningful relationships; feeling tired of β€œsmall talk.” You may want to spend a lot of time alone. Of course, there are lots of physical phenomena too. I won’t go into these, as everyone is unique as to what they are experiencing.

Trust yourself and love yourself. These are the two things to always have in the forefront of your life. Be gentle and peaceful in all you choose to do. Stay neutral without going into judgment. Remember that you are loved and guided and cared for.


Gratitude & Appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.