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Patricia Cota-Robles
NOVEMBER 7, 2018

As we have discussed many times since the beginning of this year, our Father-Mother God have initiated a new Divine Plan. This plan is designed to help Humanity transcend the painful effects of our surfacing negativity by amplifying every person’s Lightwork one thousand fold, every single day. Now, because of the need of the hour, our God Parents want to share critical information that will, hopefully, motivate us by helping all of us to realize how easy it is to increase our Lightwork no matter how busy we are or how isolated or alone we may feel.

As Humanity awakens, we are beginning to understand the science of energy, vibration and consciousness. We are learning that our thoughts and feelings are creative, and we are beginning to comprehend the power within our spoken words. This means that whatever we are thinking, feeling, saying or doing we are cocreating and thus sustaining in our lives. The important thing for us to know is that the frequencies of Love and Light are infinitely more powerful than the frequencies of fear and hatred. Consequently, when Humanity is using the power of our spoken words, thoughts, feelings and actions to invoke the Light of God and to add Love, Healing, Prosperity, Peace, Enlightenment, Compassion and every other frequency of God’s Perfection to our Earthly experiences we are powerful beyond our knowing.

The Company of Heaven has revealed that one person sincerely invoking these various aspects of God’s Perfection can transmute into Light the human miscreations and negative thoughts and feelings of literally thousands of people. When we join in consciousness with other Lightworkers who are invoking the Light of God in the same way, our individual efforts are exponentially expanded.

It is true that it is very powerful for us to come together in groups in the physical plane if we possibly can. However, our Father-Mother God know that there are millions of people who do not have the opportunity to physically join with other Lightworkers. That may be because they don’t know of any like-minded people in their area, or they may have time constraints or other limitations that make it impossible. The message today from our Father-Mother God is that there are now other ways for us to connect with each other in consciousness which will greatly enhance our Lightwork.

We are so blessed to be living in these times when in an instant technology enables us to connect with Lightworkers all over the world. Through the Internet, we have the awesome ability to join with fellow Lightworkers at specific times for Global Meditations and Activities of Light. In our Weekly Vlogs for instance, every week tens of thousands of people all over the world join with us to receive the sacred knowledge and to participate in the activities of Light the Company of Heaven will lead us through.

In addition to events available on the Internet, we can also empower each other’s Lightwork by sharing the same invocations, prayers, meditations and decrees. When we invoke the Light of God in any way, a permanent Divine Matrix is formed in the Realms of Cause. Then every time anyone else invokes the Light of God in the same way their Light is woven into that Divine Matrix, and they receive the full benefit of every other Lightworker who has recited that invocation or participated in that meditation.

For example, that is why β€œThe Lord’s Prayer” is so very powerful. Every time we recite β€œThe Lord’s Prayer” our Light is woven into the Divine Matrix in the Realms of Cause. Then we receive the benefit from the Light of every person who has ever said that prayer from the moment it was first given to Humanity over 2,000 years ago.

For decades awakening Lightworkers have been aware of this fact and have been receiving powerful invocations, meditations, prayers and decrees from the Company of Heaven that are designed to help us add to the Light of the world even if we are alone. The Divine Matrixes for these Gifts from the Company of Heaven have been building in momentum in the Realms of Cause and they are now incredibly effective.

At this vitally important time, Lightworkers are being called to a higher octave of Divine Service. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are asking us at Era of Peace to make the invocations, meditations, prayers and decrees they have shared with us over the years available in an easily accessible form for anyone who is interested in empowering their own Lightwork and helping Humanity and Mother Earth in this way.

In response to their request, we have reproduced our Book of Invocations and the three CDs that complement this book which are both titled β€œI AM Cocreating the New Earth”. We have also made the physical book and CDs available as an E-Book and a set of three corresponding Mp3s.

The book β€œI AM Cocreating the New Earth” with the accompanying three CDs has been available for several years, so some of you may already have them. If you do please empower these Invocations and Meditations from On High as you are inspired to do so.

We now have thousands of NEW people on our Newsletter and Weekly Vlog email lists, so if you do not have these items; WE ARE PUTTING THEM ON SALE for your convenience.

Every time you use the power of the spoken word and the power of your thoughts and feelings to invoke these Invocations and Meditations from On High, you are connecting with hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers who have been utilizing this information and cocreating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in the Realms of Cause for a very long time.

Now, due to our Father-Mother God’s new Divine Plan and the incredible shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness we have all experienced over the past few years, your I AM Presence is able to empower your individual efforts in unfathomable ways whether you are physically with someone or joining in consciousness with those who have been empowering these amazing activities of Light for decades.

The Company of Heaven said that when millions of Lightworkers around the world are using the same decrees, invocations, visualizations and meditations Humanity will reach a critical mass in no time. Then, Life on Planet Earth will be transformed into the Glory of the New Earth in what the seers in ancient times described as β€œthe twinkling of an eye”.

The Mp3s and CDs associated with this Book of Invocations are an effortless way to stay focused on the Light and to add to the Light of the world when you are doing other things. Play them softly as you go to sleep at night. Listen to them when you are exercising or doing housework or other things that do not need your full concentration. Use them with your meditation groups or any other time when you would like to add to the Light of the world. And Remember during this auspicious time our Father-Mother God are amplifying all of your Lightwork one thousand fold every single day.

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God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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