Divine Mother: In the Face of Disinformation, Stay in Your Heart – Steve Beckow

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Divine Mother: In the Face of Disinformation, Stay in Your Heart

I had the opportunity to talk with the Divine Mother (1) through Linda Dillon on Oct. 26, 2018.

I’m posting a few extracts from that reading.

In this extract, she discusses the tremendous amount of disinformation that is circulating on the Reval and how we should respond to it.

Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

Divine Mother: No, [the Reval] is not simply about money; that is but a vehicle.

It is about the rearrangement of the entire planet and not in ways that result in mayhem or chaos or contrast, or conflict, but in ways that are of bringing forth the bounty for all. …

Steve Beckow: You realize of course, as you live in our hearts, you know that we are all very tired. Tired of waiting and tired of springing forward when somebody says, β€œIt’s going to be tomorrow” or β€œthe next day” and it doesn’t happen.

DM: But what you are doing and how I would guide you is to truly, deeply, profoundly and in a sense that you would translate as permanently, anchor in your heart. Stay within your heart. And when somebody says, β€œOh, it’s today” β€œOh, it’s Thursday” β€œOh, it’s Friday” β€œOh, it’s 10 o’clock on Sunday,” do not jump forward. Stand back. Be the observer.

Do not get caught in the frantic melee that this has become. Because what is occurring with all this disinformation is in fact a distraction. And the result of this, my beloved children (and I speak to all of you in this regard), what it is doing is it is making you more tired. It is exhausting you further. It is disheartening you further.

So stay in your heart, discerning, observing and then when you literally have the action call – and I do not mean a false cry of β€œwolf”; I mean a tangible phone number and an appointment – then you jump into action. And prior to that, you stay, feet, heart, head anchored in Gaia and anchored with me.


(1) It is apparently the Divine Mother who incarnated as Mary, Mother of Jesus.