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St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


Ascended Masters
Seven Ascended Masters Teach the Seven Paths to God

The ascended masters help us become aware of the Paths back to the Source. Paths that we can walk over to master the seven rays of our Christ consciousness that emerge from the white light. The seven color rays are the natural division of the pure white light emanating from the heart of God as it descends through the prism of manifestation. These are the subdivisions of the wholeness of Christ. Regardless of their color, all of the flames have a white-fire core of purity, which embodies all of the attributes of God and which may be invoked by those who desire to expand the Christ consciousness.

The seven rays present seven paths to individual or personal Christhood. Seven masters have mastered identity by walking these paths, defined as the seven archetypes of Christhood. These particular ascended masters are called the chohans of the rays, which means lords of the rays. Chohan is a Sanskrit term for lord, and lord is equivalent to law; hence the chohan is the action of the law of the ray.

To be a chohan on one of the seven rays means that this master defines the law on that ray; through him that energy of the Christ and of God flows to mankind, to all who are evolving on that particular path.

The Seven Chohans
Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray

The ascended master Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray and sponsor of the United States of America. He is a master alchemist of the sacred fire who comes bearing the gift of the violet flame of freedom for world transmutation.

Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the great sponsor of freedom’s flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice and opportunity. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply “Holy Brother.”

As chohan, or lord, of the seventh ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the seventh ray—the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy.

Diplomats, priests of the sacred fire, actors, writers and defenders of freedom serve with Saint Germain on the seventh ray.

The Strauss waltzes carry the vibration of the violet flame and will help to put you in tune with Saint Germain. The Rakoczy March, by Franz Liszt, carries the flame of his heart and the formula of the violet flame.

His electronic pattern is the Maltese cross; his fragrance, that of violets.

Master Saint Germain, Seventh Ray, and the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Mantra by Saint Germain for transmuting personal and planetary past errors in thought, feeling and action.

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.

Initiation: on the Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: gift of Prophecy and the Working of Miracles
Etheric Retreats: The Cave of Symbols, Table Mountain, Wyoming, USA; The Temple of the Maltese Cross, Transylvania, Romania
Vibration: Violet, Purple, Pink, Aqua, Teal
Gemstone: Amethyst, Diamond, Aquamarine
Quality: Freedom, Alchemy, Justice, Diplomacy, Transmutation
Day: Saturday

Saint Germain’s Previous Lifetimes

As high priest of the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis thirteen thousand years ago, Saint Germain sustained by his invocations and his causal body a pillar of fire, a veritable fountain of violet singing flame, which magnetized people from near and far who came to be set free from every binding condition of body, mind and soul. This they achieved by self-effort through the offering of invocations and the practice of seventh-ray rituals to the sacred fire.

Saint Germain was embodied as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Saint Alban-the first martyr of Britain, and Merlin—alchemist, prophet and counselor to King Arthur. More recently, Saint Germain was Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and, in his final lifetime, Sir Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon has been called the greatest mind the West ever produced and is known as the father of inductive reasoning and the scientific method. His soul entered the ritual of the ascension from the Rakoczy Mansion, retreat of the Great Divine Director, on May 1, 1684.

After his final lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon, the ascended master Saint Germain physically appeared throughout the courts of Europe as le Comte de Saint Germain.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Sponsors Spiritual Organizations

In the twentieth century, Saint Germain stepped forth once again to sponsor an outer activity of the Great White Brotherhood. In the early 1930s, he contacted Guy Ballard whom he trained as a messenger and who, under the pen name of Godfré Ray King, released the foundation of Saint Germain’s instruction for the New Age in the books Unveiled MysteriesThe Magic Presence and The “I AM” Discourses.

In 1961 Saint Germain contacted Mark L. Prophet, and founded the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity to quicken all who had originally come to earth with Sanat Kumara—to serve as world teachers and ministering servants in their families, communities and nations at this critical hour of the turning of cycles.

Meditation upon Saint Germain

“On the sabbath of the seventh ray, you greet the Master of the Aquarian age: Saint Germain, friend of old, I am honored at thy presence here! So may I know the cosmic honor flame that is entwined with strands of gold and violet as elementals weave a garland of praise to the Knight Commander of my heart. And you tarry before the alchemist of the Spirit who has come to teach you the science of the amethyst ray and the ritual of grace that will be the law for the next two thousand years.”—Djwal Kul, from the meditation, The Hidden Chamber of the Heart.


St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


A massive re-tuning and re-calibrating process underway – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lotus Art by Nicholas Roerich


We are on Day 3 of “Over Stimulation” (Hyper Excited Quantum Cells) of the whole body… this works with re-vamping OVERALL SYSTEMS … a massive re-tuning and re-calibrating process underway…. (Nervous systems, immune systems, as well as Crystalline LighBody upgrades), massive Gamma/Cosmic Rays…. constantly “higher and higher” on the Symphonics Scale… gravity shifts and electromagnetic re-balancing increases in every way. Super charging our systems. Full Integration is KEY. Massive photon(ic) charging and building up…. massive “overhauls” in the works…. high high high frequencies working through everything.

Honor your Physical LightBody and embrace your NEW… your creations, the inspiration the opportunities…. hold immense gratitude for all … we’ve been accelerating quite substantially all 3 days…. as we continually move into/through this New Moon re-set point and prepare for more MASSIVE GATEWAYS TO OPEN as we move through and into the POWER OF this mega 11•11•11 Gateway that’s continually opening daily….

I’m not sure how much I’ll be online to write/share… each day will depend on what feels appropriate/aligned. As a Gatekeeper, our priorities are different… we share in the various ways that support each dimension in different ways… I’ll post updates in posts/newsletters, as well as in-person for the live events.

We move into a massive anchoring phase… a stabilization phase… and our ability to “open” these gateways and bring through the codes and embody them takes all of our focus. Every reality has to support in ways that are nothing like the “old”….

Are you ready, excited and embracing with everything that you ARE? Oh yeah baby. Let’s rock this like a STAR! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. If you honor what your body “tells you” it will be “easier”. It’s beyond challenging when there’s much density to re-work and massive cellular re-writes that “need to occur”. Clearing heaving duty programming, as well as detoxing the body, as well as recoding all through higher light frequencies on a DNA level can become quite immense… My early years were BEYOND TOUGH… I could barely function at all. Excruciating pain, discomfort was an understatement, yet when I stopped “fighting” or trying to “control” the process and SURRENDERED… everything started to shift…. so listen to your body and support it in every way. 


Song of the Morning by Nicholas Roerich