A massive re-tuning and re-calibrating process underway – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lotus Art by Nicholas Roerich


We are on Day 3 of “Over Stimulation” (Hyper Excited Quantum Cells) of the whole body… this works with re-vamping OVERALL SYSTEMS … a massive re-tuning and re-calibrating process underway…. (Nervous systems, immune systems, as well as Crystalline LighBody upgrades), massive Gamma/Cosmic Rays…. constantly “higher and higher” on the Symphonics Scale… gravity shifts and electromagnetic re-balancing increases in every way. Super charging our systems. Full Integration is KEY. Massive photon(ic) charging and building up…. massive “overhauls” in the works…. high high high frequencies working through everything.

Honor your Physical LightBody and embrace your NEW… your creations, the inspiration the opportunities…. hold immense gratitude for all … we’ve been accelerating quite substantially all 3 days…. as we continually move into/through this New Moon re-set point and prepare for more MASSIVE GATEWAYS TO OPEN as we move through and into the POWER OF this mega 11•11•11 Gateway that’s continually opening daily….

I’m not sure how much I’ll be online to write/share… each day will depend on what feels appropriate/aligned. As a Gatekeeper, our priorities are different… we share in the various ways that support each dimension in different ways… I’ll post updates in posts/newsletters, as well as in-person for the live events.

We move into a massive anchoring phase… a stabilization phase… and our ability to “open” these gateways and bring through the codes and embody them takes all of our focus. Every reality has to support in ways that are nothing like the “old”….

Are you ready, excited and embracing with everything that you ARE? Oh yeah baby. Let’s rock this like a STAR! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. If you honor what your body “tells you” it will be “easier”. It’s beyond challenging when there’s much density to re-work and massive cellular re-writes that “need to occur”. Clearing heaving duty programming, as well as detoxing the body, as well as recoding all through higher light frequencies on a DNA level can become quite immense… My early years were BEYOND TOUGH… I could barely function at all. Excruciating pain, discomfort was an understatement, yet when I stopped “fighting” or trying to “control” the process and SURRENDERED… everything started to shift…. so listen to your body and support it in every way. 


Song of the Morning by Nicholas Roerich


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