DALAI LAMA DAY 1 – Yokohama Japan – 3 day retreat Altair Shyam

Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin


Dalai Lama Day 1

Dear Enlightened Ones

It is always such a blessing to be with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this time I was in Yokohama Japan for a 3 day retreat.

The Dalai Lama began the day with a talk about us all being One Family of Love and Compassion.

Here is the core of His teachings for today for you.

We are all One Family of Love and Compassion no matter what religion or history or scientific background.

Happiness comes from peace of mind and we cultivate happiness through love and compassion and practicing patience and kindness.

Obstacles like anger, delusion and attachment act as a veil to the mind. When we purify these we become free and see reality as it is.

The Heart Sutra of Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin is like an Ancient Mother.

She teaches us the wisdom of emptiness which means seeing that things have no external existence (at this point in my meditation and contemplation on this a bright violet blue orb appeared) and also teaches the essence and importance of Bodhicitta which means to have an altruistic intention to cherish others and then to liberate others.

In dreams we can see an elephant and when we wake up know it is not real so in life we can see a partner or friend as frustrating and be angry at them but then the next day be fine and calm around them showing us that those impressions we have of people through the impurified mind or consciousness are unreliable. When you are aware of that in the present, in that moment, you are awake. Awareness is luminous. Past and future have no existence.

Liberation of your self comes down to cherishing others. When you have compassion you see suffering in others and develop empathy because you can see how ignorant others are of how things are. So there is a strong desire to help. To take on the suffering of others.

Maitreya taught the Buddha Nature is All One so there is no division between teachings on love and compassion.

Afflictive emotions like anger can be used to see into the nature of emptiness and luminosity. When you are angry you believe your reasons for being angry are real. If you see directly into the nature of things and see that these feelings change so realize the nature of change and see that these feelings dissipate so are empty of any real existence so realize the nature of emptiness then you can use these to liberate.

Quantum physics points to things having no objective existence.

Ask yourself who is this body this voice this mind? Who am I?

We appear to each other as if we are real but where are you? Are you the body? Are you the voice? Are you the mind?

The nature of these forms is emptiness. They all change and eventually transform and dissolve.

Things exist by Name. The Dalai Lama had a β€œlightning bolt” of realization about the β€œI” the Name we give to ourself and the identity feelings thoughts we attach to it.

By cultivating the path of perfection of wisdom we make the intention to help all beings and bring love and compassion wherever we go. We see the truth of emptiness, that there is no β€œI” and seek to liberate ourselves by cherishing others. By letting go of self-cherishing and β€œI” we open to a deeper luminous awareness of All That Is.

Stages of Meditation

Past and future lives can be discovered. They are based on dependent origination. The roots of compassion in us all are a special resolve to bring all sentient beings to enlightenment.

There are different types of suffering to be free from.
Suffering of suffering. Suffering of change. Suffering of conditions or conditioning.

Then afflictive emotions.

And karma.

Cherishing others with an altruistic attitude and emptiness is helped by meditation. Meditation on equanimity, on love and kindness, on compassion and on wisdom.

Meditation practice on emptiness involves perfecting singe pointed concentration to begin with.

Training in mindfulness and introspection develops concentration.

1. To begin choose a quiet serene place.

2. Physical posture – Vajra cross legged or lotus or chair.
Hands held together in Mudra. Left hand under right and two thumbs touching against the navel.
Straighten spine.
Tip of tongue to upper palate. Eyes on top of nose or straight ahead or slightly uplifted.
Eyes Half open.
Shoulders relaxed.
This is important for later Tantric practices where you use the breath to breathe light and energy in the spine and the flow of energy in the right and left channel needs to be balanced.

3. Use an object of focus to begin with. A flame or flower or piece of wood. This uses the 6th mind, not visual consciousness for example. Focus on the image of the flower in your mind. Stay singled pointed for a long time until you can hold the object in mind with calm abiding.
The Dalai Lama joked that he had met Hindu Sadhus in the Himalayas with better focus than Buddhist monks!

4. Special insight. You begin to see things as they are in extraordinary ways. You see into the formless realms and Higher Realms that all saints and mystics and Buddhas and Christs and Mohammeds and Krishnas and Avalokiteshvara Guan Yins have spoken of. The Dalai Lama said from his conversations with all Masters they all agree on these basic points and He is on the lookout to meet many more beings who have developed single pointed focus and insight into the nature of things!

The Notion of an Independent self is the root of all delusion.

There is no self.

There is no β€œI”

Nothing can be found.

The innate clear light mind is not the self.

Within consciousness there are degrees of subtlety. Past and future lives are explained on the basis of self.

As the self becomes more transparent to the light the memory of these past and future lives is realized. Some children have clear memories of their past lives. There is a child in New York who has a past life memory of dying in the tragedy of 9/11.

There are meditators the Dalai Lama has met who can keep a single focus in their mind for 3-4 hours and can stay in the subtle clear light of death at the point they transitioned through long and continuous practice.

To develop calm abiding you have to calm the mind and place it again and again in that state through practice.

The main obstacles are mental laxity and mental excitation.

Alertness must be there.

If your mind is dull or lax or cloudy like daydreaming and you have lost alertness then you need to practice uplifting the mind like visualizing the Buddha or Christ in illuminated bodies. Tantric Yoga is particularly useful wheee you meditate visualizing yourself as a deity and doing it within emptiness. Some yogis can project their bodies out into other bodies.

If your mind is too excited then meditate on emptiness.

Then contemplate what arises.

And develop special insight or Vipassana.

Love and blessings
Altair and Mother with the Dalai Lama β™₯


Gratitude & Appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

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