I Am at Work – Steve Beckow


I Am at Work

What it means to master every thought and feeling, which the Arcturians have said is a requirement of wayshower/leaders, (1) is as much in need of looking at as the actual process of mastering.

It’s becoming a preoccupation with me.

Now is the time. If it’s the calm before the storm, then let me use it to its fullest advantage.

I need to focus on the theme of my own behavior. I need to up my standards around people as an approach to fulfilling the Arcturians’ assignment. (2)

I’m already beginning to see the role of feelings in my life in deciding what my actions will be. It’s fascinating watching how I respond to them.

Today, Sunday, I spent a total of between two and three hours at the retail store for Telus, my cellphone carrier. It was a slow Sunday so I had the help of everyone on duty, who were training a new person – who was redoing my bill.

I bought a new cellphone the day before and was overcome with sticker shock later. I needed to bring the cost down somehow and had spent an hour on the phone with an agent finding a way to do it. Now I needed the actual sales staff to agree and enact the solution.

Even though everything looked good going in, I was still stressed out of my skull going into the store and reminding myself that I’d put worry aside just the other day. (Nothing does it for me like financial stress.)

Ordinarily I’d be telling myself that I need to make the re-visit to the store successful; therefore, I needed to have a strategy and a sob story.

And just as ordinarily I’d try to push salespeople around with my irritation. I’d have a commanding tone walking in the door and I wouldn’t relent until I got what I wanted. Usually people would be staring daggers at me by the time I rode out of town.

The trainee kept getting the complicated bill wrong, which is what dragged it out an extra hour or two. I could have played my impatience card.

Meanwhile I watched travel documentaries on an absolutely incredible 4K TV, mesmerized. I even had lunch there. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Dinner and a movie.

And they ended up taking 20 percent off my bill, which no one foresaw starting out.  Thank you, Mother.

When I left, we were like old friends. Much of that was due to them but the part due to me was such a departure for me.

I paid a great deal of attention to my behavior.  I saw clearly how I ordinarily behave.

Whatever my feeling is triggers off a response pattern. Getting irritated, standing on my rights as a customer, being sarcastic, playing a victim – all these responses came up. When they did, I just stood aside from them, like a matador, and let them pass.

I refrained from following my conditioned impulses or being automatically triggered by my feelings. I was mastering every thought and feeling.

The lesson for me in all this is that (1) I got what I wanted (2) and more (3) without creating enemies and (4) I did it by being friendly and non-judgemental.  People actually did respond to friendliness and responded better than in previous interactions.

I’m digging in the dirt here. Real grassroots. What’s coming down the pike is going to require me to grow up in every area of my life and I know it.

I am at work.


(1) “You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling.” (The Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, Nov. 19, 2013.)

Keep in mind that all our thoughts and feelings are perceptible to higher-dimensional beings and the need to master them becomes instantly understandable.

(2) I should mention that I have a history with Arcturus, according to them and Michael.




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