The 11:11 shadow and light dance – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


The 11:11 shadow and light dance

The Dove Star Columba spread her holy satin spar wings around November 11 11, 2018. One by one we came together in heart entering a more sacred aspect, a higher aspect and expanded aspect of the human heart. One by one by one we looked into the many reflective mirrors of the Souls around us and saw all the pieces of their heart and soul in completion. Each was a different reflection of light unlike our own. Where we had sparkle they had shadows, where they had light, we had deep healings and spiral stairways to climb. How can you compare one Angel’s wingspan to another’s or one rainbow to another? All are magical in Gods eyes, but human eyes do not always see ‘Holy’.

To shun any part of one’s self or that same reflection in another, is to shun what is holy and what was created in love. Each of us is as Bilbo Baggins on his journey through life we hold on to many parts of the old self as a buffer for future encounters, shielding one from heart pain. This 11 11 was a spirited and complicated completion coming full circle into the first 11:11 in 1992. The dark and the light of the universe, the dark and the light of life, and the dark and the light of self, came together paralleling one another in an Instagram of completion. Lining up side by side creating a stellar barcode that commanded undivided attention.

We all know in our heart of hearts that the light is Supreme in all levels and dimensions of existence we all know that the darkness and the polarities are a dance, a shadow dance of balance that exists within all.

Like Peter Pan either shunning or chasing his own shadow. The shadow dance comes to show you the places within yourself that need loved. Looking to the new expanded version of human heart was issued by Divine command on this 11;11, Allows us to see into the Vortex of time as it swirls in front of us like a dancer with many petticoats and layers of possibilities. Like Nations and countries of commanding power the light and the dark stand as two Admiral’s side by side interweaving Association But continuing to complete separate identities which is important as a new code is created. What drives adversaries to merge in unity is yet to be seen!

It’s I that Needs to be Universal, Not Love – Steve Beckow

Symbols for Healing ~ Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery


It’s I that Needs to be Universal, Not Love

A great healing has taken place and I can only describe it. It used to be that, if I felt happy, one side of me would get nervous. Dad would swat me if I got too happy.

So there were two sides of me: the happy side and the nervous-at-being-happy side.

Nowadays the wounded child in me is happy being happy and the other side of me is just plain happy anyways.

So, when I feel happy, I feel genuinely, wholly, and indisputably happy.

I’m not a house divided against itself any longer. Given that till age 58 I was, (1) all discoveries in this area are like gladly-recovered ground on the road to wholeness.


Now I’ve transitioned from happiness to transformative love. Thoughts of the beloved brought it on.

I keep thinking of new metaphors to describe this kind of love.

I compare ordinary love, no matter how refined, to my 1959 radio, which was primitive by our standards.

Now think of the first time you went into a home that had a $2500 home audio set, including a radio that blew you away for fidelity. I compare that to transformative love.

Or take your $150 TV and compare it to the latest 4G television that makes a jewel appear lustrous. I was moved watching a 4K TV for the first time last weekend. The gulf between the two is similar to the gulf between regular and transformative love.


But as to describing love itself? I can’t find words to do it justice. I wouldn’t even try.

I look and look and look; I feel and feel and feel; and I cannot come up with a single word to describe this kind of love in and of itself.

And yet I can say that my experience of it is delightful. My experience of it is as of something that satisfies every sense, every longing, every desire I’ve ever had. No wonder Saul calls it the answer to every problem. It fulfills every desire.

Love leaves no one out and I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out from the experience of it. The world will work for everyone when we all experience this kind of love.

One taste of it and one would know instantly what I’m talking about. Without a taste of it, it can sound as if I’m talking in mysteries and riddles.

Love itself is universal. It can be no other way. How would it be love if it excluded someone?

Everyone of this religion is loved and should come over here and everyone of that religion is not loved and can go to hell: How is that love?

Finally, to say “make your love be universal” is a contradiction in terms. Love is already universal. If I’m partial, loving some and hating others, transformative love won’t visit me. It’s I that needs to be universal, not love.


(1) I was dissociated till age 58, at which time, in a blazing heat, I fused back together again, thanks to my brother’s skillful therapeutic work with me.

Before then, I was never confident of the ground beneath my feet. I was always projecting a need for … love, I think. I was not whole. I was fragmented, uncertain.


Symbols for Healing ~ Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery

There is only one substance, one law, one reality, and one Source – Marilyn Raffaele

Art Tree of Truth and Life Mosaic by Irina Charny


NOVEMBER 18, 2018

Dear readers, welcome to the new earth. “New earth” you say, “Where is it?” Enlightened ideas and the changes that follow them must first enter individual awareness and integrate before they can become a state of consciousness able to manifest outwardly. Not understanding this is why so many have become discouraged as they observe chaos and believe that nothing is happening.

The integration process has been taking place on personal and global levels for some time and is now beginning to manifest outwardly. Remember, there is no un-expressed consciousness. Ascension is not a sudden flash wherein everything is suddenly different. This does occasionally happen with certain individuals who are well prepared, but in general evolution is a process, one that you are well into now.

The third dimension functions in linear time and so events are unfolding in sequence as collective consciousness becomes more enlightened. Each day more awaken and recognize that many commonly accepted world beliefs are obsolete and false. This is what will usher in the new. Trust that everything is exactly where it needs to be at all times dear ones. Your job is to hold the Light of truth within and see the Light without in spite of appearances.

We wish once again to speak of Love. We have spoken of love and its many disguises in other messages but it bears repeating because love is the core reality holding everything together as ONE.

Every discord or disharmony experienced throughout time globally and personally is and always has been the expression of beliefs in separation–from SELF, God, others, animals, plants, and any and all life forms. There is not now, never has been, and never can be separation from the ONE except as a concept held in un-awakened minds.

There is only one substance, one law, one reality, and one Source from which all things are formed–omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divine Consciousness. You cannot make something out of nothing. How individuals interpret this depends on the level of their awareness and personal belief system which will manifest as their life experiences.

You may say: “Yes, but what about those who are very evolved and have painful and devastating experiences?” These dear ones have chosen to be right where they are — learning, growing, releasing old programming, honoring their soul contract, and fine tuning everything in order to be ready for their next and higher level of awareness.

Because of the powerful Light energies now on and flowing to earth, many evolved souls chose to come and make these times their “wrapping up all remaining old stuff” lifetime which may appear to human eyes as a series of failures. Never judge another’s life experiences, for many are angels in disguise even to themselves.

There is an energy connecting all life forms because in reality they are all simply individual expressions of the ONE. This connecting energy is called LOVE. However, when interpreted through an un-evolved state of consciousness, one that is fully immersed in beliefs of duality and separation, the manifestations appear as war, rape, abuse etc. The ONE has not and can never change, it is the un-awakened mind’s false interpretations that are manifesting.

Many continue to ask; “How could God allow these things?” God knows nothing about these things, they exist only in the conditioned minds of the hypnotized un-awakened. If these things (disease, war, violence against others and animals ) were embraced within Divine Mind, they would remain in place forever held by Divine Law.

The negative situations you see in the world are the manifestations of collective ignorance, false interpretations of reality, truth, and oneness. YOU ARE CREATORS.

The time has arrived in which all serious students of truth must be alert to thoughts of judgement, criticism, and separation about themselves and others that are so easy to allow in at this time. Know that random thoughts are always impersonal, floating about and available in universal three dimensional consciousness until personally claimed as yours.

Utilize the thoughts that seem to continually bombard your thinking as tools directing you to remaining false beliefs and concepts still being held. Energy always seeks to align with like energy (oneness). Repeating thoughts are simply “doing their thing”–drawn to and aligning with like energy.

Example: A person who has experienced lifetimes of disease and illness, will automatically draw to themselves energies regarding disease–current information, symptoms etc.–anything floating about in universal human consciousness regarding illness and disease until they are able to clear this old programming. They won’t accept everything, but the temptation and attraction continues as long as there is energy alignment. This is true for all types of energy carried by individuals.

Becoming more aware of judgement and criticism does not mean that you accept, condone, or go along with the nefarious actions of others, rather we speak of a state of consciousness that silently and secretly acknowledges the true identity of all no matter how little they may reflect it. It is a state of consciousness able to recognize that behind another’s bluster, ignorance, or even violence there is a Divine Consciousness awaiting recognition.

It is imperative not to leave yourselves out of this recognition. As powerful energies of Light surface and expose global issues, they reveal personal ones as well. This is causing many serious students of truth to experience remorse, regret, and guilt as actions of the past are examined with new awareness. Leaving yourself out of Oneness, will keep you locked in duality. Never deny, resist, or try to hide from actions of the past, but rather acknowledge them as necessary parts of your learning experience.

If there are actions of love you are guided to take with regard to some past action or words, then take the steps, but if this is not possible bless the “other” with Light, forgiving them as well as yourself and then move on.

Release the idea that evolution must be a struggle, one in which you must seek to continually overcome and resist the facets of yourself you do not like or consider to be “nonspiritual”. Attempts to squash the ego represent old religious programming in which some things were considered spiritual and other things were not. Everything is spiritual, because there is nothing else. It is only limited awareness that judges them as separate.

As you do the inner work, learning to recognize and accept the reality of who you and everyone else is, the shadows created by your old state of consciousness will automatically and without conscious effort, simply drop away because the only reality they ever had in the first place was that with which you ignorantly endowed them.

Gather together the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual shadow parts of yourself in a loving embrace of oneness and love. Once you are able to do this without struggle or resistance, you will find that others suffering from self loathing are drawn to your energy of self acceptance and love. You will be prepared to offer the Light of your attained state of consciousness rather than sympathetic words.

Because earth is a planet of free will, everyone is free to ignore truth for as long as they wish or need to. Evolving in three dimensional energy is about learning through experience and there are many in need of more experiences before they will be ready for more. This is why there must be jails, rules, and laws in the third dimension. These things do not exist in the higher dimensions.

Evolved individuals doing this type of work ( police, military, lawyers, and leaders) can do whatever needs to be done, but will discover that if they silently and secretly work from levels of oneness (love) rather than from commonly accepted beliefs of separation, the situations will result in the highest good for all involved.

Awake and spiritually evolved individuals are not afraid to speak their truth or to take necessary action when intuitively guided. Living unconditional love never means being the doormat of another which in reality represents an absence of self- love. Rather, it is an individual who has reclaimed their innate power, integrated their masculine and feminine aspects, and is not afraid step forward and stand for what they intuitively know is right from a position of love.

Unconditional love is very different from the concepts of love that remain alive and well in third dimensional thinking. Living from a place of unconditional love may occasionally take the form of allowing another to fall flat on their face rather than continuing to rescue them from their own creations. Earth is a school of experience in which you who are awake are becoming observers, lovingly allowing others to learn in whatever ways they need while at the same time being available should they reach out for “real” help.

Evolving through experiences over lifetimes is not for the faint-hearted and has often been extremely difficult. However, as you learn to rest in God alone is Power, every facet of living will begin to unfold harmoniously in ways that you could not of planned with third dimensional thinking.

As you let go of concepts of love based in ideas of separation, you make room for real love– experiences that flow out from Oneness. Love is the reality that underlies and connects all things and is what those who thrive and benefit from separation do not wish you to know.

Live truth and allow everything else to simply drop away.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/18/18


Art Tree of Truth and Life Mosaic by Irina Charny