Quan Yin by Sue Halstenberg



You are getting ready for your next actions, stepping into the leadership of the New You. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings Beloveds! I AM Quan Yin. I AM Goddess of Compassion and Beauty. I AM your sister in love, I AM your family. I come to bring you the energy of gentleness and compassion so you can proceed further on your path in wisdom and sweetness.

Dear ones, there is no need to force and push against resistance. There is no need to struggle or rush anyone out of your way or to really work that hard against your sweet selves. Now that you have matured so much you can see that there is a lot of power in contemplation and patience. You can reflect and contemplate on any given situation and just wait for the deepest truth to come to you. Open all of your senses, open your heart further and let the truth bubble up and activate more of your knowing.

There is never any reason to panic or act in haste. There is no reason to feel that you are falling short of your mission, or that you are not doing enough or as much as others. You know when you are on the right path. You know when you are in the right place and when you are just doing the right thing. You just know because it feels right and light, even if the human mind is lagging behind in understanding and in placing all the pieces of your puzzle together.

We are forever with you to encourage you and to whisper words of love and sweetness in your hearts. But it is really you that is running the show and who is beautifully following all the clues in your divine plan.

Dear light hearts, you are expanding wide and deep, and every moment brings you more and more knowing about who you are, and of how universes and multiverses work. You are gathering and reclaiming pieces of yourselves and of your soul family; you are preparing the golden network with your kindred soul family, brothers and sisters, and getting ready for your next actions, and to stepping into the leadership of the New You.

There is great excitement and anticipation within your hearts because even if you do not know how things will unfold in the near and far future, you just know that the results of your light work are beyond any expectation, greater and more magnificent than you can imagine at this time. This is not just hoping and repeating mantras, or what others might have said to you, or perhaps what you have read somewhere else. This is a certainty that you have because you have seen little and bigger manifestations and miracles in your own reality. And so you know that if you are in complete control of your life, then it is perfectly fine to expand your wishes and to dream big and to include all of humanity and the world.

And so I invite you to join me on your own beautiful dragon and to fly high and travel in every reality and dimension, in every timeline and story or lifetime that needs healing or restoration. Let us release every single core issue and tentacle that holds you back and keeps you hesitating in smallness and doubt. Let us burn every old pathway that can lead you into repeating the old ways of defeat and limitation.

Know that you are extremely powerful and that there is nothing that you cannot reach and uplift with your love, compassion, and grace. Love is the healing balm. Love is the foundation and the fuel of the new world, of the new beautiful relationships, and of the New Yous!

I will leave you now with my love and fortitude! Farewell!

By permission.

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Permission given to share ~ with thanks to Linda Dillon.

Happy Guy – Steve Beckow


Happy Guy

As I become a happier and happier person, having integrated the remaining fragments of my dissociated personality, I have thoughts that are entirely foreign to me.

I feel like celebrating.

Say what? I never feel like celebrating. Bah humbug. Someone tell me: Who is this person whoโ€™s talking as if heโ€™s me?

Nevertheless, I feel like celebrating. I can think of several grounds for celebration โ€“ which I probably need to keep private.

Restricting my attention to myself, I want to celebrate the arrival of happiness in my life.

I feel like Iโ€™ve been through one long Cold Mountain encounter group, without the group. (1) This has been my life since I opened the blog in 2009.

The awareness path that my teachers taught me โ€“ Werner, Ben Wong and Jock McKeen, Ramana, Buddha, Jesus โ€“ has yielded such rich dividends for me. My awareness just keeps expanding and the discoveries open up new vistas. Iโ€™m definitely following the path best suited to me. Iโ€™m following my bliss.

Earlier this evening Kathleen asked me if I was ready to express gratitude for everything that happened in my life. I probably choked on my food and stammered out that I was willing.

But it wasnโ€™t till later this evening that I actually felt genuinely able to not only be grateful for everything โ€“ for the pleasure it brought me or the lesson โ€“ but I felt happiness and a desire to celebrate my life, the outcome, and my love.

All this is unheard of in my normal neck of the woods. Or should I say โ€œabnormalโ€ because where Iโ€™m ending up I may soon discover is really the โ€œnormal.โ€ (2)

Iโ€™m reconstituting, rehabilitating, and recovering myself.ย  Iโ€™m reparenting, encouraging, and acknowledging myself.

I now feel entirely ready, willing and able to express my gratitude to everyone that has played any part at all in my life.ย  Thank you to all of you. Look how it turned out!

Either I enjoyed myself famously or I learned a valuable lesson at all times. Either way, the journey led to this most satisfying conclusion: Iโ€™m a happy guy.

Steve? Steve? Is that you? Are you OK?


(1) Cold Mountain, now called Hollyhock, was a growth center in the 1970s that offered three-month resident fellowships; in essence, a three-month encounter group.

(2) This has happened before. In an Enlightenment Intensive I went through a mammoth vasana only to end up feeling โ€ฆ normal. I was amazed. Where I had been had not been normal!



Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Higher Consciousness is NEW Real-izations – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Applying this NEW KNOWLEDGE to how you live your life here….. What are YOU vibrationally aligning YOURSELF to?


Do you really really really, really really really, really really really SEE and fully UNDERSTAND from deep WITHIN YOU as to what you are constantly vibrationally aligning yourself/your reality to/with…. in order to EXPERIENCE here?

Do you really really really step wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back from all and OBSERVE YOURSELF and what you participate in, what you support and what you allow?

Do you really really really hold YOURSELF to your absolute highest level of consciousness WITH EVERY BREATH…. which will mean… every ACT-ion…. every act….. IS EVERY ACT highest aligned in absolutely every way?

This will be the determining FACTor of all….. as “this” is what determines Old Earth or NEW…. for each one of us and you.

Do you really really really OBSERVE YOURSELF to see what LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS you FUNCTION FROM…. all of the time…. in EVERY MOMENT….. if you do, then awesome, because this means that your REALity is BEyond magical, amazing and DIVINE in every way… This means you’ve REMEMBERED FULLY and where you exist and function from is PURE DIVINE SACRED LOVE and PURE UNITY FROM WITHIN you too…. this means that you have fully aligned your entire REALity, every relationship, your physical world stuff and you…. and YOU LIVE a Quantum Life… a fully vibrational and energetic life…. always fully aligned on a Soul Level, on a Cosmic/Universal Level…. and that you don’t function from any distorted matrix ego programs any more….

It means that your ENTIRE LIFE REFLECTS BACK to you…. the PURITY that you are…. a fully abundant reality that MATCHES your own brilliance and contributions to HUmaNITY… because you finally REMEMBERED all of the reasons and purposes of why you CHOSE to be here on this MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH NOW…..

It means that you live, exist and breathe…. in UNISON with our BE-LOVE-d Gaia, our Universe and the entire Cosmos too. It means you BREATHE the BREATH OF LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE and UNITY…. from deep within you…. through you… and out…. to touch all as love and tune your entire reality for you…..

It means that you exist from your PUREST PLACE with every act, with every thought, with every breath….. It means that you see the MUCH BIGGER PICTURE and you totally understand, with every breath…. that your contributions and support, your UNION through HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS, your acts…. support a much higher consciousness HUmaNITY….

It means that you SEE BEYOND that “thing” and your little ego self…. to hold a DEEP DIVINE SACRED LOVE, RESPECT and INTEGRITY from deep within you…. a very “different” one that used to align on an ego level… this one REQUIRES that you govern yourself and that you hold yourself to a much higher place…. in every moment, with every act, in every exchange…

It means that you REALLY REALLY REALLY, really really really, really really really GET IT… with every cell of your body, with every breath that you take… that you breathe FULL CONSCIOUSNESS through you… and you shift vibrationally, you shift your own ENERGY… you hold yourself to this highest place….. until you function from this place, this SPACE….. as your new and natural, organic, simple, easy way…..

It’s beyond beautiful, exquisite, magical and so SOFT…. it’s not harsh in any way. It is PURE POWER, because you bring your own POWER from deep within… which means that the “physical” is aligned by you….. and matches what you HOLD, what you transmit out… what you ARE… in this every moment here/now….

THIS MOMENT…. This breath creates, this act creates, this thought creates, this…. and it’s either PURE, it’s either UNITY, it’s either DIVINE LOVE and RESPECT…. or it’s not. It is this SIMPLE. โ™ฅ


Continue to In-JOY the brilliance of your NEW, much higher dimensional earth experience fully too! So very much love… โ™ฅ

From the Divinity within me, from the depth of my Purest Light/Heart/Soul to yours….. โ˜ผ

Lisa Transcendence Brown โ˜ผ


Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.