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Sahasrara Crown Chakra Art – by Gloria Gypsy


Violet Flame, Chakras and Psychology

This excerpt is from the dictation, Clean House! I AM the Champion of My Chelas, by El Morya published in the 1995 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 38 No. 26.

At each level of self-mastery you attain to, the daily requirement for personal and planetary transmutation by the violet flame is increased. For some, an additional prerequisite to progress is the sorting out of this and that in the unconscious and the subconscious.

This is also very important, beloved. For unless you clear the many levels of being, and specifically the issues of your psychology, you will find that the rising sacred fire will give a certain permanence to the knotty problems you desire to cast into the violet flame.

Using the Violet Flame with Your Chakras

violet flame - chakras transmutationTherefore, consciously direct a ray of violet flame to each of your chakras, from the base of the spine to the crown. The large violet flame poster that illustrates the chakras superimposed on Michelangelo’s statue of David1 provides a strong visualization for clearing the chakras and raising the Kundalini.

Visualize yourself systematically transmuting records of the ancient and near past until you have a fully cleansed temple that the Lord Christ might occupy. Yes, see yourself encircled in pulsating ovoids of violet flame, as shown on the poster. For what you see and internalize you shall become.

Your goal is to have the Lord Christ of you, your Holy Christ Self, occupy your four lower bodies. If those bodies are full of debris that has been stored in the attic of the brain for centuries, there is no room whatsoever for the Christ to enter in.

Clean house! But in the very same hour, fill the house with light. Sweep it clean, fill it with light and repeat the ritual day after day.

Why, you wash your dishes daily, you clean your houses, you take care of your clothing, you take care of your person. Why not take care of these compartments of consciousness that you have so neglected?

Balancing of 100 Percent of Your Karma

Clean out the realm of the mental body and all the records of episodes that have been impressed upon it for thousands of years. When you self-empty and then call to God to fill you, giving the prayer “Come, occupy! occupy! occupy! my beloved Christ Self,” day by day by day you will have that clearing. And you may live to rejoice in these very bodies over the complete clearing of all past records. You may live to accomplish the balancing of 100 percent of your karma so that you may fill your vessels with light! light! light!qualifying that light with whatever is the need of the hour in vibration, in speech, in energy, in consciousness.

Understand that your physical body is the temple of the living God. And therefore, be solicitous of that temple in every way. Every cell is a chalice, every atom and all energy in motion that holds the balance of Alpha and Omega.

Thus, from the white fire core of your innermost being centered in the base-of-the-spine chakra, call to your I AM Presence to raise the sacred fire to your crown chakra and the third eye and let light! light! light! intensify! Let your aura be magnified! Let rings upon rings of your Causal Body surround you here below because you shall have drawn from your Causal Body such intensity of light through your decrees.!


Full of Gratitude This Thanksgiving – Steve Beckow

Art: Gratitude painting by Melina Del Mar


Full of Gratitude This Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to take time out to thank you for your indulgence and encouragement.

May I tell you how it benefits me?

I could easily be branded narcissistic. The Growth Movement in the 70s was labelled the “Me Generation,” as if self-awareness was somehow stuck on itself and objectionable, when Self-Knowledge is the purpose of life.

What I write here is an ethnography – as I prefer to see it – of my Ascension journey, unfoldment, or expansion, day by day.

As an individual, I’ve written more books and articles than I care to admit, created online databases, and managed a successful blog for the Company of Heaven. I’m in a splendid relationship with the love of my life. And, yes, I’ve even talked to God … on the radio! (1)

There’s nothing more out there in front of me that I want to win or achieve.

I am satisfied. I could go tomorrow and feel entirely blessed.

What that means for me as a lightworker is that I’m not after anything any more. I’m available to serve.

And I am. I’m wearing several hats at the moment, deciding, acting, over top of looking back with longing at a quiet, monkish existence.

What I do is risky. It’s busy. I would not do it if it wasn’t out there on the frontier of knowledge, where I like to be.

I also could not do it without your continued support.

If you did not support me – and, say, ridiculed me instead – I wouldn’t have the heart, the courage to go forward.

I’d be worried about how I look, whom I need to please, all kinds of dysfunctional considerations, whereas now I go forward fuelled by your encouragement.

After Cold Mountain, the group leaders joked that they were releasing jellyfish on the population. (2)

We were as tremulous and vulnerable as jellyfish, having beenthat transparent with each other.  We knew everything worth knowing about ourselves and everyone else.

Far from putting on more character armor, as Wilhelm Reich called it, we on the awareness path took off our armor – and trusted that it’d all work out.

And it did.

I’m moving away from being a bad-ass warrior type to actually being friendly, thanks to Kathleen’s pacifying influence. I feel about as nimble as a hippopotamus in a tu-tu.

To be this “out there” can be scarey.

—> I could not do it without your support. <—

Anyone thinking that they’re not doing anything while supporting what I personally am trying to create – a complete record of one Ascension – is, in my eyes, doing a great and wonderful thing. I appreciate even your thoughts and love.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m full of gratitude for everyone’s support, which keeps me going. Thank you!!!!


(1) Interviewing the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, from 2012 to 2018.

(2) I attended a three-month encounter group at Cold Mountain Institute in 1975-76 (now Hollyhock).


Art: Gratitude painting by Melina Del Mar