Care Taker of Earth – Blue Feline by Nalinee Diosara


Spoke to me the great spirit, the grand mind, as I seek clarification regarding the intensity of soul connections:

“Everyone carries a service with them as mirror;

some comes into your path to reflect the light and highest potential within you

while some turns up to bring your shadow into awareness,

one of the services that everyone is conducting… reflections that offer each of you opportunities to grow.”

Many reflections arise within my awareness,shine light into both of my highs and lows.

I offer my gratitude and respect to every soul that reflects all within me.

I offer love to everyone who triggers; laughter and tears, pleasure and pain.

I pay love and respect to everyone.

The Great Mind continues:

“You see, once you leave behind many constructs that you carry,

and observe every emotions and reactions that you have towards those mirrors around you

with clarity and purity of the mind and heart

you will know what it is within that you are transmuting

and shifting.

Beyond the identities or labels that society would give towards the connections

Beyond sense of separations that you may feel

Beyond  the judgement base perceptions

Every mirror that you are seeing

shines and flows through LOVE.

And this is a GIFT

for every soul to realise the process of coming together

of all opposite

of all conflict

of all chaos

into harmony,


and wholeness 




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