A Fire For You – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Butterfly Woman Dreamer Medicine by Pamela McCabe @ Pixels


A Fire For You
On this, the shortest day of the year,
I have journeyed to the Great Plains
to build a fire for you.
The night air is cold like a cellar
cut from ancient stones.
But I found some wood among the deserted plains
buried under the grasses and dirt,
hidden away like leaves
that had become the soil.
After I cleaned the wood by hand—its dirt beneath
my nails and the fabric of my cloth
I sent a flame
combusted by the mere thought of you.
And the wood became fire.
There were hermit stars that gathered
overhead to keep me company.
Your spirit was there as well
amidst the fire’s flames.
We laughed at the deep meaning of the sky
and its spacious ways.
Marveling at the flat mirror of the plain
that sends so little skyward,
like the hearts of children denied
a certain kind of love.
You played with spirits
when you were young among these fields.
You didn’t know their names then.
I was one.
Even without a name, or body,
I watched your gaze, unrelenting to the things
that beat between the
two mirrors of the sky and plain.
I believe it was here also
that you learned to speak with God.
Not in so many words as you’re now accustomed,
but I’m certain that God listened to your life
and gathered around your fire
for warmth and meaning.
In the deserted plains he found you set apart
from all things missing.
Dear spirit, I have held this vigil for so long,
tending fires whose purpose I have forgotten.
I think warmth was one.
Perhaps light was another.
Perhaps hope was the strongest of these.
If ever I find you around my fire,
built by hands
that know your final skin,
between the sheets of the sky and plain,
I will remember its purpose.
In barren fields
that have long been deserted by the hand of man
I will remember.
In the deepest eye of you
I will remember.
In the longest night of you
I will remember.
On this, the shortest day of the year,
I have journeyed to the Great Plains
to build a fire for you.

~ ♥ ~

James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.

Expanding Awareness in a Gradual Ascension – Part 2/3 – Steve Beckow

Angelica ~ by Pristine CarteraTurkus

Expanding Awareness in a Gradual Ascension – Part 2/3

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

One place we go off the rails is that we argue about such things as: Are we talking about “the self” or “the Self”? “The self is selfish and hence bad and the Self is selfless and hence good. We want to leave the one behind and embrace the other.” The argument is needless.

The self is a Third-Dimensional construct in consciousness devised to guide the being through that layer of density.  It was useful in its place.

It yields to the Self of higher dimensions, which again is useful in its place. Both yield when the Father is made One again and our very Self is shown to be merely another construction in the Consciousness that the Father is.

One thing is left out of both constructions in  consciousness is something that is not a construction, perhaps the only thing that isn’t.

It’s the “I” of the observer/participant, the one I’ve agreed to remain aware of.

The “I” is always around. It observes the self and the Self and survives the No-Self merger with God. But it survives as God – or at least as an individual by choice that knows that it is God.

Both the self and Self must be known and then gone beyond.

When we see through all versions of the Self and beyond, we see ever more refined versions of our created being.

I once saw a version of me that appeared in the form of a knight in shining armor, seated on a horse with a silver lance. It was said to be my “Higher Self.”

There are numerous other “me’s” or “selves” – and “Selves” – in this and, I’m sure, in other universes, But there is and always will be only one “I.”

This “I” of Self-Knowledge is the frontier I’m exploring.  I’m led to believe that we’ll know this “I” in Sahaja to a degree that completes our Ascension process. (Still, there will always be more to go.)


My working hypothesis is that we come upon the Self after a process of cleansing ourselves through becoming aware of the ways of the self.

I call it “clearing vasanas (major upsets).” Linda speaks of removing “core issues.”  Kathleen calls it “forgiving everyone and everything.”   We’re all of us discussing a side of the overall operation of purification.

Classical enlightenment studies call this phases we’re in a purification phase, leading up to Ascension.

Christians might see this as purgation. Hindus as fulfilling one’s duties and leading a moral life. Buddhists as fulfilling one’s dharma and observing shila or morality.

It’s an early phase of the journey which will culminate in Sahaja Samadhi and Ascension. The next waystop is what Hindus call spiritual awakening, Buddhists stream-entering, and I will call fourth-chakra enlightenment. It can take the form of a heart opening or the sight of a Light or the Vision of one’s ideal form of God.

Usually – and this is key – one proceeds by going farther and farther into the experience and realization of whatever one experienced  – the Self, a Light, the Heart of hearts, Love, the Beloved, whatever it was.

As soon as the planet has a heart opening and the love flows freely, life will pick up amazingly. And that will only be the equivalent of a fourth-chakra awakening.  At some point we’ll experience Brahmajnana, which is a seventh-chakra awakening and life will be fantastic. And even that is not Ascension.

(Continued tomorrow in Part 3.)



Angelica ~ by Pristine CarteraTurkus



You are the most resilient and resourceful warriors of the peace…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear one! I AM St. Germaine, I am your brother and family, I am the alchemist, the magician. I am the teacher, but so are you, my friends, so are you all of these and more. You are the messengers of the Mother, you are the bearers of my torch of Violet Flame of Transmutation, you are the I AM, you are each a powerful creator.

And I come here to reiterate the fact that you are powerful and that you are bigger than any obstacle that you have placed on your paths. Remember this truth when you allow for that millisecond to feel overwhelmed by the craziness of these energies rising up from the demolition of the old paradigm. Remember that there is no problem or situation arising for which you do not have the knowing to solve with ease and grace. Look no further than within and allow the answers to emerge and bring you that certitude that you are always in charge, that you know what to do next!

You are infinite wisdom. You are beautiful beings of light that can create miracles of love in the middle of any storm. In the midst of the chaos, you can still be the most inspiring creators and beacons of light and love for all.

Can you see how others are being attracted to you for your peaceful and strong demeanor, for that ease and total acceptance that they feel while in your presence, and for the love and knowledge that you impart to them selflessly? Stand strong and centered beloved ones, for you have been chosen and rightfully so, as the most resilient and resourceful warriors of the peace and as the founders and the creators of the Nova Earth.

You do not have to stop that inspired living, that nova creating and co-creating with all of us in the higher realms because there seems to be some old debris that has come up for you to clear! You see, you can clean and do the dusting and at the same time sing and smile with joy and gratitude for this wonderful time of now that you have created for your selves. You can tend to your old selves and to your new ones by bringing them all into the same moment of now, and by loving, healing, and purifying the past with the same excitement and adventurous feeling with which you would work on a future project.

There is no need to separate them and/or to judge any of them as good or bad, as desirable or not, or as a failure by you to be that which you envision to be a master and ascended self. You are attracting to your sweet selves that which you are ready to experience, and it is meant to assist you in expanding and growing further. Do not be afraid to use the Violet Flame in any situation that doesn’t feel light and loving. In fact, ask me to turn up the Violet Flame so you can breeze swiftly through the current turmoil and chaos. Torch away all the fears and worries in the moment they arise, and then let’s transmute all these doubts that you might still have in your dear selves.

When you do so, you uncover your light fully, and there is no need to do much else. Since, when you are your pure and whole self, it is natural to bring forth and create only that which is of love and harmony, only that which is aligned with the highest purpose and greatest good of all. This is the effortless creation that you have been preparing for so long, this is the time to have fun.

Let’s celebrate where you are in this very moment and allow the shifting into that ascended self be a permanent one!

Cheers dear hearts! It is a pleasure to be working with all of you. Farewell for now.

By Permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.


This material is protected by copyright. It may not be used without written permission from the Council of Love. We will gladly allow its use if your planned usage meets our criterion. Please write us at: admin@counciloflove.com.

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Permission given to share ~ with thanks to Linda Dillon.

An Important Message from Mother Earth – Suzanne Lie

Sunday, November 25, 2018

An Important Message from Mother Earth–11-25-18


An Important Message from Mother Gaia

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ascending Ones,

Interdimensional questions and answers will activate your personal inter-dimensional thoughts and emotions. This inter-dimensional frequency of questions and answers will begin, and/or expand, your personal consciousness into “Inter-dimensional Consciousness.”

You may wish to ask us, “How is Interdimensional Consciousness the same as Higher Dimensional Consciousness, and how are they different?” You may even wonder how this “difference” influences your personal life and your personal consciousness.

First, we Arcturians wish to remind you that your personal life and your personal consciousness intertwine, and or separate, to create different thoughts and emotions. For example, if you feel very connected to your inner SELF, your consciousness feels comforted by the unseen energy field of the flow of higher dimensional energy.

You likely will not fully understand that you are feeling “good” because you are connected to a higher frequency of reality that is based on Love, Light, Knowing, and eventually Ascension into—actually back to—your true, Higher Dimensional SELF.

However, the above thinking, even if you can only think it unconsciously, or during your meditations, even a quick moment of awareness of your own higher dimensional SELF, will fill you with love, confidence, and a sense of well-being.

Take a moment within your now to imagine, think about, how this higher state of consciousness activates your own Interdimensional and/or Higher dimensional consciousness. Then take a moment to look inside your self to see how much your “state of consciousness” influences your daily life?

These questions could be asked for decades. Then, just when you least expect it, your minds and your consciousness begin to intermingle.

Dear Arcturians, could you assist us to understand more about these concepts?

We Arcturians are happy to address your question. What we have observed, is that, because Gaia is a free will planet, Her inhabitants have the “freedom of choice. We have also observed how the awakening ones are beginning to more deeply understand the concept of consciousness and the concept of mind.

How is consciousness the same as “mind” and how is it different? Also, does it matter what mind and consciousness mean in daily life? 

These question could be asked for decades, then, often when you may least expect it, your mind/consciousness or consciousness/mind begins to inter-mingle. This intermingling occurs because you have chosen to ask an inter-dimensional question and you are open to receive an inter-dimensional answer.

When your adolescent self-recognized that a new version of your SELF-was forming in your body, you likely discovered that your thinking and emotions began to experience more and more changes in your mind and in your emotions.

NOW, humanity is beginning to remember many different versions of their lives on many different frequencies of reality. Unfortunately, most humans are not aware of that vision, or the fact that there is an ongoing shift in your sense of SELF, meaning the conscious acknowledge of their Higher SELF.

However, do not be concerned. Your planet Gaia is undergoing major transitions. Therefore, eventually, every person, place, and perception of your changing reality will eventually lead you to acknowledge the changes in your “Sense of SELF.”

This new “Sense of SELF” will come into your physical/ third-dimensional consciousness as you become more and more into alignment with your Higher SELF. You have gone through many different version of your lives on many different frequencies of reality.

As you become consciously aware that you have other incarnations, and embodiments on higher frequencies of reality, you will also discover that your mind and your state of consciousness greatly influences your body.

As you realize that your body’s state of health, love, light, surrender, and joy is expanding, your consciousness will expand to allow you to more consciously perceive your higher dimensional SELF and/or your higher dimensional REALITY.

With these realizations, you higher states of consciousness will influence all the perceptual and understanding centers of your body and brain to create, what will seem to be, a unique version of your reality.

This “unique reality” is a combination of what you perceive as “real.” However:

Where are these perceptions perceived?

How do you perceive these higher dimensional communications?

When do you perceive these perceptions as real?

How do you intermingle the many different versions of the many things that are greatly influenced by the many different versions of your perceptions?

Therefore, of all the individual points of perception are about:

“Which realty is the real reality?”

as well as:

“How can so many different people have the same perceptions of reality?”

If you ask these questions to many different people and experts, you will receive many different answers. Within each NOW, your inner and outer perceptual fields will be challenged to perceive the higher vibrational and higher dimensional versions of life on planet Earth.

These higher dimensional versions of reality are appearing in the consciousness and/or the perceptual fields of humans who have been able to connect with the higher frequencies of consciousness.

This connection with your higher frequencies of consciousness will allow you to be able to perceive, usually via your “power of imagination—which is fifth-dimensional thought” the higher frequency components of their reality.

However, these “higher dimensional perceptions” will NOT appear to be the same form of perceptions that you experience while you are in your third, or even fourth dimension, experiences of reality.

Your perceptual field aligns with your desire body. In other words, you will perceive what you want to perceive. Conversely, if you are in a lower state of consciousness, you will perceive what you are afraid to perceive.

Unfortunately, many of our grounded ones on Gaia are not –yet—aware of the fact that they can control their “state of consciousness,” which would allow them to be aware of “their chosen perceptions.”

Many humans are not yet aware of the fact that people will largely see what that want to see, and what they want to see has a great deal to do with their “state of consciousness.”

For example, if one is feeling angry and afraid, they will see/perceive that which they cannot do, even if they want to do that thing. Unfortunately, they may not be able to realize that THEY are in control of the thoughts that live in their mind and the emotions that they carry in their body.

Then, once they can remember that they have the power of transmutation, which is their innate, higher dimensional ability to choose to transmute their perceptions, and thus their experiences of the reality, into a higher frequency of resonance, their perceptual field can expand to include the higher dimensions of reality.

However, the higher dimensions of reality can only be perceived when you are in a higher dimensional state of consciousness. For example, if the day begins with, “OH NO, I have to do that,” or “I don’t have time to do that,” or  “I hate doing that, and I wish someone else could do it…” etc. etc.

Transmuting your thoughts and emotions into a higher frequency of consciousness, allows your perceptual field of reality to expand into higher frequencies of reality which is NOW changing/escalating.

Therefore, in order to speed up your process of transmutation, you will need to realize that this transmutational process is not just about what is occurring within your third-dimensional self, around that 3D self, above your 3D Self and even Below your 3D Self.

Humanity learned long ago that if you don’t want to experience something, then you just ignore it. Fortunately, more and more of you have learned to perceive your reality, not just from a human perspective, but also from a planetary perspective of what is happening.

Hence, you are taking on Gaia’s perspective of:

“I am Planet Earth. I am temporality wearing a third-dimensional earth vessel. However, I and preparing my planetary form to expand its frequency rate from being third/fourth dimensional into being primarily fifth dimensional.

“I, Gaia, am also remembering a different perspective of this current reality in which my innate frequency of resonance was much higher than it is on my current planetary vessel. As I remember my innate higher frequency of resonance, it assists my many “planetary beings” to remember their innate higher frequency of resonance.

“In fact, more and more of my planetary life forms are also remembering a higher frequency of reality. They are remembering my higher dimensional “planetary expression,” which assists them to remember their own higher dimensional human experiences.

“My current planetary life as “Earth” also has a higher dimensional expression in higher dimensional energy fields.  My multidimensional planetary self is just like my human inhabitant’s multidimensional human selves.

I Gaia have a range of frequencies, much like your piano. You can only play your song in the lower frequencies, or just the higher frequencies, or you can play both frequencies at once. It is the same with my Planetary SELF.

Many different humans, plants, animal and insect live in different areas around my planetary globe. However, the many plant and animal beings who live ON my planet, also live on my planet.

In other words, they all inter-mingle into the flow of my Planetary Being and do NOT try to change things for any personal goal.  It is humanity’s need to succeed in their personal goals, even if it is harmful to my planetary goals, that is causing so many problems in my planetary form.

Fortunately, there are many humans on my planet who are very concerned about my planetary health and wellbeing. Therefore, I Gaia, wish now to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for remembering that YOU chose to take an incarnation during this now of great planetary challenge, to assist my planetary SELF.

I, Gaia, realize that my planetary health and welfare is greatly dependent on the humans who are able to remember that they came from other Home Worlds with the intention of assisting me, Planet Earth—known also as Gaia, because of my “Planetary SOS.”

Many of these awakened humans remember their many other incarnations on my Planetary Body, and have chosen to take an incarnation during this NOW in which there is a strong energy field from some humans saying,

“Me first! I do NOT care about the planet or about any of the beings who live on it. I ONLY care about my own self, my own money and my own power over others.”

Dear Brave Awakening Ones,

I, Gaia, wish to thank you for that you have tried to do for my planetary form. I, Gaia, realize that there are those who harm my planetary body on a daily basis, usually because it gives the money. I, Gaia, am aware of the reason who humans would place their personal need for money over their planetary need for a healthy and happy, third-dimensional reality.

It is for this reason that I, Gaia, your Planetary Mother, wish to think all of you, who are fighting the “unseen war” to assist my Planetary Body to protect me from the selfish leaders that care more about their own “money” then they care about their PLANET.

Can you please remind that that if they do NOT begin to put ME, their Planetary Mother, before their own personal need for more money, for more power-over-others, no matter what the cost to their planetary home—that I Gaia, their Planetary Mother, will not be able to heal myself anymore.

Already, my awakened humans are realizing how the “power over others humans” are greatly harming the planet that is there home!

Dear beloved “power within” humans, I call for your assistance to protect and heal my Planetary Earth Body. I know that many of you are doing all that you can, and it does not seem like enough.

Therefore, I Gaia, ask that you call upon your Galactic Family in the Pleiades to come to my Earth Body to assist YOU, my awakened humans, with your fight to SAVE GAIA!

My dear Pleiadian Family, as I Gaia/Earth, think of the Pleiadians as my family, will respond to your call. However, Gaia is a free-will planet, and the Pleiadians cannot openly land on Earth without your permission.

Thank you so dear humans. I, Gaia, greatly appreciate your ability to accept the much-needed assistance of the Pleiadians, which is the Homeworld of many earthbound humans.

Blessings from your Mother Earth

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:25 PM