Today’s Cosmic Gateway/StarGate Openings – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Subtle Space by Jean-Luc Bozzoli @ Eye Within


Today’s Cosmic Gateway/StarGate Openings: Updates posted in “real-time” on FB….. LightBody DNA Upgrades/Rewrites Accelerate...

11:11:11 (Again) Today

“Today” is the next StarGate/Gateway opening… which has already begun…

We had 2 days of linear capabilities….. to utilize the energy of/accomplish and do as is highest aligned…. and now we’ve entered into powerful DNA upgrades/re-writes and shifting magnetics again…..

Off the charts already, and just starting…. just opening up…. just getting BUZZY…. with high voltage electromagnetic whirring, stirring, charging and hyper-stimulating ……

Various Quantum LightBody activations…. Plasma flares can be heard/seen too….. new tonal cords activating, as well as re-balancing processes…..

Grids activating as of a few hours ago…. increasing quite powerfully too. Crystals jingling, Light Cells zooming…. even “shaking” where massive amounts of photonic light charges up.

We are in for a powerfully activate day/few days of Cosmic & Photonic Activity/Expansion/Re-write/Upgrades…. hold onto your “hats” and let go…. all at the same time….

Here. We. Go. ♫ ♫ ♫

Update as/if my schedule allows….. it’s quite beautiful. Embrace, honor and allow…. Integration is key. Acclimating is too. These do much… in every way…. ☼

Honor your LightBody ☼ and you…. while creating, inspiring and fulfilling your highest roles as Love here too! In-JOY!

More NEW Earth awakens within each with these important Light Codes…. let go of your judgment and old perceptions. They only hold you to an old reality…. the old no longer applies and “won’t work” here. 

It’s “blast off time” baby…… InJOY the magic, brilliance, amazingness and magnificence that’s available to all fully embracing and fully living our HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE here. 

Sacred love and deep respect for each’s personal awakening and DNA evolution experience here,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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