You Are Source – Kara Schallock

Art: The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis


You Are Source

Continue to deep breathe. Bring your conscious breath, your Pranayama, into all your chakras; especially into your Heart. This helps you anchor the New within you. Don’t let anything distract you from being positive. These distractions could be harsh words, the β€œolds” (rather than the β€œnews”), worldly events and other things that take you away from anchoring the New. You might also choose to anchor your Light onto the existing New Earth Grid. It is ready for you to project your Light to become connected and merged onto Gaia’s New Grid of Light that is present on Earth. Pay attention to your guidance; that voice within; follow it even when it makes no sense in the moment.

When you are consciously linked/merged with the New, you experience much Peace and self-Love. Remember that you are a God-Being. God/Source is not something separate from you; it is who you are. As Maryam Magdalene has shared, β€œYou are all Christs or Christs in the making.” How are you demonstrating your Christhood? What are you waiting for, if not? Demonstrating your Christhood is trusting fully that you have all your answers (and questions) within; you are a sharer of Light, for wherever you are, you are a Light that shines, touching all. As you anchor your Light onto the New Earth Grid, you imbue your cells with Love, for you receive what you give. With every choice you make, you either empower your inner Christ or move away from it. It truly is all up to you. Nothing happens without you, for you are sovereign; thus you are powerful beyond any 3D imaginations of limitedness. You are unlimited!

The Beauty of 11-11-11 is still operating in your life. It has enhanced more Awareness and more Awakening. This Awakening reveals much to you…from old patterns and illusions you still carry to a higher Way of Being. The 11-11-11 has offered ( and continues) a New Way. Of course, it is your choice to live in a new way or not. Many still cling fervently to old ways where they feel comfortable. However, that comfort and familiarity does not last long. It becomes increasingly uncomfortable, which causes one to make changes in their life. As you make changes, new potentials reveal themselves. It’s much like jumping off a cliff, trusting you can fly. Set an intention to have Truths revealed to you and you will see. Since an 11 is a master number, the master you are is awakened. This can result in having visionary insights, receiving powerful learning and more personal power, which are all aspects of being Christed. Being Christed, you are a leader; a teacher; a lighthouse.

We all have a choice as to how we want to live. We can choose Kindness or angst. We can choose things that are kind to the Earth and all of her lifeforms or choose harmful ways of living. We can choose to be grateful for all in our lives or complain about things not to our liking. It is up to each of us. We get to choose. We each have ownership of all our choices and each choice, no matter what it is, paves a path to our future. We own our thoughts, actions and feelings. No-one else has power over you; for they are responsible for their own lives and choices. Do you feel comfortable with this Truth or are you giving away your Power? This may necessitate making boundaries with others. If this is the case, know that this is a high form of Love. Every choice you make empowers or disempowers Love. Having boundaries indicates you are offering help from the Heart and not from guilt or obligation, which leads to resentment in you and others. This is loving for all. When you love yourself, you love others more in a real sort of way. Sometimes you hold a space for others in support or you stay away. Sometimes just offering Encouragement is enough. Make an intention to support and love, even if you disagree. This obviously can take different forms of being Love. For instance, my father transitioned recently and it was most loving to be there with him during his transition. When my mother was in the hospital, it was most loving to stay away. Follow your guidance on how to be most loving without falling into the old guilt or obligation trap.

Be sure to breathe through any changes and any shifts you experience. Be loving to yourself by eating light and being in Nature (even if it is your own yard). What this self-care does is to help you cleanse and renew mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Let go of overwhelm by taking a walk or taking deep breaths or journaling. The path forward grows in intensity, so do take care of all you do, feel and think. Let go of all fear, for if fear runs your life, you stop evolving. You can thank it for showing you a deeper belief and then move forward. Focus on Love.

If you are in the presence of someone or in a particular situation that pushes your buttons (mirroring something you still hold within), you have a choice to either react, leave or become defensive. Do something that is not the way you usually respond. Look within and see why you are reacting. Do not become defensive, for that only keeps the energy going and when you defend something, for sure you are protecting something that wants to be released and transformed. Do not react, for you are being shown something that is within and wants to be let go of. Be observant without attachment. What are you learning from the situation? Remember that if you experience a reaction, something within you is being revealed. If, on the other hand, you experience no reaction, it means you have healed that wound within you.

I was reminded today to remind you that not only are there emotional, mental and spiritual changes, there are physical changes as well. You may, like me, just flow with these and not really notice them. Some of you may be very aware of profound changes in your five senses like more acute hearing, seeing things that are beyond the Veil and other things like blurred vision, headaches, nausea, vertigo, ringing in the ears and being more sensitive to touch, people and places. They are all a part of your Ascension adjustment. We ascend mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Do know as well thatΒ healthyΒ relationships are more authentic and respectful. See others not only as a reflection of you, but see others and yourself lighter and more positive. Focus on the Love within each being.

It’s important to build up more and tear down less (yourself and others); this is part of living in the New. Choose to see all of life in a positive light. All the Light downloads, which occur non-stop, help you do this. As you are supported, you support others. Know that boundaries are not meant to separate, but to see all as One Love. If you feel challenged, flow with what is becoming. Be strong and committed as you flow along your Ascension Path, which may at times seem full of challenges. Remember that you have chosen to be a part of this incredible period of Transformation. An aspect of the New is that life continues to shift. The more you incorporate this into your life, the easier it becomes. There is no time limit, so sometimes you leap; other times you move slowly and at other times it may feel as though you’ve stalled or are moving backward (you’re not). Flow with it all. The important thing is that you do not abandon all the positive work you’ve done and your path thus far. The more you integrate the New You, the more Confidence you will have.

All is truly wondrous and even when you may experience challenge, if you go deeper, you find a beautiful Peace and Bliss. In fact, instead of staying on the surface, go deeper and find the underlying energy within conversations, events and just everything. We are not meant to skim the surface of life; but be deep-divers.

Sometimes it may seem as though you go back and forth between the old and New. You wouldn’t be aware of this if you were truly asleep. If you perceive yourself doing this, dive deeper into the old and see what it is teaching you and then intend to be in the New and see everything through your God-eyes. View yourself on a bridge that links the old world (3D) and the New World. In your vision, walk to the New. What do you feel? Now walk back to the old; what do you feel? Continue doing this visual until you are in the dimension you resonate with.

Note: Be open to exploring the rest of the website ( and if you choose to connect with me on Facebook, I’m under Kara Demonet. Be sure to let me know if you choose to send a friend request, as I don’t just automatically accept all requests. Blessings of Angelic Love for you.


Art: The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis

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