That Comes Next – Steve Beckow

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Art – by Gloria Gypsy


That Comes Next

This notion of “balance” is only slowly coming alive for me.

I think we think that the object moves to the middle line and stays there. Or two sides of the scale contain equal measures. That’s balance.

But I know from experience that it isn’t the whole story.  There’s more to the notion than just that.

If you grant that we really are talking about spiritual balance, unusual things happen as we approach the balance point, the center, the heart. These need to be taken note of as well.

Weird anomalies. For instance, our field of experience opens up inexplicably as we approach the center. Of this experience, I might say that the Present Moment was a portal into the Unknown. The Present Moment opens the doors of perception.

We lose sight of notions like “balance” and live in higher-dimensional space (1) for a while, with no ideas in particular entering our minds as we simply enjoy the life before us. “Sahaja” means “natural.”  We begin to live life from our Normal and Natural, Pure and Innocent Self.

Here’s how Archangel Michsael through Ronna Herman described the impact of settling into the center:

“Everything expands from the center outward, including all creation. The closer you are to the center, the more God Power and radiance you will possess. As you progress on the path of higher Self-awareness as a shining Being of Light, sacred Love, a joyful, serene demeanor, along with an intense desire to be of service to others will prevail.” (2)

Other anomalies happen. I find myself better able to assess a situation. Because I’m not coping or defending against anything, my stress level is down and that seems to allow me access to reaches of memory and knowledge that were not available before.

So it isn’t the case that we’re flying between point A and Point C passing over point B. It isn’t that all sights are the same. As the plane begins to slow down and reach the place of balance – the landing field – things that were closed to us previously become available again.

I write and ponder this because of the emphasis Kathleen puts on balance. She’s completed her vasanas, has charge of her process, and is slowing down on approach to the balance point.

Most of my experiences occurred because I was in the center, the heart – retreated into it or whirled around it. And, significantly, as I go forward into the forest of my unknowingness, I seem to keep working away in the heart – 2018 sight of the Self at Xenia, 2015 heart opening,  1991 Porteau Cove experience, (3) 1986 Flame in the Heart, (4) back and back in time. Always the same. Deeper and deeper into the center.

I have the balance point, the center, the heart up to the experiential level of knowledge. But I don’t have it up to realized knowledge yet. That comes next.


(1) I’m not sure what language to use to denote an experience which is higher than our normal state but not as high as a change of dimension – say, to the Fifth.

Subdimensional, perhaps, whereas Sahaja or Ascension is superdimensional.  I prefer not to use “technical” language.

(2) “Archangel Michael: Ritual of Passage into a Fifth Dimensional Reality,” channelled through Ronna Herman, January 1, 2014, at

(3) In the late 1980s, I had an experience while camping. There was so much noise that I retreated into my tent and meditated. I noticed there was a quiet place “in the center” and I retreated to it. As I did my consciousness did what felt like a back flip and I ended up in the Self.

(4) I experimented with burning my vasanas in the furnace of my heart. It worked so well that I popped through in consciousness again and again. I’m not sure why I stopped!


Sahasrara Crown Chakra Art – by Gloria Gypsy

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