Collective Magical Portal Wide Open for All – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ricinus Communis ~ The fairy of the castor bean plant by Nancy Farmer


Collective Magical Portal Wide Open for All…..

Gateways have been opening last few hours… getting stronger…. ☼

Massive Cosmic Rays increasing (radiation on a cellular level)…. produced by way of photonic activity, plasma energies, atomic codes and all kinds of “re” everything going on…… ☼

Powerful “blasts” of crystalline….. every code we can fathom…. yep, gonna be another powerful day to activate and integrate fully….. honor your physical LightBody, as well as how your physical reality “presents”…..

We have more activating for each to harmonize and converge…. as well as magical portals opening up and all kinds of multi-dimensional shifting…. observe and SEE and CHOOSE and shift, allow…. create…. let go, embrace…. as your EVERY MOMENT shows you/presents for you….

InJOY your magical carpet ride into much higher frequency bandwidths of realities/existences too!!!!!!

Bliss, love, peace and joy….. through purity… tis how we roll. ♫

p.s. All through the “linear years”, we’ve had immense magic/magical portals open up. These are for each of us to embrace, activate and bring forth all from within…. This collective one was way cool…. it was all of us, clearing out old distortions, uniting our energies/gifts and amplifying all, while coming together to create and then going apart, then coming together and then apart again…. showing the power we each hold individually and how this is accelerated/increased/amplified as we all come together in our POWER as PURITY LOVE and create, inspire, share to bring forth/activate/affect more……

So…. open up fully and step up into your own higher self roles, integrate fully and bring forth your own higher consciousness, higher dimensional magic to sprinkle, radiate, spread and unite as is vibrationally aligned through synergy and harmonics here.

p.s. When you do your part, you receive based upon what you are BEing vibrationally….. nothing is “handed to us” on a “silver platter… yet it is…. it’s different….. it’s a vibrational and energetic response on a Universal/Cosmic Quantum Multi-Dimensional Level….. to how we show up as Light and Love here.

Each receives based upon vibrational contribution and presence, openness, sharing and purity… ☼



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