Love Must Be Experienced, Not Defined – Steve Beckow

Gift of Love painting by Fizdi @ Sweetcouch


Love Must Be Experienced, Not Defined

I said a few days ago that if I were asked to define love, I’d decline the request.

I don’t know how to define love. I can’t think of a single word that would help me here.

Even if I could, I’d consider it counterproductive.

Love is experienced, not captured by the mind.

If you asked me to define gold I’d say “a yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued especially for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies.” (Google.)

But love cannot be defined that way – not meaningfully, anyways.

I look back over my life and think that during most of it I pretended to love. I faked it, hoping my efforts would satisfy. But they never did.  The reason why always eluded me. Now I see that no one who partnered with me experienced love coming from me.

When my heart opened in 2015, I discovered the nature of love by experiencing it. I was swept away by the inner tsunami of love – all trace of ego, all anxieties and concerns washed away for a time.

I was left drowned in an Ocean of Love that stretched as far as I could see in every direction.

Let’s take a moment to consult our sources and hear what they have to say about the importance of the center, the heart, from which my love flows.

The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild referred to the experience of a heart opening here:

“For THOSE WHO CHOOSE … they shall find themselves in a wonderland that comes from the heart.” (1)

Yes, that was true. White Cloud through Tazjima elaborated:

“There is a secret space within your etheric body sometimes called the secret garden, the Holy of Holies, the secret chamber of the heart. Whatever title you give it, it is the seed that the Mother and Father gave to each of you, planted in your flesh, to grow and expand into self-mastery at the appropriate moment preordained by your Higher Self.” (2)

Lady Venus through Tazjima tells us that our opening the heart’s door helps many others.

“In opening the door to your heart, you have the potential to discover treasures, gifts and jewels of great value, not in the worldly sense, but for your development as an individual and co-creator with your fellow creatures.

“And if you are feeling guilty about so much focus on your own path, realize this: that every step you take on the spiral staircase, you clear the energies for another and another, those who will walk in your footsteps. Nothing that you do for yourself on the ascension path is selfish. There will be naysayers and we say to them: “Look to your own welfare and seek not to control or correct another, for someday, you will walk on the same or similar path.” (3)

I don’t think most of us believe that all the talk about the heart is true. I can say from experience and realization that it is.

There’s much to be gained not only for ourselves but for others as well in journeying to the center, to the secret depths of the heart.

What persisted from the opening for me was the continuing experience, at a lesser level, of what I call transformative love; others call it real love, true love, higher-dimensional love; the Mother said we should call it “the Mother’s Love.” Absolutely.

However, notice that none of the words “does it” for us. There’s no juice in words. There’s only juice in experience.

Since the angels oversee our enlightenment, (4) in my opinion, I’d recommend that everyone ask for a fourth-chakra heart opening. Ask and ye shall receive.

Drowning in love is the greatest blessing I can think of.  Archangel Michael said one factor in my heart opening was that I called out for it.

Intellectuality will help us have a full experience of love but oh so slowly – and only part of the way. Being willing to experience the new and unknown will help us far more. (5)

The final goal is realization of the nature of love, though we still may not be able to talk about it. (6)


(1) The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild, Nov. 26, 2012.

(2) “White Cloud: On Seeking the Savior Within,” channeled by Eliza Ayres ((AKA Tazjima Amariah Kumara)), December 25, 2013 at

(3) “Lady Venus: You are a Part of the Symphony of Life,” channeled through Tazjima, October 12, 2013 at

(4) See “Angels – Angels enlighten, or participate in the enlightenment of, humans” at

(4) The Arcturians maintain that an undue accent on intellectuality stands in the way of our development5

“The human condition, with its worship of the intellect, is in actuality the bottom rung of a very high-dimensional ladder.” (The Arcturian Group, May 7, 2017.)

(6) And write a thousand pages about it in the process. No other subject seems important beside this form of love – the Mother’s Love.


Gift of Love painting by Fizdi @ Sweetcouch

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