An Archangel Works with His Devotee – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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An Archangel Works with His Devotee

When I have a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, I frequently ask for my next assignment.

In this particular instance, on Dec. 5, 2018, it seems clear that Michael wished me to share his comments with everyone.

I often feel that my personal sharing will have people think me a narcissist so I welcomed his reassurance that the writings were valued.

He also freed me from commenting on the political scene, which I appreciated. I don’t find following current political events very satisfying and it turns out that it isn’t what he wants anyways.

I also post this because, for those who don’t have access to readings, I think it may be welcome to watch how an archangel works with his incarnated servant/devotee.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 5, 2018. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: Where do you want me to go next, as a communicator?

Archangel Michael: We want you to step forward again in the discussion, yes, of truth, of course, my brother. That never varies. That is the purpose of our platform [theΒ Golden Age of Gaia].

And it is the discussion and the sharing, as you know, of your Ascension process, which is in full unfoldment at this time. And so that discussion, rather than the external politics, shall we say, is where we want you to go in terms of your work.

Steve: I missed a part of that sentence, Lord.

AAM: The focus of your work continues to be the anchoring of the truth and the sharing of your Ascension process because it is in the sharing of your process that you, beloved one, are beaming out the light. (1)

So it is not so much talking about politics or the various takes on world situations. That falls into the purview of others who are very interested in that type of thing. That is not your focus. It is not my focus unless, again, it is the anchoring of the strongest peace within and therefore the strongest peace upon the planet.

How we see this, for example – because we are in this together – is not an anchoring of peace to decry or discredit or tear down what others put forward but it is always focusing on, is this anchoring a greater quotient of peace upon the planet? Is this anchoring a greater quotient of Light, of Love on the planet?

Or is it, in fact, creating distraction? Is it merely stirring the pot or is it truly validating to the human collective and the Ascension that you are all in the process of and that we are deeply committed to.

Steve: Given that the major events depend on vibration, what can I, the blog, and light workers in general do to raise the vibration?

AAM: Keep bringing [lightworkers] back to the love.

Hold up the mirror. As you express your own journey ,what you are truly doing and part of the magnificent service, beloved one, that you offer is you are holding up the mirror and saying, β€œWhat about you? Where are you in this process? How are you proceeding? What are you doing to contribute to the Light?”

So, yes, it is all about vibration and it is about raising the individual and the collective vibration. But the collective vibration, as you well understand, does not get raised other than whenΒ weΒ do a great deal of things.

But it also does not get raised unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present. So it is not something that is being given or activated entirely externally. It is also that internal mechanism.

And that is what you are addressing primarily on the blog: Are you working with your internal free will and desire to raise the vibration? What are you doing? Are you looking externally for someone to do it for you?


(1) We had just discussed Kathleen’s work in transmuting energy, which Michael had said was her way of β€œbeaming out the light.”


Ballet Dancer looking in the mirror @ Ali. Express

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