LIGHT KEEPERS (AND MORE) – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Angelic Flower of Life by Olga Kuczer



You/We have been “working” in-service (forever) to anchor these immense light codes here, to hold them and to distribute them, how is most appropriate and aligned on a Galactic Soul Level for us all…….

For many, you feel challenged, because you’ve entered into all new phases you were not aware of before…. be patient, honor your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY and hang in there…. this is a beyond important part of the process, even if it doesn’t “look like it” to anyone else…. you get it/you understand… deep inside of you that what you are DOING is important… honor this… and your realities will re-align easier FOR YOU… as you hold all as LOVE FROM DEEP WITHIN YOU and allow the old to fall away………

For many, you are experiencing the magic, the bliss…. the amazingness of our Crystalline NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE…. this is just the beginning of all… yet this too, is just a “prep” phase of stepping into much higher purposes and roles here…. and you will know HOW/ when…. so honor and inJOY the experience and listen/observe inside…. your moments won’t come “in advance” for awhile, as you/we all have to learn how to listen/trust and REMEMBER how all comes to be CREATED… in order to step into the RESPONSIBILITY PHASES that come next……. where you become a much more integral part of our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM, infrastructure…. as a part of the various LIGHT COUNCILS here.

For many, you are challenged, your entire reality may “appear” to be upside down, inside out, going sideways and even feel like they are collapsing…. this is just to your ego aspect that doesn’t understand/cannot see and holds resistance to OUR NEW…. (heart/mind closed), which is what creates the INTENSITY…..

Re-Structuring of our realities as all ALIGNS …. completely and in all new ways….. occurs for each one of us…. exactly as all “needs to occur” to align all on our EARTH to a much higher dimensional version of REALITIES… a Multi-Dimensional Earth…. which is very different than old earth was…. without the limits, conditions, beliefs and programs….

PHYSICAL REALITY RE-ALIGNMENT…. is an immense undertaking and process that adheres to Cosmic & Universal Codes…. that OVERRIDE all human ego/karmic timelines…. only necessary to play out where one is unable to bring all into full consciousness themselves……

A karmic reality/timeline is a result of ALL EXISTENCES…. not just the “one” you can think of or see…… and in order to shift OUT OF THESE, you/we all must be fully conscious here.

This 12D Template…. it rewrites all…… it aligns all….. It doesn’t matter what your human ego wants or thinks…… These higher dimensional re-writes are to REMOVE THE POWER of the EGO constructs/realities that do not serve our HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS REALities here….. Any ego programming… this is the whole point…. so the more you come from your ego/separation/duality, the rougher/more confusing all of this will be……. only your HEART/SOUL/HIGHER SELF ASPECT can understand….. and even that is “limited access”, which only returns through an immense PURIFICATION PROCESS of your whole body and whole life…..

This 12D Template…. it’s the BEGINNING for us all…. a whole new, much higher dimensional template that reconnects all/more on a Cosmic/Universal Level and through Pure Love Consciousness/Unity Consciousness, which can only be accessed within you when your own ego dissolves…..

This 12D Template…. it’s POWERFUL and all of GAIA and atmospherically is INVOLVED in this. Your WHOLE BODY is an electromagnetic/bio-electrical system that links up on a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LEVEL….. so every Light Code, every Source Code, every Sacred Geometric and Crystalline/Plasma/SOULar activation…. re-codes all simultaneously…… an enhanced GEOMETRIC SYSTEM that functions completely different than all old realities of “before”.

All is QUANTUM HERE….. everything…. every breath creates/communicates….. every thought, every word, every action…. and your own LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS DICTATES your actual experiences here……

Everything your human ego “thinks” it can control…. not an option… as this is not an ego-driven reality anymore (that was all an illusion)….. that is your old way and it will only keep you frustrated, scratching your head, fighting and in “struggle/survival”/primal mode…. Only by way of opening your heart all of the way and ACCEPTING that which your human mind cannot yet comprehend, will this be “easy”, and even then…. if there is immense density/distortions to clear…. it will still be challenging, yet “how” you experience will be different, because of where you function from within.

I love you…. Get ready….. it’s always “just the beginning”…. and this one… the biggest yet. 

More love, more brilliance, more amazingness, more magic, more kindness, more unity, more of whatever you hold and transmit out….. is returned as what all call “experiences” here.

NEW EARTH REALITIES…. these are available to all who are truly ready to fully embrace and BE our NEW here….. Open up completely and allow your NEW TO COME FORTH from within you, birth from within you, appear in your external too. ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Angelic Flower of Life by Olga Kuczer

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