My Life as a Learning Experience – Steve Beckow


My Life as a Learning Experience

I’m observing myself and, as I do, I notice one persistent and common thread.

That thread is that I view life as one learning experience after another. I’m constantly rewarded from an experience by what I’ve learned.

Here’s an example.

I’m a perpetual student and I’ve always seen my life as a workshop. I used to run experiments often. What did it feel like to do this? Where did I end up doing that?

In the past week, the big event I watched was me taking charge of myself. I recognized what being monarch in my own domain means. I took charge of my body and mind, heart and soul, and energy field. I took 100% responsibility for what comes next.

Taking full responsibility for myself and the Commander appearing does not have a shelf life. We have to keep doing it again and again and again. It lives for as long as we continue to take responsibility. The moment we cease being in that space, it no longer exists. It’s a constant creation or nothing.

No sooner did I do it then I found myself in a state of realization.  And I recognized the space. If I were at Cold Mountain right now, I’d say I just “arrived.” (1)

That which arrived is different from that which took command. All of them are different “I” states.

There is the Commander-in-Chief, the monarch, who took 100% responsibility for me, the actor.

There is the Spirit, the Presence that came into the Commander when it became clear and certain that I had taken 100% control of me. Not like I felt I had to take 100% control. It was an experiment.

I noticed I was “absent” from playing a commanding role in my life and I took charge of my life. Until then, I’d been on automatic pilot, cruising through life.

Having taken charge of my own domain, another “I” showed up. I got present. I arrived on the scene after a long absence.

The “I” that showed up was a higher Self than is normally present – that’s as specific as I can get.

It was the spirit motivator of behavior.  It’s what people are pointing at when they say “he found his voice” or “she is self-possessed.” Some new vista opened up. I awoke from the slumber I’d been in and took over the wheel again.

I offer this “work out” in the workshop that my life is as a typical learning experience. It’s the kind I see my life as being composed of. What did I learn?

I learned that I as a presence will only show up in a space of 100% personal responsibility.

Learning that is to me what making a massive profit on the stock market might be to some people. Or winning a two-week vacation in the Bahamas.

I feel enriched, expanded, and happy.


(1) Cold Mountain Institute, growth center in the Seventies, now called Hollyhock. I took a three-month encounter group there.

(2) In 1977 I woke up in a lucid dream, watching two men on the other side threaten a friend of mine. I could do nothing to intervene and I was wailing away.

To feel distress on any plane automatically pulls you to a lower plane. For me that lower plane was the sleeping body.

I the spirit slipped back into the body, wondered where I was, realized I was inside my body, slowly transferred my consciousness to the outside and clearly saw that I was not the body.

With that realization, the fear of death departed.



Echoes of the New Paradigm – Peggy Black & Team

Shakti by Subrata Ghosh @ Tejas Gallery


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family Dec 12, 2018

___________ My Personal Message___________
As the year draws to a close, in reflection it has been a year of intense ups and downs, with lessons and blessings. The entire nation experienced the awesome event of the total Solar eclipse. We observed more individuals taking an active part in our election to bring about a change. We experienced the shock of witnessing the many tragic events and natural disasters and the hardships they bring to others. We are always invited to offer our prayers, our vision and our active participation for change. I am inspired by those who step up and honor the humanity within others, with compassion and action.I personally experienced the intense ups and downs, the lessons and blessings. The days waiting in a hospital for my daughter’s recovery from a heart attack. Once home I realized while in the hospital I had not used any of my tools that the ‘team’ recommends us to use.

I had simply gone unconscious, triggered by my fear. This year I had two visits and several weeks in Kauai assisting another daughter dealing with her grief and the tedious process of downsizing in a big way; I was able to stay present and supportive.This year as also offered satisfaction and success. I launched my new personal website and shared my stories, my art and my connection with the Andara crystals. I completed and published a new Morning Messages “We Are Here” Book Set. I connected with many new clients for private sessions with the ‘team.’ I was able to attend two retreats with my friend, Tom Kenyon. I had the privilege of teaching the power of sound to a wonderful group of Japanese women. I am grateful that I have a busy fulfilling life. My health has been good and I am grateful to be alive and doing this work. January 2nd I will be 77 years old.

I am grateful for all the incredible people I connect with through the personal sessions with the ‘team.’ The sessions seem to be more intense with the information offered. I am so honored to be able to facilitate for those who have questions about personal issues and challenges. If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. It is a nice way to start the new year. It is my honor to make the ‘team’ available for a private session.   They are very generous with their information which offers clarity, guidance and empowerment.

I am grateful I have been able to share the power of the noble Andara stones and jewelry. I have made it my intention to seed our planet with their energetic properties of expanded and accelerated spiritual awareness, access to universal knowledge, and a bridge between dimensions. So for those of you who know these stones or those who might be interested, please contact me for more information, or visit

I feel so blessed to be a part of our Morning Messages community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. You and your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Echoes of the New Paradigm
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here to offer our acknowledgement as well as our encouragement. There is a shift in consciousness taking place with your collective. From your everyday, moment to moment experience you might not be aware of this shift. You focus is on the maintenance and preservation of your physical body and the activities of your day-to-day life and responsibilities.In this interface we would like to invite you to expand your point of view in such a manner that you can observe your dimension and the collective consciousness as a mindful witness. For the moment, put aside your judgments and fears, as well as your personal and programmed points of view, and you will become aware that something is taking place on a rather large scale.

Your planet is in the process of a spiritual awakening. When you begin to notice and pay attention to the larger unfolding, you become aware that truly, something is occurring. Most of the shifts and changes have been subtle and have been taking place for a great number of years; the shifts now, however are beginning to be obvious. You are observing the rise of feminine energy stepping up, speaking out and coming forth in leadership positions.

More and more individual earthwalkers are waking up to the realization that they are more than their physical body. They are welcoming a new level of mindfulness within their actions and responses to current events. More and more humans are becoming curious about spiritual   practices, conscious exercises. More and more humans are standing up for the rights of others.

There is a pulse, a surge moving in the collective, urging each individual to wake up. Personal codes are being activated. There is also a resurrection of ancient modalities of sacred traditions being woven into the awareness of how one relates to and effects energy and the quantum field.

There are those who are awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave. These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to model and sculpt energy with more loving consciousness. They are envisioning and imagining and calling forth this new reality.

Often when individuals or even an entire collective experience intense stress, chaos, turmoil, violence, terrorism or extreme fear, there is a sudden shift of consciousness and awakening within. This shift in consciousness can come with internal as well as outer disturbances and confusion.

You are witnessing the outer disturbance and confusion on your planet, as old patterns and beliefs are being questioned or threatened. Old limited ways of being and acting are being questioned. Humanity is waking up and pushing against the limited, unequal beliefs of the old paradigms.  A caution here, remember what you push against, what you resist will persist.

When a new paradigm is forming in the collective, the energy of the old paradigm appears to become stronger as if knowing it is about to be eliminated.

So the best and most profound way you personally can assist the pulse, this surge of awakening, is to use your creative power and ability as the true alchemist that you are and transmute the negative and misqualified energies. Practice using your imagination, your power, to envision a better more fulfilling world.  Own your power of intention.

Remember it is an illusion that things stay the same. Recognize and realize that your reality is always in flux. Each moment is offered new and ready for the imprint. The conscious or even the unconscious old habits, rigid beliefs, tell the fresh new energy what it is that you expect in your given reality. Each person is actively, in every moment, creating the reality in which they live and believe they exist.

Science and spirituality are merging in the reality that the laws of quantum physics are working through you, whether you believe them or not. You and your collective have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the truths that are the first echoes of the new paradigm which are becoming apparent.

The spiritual awareness of oneness with all has been in the collective consciousness for centuries as an idea. Now more is being revealed from the scientific realms as proof of this truth. Consider the ideas of entanglement and non-locality. Remember that entanglements occurs when two particles or two individuals are so deeply linked through the quantum field, that one particle or individual can instantaneously connect with the other non-locally, even at great distances.

We realize that this idea and phenomenon is not fully understood at this time, however it is accepted in the scientific realms in quantum mechanics. This means that the physical distance between the particles or perhaps two individual is irrelevant. This realization offers you a quantum leap in your idea of what is possible. Research is beginning to show that the physical world is not as physical as you think it to be. Reality is in fact an illusion. You are surrounded by energy.

This dimension is created by vibrations and frequencies of energy. Your physical body and brain are designed to interface with this field of energy information and translate it into experiences. You are an energy being having this human adventure.

As you acknowledge this truth and partner consciously with your energy self, your divine self, you step into a powerful place of creation. To able to understand this you need to change the way you think of the universe. Think of yourself as a divine creator playing with other divine creators in this realm and dimension.

It is from this perspective that you realize and own that whatever energy you send out as a thought, emotion or word will manifest at some point in some way. This understanding will empower you to join other awake conscious beings energetically no matter their physical location and hold the vision, the intention of a world of balance, a world that honors nature and all living beings. As you know, more and more studies are being done using the power of intention and the energy of words to influence the outcome of a physical event.

When a group of individuals join together in a prayer or meditation focused on a certain outcome, studies show there are positive results. The best thing about this awareness is that individuals as well as groups of dedicated beings can begin to offer a shift. You can and do influence the energy field. Since your planet is facing unprecedented challenges with climate instability, wars, and economic disparity, there has never been a more potent time on your planet for the collective to access within themselves higher realms of potential. This practice begins within and then joins the larger community creating a quantum shift in the world around you.

We invite you to remember that you have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the first echoes and appearances of the new paradigm that is being called forth. We honor and acknowledge you as creator. Call upon us as well as other non-physical being of light to support you in this awesome work. the ‘team’

©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available


Shakti by Subrata Ghosh @ Tejas Gallery


12D Template Update (Part 2) A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Cosmic Entity by Jason Nguyen @ Reddit


12D Template Update (Part 2)
A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes

Access to REMEMBRANCE Like Never BEfore
Vibrational Existences “Unleashed”/Released

A Short Activation Video:
Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Evolution (NOW)
Aloha Divine Light Family,

These SOULar/Star/Stellar Light Codes are to accelerate the AWAKENING and EVOLUTION of our HUmaNITY….

This flood is through your bodies….. breathe all through you and out…. keep breathing all through you and out…. open up fully to expand and allow….. ♦

Deep inside each one of us…. the brilliance of our Divine Essence and an immense amount of love that is pure and holds a deep sacred respect and caring for all. The immense process of awakening, ascending and living a multi-dimensional life is an entirely new (Remembered) experience that offers everything, as each is ready to fully embrace and open up to all through LIVING fully as Love.

This PURE LOVE, this is what shifts our entire realities, this is what makes the difference, this is what transitions all from an old earth existence to a NEW Earth existence. This PURE LOVE is a REMEMBERED STATE…. and as we remember, everything changes…. for us, for all around us, for everything in our lives….

Consciousness means living as love … to yourself, each other, our planet and ALL as ONE. Higher Consciousness means living from your ascended and expanded states, which opens up a multi-dimensional existence, one that takes full presence, patience and honoring a deep cellular and DNA Evolutionary process that goes beyond all of our old limited mindsets and ways. Consciousness reconnects us all as PURE LOVE…. where unconsciousness functions from a place/space of separation/duality programming… this is the opposite, so there’s much that occurs to awaken each one of us from a sleeping state.

THIS 12D Template is about RETURNING all to a much higher consciousness state, where UNITY is our foundation, which occurs as ego matrix separation programming is activated to become visible so that each can hear/see/feel it and choose to dissolve it/allow all not of love to fall away or be transformed through ACTS OF LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS….

This 12 Strand DNA Template Accelerates everything.

For the human aspect, deprogramming processes increase at an exponential rate. Where each has been living from programs, this can be beyond confusing until each becomes aware of this. Programs run deep and take full presence to identify, as well as the dissolving of all judgment in order to choose to consciously clear and reprogram all through higher states of consciousness, instead of the habit/ego one.

Heart openings increase…. which is a beautiful thing, yet if it’s old programs coming up, this can be challenging for a bit. The body has soooooo very much to clear, in order to become fully conscious too. Immense DNA and Cellular work increases to assist each with regaining abilities and access to higher consciousness knowledge not previously accessible before.

Gaia’s DNA and Template: This is a game changer for all. As Gaia releases immense programming from the archives of “the old”, huge karmic clearings of a Cosmic Akash, our bodies link up to Gaia through electromagnetics, so as these Cosmic Codes activate to release the old magnetics that held the old together before, our bodies, atmospheres, realities…. what held all together changes for all.

In the unconscious realms, what held all together was separation and duality and unconscious programming. As these frequencies continue to rise, each’s body goes through an immense process of “releasing these magnetics” of the push/pull and control of the old….

Memory, emotions, thoughts and beliefs … all a part of this electro-magnetic clearing, rebalancing and rewriting process. Liken your memory to a an old recording that you put a strong and powerful magnet next to it and it got erased. Look at the power of your human ego emotions when they are heightened and your distortions are surfacing/playing out in your reality to see and clear/resolve/align. Look at your thoughts transmitting from your whole body and communicating through an electromagnetic field. Look at your beliefs as a story, something you learned, were told, acquired and tell yourself. Look at your whole reality as “made up”… a “belief” held so strongly that it became real. Now look at that huge magnet erasing your memories…. all that you held onto before just dissolving (the more human ego, the more an emotional reaction/response to assist with clearing the big energies, so your body can re-tune itself, without all of that programming “in the way”).

As the HEART OF GAIA beats, your heart beats. As the Universe and Cosmos activates in your body, star particles and crystals activate (turn on) and reconnect you again. Every breath, your body awakens more. Every breath reconnecting you to a much higher state of consciousness, which emanates from PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS.

As OUR BODIES, Gaia and our Universe/Cosmos all work together to EVOLVE into a whole new species here, a Cosmic HUman Hybrid, where our DNA is of all of our existences awakened and functioning at optimal efficiency to support much higher purposes and reasons for incarnating/walking in here…. each’s “little human ego” becomes the smallest part of who we truly are…

We are of the stars (Star BEings/Galactics), the Heavens (Christed/God/Angelic/Archangels and more), the Earth (Elementals), the water (Mer-family) …. with existences on every planet, every solar system, every star system, and galaxy, as well as LeMUria, Atlantis, Egyptian….. and the DNA encodements of each of those aspects make up our OVERSOUL and AVATAR BODIES….. here. Now.

As we awaken, our memories return. We still have to clear the immense distortions of every existence, which occurs in our own inner reality and physical reality too. This is an immense process, because our human aspect did not fully understand, because we did not have the ability to see what all truly was and how all came to BE, without the drama and stories of victimhood and blaming and giving our power away.

This 12D Template opens up access to CLEAR MEMORY, unlocking the Akash, bringing together the “puzzle pieces” not previously accessible before…. for many reasons that only matter if you are caught up on the story still.

What this offers is NEW KNOWLEDGE, NEW FREEDOM and NEW POSSIBILITIES for all to awaken and evolve at an even “faster” and more powerful acceleration rate. This is not only exciting, we’ve all worked hard for this, waited for this, dedicated our self to this and previously agreed to all of this on a SOUL LEVEL …

Assist and support your Physical Light Bodies with clearing out any heavy duty programming that kept you/it anchored in unconscious realities (dimensions) before. As your Photonic LightBody recodes, recalibrates and turns codes on, it will be important for you to honor this immense process, as well as the conscious creation/building of all new realities that are highest aligned OVER what your human ego aspect thinks/wants/believes……

LIVING AS LIGHT is a very different reality….. in every way. Y/Our Bodies and Physical Realities go through an immense process to accomplish this.

Yet you, me, all of us… this is how we affect, reconnect and unite all as LOVE HERE. LIVING AS LOVE means you are fully conscious of yourself and all that is in your own reality and you are aligning all yourself. First surrender, to allow yourself to tune/shift and BE….. become this beautiful, magical, kind, generous, respectful, creative, inspiring and uplifting ENERGY and observe your entire reality and yourself….. and shift all from within you fully so that outside can align easier for you. Then you will see what you need to align/do yourself and where you were not coming from your highest place before….. yet the moment you have the awareness… you can. ♥ New realizations, new awareness, new choices, new opportunities all come forth when you are operating at your highest vibration of expanded consciousness here. Your heart, mind and energy all must be fully aligned for this to occur and ALL is through your full presence….. and unified breath.

Through this Beyond Important 12/12 Passageway, open your heart and mind fully and allow your ENERGY BODY to shift. Breathe LOVE through you…. connect from deep within. Open up to your highest vibrational realities and pay attention when your mindsets/energy shifts…..

Bring all into full consciousness (which is LOVE) and be totally wide open and ready for all new realizations and understandings to come through….. be wide open for anything…. don’t limit yourself anymore. Connect with all as LOVE and SHARE THIS LOVE…. share this beauty, kindness and magnificence with every exchange, act, breath…. and recognize if your heart closes, because if it does, your head and drama/fear/separation programming will start to play again… for you to see and shift yourself…

This last week unlocked tons of archives that was not available before. So much information and clarity and REMEMBRANCE and it’s just the beginning …..

Observe distortions. This is an important part of this process so that you can choose to free yourself from your old mindsets and programming and honor your body needing to clear all of that.

Clear your field and honor your LightBody’s tuning processes…. Most of all, embrace these next phases with excitement and KNOWING that as you connect from a much deeper place inside that you are REMEMBERING as fast as you allow yourself to.

I’ll put out more updates as we go. I’m not sure when. If you sign up for updates, watch my website or Facebook pages, you’ll be able to do this yourself and read/receive as I get all put together and send it out.

I love you and appreciate all that you are doing through your highest states too. It’s important and makes a difference. Keep shining your light and sharing your LOVE to touch the lives of all other too. Keep contributing through your presence and your own ACTS and reJOYce at what comes forth as you/we all do. ♥

InJOY the short activation video for what goes on with our bodies as they awaken…. and our physical realities too. ♥
Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ 


Cosmic Entity by Jason Nguyen @ Reddit

Archangel Michael: Part of Our Agreement is Being the Activators – Steve Beckow

Purple Flower of Life by Lilyas @ DeviantArt


Archangel Michael: Part of Our Agreement is Being the Activators

I’d like to post a discussion with Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, from 2015.

On that occasion, he said that I was being used to illustrate what emotional clearing looks like. Then he acknowledged that all lightworkers were. It was part of our agreement with the Mother.

If the whole planet was to ascend – as we had asked of the Mother – then people are needed to serve as  activators; in this case, to model raising issues to the surface and watching them dissolve.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2015.

Steve Beckow: Am I being used, so to speak, to illustrate the need for lightworker clearing?

Archangel Michael:    Yes. Very.

SB:       Can you say a little more about that for my own comfort. And also for the readers of the blog. They need to know that lightworkers are often being used for this purpose.

AAM:    But they are being used and that is part of the soul agreement.  That is part of being the activators, the human activators for the growth and the ascension particularly now that you have decided to ascend as one together.

So if you do not have human activation, if you do not have the clearing coming forth that is necessary for the anchoring in physicality of the higher realm and vibration, then you do not make the transition as smoothly or as effectively or as rapidly as all of you are wanting.

So, yes, you are acting as catalysts, not only to each other, but especially to each other, but you are also doing it for others as well.  What you would think of as the main stream.

SB:      We know about being catalysts and we know about clearing for the collective. But to actually be used as a model, an example, an instance, to have some piece of our history or whatever reactivated so that people can see somebody going through this, is that also part of this?

AAM:    Yes it is.

SB :      There are other lightworkers out there who will say, “Oh my God,” is there anything you want to say to other lightworkers about this?

AAM:    What I am saying is, is that this is part of the service work you have volunteered for.  This is part of your expression of love for the Mother.
Do not be surprised, my dear friends, if things that you thought were ancient history are being revisited and they are coming up again for that activation and that clearing.

SB :      So we shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing about it?

AAM:    There is no room for shame.  That is outmoded.  We want you, all of you, to get to the point where you can laugh about clearing and say – here we go again – so that it is as smooth as running water.  Because that is what it is – it is running Light.


Gateways are Open: (Part 1) 12D Template Update – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Gateways are Open: 12D Template Update
Gaia’s 12-Strand DNA Has Activated Throughout – Part 1

Massive StarGate Openings Continue Increasing Harmonics “Bombardment” for Multi-Dimensional Earth Evolution to Advance/Accelerate So Much More

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

All is occurring in Divine Order…. exactly as we all pre-agreed. This 12D DNA Template opens up everything… to assist with evolving all at an increasing accelerated rate into our much higher consciousness HUmaNITY here.

These continually immense Stargate openings and floods of light – encoded data/information all of these years, these have also opened up so very much more, for us all, on a multi-dimensional level here. Observing how “quickly” all is shifting, on a Quantum Level…. is just “wow”.

This whole time, as well as this linear year, especially these last few linear months, have been leading up to this vibrational alignment now. This is THE absolute most important StarGate Opening, Activation, Upgrade and Integration of Cosmic Harmonics that we’ve experienced thus far. (This whole month, specific “trigger points” activating “the next” and then “the next” array of StarGate Openings and Light Codes release, being vibrationally activated where “that code” is held (asleep) in each one of our body templates, as well as our Vibratory Fields. Spontaneous or Intentional Conscious Expansion activates the recoding and reconfiguration process to begin within each. These set off a “string of events” relative to each’s current processes/phases/purposes/agreements here).

Since the 11/11/11 Gateway “Blast-Off”, as well as every linear day this month…. sooooooo much more awareness and REMEMBERINGS flooding through. Each will awaken through their own processes here. All of the “codes” for this are held in each’s DNA…. to be activated vibrationally when those “codes” are “ready” to “turn on”.

Yesterday, the 12 strand DNA codes lit up within Gaia (which means our Earthly bodies that link up to the Earth do this too). This 12D Template is a “building process”, which restores knowledge and access that was not yet available by each, due to inner veils, inner matrixes, inner density and programs of separation still held and fixed, limited ego constructs and beliefs.

As we all progress, our roles here continually shift, expand and change. This month accelerates this for all again. Each’s contribution to HUmanity, a multi-dimensional one….. and how we all agreed to “come here” and fulfill these much higher purposes and roles, by way of anchoring all within our physical body and physical reality too, as well as how we show up in our every day lives and come through.

This 12DNA Strand Template affects/means so very much for all.

For those not yet understanding how Consciousness (Higher or “Lower” Unconsciousness) affects (is relative) to all DNA, part of my role all of these years was to re-educate all through much higher states of Consciousness, which is on a Quantum Level, not a linear one. Through continual “exposure” and Light Encoded Data being transmitted through our work and by us… each truly open to receive, does so, as is aligned for each.

Those who have been open and embracing/choosing to accelerate, are doing so with as much ease and grace as is possible, as when the physical body/reality has to clear density at an accelerated rate, it can get quite intense/inundating, which means honoring this process even more.

Part of the physical body upgrades, are a complete overhaul of all systems and how the body communicates, processes light codes, clears distortions/density, purifies, reconfigures on a DNA and genetic/atomic/molecular level, as well as responds to increasing high frequency Cosmic Harmonics and Symphonics that tune each’s Plasma Crystalline Photonic Physical Lightbody, which is an immense merging, unification and integration process that continually accelerates nervous systems/immune systems/oxygen/blood/lymphatic system re-writes, as each cell works consciously to encode through advanced geometrics, while breaking the human body’s genome down. These bio-molecular rewrites take immense energy to complete.

Those resisting, judging and not accepting, are having their own experience in a very different way. This is how awakening works.

This process can be (is) challenging through various early steps along the way, as the purpose is to accelerate continual dissolving of all ego programming and a reworking of each’s inner matrix system to transition from Old Earth to New. Ego constructs (Unconscious programming and physical body density (not weight, density), is what bound all to an unconscious version of Earth before. To ascend back into a higher consciousness reality (NEW Earth), is an immense process that doesn’t conform to any human realities at all.

The transition process is one that takes our whole existence up until each’s “current now”.

What does this mean?

These assist each with consciously aligning their entire life experience on a Soul Level

As Multi-Dimensionality moves to the forefront, the “old” as we all knew it will inherently and instinctively change. The “old” was all of our unconscious realities, held together by each still holding (playing out) those mentalities, limits and belief systems, emanating from deeply embedded unconscious programs held on a cellular level. The “new” is a much higher level of consciousness that each comes to awaken and hold, through every moment experiences here.

NEW EARTH is our Multi-Dimensional Earth…. available to all who are truly ready to fully embrace, truly ready to let go of all old, truly ready to surrender every ounce of EGO constructs and truly ready to step into, and fulfill, much higher Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles here.

NEW Earth is all around you…. yet only accessible from deep within. It’s a vibrational existence that literally, materializes in physical form, as an energetic and vibrational response to your own expanded states of Consciousness. First starting as a holographic reality, the ability to “call all forth” and “make it real” is by way of each’s own dedicated Unified existing by becoming your own Higher/Highest Selves.

The ability to sustain, maintain, flourish and experience the MAGIC, BLISS and JOY, the infinite abundance and all that’s available, is dependent on each’s ability to integrate photonic light fully and hold much higher states of consciousness while the physical (body/reality) re-writes itself….. literally…. on a cellular, genetic and molecular/atomic level…. by way of these immense codes that flood through constantly and await each to honor this deeply sacred process of GALACTIC SOUL/PURE SOURCE LIGHT EMBODIMENT here.

This is our presence, our essence, our purity… and how we all live from pure Unity Consciousness LOVE in every way. This 12D LightBody DNA Template is the most prolific harmonic alignment process any of us have experienced thus far…. how each will experience, will be relative to each’s current level of consciousness and physical body/reality density still held…. and how “fast” awakening affects current realities.

For the human ego/unconscious reality, this will turn “worlds” upside down. This will completely collapse so very many realities (from the inside out), because they were not birthed from/created from/aligned with SOUL LOVE…. a different kind of love that human ego aspects function from….

These shift the FOUNDATIONS of realities…. this is what TEMPLATE re-writes do. They re-write, restructure and reconfigure entire realities on a cosmic level, a Quantum level and a multi-dimensional level…. not a linear (ego) one.

First the codes activate inside of each’s body, open up new levels of consciousness, “triggering” every distortion relative to that aspect/existence/code to be cleared/dissolved/resolved/aligned from within…. These photonic codes work through each’s body, breaking down the old linear constructs and then rebuilding all through much higher states of consciousness coding…. which is nothing like carbon-based atoms/DNA codes were…. as these constantly shift, move, breathe, reshape… like crystals taking form when the vibration changes… this is how each’s body and whole reality responds here. Sacred Geometrics replace linear everything.

Fluid, adaptive and constantly re-coding…. in every moment, new codes, which means “New DNA/RNA Codes”, new realities, new perceptions, new opportunities, new everything…..

What the human aspect does not understand, is that as these Cosmic Harmonic Codes “turn on”, the obsolete codes of the old (unconscious ego built) realities …. these dissolve, disintegrate, break down in each’s bones, muscles, flesh, blood, oxygen, organs, heart, brain, spine…. every particle of each’s multi-dimensional evolving body (and field), and the body requires a ridiculous amount of rest, alone time, sleep to clear each’s field of consciousness, so that each’s body can raise/elevate it’s consciousness BACK to full consciousness here. Photonic Light shuts the human body down. Literally, as well as jacks it up, temps change, vision and hearing shifts/changes, balance/gravity shifts/changes…. and so very much more.

This is a RETURNING…. a REMEMBERING of all we forgot while physically anchored with our bodies before, in entire frequency bandwidths that blanketed each in a state of amnesia…. and these Cosmic/SOULar fluctuations “disrupt” those signals/frequencies, so that higher frequencies can activate/be heard/received as each’s heart fully opens for their LightBody DNA to activate and “take over”, which overrides the lower frequency bandwidths of before. Exiting 3D and 4D fully with your body (Ascension) occurs as each awakens to and through accessing/holding much higher states of consciousness than before. This is an every-moment process….

Gravity goes as ascension and a recalibration/re-balancing of inner to magnetics occurs, as well as while the body recodes and links up to the Gridwork of NEW Earth, disconnecting from the old. As each learns to acclimate, this will subside (sometimes taking years), so patience and honoring your Sacred Body Vessel is beyond important for all.

This 12 Strand DNA Template has been coming online all of this linear year, if you will, accelerating after the June 2018 Equinox … which accelerates all considerably, which was slated for completing this “online” phase this month…. which we are deep in the middle of now. This Upgraded Collective/Universal/Gaia template “replaces” each’s old realities…. by restructuring the foundation that all emanates from, is built upon and functions from. It is a Quantum platform for all new higher aligned realities…. as each is truly ready to come online fully now here. ♥

This template unlocks new codes at a much more accelerated rate. This up-heaves all things “ego” (unconsciousness/programming)…. which is the point. This also aligns all realities “faster”, so depending on density, physical matter mass, space/light ratios within each, is to how this takes place for each.

If you are integrating fully every day, as your priority, focusing your energy on creating, applying higher consciousness to your entire life, sustaining and supporting our highest consciousness evolution/realities here, then this will support you in the most magical and beautiful ways.

If your ego aspect is focused on “the old” and trying to hang on and resisting, fighting, unconsciously investing your etheric and/or physical matter energy in the old, attempting to recreate from unconscious programming (karmic akash), those realities are a part of the “collapse” and dissolution process that now accelerates for all.

P.S. Tomorrow, part 2 of this update will be emailed out to all who receive these newsletters/updates. The information is way to vast to put out in one writing/update. I’m breaking it down to make it easier to read and therefore absorb and integrate. ♥

Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ 


Gratitude & appreciation to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Becoming a Living Light on 12:12 – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins


Becoming a Living Light on 12:12

The true meaning of the season makes its way forward as we enter the 12:12 energy of the Holy Mother, known as Ascension Day in some religions. It is a portal of the Virgin Mary in her perfect posture and 12 strand DNA. The shortest day of the year 12/21/2018 (mirror image of 12:12) asks us to become the extra light that is needed to push thru the dark night of the soul. To become that which we do not see in our lives, To become hope and faith and love starting with self and all life choices. To become a living light no matter what season it is. (The number 12 means a complete cycle of experience. 12 precious stones in the oracle breastplate of the high priest, set in gold with God’s unidentified names. 12 apostles, 12 signs zodiac. The soul attracts that which it needs to learn. Reversal of negativity.)

 As the magic of the season spreads her wings of light, we all come to an interval in time and Heart. Do we allow ourselves to be flooded with Christmases from the past, or Christmases from the future, or do we go within to find the true magic of this Holy season.  All roads lead to the upcoming arrangement of global events whether manmade or destined, the effect is felt. All of life knows they are at a turning point on this earthen journey.

Some sorrow waifs thru our hearts as we see many a splendored thing disappear from the planet earth in the blink of an eye. From this day until 12 full sunrises and sunsets have completed themselves, fill each 24 hour time-slot with one Christmas Wish for another. Known or unknown seen or just felt, spend your wish constructing a world full of love and miracles. Create a grid of stones or an altar; place your written wish for another within, and see it granted in your heart.

For many moons I have acknowledged that 12:12 was a powerful energy portal, an ascension day on many levels. I have gone to many a grotto on that date. It has always been holy and magical to me.  As you set your ‘grid of miracles’ call in Mother Mary to bless all that is within that grid.

Each kindness that you do known or unknown travels thru space and time touching all on its way to the Creator. You touch the very Source with your every action and inaction. Give to those who do not expect it, Give anonymously with passion. Give of your silent prayers to another as you pass them on the street, give without thinking, give in good thoughts and deeds, allowing it to be a way of life not a season

Let The True Light of This Season Radiate through You. Become the master of your fortune by making higher choices that move you into a space of liberty. Be thankful for all that is you. Let the five fingers of self-point you in a new direction that will support and enable you to be all that you were born to be. Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama (real or imaged).

Spend your time and energy wisely. Become that which you yearn to be in your divine heart. Become the picture in your mind as you embrace the higher credenza of purpose. You do not insult God by trying to be or do better. In the season of Christmas come into your Christ-light with purpose and proposal. Plan to be a better human with a vaster purpose. Listen to the signs via life and hear the future as it signals your attention. At that point of inner sight and universal choice, let your heart be the one to choose with purpose and pure intention. Each and every day listen with your heart and then move into that sacred abode of thought. Choice is the Grand Daddy of all human motion as it consumes humanity 24 hrs. a day. People are always at a point of choice it is their god given destiny.


The Mary code lives within the feminine presence of Light while on earth. All that is feminine in purpose and DNA holds such a recollection. At certain periods in the timelines, her holy presence is etched once again into the hearts of those that have ears to hear and eyes to see and are aligned with a purpose of Light.  She represents all the levels of Sainthood in human form as well as the divine female on earth.

There are deep undertones that sound within her soul. She is the Innocence, the truth, the wisdom and the healing of ‘all that is’ that seeks to know itself. She knows what is to come as a holy woman and prophet. For Blessed she became early in life, destined to hold a divine cipher of such greatness that it has never been fully understood.  Within this Mary Code lives a divinity so resilient of purpose and heart that nothing can outshine it.

The child Mary was gifted with Visions in the form of Dreams at an early age, sometimes they were heavenly other times sometimes hellish. Other young girls of her township saw her as different in agenda and path. She spent much time in the temples of the old teachings of the goddess, finding nooks and crannies and long forgotten power points to spend her dreamy afternoons. She listened,  silent as a  little church-mouse in her secret niches, absorbing all that was spoken in the temple, as it echoed whether meant for her ears or not.  Sponge like she was as she absorbed like an ancient ink blotter all that she could. She innately knew that one day she would have to call upon the information from the deepest part of her soul.

Young and pure yet still an ancient relic of time, she incarnated in this physical plane holding a different vibration of destiny from the very beginning.  She was a giving child so early, giving of her own food and clothing to help others in need. She knew in her heart she was destined for something greater than herself and shared all she had. In her heart of hearts she lived for what was enchanted and mystical of nature. The code of Mary houses ancient enigmas for those that knowingly embrace the light vows and promises from time eternal. When one represents what is light of Creation one is always true to their divine self, honoring the holy light within. Always knowing that the inner soul light and the Divine light are part of the ever moving Holy grids of Heaven.

From a young child on she knew her Destiny did not involve orthodox relationships, truth or understandings. She knew she would birth something big in her future. Her fears were real, her light was enormous, and her future was driven deep into the memory of Earth. Being a Seer of things to come is a great responsibility for anyone at any age. They are ‘privy to possibilities’ as they may fly about in a different path than others. The explanation of the future is multi-dimensional with a trillion possibilities all held within the Quantum Consciousness.  When viewed the future begins to adjust itself, to change its colors, like fall leaves.

This young woman was taught in ways of wisdom and hidden truths that lived within her holy bloodline and ancestral  memory. Her very DNA would glow under a modern day microscope. For her light had to be grand and spacious from the very beginning, for one day she would hold the light of the Christ child and that would forever alter her body, heart and shape her future. Changed she was forever as the light entered her to seed the Christ Child Holy of DNA. Altered in ways that were unknown except to Enoch, She became a holy Vessel of Living Light that held the future of Earth.

The story of Mary wanders around like a corn maze thru time. The truths the myths the maybes, take each person down a personalized trail of thoughts and beliefs.  Her codes are written within the hearts of those that have a special Light within. She was destined to be a Child-Mother of a child-God who was destined to shift and change the world and she held this knowledge in every ounce of her being, waiting for it to come to past, feeling helpless as she watched  powerless in the destined choices of others.

The Mary code asks us to find a place of power, of balance and peace as the human heart watches life unfold with a knowing. Like a vast light being of celestial proportion these Mary Codes allow you to see in divine portion to what is to come, but like Life itself, your intervention will not change the final outcome for all is a mixture of fate and freewill. In this place of grace and reception of divinity in action, is where the Mary Codes live, a place of living change, fluid in heart and love


Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins