Archangel Michael: Part of Our Agreement is Being the Activators – Steve Beckow

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Archangel Michael: Part of Our Agreement is Being the Activators

I’d like to post a discussion with Archangel Michael, through Linda Dillon, from 2015.

On that occasion, he said that I was being used to illustrate what emotional clearing looks like.Β Then he acknowledged that all lightworkers were. It was part of our agreement with the Mother.

If the whole planet was to ascend – as we had asked of the Mother – then people are needed to serve asΒ  activators; in this case, to model raising issues to the surface and watching them dissolve.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2015.

Steve Beckow: Am I being used, so to speak, to illustrate the need for lightworker clearing?

Archangel Michael: Β Β  Yes. Very.

SB: Β Β Β Β Β  Can you say a little more about that for my own comfort. And also for the readers of the blog. They need to know that lightworkers are often being used for this purpose.

AAM: Β Β  But they are being used and that is part of the soul agreement.Β  That is part of being the activators, the human activators for the growth and the ascension particularly now that you have decided to ascend as one together.

So if you do not have human activation, if you do not have the clearing coming forth that is necessary for the anchoring in physicality of the higher realm and vibration, then you do not make the transition as smoothly or as effectively or as rapidly as all of you are wanting.

So, yes, you are acting as catalysts, not only to each other, but especially to each other, but you are also doing it for others as well.Β  What you would think of as the main stream.

SB: Β Β Β Β  We know about being catalysts and we know about clearing for the collective. But to actually be used as a model, an example, an instance, to have some piece of our history or whatever reactivated so that people can see somebody going through this, is that also part of this?

AAM: Β Β  Yes it is.

SB : Β Β Β Β  There are other lightworkers out there who will say, β€œOh my God,” is there anything you want to say to other lightworkers about this?

AAM: Β Β  What I am saying is, is that this is part of the service work you have volunteered for.Β  This is part of your expression of love for the Mother.
Do not be surprised, my dear friends, if things that you thought were ancient history are being revisited and they are coming up again for that activation and that clearing.

SB : Β Β Β Β  So we shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing about it?

AAM: Β Β  There is no room for shame.Β  That is outmoded.Β  We want you, all of you, to get to the point where you can laugh about clearing and say – here we go again – so that it is as smooth as running water.Β  Because that is what it is – it is running Light.


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