You Are the Creator of Your Life – Natalie Glasson

You Are the Creator of Your Life
by the Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 14th December 2018 – Original Source:

Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Arcturians bring forth our consciousness, love and blazing light to support you now. We come forth as a collective to share our power and inspiration with you. You may call upon us whenever you wish to upgrade your entire being, we will do so in harmony with your soul, using our ascension light tools and technology to create powerful and peaceful shifts of transformation within your being. We are present to assist and guide you, we will always present our light to you in support, respect and love for the ascension pathway you are travelling upon.

The energy wave and cycle that is anchoring into the Earth from the inner planes can be simply summarised as the presence of clarity. The ascension energies for 2019 are promoting the presence and experience of clarity within all aspects of your being, reality and life. This means that activations will take place to support you in seeing, sensing and acknowledging with greater clarity and clearness. Being aware of your intuition and inner guidance with clarity and the ability to clearly act upon the wisdom received. Clarity will develop within your relationships especially with yourself, soul and the Creator. Confusion may arise, and this will be an indication of your resistance to the presence of clarity and the shifts it can manifest for you.

You Are Your Life

With the presence of clarity at the forefront of ascension we wish to bring forth our inspiration and insights to further support your awakening of clear thoughts, understanding and truth from within your being. We wish to speak with you about your life, your reality and lifetime. We will share with you now that you are your life, reality and lifetime, this is your truth and when it becomes your experience you begin to tap into a deeper understanding of the world you are living in. Accessing insights that support you with questions that you may hold within you such as, ‘What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? Why am I on the Earth?’

Your Life

In your existence upon the Earth you are a combination of your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, desires, past experiences, future expectations, the presence of your soul, soul group and the Creator as well as the influence of those outside of you in your physical and spiritual reality. You may then experience that you have a life which you engage with every day. This life may seem to have a course, energy, flow and direction of its own. Many people may feel as if their life is happening to them and they are trying to keep up with the demands of their life. Some feel disappointed with their life as if it has been allocated to them without their consent. Others may feel that they have no control of their life or that life is going well, better than they expected.

Allow yourself to contemplate the word, ‘Life,’ or My Life.’ Is it a series of experiences you do not have control of that is outside your body and being? Or is it a pathway of your own creation?

Humanity often thinks of their life as an energy force separate from them that has an existence of its own. If you think of your life as separate from you then you will find it challenging to experience fulfilment, contentment and peace because you are creating that your life controls you and is separate from you. Take a moment to imagine your life as a tangible thing, to give you ideas maybe a pathway, river, monster. What comes to mind as a description of your life?

As we have said you are a combination of your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, desires, past experiences, future expectations, the presence of your soul, soul group and the Creator as well as the influence of those outside of you in your physical and spiritual reality. All of this creates your life, every big and little thing you experience is born from you. The way you perceive your life is also your creation. If you perceive your life as challenging and separate from you this will be your experience. If you perceive your life as your creation, precious and an extension of who you are, this will be your experience. You have built your life to the way it is now and you can change it as well. This can be challenging to receive, however, once you engage with the idea you recognise your power and how you impact your life and experiences from within you.

This is the major key of clarity we, the Arcturians, wish to share with you, ‘You impact, create and design your life from your inner experiences.’ Everything is connected and one in the Universe of the Creator, therefore you are connected and one with your life.

Your Reality

Reality can describe your life, it also describes certain experiences or a series of experiences as well as the way you perceive your life. Reality is what you are actually experiencing and the way you are choosing to experience it. Reality can define the truth that you are experiencing within and outside of your being, it can be as honest or as filled with illusion as you wish it to be. Reality is your awareness of all that you are, all your experiencing and all you are creating. If you focus upon your alignment with your soul and inner essence, this becomes your reality, if you complain and only see the bad in the world then this becomes your reality. Your reality is the way you choose to perceive yourself.

Your Lifetime

Your lifetime is the duration of your existence upon the Earth. This is governed by your soul and the mission your soul has accepted or wishes to achieve on the Earth. While your soul determines the length of your existence upon the Earth, the choices you make and areas you focus upon can impact the quality of your existence and can even cause the soul to reconsider the duration of your lifetime. This is only in extreme cases. Therefore, there is no need to worry about how much time you have upon the Earth, there is a need to trust in your soul and that the choices your soul makes are born from the essence of your soul and for the greatest good for you and all. Time doesn’t exist, you can recognise your lifetime as a constant series of present moments.

While you cannot control your lifetime on the Earth you can recognise that you are the key creator and designer of the life you experience. The combination of all the thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc that you hold within you create your life. You can also recognise you can impact your reality which is the way you perceive, act and react in each present moment. It is now time to realise fully that you are as one with your life and reality, you are the creator and designer, your life and reality is born from within you.

If you wish to change your life and reality there is a need to examine within your being,

Observe how you think and feel about the area you wish to transform.

What beliefs do you hold about the area?

Are you thinking, feeling and believing from a space of love and peace or from a space of illusion, fear, anger, control or something else?

Can you see how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs could be impacting your experiences, either how you act or react, what you create or what you withdraw from?

Are you willing to let go of that which you have realised and create new thoughts, feelings, beliefs about the area you wish to transform? Are you willing to receive healing, from us the Arcturians? We are ready to serve you. Simply call upon our energy now to create light activations of truth, power and peace, allowing you to accept your life and reality as a creation and extension of you.

Everything that you are creates your life,

With divine blessings,


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Altair Shyam will do a live meditation “Subtle Mind and Body of Light” at 13:00 GMT, Sunday 16 December, or 1:00 PM London (5:00 AM in Los Angeles and 8:00 AM in New York, 22:00 PM in Tokyo and midnight in Sydney) on Facebook Live Stream. 

To begin, Altair will share the process of surrender to the light body or letting go of the physical body and entering into emptiness, which is the wisdom of realizing there is no beginning and no end.

What does it mean to go beyond all we know?
Why, when we touch the Divine, the eternal space of love, does it often appear to us as Christ or Mary Magdalene, the Buddha or Guan Yin or other energy forms?
Together we will enter the wisdom of the energies of the subtle wind and the subtle mind to explore this together.
On our path we breathe compassion to access this subtle wind and mind and all that is One with it, awaken Awareness, and allow it to bless us all, again and again.

That is why the Christ and Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Guan Yin, the Archangels and the Bodhisattvas, appear to us as a body of Light.
You are seeing your wisdom, the wisdom of the One Shared Heart, awaken and appear in the form of Shiva or Guan Yin, Tara or St. Francis of Assisi or other light beings.

The subtle mind manifests in our dreams. We don’t use the gross mind. How do we know that? We don’t use our eyes, ears nose, touch or taste to experience but we can see, hear and feel in our dreams through the subtle mind. It proves that the mind can exist without this body. Dreams, like meditation, can be very powerful tools for awareness of that which is beyond. You can feel sensations like joy, and also fear. If you die, as I did in my dream, every night, for 365 days in a row, you can feel it as if it were real.

The subtle mind arises in these last stages of sleep, in the last one to two hours, around 4 am. That is one reason why the Dalai Lama meditates so early in the morning. To contact the subtle mind.

Look at a day in the life of both a Thai monk and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
                                                                                       💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜

Here is what a typical day looks like for a Thai Buddhist monk:
4:00 a.m.: Wake up, 1 hour of meditation, and 1 hour of chanting
6:00 a.m.: Walk around the neighborhood while locals make merit by offering food
8:00 a.m.: Sit for breakfast and peace offering with other monks
12:00 p.m. (before): Take a light lunch (last solid meal of the day)
1:00 p.m.: Classes in Buddhist teaching begin
6:00 p.m.: A 2 hour session of prayer and meditation begins.
8:00 p.m.: The monks retire to do their homework.

Here is His Holiness the Dalai Lama. When he is home at in Dharmasala, here is what the Dalai Lama’s daily schedule will look like:
3:00 a.m.: Wakes up, shower, begin prayer and meditation for 2 hours
5:00 a.m.: Takes a short walk
5:30 a.m.: Breakfast (listens to BBC radio)
6:00 a.m: Continues daily routine of prayer and meditation for the next 3 hours
9:00 a.m.: Studies Buddhist texts
11:30 a.m.: Lunch is served (last meal of the day)
12:30 p.m.: Visits his office for meetings with monks, staff, and media. Will also hold general audiences during this time. Typically lasts until 3:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.: Has tea, and begins evening prayer and meditation session
7:00 p.m: Retires for the evening


Altair will share some of his stories, as well as the importance of faith and confidence in your practice and your own path with heart, and tips to help you in those days when events seem to make practice and your path more of a struggle than others.

Altair will also explore some of the subtle stages of consciousness in the meditation.
This meditation will explore portals of awakening through creating the awareness of Awareness consciousness within, through the power of the angelic, bodhisattva and master experience in each one of us, simply by being, and bringing deep presence and wisdom to our daily experience, moment by moment.
Just as we have an outer life now that we strongly connect to, and that we draw our outer purpose from, so we have an inner purpose, to awaken divine consciousness, and this is awakening within as we speak right now.

Experiences drawn from Altair’s new book
‘Diary of a Yogi – A Book of Awakening’ 
which has just been published,
and the new spiritual television channel, created by founder, Ruth Anderson
‘Enlightened World Network’ 
which has just launched
as well as the subtle levels of consciousness dialogues, with Kevin Schoeninger, author of
‘Clear Quiet Mind’ 


and together we will explore how to awaken the light within us, and how to awaken the subtle mind and body of light and the subtle levels of consciousness which lie within us all.

Like Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin Krishna and Babaji, and the Archangels and Bodhisattvas we are all Lights for this World.

We will then reveal through the unity of the Shared Heart the miracles we can unfold through the state of being that is the awakened divine consciousness of our subtle mind and Light Body, ever-present in the light.

Be the Christ, Krishna, Buddha, the Divine Mother Within.
We carry this flame of enlightenment within us.
Let it shine.
Let the Light in.

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

These words of Avalokiteshavara Guan Yin from the Blessed Mother’s Heart of Wisdom Sutra are guidance into the heart of the subtle wind and mind to direct realisation of the Divine I AM Presence.

Love and Blessings
Altair and Mother 💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜