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There are no words to describe the REALity of this/our 12D Template (Experience) that harmonizes and aligns our physical body grids/templates/DNA at a much higher frequency than ever before.

What this offers to each is relative to wherever each currently functions from and how aligned all is held from deep within.

If you function from that deep Sacred Connection that allows you the experience of our NEW EARTH here… where from deep inside of you, you see and feel the beauty, you see and feel the connection from within each experience, with every breath…. it’s remarkable how Divine all is, how pure all is, how simple all ….

Silence is GOLDen….. over the years of awakening to hear all of the Cosmic Frequencies that tune all on a Quantum Level, a multi-dimensional level….. that provide light encoded data/information/access to what’s not yet visible…. Experiences are so deeply connected through Pure Presence…. it’s all about OUR EXPERIENCES….

Yesterday, I had a packed day…. lots to do. I got up, did my morning session of tuning through heart consciousness expansion and highest alignment and then headed out… to explore and In-JOY however presented….. accomplishing in a productive and simple flow, honoring however flow needed to occur…. Every moment PURE JOY and BLISS…. and so simple…. nothing’s complicated here.

Stopping at the stores to pick up the things I set out for, deciding not to go all the way into town and sit in the traffic, always in awe at our skies and beauty all around us, a nice dinner to just experience the pink clouds and the magic available through presence…. observing others’ happiness, some “telling their stories” to each other, others in JOY, others struggling with their current situations of transcending their own unconscious programming…. picking up a guy on the side of the road after dark to give him a ride, having a beautiful and organic discussion about “being a minimalist and experiencing expansion and connection from a state of ONEness” (from him), to buying gift cards and leaving them at registers in stores for buying others groceries “randomly”, however they most assist others, to finding a missing cat and returning it to it owner to bring love of “re-connection” through that way….. kind words to all, kind gestures and acts throughout and with every exchange, gifting andaras to some, offering assistance to those who might need/appreciate it….. a whole day of beauty, connection and magic…. (I love that every day is just one whole day of organic, natural and intentional kind acts, touching all as love and experiencing what’s available to us all). The only time we have to shift, is when someone’s ego comes into play… which presents different scenarios of what’s appropriate and ours/not ours to deal with/do. If it’s our current reality, we deal. If it’s others, we respect and see what our role is, as each exchange is different. All is energetic and vibrational…… and responsibility is different here.

These higher frequency bandwidth offer so much to all, as each aligns themselves, tunes themselves and their whole body gridwork to the gridwork of our beloved planet/Gaia, to Universal Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness too….. Clearing the density from our bodies over years, clearing the density of heavy emotions and beliefs, clearing the distortions held within… then PURE pristine, pink, exquisite…. soft, connected and in-tune is how all of our moments are here.

As each fully opens up to move on from the old, let go of the old, choose a-new, hold the highest at all times and REMEMBER through deep sacred connection and breathe this with every breath, speak it with every word and treat each other with kindness, respect and learn to open up to support, share and care in all new ways….. physical realities are aligned by each.

Many “think” this happens “for them”, yet not in the “way” all “think”.

As each CHOOSE…. a whole new reality and life, as each CHOOSE and surrender an ego existence for a PURE ONE, then the physical body (DNA) and physical reality must restructure/be restructured too….. re-formed, re-built, re-aligned in all new ways…..

As each REMEMBERS…. through their wide open hearts and minds… WHAT OUR DEEP CONNECTION FEELS LIKE and actual “experiences” through expansion of consciousness …. everything changes… this is where many collectives are now… OPENING THEIR HEARTS SO FULL ON that the old can finally clear their bodies…… and make way for more SPACE INSIDE … for continual expansion to occur…..

The physical body was too dense, too compacted with unconscious programming, the muscles too tight (grids), the mind too closed, too much resistance before, as the ego holds on “till death” or “collapse” or “surrender” occurs….. The body was deep asleep, suppressed and compressed… will all of that programming held/housed/buried deeeeeeeeeep deeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeep within…. The early releases are mind-blowing and FREEing… finally, all of that “energy”…. wow…. yet this is just the beginning, of a massive tuning process that only accelerates as we all go…. as your LightBody has awakened, through a fervor, and a deep fire has awakened too….. to burn through your body and light a fire (your Kundalini) that will “burn off” all old constantly, that will flush your bodies, detox your bodies and work through every nano-particle of your BEING… reworking all constantly…. to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness than before.

HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY is all of us…. living as PURE LOVE… reconnected as PURE DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS … here in the physical… making a difference in how we actually live our whole lives….

WE ARE IN A PROCESS OF massive veils lifting within each, of each re-constructing their whole life to higher align in all new ways, of each seeing what’s conscious and not, within their own selves, own realities and how much it takes to clear the physical, mental, emotional density/magnetics on an individual level for each’s body to be LIGHT enough to actually live/experience our NEW fully…. without any of the old unconscious ways coming into play ……

The density will go…while your bodies go through a massive overhaul/re-configuration process (continually), as you choose to transcend “all of that” and UNIFY within you, on a much deeper level and HOLD THE HIGHEST EVERYTHING in order to intentionally align all as your HIGHEST ASPECTS here….. Sometimes you don’t “do” anything, you just let all fall away and “go off somewhere else” to play itself out, while you resolve all back into pure love, gratitude and presence…. other times it’s your responsibility (if it’s your reality it is) to fully align all through SOUL LOVE yourself…. and allow all to take shape however is highest aligned too…..

The density, the distortions, the programming…. all within each’s bodies…. to fully clear. Photonic Light re-working all, distorting, bending, expanding, shifting and tweaking all…. on one end we have “distortions”, yet on the “other side” we have LIVING IN AN ACTUAL DREAM….. where the illusion each experiences is relative to each’s own programming and vibration held, level of consciousness held and whether one allows their EGO (aggressive or resistant) to be a part of the picture anymore…. as EVERY MOMENT is CREATED from this vibration…this RIGHT NOW… and every moment is a new “this right now”….. that transmits out into the ethers and calls forth a vibrational return. Whether it be “in your face” or a perception of “later”, which is just another “this right now”, and all you did was “shift” into another “vibrational now”.

Reality is as you insist it to be…. (for the ego). The human aspect tries so hard to “keep reality” in a box, a linear reality…. that does not apply anymore.

We are in QUANTUM REALITIES…. so full heart and mind expansion is necessary for the physical body to come online. The entire genetic/molecular make-up of your physical body must be “converted” from linear to non-linear too. This is an IMMENSE PROCESS that occurs over years and years and years….. and every time you lay down to sleep, every time you cry/have any emotional release, everytime your heart and mind open more, everytime your body “breaks down” or collapses or is weak, is a part of this entire re-configuration process. Everything your BODY DOES is a cleansing process, a re-tuning, an attempt to clear distortions, programs and your entire karmic akash…… Everything your body says… speaks, feels…. every re-action, every breath… beyond important to honor, as your LIGHTBODY IS LIGHT INTELLIGENCE… it knows what to do… it’s your ego that keep getting “in the way”…. so it’s going to be up to you to learn to listen, honor and support your body while it works hard to bring you out of the “old” and into the “new”… constantly and continually…. this is all FOR YOU… and all of us…. as our bodies link up to (and as) the new Systems of our NEW Earth….. as the new…. which is just our PURE US…. Source Consciousness REMEMBERED AND EMBODIED…

PURE SOURCE LIGHT will override all, it will break those linear constructs down. Becoming SOURCE means the complete diss-illusion/dissolving of all old…

Yes, you will be dis-illusioned.
Yes, you will be dis-in-heartened at times.
Yes, you will be confused when you are shifting…
Yes, you won’t identify with any of the old anymore….
Yes, you will get done… be ready to move on… good!
Yes, you will choose… what reality you truly want to experience here….
Yes, you will be recreating, creating and building all new realities that look nothing like your old…
Yes, you will be challenged with your ego in every moment, until you learn how to transcend this fully on your own…
Yes, you will be faced with decisions that bring up every fear…
Yes, you will have emotions emerging for physical cleansing…
Yes, you will feel weird, you are supposed to… you are not your old you, you are your higher selves, that feel different than your old you did…..
Yes, your heart will bust, burst and explode wide open… so it can stay open… and you not close it down anymore…
Yes, your body will do weird things.. this is how the multi-dimensional body works/reconfigures all (non-linearly/vibrationally)
Yes, everyone in your lift may/will go… and new “peeps” will come forth… new soul family, new star family, yet even this is challenging, because now all is vibrational and not everyone is highest and fully aligned all of the time… because everyone is constantly tuning/shifting/expanding and moving into all new…
Yes, the entire FOUNDATION of your reality will change
Yes, you will find you knew nothing…. and everything is completely different than you “thought”
Yes, your job will change, how you support yourself will change, those in your lives will change, your relationships will change….

AS YOU EVOLVE IN LIGHT and come to LIVE AS PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS…. because your old reality did not/was not. β™₯

Embrace the magnificence and beauty and magic available with every Sacred Breath… every deeply connected pure breath of full consciousness as you feel it course through you and awaken all fully from within. β™₯ Full presence ….. allow yourself the EXPERIENCE…. of multi-dimensionality…. it’s beyond your wildest human dreams, as you anchor your dreams into and through your physical body here. β™₯

I love you! In-JOY your new fully too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Art @ Fanpop

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