Shakti – Vijay Arumugam


Losar Bey Tashi Delek
2019 is the year of the Earth Wild Boar, ‘the Transformer’ in the Tibetan, Chinese and Vedic Traditions.

If you are reading this then you are likely to have had a past life in a highly structured environment like a monastery or convent, strict religious community or secret society, or as a hermit, wise woman, alchemist, shaman or mystic, in a mountain, forest or cave retreat and identify with the quest of achieving spiritual heights, quite set apart from human society. You know that you are in a cycle now of transforming in your connections to life, abundance, flow and success in your divine mission here on earth with the heart purpose of connecting to all humankind with unity consciousness in this year, 2019, of the Tibetan Earth Wild Boar.

The year of the Tibetan Earth Wild Boar is repeated once every 60 years, offering a powerful new period of universal love, luck, abundance, success and a reinterpretation of our human purpose individually and collectively.

The last time this occurred in 1959 was the year the Dalai Lama was forced to flee Tibet, an event of enormous transformation in terms of the potential this brought for opening Tibetan Buddhism to the world through the spotlight it placed on Tibet and the Dalai Lama’s plight.

This time will see transformation on a never-before-seen scale as unity of faith and spirituality reveal the truth of what we have all known to be the truth of our origins.

This is the final cycle of the planet, a time when your inter-dimensional alchemy is flowing. You understand the power within and without, “as above so below” so you know many of the events happening on earth are reflecting the wider cosmos and your knowledge of how to use the alchemy you practiced in solitary retreat is awake.

So you know how to transform.

Yourself and others.

This year is potent for transforming the wisdom within you of ancient cultures and star families you have connections to such as the Chaldean, (energy that leads), the ancient Chinese (heavenly teachers), Assyrian and Akkadian (Sun and Solar consciousness), North American indigenous tribes (Seri and Tohono O’odham who teach the Way of the Mountain, Cherokee who follow the Guardians of the Paths of Souls, or Inuit and the Moon God energies) or the Egyptian (the Goddess Of Sirius, Sopdet, She of sacred fertility consciousness) and the Greek (Demeter or Ceres and Her sacred animal the pig).

It was the star of Radha “the delight” or “success” so many connections to Krishna are found here.

The deities of Indra, the God of Transformation and Agni, the God of Fire reflect the consciousness of energy, strength and power, vyapani shakti, to achieve the many fruits in life you have desired.

Agni The God of Fire by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt

Like Ceres it reflects, plowing, cultivating and achieving the fruits of harvest.

We all know the earth has chakra points known as sacred sites like Glastonbury and Giza. “As above so below”. The universe reflects our bodies and also has chakra points where Sirius is the Higher Mind, the Pleiades (or Seven Sisters) the seven chakras, and Venus the Higher Heart. The Earth is the base or root anchor though which the universal mind and heart flows.

Sirius, the Pleiades and Our Sun (Earth, Venus, Jupiter) form a cosmic triangle of inter-dimensional energies. It is these energies we attune to, to connect to our star families.

Your knowledge of alchemy and natural magic is flowing through these connections and your consciousness is already reaching a point of presence in the sounds and light of the Divine, opening the language we call light language to communicate beyond and retrieve information and energy from the divine Light.

You can touch your deity consciousness, your Light Family, and bring healing to those around you by embodying god and goddess consciousness.

Seeing all beings as earth angels and bodhisattvas of the Light.

Seeing all beings as Light Beings.

Your path is the Shambhala Path, a simple awareness of being and co-creation where you are aware that the veils cast over our earth with its confusion of politics and grasping after material possessions has nothing whatsoever to do with you and everything to do with perspective. When you fill yourself with compassion and gratitude you will naturally surrender and let go and attract those who will shelter and feed your heart and bring you divine friendship to expand your true self and our shared heart.

You are the Light.

You know the Moon Consciousness in the Pure Land of Divine Mother where you embrace all events and circumstances knowing that everything is in order. The ocean of Divine Mother is perfection in its timing and tides and bathes you in energies you can trust. It is safe to trust now. There are no mistakes. Nothing has happened to you by chance or coincidence. It is all in the Divine Plan.

This year 2019 falls into the embrace of the Tibetan Goddess Wangpo Denma, She of Divine Purpose and Celestial Vision and the Vedic Star of Purpose, Vishakha, which is the Tree of Life, and the mystical sixteenth Vedic nakshatra of success, great fruit on the path, enthusiasm, faith, optimism and hope.

It represents the bliss drops at the center of your heart. When activated it brings “undefeatable power”, yatna shakti and spiritual enlightenment.

The treasure is in the heart.

You may find yourself making gains from whatever you anchored in 2018, so long as you persist with determination in what you started. Worldwide there will be massive transformation as the old order dies away.

The greatest good you can do is to help alleviate the suffering of others by reminding them of who they truly are.

You are the Light.

Agni ~ 1830 painting, Tamil Nadu, British Museum

A sattwic, pure foods or vegetarian diet and practice of ahimsa (non-violence) is advised to allow the Light to enter.

The Divine energy within will be aroused as you expand with your consciousness of abundance. The key is transformation. Keep the focus on transforming towards unity consciousness. Be careful not to be critical or complaining as this energy brings a period of a sensitive nervous system, skin sensitivity, allergies and mental restlessness and critical speech only heightens such sensitivities.

Gratitude and appreciation can heal many wounds.

Compassionate awareness and presence.

Gratitude, courage, purification of eating habits and time to be alone in nature and stillness with your loved ones and divine friends are the best remedies.


The simplest way to practice the alchemy of transformation is to BE the energies of transformation and Light for all beings, as you have the Light Body of a Buddha, a Guan Yin and a Christ, a Mary Magdalena, a Krishna or Radha, within.

The Buddha and the master Nagarjuna taught in the Generation stage methods of Tantra, Secret Mantra and Vajrayana practice to apply yourself to a system such as a deity mandala and mentally purify the three states of death, intermediate transition and rebirth, by mentally transforming these into the three perfect Buddha Kayas or bodies, the ‘body’ of what we perceive around us, the Light ‘body’ and the truth ‘body’.

The Five Buddha Families and the Deity Mandala were taught in a way that the more complex the mandala meditated upon, the more powerful its potency to ripen one’s continuum throughout time and space.

As within so without.

As above so below.

Here is a way to activate the Deity Mandala for the abundance and success of this transformational energy.

Settle yourself somewhere quiet.

Place your feet flat on the ground and your hands in your lap.

For a few minutes take your attention to your breathing.

Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in love and light, wisdom and compassion, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out love and light, wisdom and compassion.

You may be aware of the breathing as sensation, a feeling in the nasal passages, or as the sound of the breath or you may see it as light entering the body.

Be kind to yourself.

Enjoy the flow of this beautiful breath.

Let it nurture and embrace you deeply.

Who is it that is witnessing the breathing?

I AM Presence.

Take your attention to your spine, the astral spine, the sushumna, and visualize the breath as a river of light, beginning at the base of the spine and rising up to curve into the third eye, the ajna chakra and then curve up and over the crown chakra and down your back like a river of light.

Breathing in, I am aware I am breathing in love and Light, wisdom and compassion, breathing out I am aware I am breathing out love and Light, wisdom and compassion.

Who is it that experiences the breath as light?

I AM Presence.

Now let go.


Allow the space of peace to expand in infinite directions.

Be silent.

Who is it that is aware of the silence?

I AM Presence, the Creator Within.

Be still and know the Creator within.

In that stillness witness what arises.

The mind and heart that realizes the emptiness starts to resonate as the sound of the cosmos throughout this infinite space.

The sound dissolves into a bliss seed, the size of a mustard seed that transforms into a bliss syllable representing your true self, that emanates rays of light with offerings to all the Christs, Buddhas and Divine Mothers.

Their blessings then absorb back into us.

Then we radiate these Great Light Beings on the tips of rays of light to our friends and family, those near and dear to us, the ones we work with, our neighbors in the community.

They in turn transform into Earth Angels, Masters and Bodhisattvas of the Light and absorb back into you.

You then appear as a radiant Light Being, manifesting the body of Light, radiant and transparent, filled with the Light of the Creator within.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

Love and soul blessings and Happy New Year!
Sakya Pema (previously Palmo Shonu with Princess Mandarava)
serving as Tibetan astrological adviser to Sakya Pandita

💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜

at the request of the Protectress of Tibet Goddess Palden Lhamo, friend of Our Mother Guan Yin
(Altair and Mother) ❤️❤️

***At New Years in Tibet people say: “Losar Bey Tashi Delek”, meaning “Prosperity and Good Will for the New Year”.

Losar Bey Tashi Delek

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  1. Thank you, Altair. Happy New Year! Happy Losar !
    Losar Bey Tashi Delek! Abundant Soul Blessings!
    With Love, Appreciation and Gratitude ❤

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