Default to the Red or the Gold? Steve Beckow

Sailing Home Painting – Canada – by Graham Herbert


Default to the Red or the Gold?

I’ve just invoked the Law of Sacred Purpose and my guides, Michael, and the Mother to gift me with an enormous amount of love right now as I make the transition from being in the red emotionally to being in the gold.

I’m making a shift from my default being blame, doubt, and pessimism to it being forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude. (1)

I’m getting a better understanding of Michael’s term “addiction to pain.” I’ve been addicted or habituated to habits of behavior that have only ever brought me and others pain.   That’s their output and residue.

I’m addicted to them because of my unwillingness ever to have to endure some traumatic event I endured in the past.

That creates a vasana or core issue. If I’m vigilant and proactive, I won’t ever have to endure pain myself. Others perhaps, but not me. My vasana protects me.

Here’s what happened tonight – a rainy, blustering evening outside.

I was lonely and I decided I wanted a piece of pizza. That would definitely do it for me.

And on the way I shifted my feeling from loneliness to love. I began to love myself, as Kathleen recommends.

And then I observed myself falling back into some sort of default. And I saw that my default was in the red, in the negative. I was addicted to pain.

All my fatigue derives from it, all my despair and dismay. Garbage in, garbage out. As within, so without.

The payoff is that I get to be left alone – to write.

Nice, neat little package called “life.” Life in a bottle.

It’s like a Broadway play that will run as long as there’s an audience to see it. Once the audience stops coming, the play fades away.

OK, now I know the mechanism that lies below my suffering, my addiction to pain. I default to the negative; my residuum and desired outcome is pain and misery.

Games up when I become aware of my scripts and acts. Awareness is all that’s needed to have them subside. If I’m a participant observer in my life, this is the observer part.

Unlike the positive or divine states, the negative or dissonant states cannot last. They must be recharged on every occasion or they fade from memory.

I have to act them out, shout if they require shouting, be rude if they require that. Then they go back down recharged in memory and I am “stronger.”

The divine states will go, for sure – if we turn our face from them, if we abuse them, etc.  But of their native nature, they’re eternal and therefore lasting. They need no recharging in and of themselves. We do, but they don’t.

On the one hand, our vasanas want to stay forever but subside if we simply observe them. On the other hand, the divine states will not remain if we abuse or neglect them but expand if we simply observe them.

Vasanas that come from the constructive side of life result in pleasing things coming our way; vasanas from the destructive side, unpleasant things. I can bear witness to that state of affairs. That’s what we come into life to experience and learn from, I think.

It’s a struggle to get myself to default to the positive. I have to acknowledge it. I am the last resistor. I will never forgive. I will never forget.  I will always remember injustice, unfairness.

Nothing needs doing. I’m just aware of it all as it all floods back into memory, is observed, and is released.


(1) Kathleen’s formulation.


Sailing Home Painting – Canada – by Graham Herbert

THE EMPOWERING GIFT OF FORGIVENESS – Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman

Wings of Love Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Artmajeur






Beloved masters, as the higher frequencies of Light and Creator wisdom permeate the Earth and humanity, a radical shift in consciousness is taking place.  More and more precious Souls are questioning their basic beliefs and examining their life patterns, the many structures they have built, both physical and mental, which make up their personal reality. Fear and uncertainty are rampant, and a great majority of people fear that the best times are past, and the future looks bleak and uncertain.

It is normal to resist or be uncomfortable with dramatic changes, especially when people feel they are not in charge and in control of their future. That is why it is so important to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self, and to connect with your wonderful angelic guides and teachers.

Know that the pathway home has always been in place and your return to the higher realms of illumination is assured. However, be aware that the secret of how this is accomplished comes from within, not from your outer world.  The internal transformation process can be accomplished with ease and grace when you once again gain access to the wisdom of your Sacred Heart and Mind. We encourage you to take advantage of all the wonderful information that is coming forth from the Realms of Light via the many messengers and teachers who have dedicated their lives to bringing forth advanced universal wisdom.

Beloved ones, you are deep in the process of healing past transgressions, and releasing the painful memories of your many past lives on the earthly plane – as well as those from throughout your solar system and galaxy as well.

We have said before, you will not be punished or cast into hell. Will you please heed our words? You are not judged – you never have been judged by anyone or any Being from the unseen or higher realms – YOU ONLY JUDGE YOURSELF!

Under the Universal Laws of cause and effect, all your thoughts, intentions and deeds are stored within your auric field and your chakra system, and you radiate the vibrational patterns created thereby, which go forth from you in an infinity pattern and return to you in like frequencies and measure. In the past it often took many lifetimes to reap the rewards for positive, loving actions, or to experience the penalties for negative or hurtful actions. Therefore, most often, it was not obvious that the righteous are indeed rewarded, and the unrighteous also receive their just rewards in kind. Again, no great or small Being is doling out rewards or punishment. The Universal Laws are firmly in place, and your own Higher Self monitors your progress or lack thereof; either clearing the way ahead, and blessing you with miracles large and small − or by placing more obstacles before you in hopes you will awaken and step onto the spiral of Ascension.

Dear hearts, too many of you are carrying great burdens from the past, mistakes you have made in this lifetime, and also many from past conditioning and buried memories of painful events or actions from all your previous lifetimes. Holding onto these memories or carrying the burdens of inequity no longer serves you. It is time for you to allow us to help you heal the painful memories stored within your physical vessel and auric field, just as we are clearing the distortions of the Third-and Fourth-Dimensional collective consciousness belief patterns and bringing those dimensions back into their originally designed spectrum of duality.

As you descended into the restricted, limiting realms of consciousness, the veil of forgetfulness was placed over your memory so that, most often, you could not remember your past lives, for it would be too much of a burden to remember all your past mistakes and imperfections. It was an act of mercy, for it has proven difficult enough for you to forgive yourselves for your errors and misjudgments in this lifetime, much less all your past aberrations. These restrictive membranes of Light are slowly dissolving as you return to balance and harmony and advance on the spiral of ascension and reunification. An important fact to remember is that even though you no longer recall your past errors and the thoughts and deeds that threw you off balance, those energies are still present within your cellular structure waiting to be rectified and returned to harmony within. That is the process you are now in the midst of at this time: through your conscious awareness and by aligning your will with the Will of your Higher Self and our Mother/Father God, all that is not in harmony with the frequencies of the higher Fourth Dimension are roiling up within to be healed and returned to the harmonics of peaceful coexistence, joy and loving intention.

Imagine a great orchestra playing a symphony; however, each instrument is a little off-key. Now imagine how uncomfortable that would make you. And then, picture some of the most powerful negative vibrational patterns you have sent forth in the past − instead of beautiful, melodic frequencies which lift and inspire − it is as if you have been sending forth discordant frequencies, which clash and create chaos instead of balance and harmony.  Can you bring to mind some of the positive vibrational patterns you have radiated forth recently, which have been as powerful as your negative thought forms?

Your Soul Song has gradually lost some of its pure and harmonious frequency patterns, and therefore, both your inner and outer worlds have become off-balance and discordant. We have stressed over and over again, one of the greatest challenges, yet the most important thing to be accomplished in order to step onto the spiral of ascension, is to return to center within your Solar Power Center. This facilitates the opening of the Sacred Heart, and thereby, allows the Creator Light to flow freely to and from you. This, in turn, assists you to reclaim your uniquely beautiful and harmonious Soul signature.

We have explained how a membrane of Light was placed over the portal at the back of your Sacred Heart Center until it was time for you to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions and the realms of Light. However, you and you alone placed a membrane of protection over the front portal to your Sacred Heart Center because you have been hurt, disappointed and disillusioned so often.

Slowly but surely, through the techniques we have given you, you have dissolved those restrictive membranes so that the Love/Light can flow freely to and from you in the way it was intended.  In order to access and radiate the ever-increasing frequencies of Light, you must be able to integrate and permeate your Being with these advanced vibrational patterns. Then, you must be prepared to radiate them down into the core of the Earth, and project them out into the world at large, via your Sacred Heart Center portals – both front and back.

Envision how you looked when you first came to Earth: you were a shining crystalline Pillar of Light, filled with a full allotment of the virtues, qualities and talents of your God Ray consciousness.  Slowly as you sank into the density, you began to build a cross of matter, which became more and more unwieldy as your spectrum of Light and shadow increased. You are now in the process of loving those Fragments you have created back into balance and harmony as you seek and tap into higher and higher frequencies of Light. You are in the process of becoming a cross of Light, beloveds, as your spinal chakra system becomes ignited and you radiate Love/Light from the front and back portals of your Sacred Heart Center.

Why not move into the center of the spiral of ascending consciousness – into the eye of duality and polarity where all is calm and peaceful, and filled with pure cosmic life force substance called Adamantine Particles – waiting to be molded into your vision of the future? This very moment, as you move into your Sacred Heart Center, you can experience the profound love and compassion of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator, knowing that you are a treasured son/daughter on an important mission and that nothing you can say or do can diminish that love.


Stand in front of a mirror and gaze into your own eyes or go into your Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table.

Say to yourself, “I forgive myself for any action, thought or deed – past, present or future – in this or any other reality, which has not been composed of the frequencies of Sacred Love. I forgive everyone with whom I have shared conflicting, discordant energies during my present or past lives – in this or any other reality – and I return to them, wrapped in a bubble of love, all negative memories, impacted energies and probable futures that we have created together. I ask the angels of forgiveness to permeate all Facets of my Being with the frequencies of Love/Light so that I may become Soul-focused and heart-centered as a Bearer of Light and a Self-master.”

Breathe deeply as you move into your Sacred Heart Center. Allow the pure Love/Light to pour down through you via your Higher Self. Feel the expansion in your heart center as this Divine Elixir of Love permeates the very depths of your Being. Sacred Love is what frees you from the shackles you have woven around yourselves, binding, restricting and entangling you in karmic interactions. When you deny this love, you are denying your heritage and your Divine birthright. Perform this exercise as often as necessary until you feel you have accepted the truth that you are worthy of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a very personal act, and it must come from the heart. It does not matter if others forgive you or not. When you forgive from the heart, it changes the energy dynamics between you and others. As we have said before, you can only change yourself, and you must allow others to change in their own time and way. You are only responsible for your own spiritual growth. However, remember, dear hearts, your loving energy speaks for itself and it creates miracles.

Forgiveness of Self, which facilitates a forgiveness of all others, is an integral step in the process of opening the portal to your Sacred Heart Center. Your heart portal must be open in order to successfully connect with the many Facets of your Divine Self and your universal consciousness. You must make a concerted effort to return to harmony and balance within your own Being in order to be ready to connect with your Divine counterparts. Your painful, unsatisfying earthly relationships are a result of inner feelings of unworthiness, guilt, fear of failure and rejection.

The battle of the sexes is really an internal battle with Self, as you project your needs, wants and desires outward to someone else in hopes they can supply what is missing within. Your relationships will surely reflect to you the negative energies you need to overcome as well as some of the positive attributes you desire for yourself. Either can be painful or fulfilling, depending on the way you wish to apply the game of relationships. Negative frequency physical relationships are fear-based, rigid, self-absorbed and limiting. Sacred relationships are love-based and Spirit-inspired, and allow each party to integrate and express the positive attributes of their intrinsic masculine and feminine nature. They focus on wholeness and unity, and yet they are flexible and allow freedom of expression.

As you lift your consciousness and return to harmony within, you radiate forth more refined frequency patterns, and therefore, you will attract to you those who are radiating and are comfortable with the same level of the Light spectrum. The reunification process entails rejoining the multiple Facets and levels of your Soul family, which consists of your earthly Soul companions and the many Facets of your Higher-Self − your solar, galactic and Sub-Universal family.

Beloveds, won’t you begin the process of forgiveness NOW, and make a concerted effort to open the portal of your Sacred Heart Center so that these wondrous gifts can be showered down upon you?

Call on us and allow us to assist you. Remember, we are only a heartbeat and a thought away. We enfold you in the Sacred, unconditional love of our Father/Mother God. I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from:


Wings of Love Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Artmajeur


Conversations with a Friend-Sue Lie & Monica

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Conversations with a Friend–Sue Lie and Monica

Monica and Sue’s Conversation of 1-16-19


Hi Monica. What did you want to talk about today?


I think it is very interesting to always look into what we are feeling and slowly going through us, through the different phases, through seasons, months, weeks and days and through the times of the day. Just like the Earth has seasons, we also have seasons. We never stay the same. Sometimes we become more sensitive and feel more of everything around us.

So I wonder what this is like for you? What do you feel and what changes do you feel happening or coming?


What changes I feel are coming or how I am feeling right now or both?


In the now or in the very recent time.


I am going to call in the Arcturians now.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

We are the Arcturians, and what we would like to share is that Gaia is changing. Now some of Gaia’s changes are adaptations to the mass of destruction that humanity has done to Her over ages of time.

However, some of the changes that are occurring with Gaia is that SHE is raising HER vibration. Gaia, the Planet, is indeed a living being that can think and feel. Gaia doesn’t think in the same way as human thinks, just as a horse doesn’t think in the same way as a human thinks, but anyone who rides a horse knows that horses actually, think all the time.

So what we, the Arcturians, would like is for you, the humans to allow yourselves to begin to understand how is it that Gaia thinks. How does the planet think? Because if you can think like the planet, then you have aligned yourself with the One, that is the One of the planetary body and the One of all the beings that live on that planetary body.

It is not that you have to carry all that in your consciousness because the 3rd dimensional person cannot do that, but just knowing that the combined consciousness exists changes one’s outlook on life to encompass that everything is alive.

Do you wish to comment on that or add to that?


Thank you. I feel that this is very important, and I would like to share an experience I had in my spiritual awakening and evolution. It was at a time when I connected with the spirit of Lady Gaia and when I felt her Love. It was then that it became so naturally obvious that Gaia is a part of us and we are a part of her.

It was that natural connection which led me to discover that Gaia is a living Being. Not only is she a living organism, but also, she has this tremendous love for everything which lives on her body. Now, more humans have come around to acknowledge how her body has been mistreated.

Therefore, we are connected to the different aspects of Gaia, the elementals and the fact that your body is built up from all those elements that live on Gaia. So whatever you consume comes from Gaia.

This connection with Gaia, this awareness is something that greatly expands us and enriches us, because we all live on this planet. And, we cannot ignore this anymore. It is this connection that brings in a very, very deep sense of Peace and Balance.

This is the message that many sensitives, empaths, healers or anyone discovering themselves, are feeling. They are feeling the call from Gaia to reconnect with Her.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

Yes, it’s easy for people to get so caught up in their personal life, their personal needs and their personal goals that they forget that there’s a bigger picture that everything that happens to us personally is an offshoot of something that’s happening on a bigger level. You know from the weather, within the politics, within the leaders, or within the family.

Humanity has become too addicted to that concept of individuality because the only thing that is individual is that clay form that they are wearing. But you are not your clay form. That clay form is something that was created by your mother for you to enter into to have your life.

Then when that clay form no longer works, you leave that clay form and go back to wherever you wish to go back to. Then, when you go into higher levels of meditation, your consciousness expands. It is then that the lines that separate you, separate you from the table, separate you from the computer, even separate you even though they are all close to you, they are NOT you.

But right there in front of me in your computer, but actually, you’re far away in a completely different country that I have to get on a plane and fly for 8 hours for. So the internet is something showing us that time and space is really quite a bit of an illusion isn’t it?


Yes, very much so and because Gaia is the biggest organism we are in the direct physical contact with I feel she has so much to give to us and so much to offer to us and especially if we’re looking to expand our knowing and feeling of Love.

The Universe’s base exists within the frequency of Love and here we have the body of Gaia, who’s already here and she IS love, she has loved so when we connect with her and with her Love, and love for her then we are really connecting with the biggest love field we can have on Earth because we are on Earth.

When we connect with each other, we unify our intentions. Then we collectively raise these intentions and allow them and perceive them as ripples of magnified energy fields that affect our personal wellbeing. I feel if we want to truly advance our existence on Earth that these elements of our life must be very fundamental.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

Yes, and one of the things that we have been really seeing in California is how much Gaia communicates. And that interaction between people and the planet, because there have been many issues like fires and then of course after you’ve had fires, then the land isn’t strong enough so then you have some floods.

It is true that if the people are in alignment with the planet, then they know what to do and what not to do. They know what Gaia needs and what Gaia doesn’t need.


Yes, absolutely and when we reach this awareness, when we connect with this energy every day, living becomes shifted because we shift our existence so that it becomes bigger and bigger. And our purpose to help Gaia greatly expands. This perception expands into something that takes us out of the everyday drama because we understand that there is something very important and very big.

This is how we shift our awareness and our consciousness into being more loving, more caring and understanding that any emotion we have during the day, we are giving to Gaia, and at the same time, we may feel what SHE is going through. Then, if she’s troubled we can feel it just as if we were feeling a child, and we can talk to that child with love and examine what is going on.

We tell her how to ease it and to bring softness, raise joy and bring more balance. We have this power, as human beings, we have so much power to generate love, to generate balance, to generate what we seek: which is really happiness.

But if we want that happiness then we have some responsibility to make sure that the planet within us is happy too. Because if she’s not happy, then no matter what we do, how can we know happiness if her body is not happy? We are living on this planet! We ARE members of this living, planetary body. This is a very big collective responsibility.

And, of course, we have the different actions and the different layers of that aspect of how we treat the planet, but the most basic and fundamental aspect is that we have power in every moment to make Gaia feel good.

And, by doing so we make ourselves feel good. And when we make ourselves feel good, we make Gaia feel good. Then we build up and build up and build up our commitment to Gaia. Then if we exercise this “building up of Gaia” for some time, personally, in groups, in gatherings, in meditations, then it really becomes a stronger, feeling with a higher volume. Then WE have this capacity to increase this volume.

Sue/ The Arcturians:

Gaia has been saying there’s something coming up that you need to pay attention to. You, my human protectors need to pay attention to the needs of your Mother Gaia.

We need to do that in our daily life because when we go into Nature when we’re speaking with Gaia, we are in a situation where lying isn’t even a concept. Gaia does not know how to lie, animals don’t know how to lie only, humans can lie.

And so when you are with the nature, with the tree or with the dog or with the cat, or a deer comes up, OK this is the truth.

What these beings are is a truth. I remember when one time I was camping, I saw a flower circle which is very rare, it was a circle of little yellow flowers and they were in a circle.

And I thought OK I’m going to set, it was a fairy circle. So I stepped into the fairy circle, and when I stepped into the fairy circle I got this flash, this total download of this whole book which was about my life in fairy. I got so much information, things I haven’t even heard of before.

And so, as we commune with Gaia, then we ground ourselves and when we ground ourselves then we are the planet.


Yes, yes that’s indeed. I can also share that the times when I spend in nature, the extensive times in Egypt and recently in India, where this nature is so pure, so vast, that just spending time in nature is magical. What I discovered was that even just 2 or 3 days are just so, so healing, transformational and rejuvenating, and re-charging.

And then so many ideas come to write down, some feelings also especially during the full moons. I think the most, most outstanding insight is that whenever I’m in those places, and whenever I go to a new place, I’m like ‘oh my gosh, this planet is so extraordinary beautiful!’

Why isn’t everyone just doing that, looking at her and admiring her? The nature we have on planet Earth with different countries and continents is just such a beauty.


Gaia is a very diverse planet. There are very few planets that have the diversity that Gaia has. Gaia has big cities, she has huge areas where there is no one, she has tall mountains and deep waters. If you can think of it, Gaia has it. And WE, the members of humanity have been appointed to be the “Guardians for Gaia.”

When, we the Arcturians, first came to Sue, the first thing that we talked about was that humanity needed to take better care of planet Earth. And that was in the eighties, early nineteen-eighties, so that was a long time ago.

There have been times when humans did care of the planet, and then there were times when they did great damage to Gaia.

Before you took your current earth vessel, you went before your own Higher Dimensional SELF to affirm the Mission that you were ready to accept. Because the higher beings that you addressed could see beyond time, they knew what challenges dear Gaia would need to face.

Therefore, they called on fifth-dimensional beings to take a third-dimensional earth vessel, so that they could live on Gaia and assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension. However, few higher dimensional beings could imagine how difficult life on Earth could be. So when they stood before the Interdimensional Panel, they had great expectations of how they could assist Gaia.

These “recruits to Earth” planned to wonderful things, but when they got down to Earth, many of them got distracted from their mission. When they came to Earth, they got distracted by the “fear” which they did NOT experience in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Gaia is afraid right now, she’s a frighten planet. There has been a lot of negative things that have been done to Her planetary body. Therefore, what the “recruits to Gaia” soon earned was to send Unconditional Love into the pockets of fear. This gift to Gaia assists Her. Some areas of Gaia could accept the love because the humans could accept he loves.

But some areas of Gaia were so wounded that they needed to be healed before they could fully accept that Interdimensional Love. Interdimensional Love flows down from the fifth dimension and into Gaia’s fourth dimensional expression of self. It is up to the humans to assist Gaia to integrate that love into Her planetary body. But it is only when humans love their Planet that they can share that love with Gaia.


So, it really depends on the time and where we are. When we speak, for example, about the inner situation in Egypt, where I spent several months in recent years, I found that the situation there has been much better than the media portrayed.

Therefore I have found lots of love on the land of Egypt, as well as from lots of the people of Egypt. The Egyptian society in general, from all people, children, adults, youth, is a very high level of integrity because it’s a very religious country where the practice of the prayer is cultivated.

So as I attended some of the prayers during the time of Ramadan there, which was a very deep touching experience. The energies created during the Ramadan fasting for the holy month was extraordinary. It was like a blanket of very, very special energies were created.

You really feel it there because people really switch off from life at least to a big degree. Although life goes on in many areas, as usual, people really treat that time as a process to go inside and to pray. And prayer is something very natural to those in any religion and even without religion. It is our natural ability to enter into a state of communion with our soul, the forces of the Universe and higher powers which some see as God.

Many choose that life as a path. Therefore, I’ve found lots of love, lots of love coming to Gaia, through this love I remember my very, very first experience in Egypt. It was just after Ramadan in July, when Cairo which is usually a very vast place, sometimes a chaotic city, was like a capital of Peace.

The Peace in the air and on Earth was like a temple, it was absolutely incredible that this big city was turning into a big blanket of Love, Peace deep, deep Peace. And I have found the same with the numerous prayers in the mosque’s, especially in Alexandria.

It’s that really whenever people give up their daily activities, schedules and just gather together in the communion to commune with God, with the force of the Universe and at the same time Earth, then really beautiful things happen within themselves. And that was a very special and beautiful experience.

I felt that was a big, big gift for Gaia.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:34 AM

GRATITUDE & MANIFESTATION – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson

I am grateful art by Carl Attard @ Pexels



                      💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜

Greetings Beloved Ones,
WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss gratitude as being part of manifestation.


Gratitude is a concept that is generally recognized as part of a spiritual path.

Letting others know that you appreciate how they have helped you is something that is taught to children at an early age. For many years, you may have recognized expressing gratitude as a social grace that is part of polite society.

However, expressing gratitude has an energy of its own. It serves as part of the manifestation process as well as helping you to progress to higher dimensional levels.

Gratitude for receiving something or completing a project is often one of the last steps in the manifestation process. You may express gratitude to those who have helped you with the various steps of the manifestation, and you may extend this to the Beings of Light in the Higher Realms who are always there to assist you when you ask for their help. Expressing gratitude completes the circle of manifestation.

A project usually begins with an idea. This is molded into a concept and expressed as an intention. You have a picture in your mind of what the completed project will be, whether this is a physical project or a state of being you want to achieve.

The next step is to develop a plan to accomplish your goal. You may have a detailed plan at the outset, or you may opt for a more generalized approach and fill in the specific details as you go along. At each step of the way, you can call on the Higher Beings for assistance.

Taking action is the next step. No project will automatically manifest without action. For example, if you have a goal to live a more peaceful life, you may decide to add additional meditation time to your day. Wishing this could occur does not replace actually meditating. Similarly, building a physical project will not occur without putting the pieces together.

After you have decided on your goal, set a clear intention, developed a plan, and taken action steps, your project is completed or your new state of being is in place. You probably feel elated at this point.

However, adding the step of expressing gratitude can yield even greater results for you on your spiritual path.

Expressing gratitude shows that you recognize that many factors were at work during the manifestation process. Perhaps you had assistance from others who actually helped you during the process. They may have provided physical labor or donated supplies, or they may have taken on other responsibilities to allow you to devote more time to your project.

You may have also asked the Beings in the Higher Realms to assist you. They may have arranged for you to meet someone who helped you, or they may have come to you during meditation to give you insights about how to manifest your goal even more easily.

When you express gratitude, an energetic exchange takes place. The mere act of expressing gratitude shows that you are aware that many factors, both seen and unseen, were at work in the manifestation. This sets up a connection in the mind that completes an energetic loop between the first idea and the last action step. If the manifestation process is considered to be a circle, gratitude completes it and closes the loop.

Expressing gratitude also carries a high energetic frequency and prepares you for your next step of progression on your ascension path. The circle that is completed with gratitude can actually be compared to rising higher on a spiral. Although you have completed the process, you rise higher on the spiral of ascension when you express gratitude, thereby increasing your vibration.

Then, because you are vibrating at a higher frequency, you attract even greater possibilities to you for the next step on your path.

Expressing gratitude is a culminating step in the manifestation process and sets the stage for your new creation for highest good.

Beloved, we are happy that you recognize the interconnectness of all of Creation when you express gratitude. We enjoy working with you when you call on us for assistance in developing your creative experiences.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2019 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:


I am grateful art by Carl Attard @ Pexels

You Are A Gift – Kara Schallock

Geisha & Flower Painting by Eva Campbell, Evita Works, Etsy


You Are A Gift – 29-Jan-2019

You may feel as though teaching or telling someone how to be comes from a place of Love. It isn’t! It’s controlling and disempowering. It takes their Power away, for you do not know what their path is. It empowers their smallness and creates separation; that you know what is best for them and they don’t know what is best for themselves. However, if you are invited to share your Wisdom, then do so. Always wait to be asked or ask them how you may help. Don’t just jump in to fix or rescue another. Remember that no-one is higher or lower than you. What is best is to just listen to them, trusting they know what is best for themselves. Just hold a space of Love for them in full support of their choices.

Honor your own gifts. Your gifts aren’t necessarily “lightworker” gifts, because no matter what gifts you have, they are Light and they are Love. For instance, just by holding a space of Love for others is a gift. Your Light procedes you, so just be yourself…that is gift enough. To be of Divine Service is to shine your Light no matter what you do or where you are. As you listen to and follow your own Heart’s Guidance, you are in Divine Service.

Every being has a gift or gifts to offer the world. It may be that you are bored with your current gifts or that you aren’t doing enough. Be very clear before you abandon any of your gifts. Please know that what you offer the world is much bigger than what you think it is. For instance, you may be anchoring Love onto the New Earth grid, but not consciously know that you are doing so. Every time you travel or hike or take a short walk, you add energy to the New Earth Grid. What all gifts require of you is to be authentic. When you are being you, you share your gift of Love. Boredom or not consciously knowing what your gift is does not mean you are not adding your Light to anything or anyone. Just be you. Be authentic. Be Love. Every time you admire a flower or hug someone or greet someone or smile at someone, you are sharing your gift, which is no small thing. It does much; much more than you realize.

If you feel that you are “wrong,” please know you are not. Your Intuition is being upgraded. So please do trust what you receive. On a personal note, I have had a contentious relationship with my Earth mother. As I acknowledged this yet once again, I received a flood of past life memories about how this was created. My first impulse was to think I was making it all up, yet I was told it was all true and to trust what I was receiving. I must say, it really made sense. So what now? I went through much Forgiveness and continue to love and accept her unconditionally. It does not matter how she chooses to treat me, for that is her choice. Through Forgiveness, I released her and freed myself from a long-held pattern of victimhood. In forgiving her, I also let go of all the lifetimes of abuse and neglect. I as well helped to heal all of my ancestral lineage connected to these memories. I have worked on this relationship for many years, yet now was the time that I was shown how it was created. I wasn’t ready before. Things are revealed only when we are ready for them.

The moment you choose, you create the next moments, for you create through whatever choices you make. If you choose to see that you are victimized, you create more instances of victimization. Victimization might look like abuse, not being loved for who you are, being taken advantage of…anything in which you perceive that someone or something has wronged you in some way. You have an opportunity to let it go, unless you want to continue in a particular pattern. Realize that the person or situation you feel victimized by is actually an opportunity to forgive, let go and create something different. Playing the victim is a fear-based decision that continues to separate. Realize that the person or situation actually mirrors an aspect of you that wants to transform. Instead of seeing the world as a terrible and hurtful place, ask instead what it is that is being mirrored to you. When you take full Responsibility, you free yourself and the world to be more.

When you let go of all fear-based choices and replace them with Love/Oneness choices, you not only transform the fear, but you add to the vibration of Love for yourself and the Earth. Instead of “wishing” things were different, do something about it other than complaining, fixing or saving. Change your vibration so that you uplift the consciousness of all. You are constantly creating your life through your choices. When you resolve personal issues, you rise in vibration and consciousness and everything shifts to match your new vibration and consciousness. You not only heal the past and old perceptions by changing your vibration; you free others to do the same. When you can truly see that nothing is a negative experience, but an opportunity to shift higher, you free yourself and others.

As you look around you and see that much is dissolving, take Heart and trust that it is making way for the New to replace the old. As each of us transforms the old within ourselves, old structures in the world are also transformed. You cannot do your work without affecting everyone and everything else, for we are One. This not only includes all that is dissolving in your own life, but the lives of others and global institutions as well. If this brings up sadness or anger or other emotions from within you, remember that all perceived dysfunction in the world mirrors your own. This is a gift of Awareness to see that all mirrors something within you. This Awareness then helps you release and transform what is beneath the anger or other emotions. As you transform the deeper issue, you also empower Oneness consciousness within you, as nothing truly is outside of you. Don’t you just love how everything worksfor you and never against you? As you respond to everything in your environment, you are in the Flow and not in resistance. Love is all there is. Realize too that when you change something, old emotions attached to what you are shifting are released. You can observe these emotions dispassionately as they dissolve and transform into Love.

There may be times in which you grow very weary of all the changes in your life, and yet it is all for you and your evolution. Take a moment when you feel this weariness, disheartedness or anger and focus on one small thing of Beauty. It could be a child, a flower, a bird or your pet. It could shift things just by stepping outside. Look up at the stars and the moon and notice how you feel. How you feel is how you create your life.

Be sure to let go of anyone who treats you with less than the Respect you are. Let go of anything that is no longer joyful for you. You need not be concerned with being alone or feeling lost without the thing you let go of. Yet, you are never alone and always supported. Love and Joy are your natural state of being. Anything that detracts you from that simply no longer belongs. There will be something always to replace that which you let go of; something that is more aligned with the New You. All is aligned with your consciousness.

You have shifted so much that now is the time to fill up with all things New. It is time to act on what you know. Let go of any doubts or can’ts and trust in yourself. If you feel nothing is happening, let it be O.K. and trust that you are right were you belong. Perhaps it is a period of rest for you. Remember that there is always Movement, even if you consciously don’t perceive or recognize it. Much occurs beneath the surface.

Right now, we are in a new phase. It is a phase of Movement. Yes, there are still changes. You may notice that your perspective of yourself and the world has shifted and that your Awareness is much more pronounced. You find it easier to go beneath the surface of all events and find the Truth as well as an old belief you still have. Your beliefs create all events in your life. By going deep within any circumstance, you see that you attracted something to you and thus can remove the belief that created what you attracted. As you let go of the belief, you flow into a new perception that helps you evolve. How do you feel when you are aware of an old belief? How do you want to feel, if the belief you discover is limited?

When you can put into action all you’ve learned, you help your physical body acclimate to who you are within. You might choose to go within and bring forth your inner child. Tell your child how loved it is and ask your child what it needs from you. Your inner child is your Divine creative self. By empowering your child, you empower all the changes you’ve made thus far and all the changes yet to come.

Do not listen to your separate ego-voice. Love it and accept it instead. Feeling quite alone and rejected, it may tell you that you are wrong or that you aren’t making a difference. Love it, accept it and don’t listen to it. Choose to be more. Choose to be Love. Step up your game. Love does not control, manipulate or question. Love is. Love is simple; Love has no expectations; Love has no rules. Be Love.


Geisha & Flower Painting by Eva Campbell, Evita Works, Etsy


Archangel Uriel Painting by Saatchi Artist Daiva Luksaite



I am shining the light of truth for you to see where there are parts of yourselves that you might have neglected…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, your brother and family! I AM the Bringer of the Future, to you and to all. I am in charge of your Divine Authority, for I am with thee holding the love and energy in support, encouraging thee to wear this mantle of divine authority! I am shining the light of truth for you to see where there are parts of yourselves that you might have neglected, and where you shy away from fully embracing the wholeness and the magnificence of who you are.

Yes, there are parts of yourselves that you are running away from, that you are even pushing deep down inside yourselves and hiding from out of fear of pain, for they are either opening old wounds, or they are simply reminding thee of times when you were not happy and loved. Yes, there are parts, bits, and particles that you have disowned, for they had gone awry and behaved in ways that are far from being of love and light. Nevertheless, they are constantly calling to you, just as your hearts are calling to them for love and forgiveness, and for that final reunion – healing, acceptance, and reintegration.

There is no way you can ever move forward empowered and whole unless you love and accept all of yourselves just as they are. Understand that even the parts that have been wandering in the darkness have a lot of wisdom to bring into the wholeness of your soul. Their experiences and lives have essential pieces of information, the wisdom and the deep compassion that you need to complete your mission, and the missions that you have planned to undertake at this time of demolition of the old.

You need to understand the way the darkness thinks, and the subtle manipulations of the truth that those that have kept humanity enslaved for eons have used. You need to have the life force and the super strength that comes from these pieces of selves that have endured for thousands of years, while hoping and living in close proximity to the ones who had used their power over others, for not only have they survived, but they have kept their light and love intact, yes buried deep within, but nevertheless it was never given away nor lost.

You need their power, their confidence, and fortitude, coupled with tremendous amounts of compassion for them, and also for others in predicaments similar to the ones they themselves have experienced, but with the wisdom not to make those same mistakes.

There is no way you can forget about these parts of yourselves, nor can you fill these gaps with anything that is out there, because then you will always feel less than and incomplete, not being able to fully step into your missions and purpose.

Allow me to stay with thee, let me shine my light onto the paths leading into the places that you had never dared to explore. Let’s go, dear brothers and sisters, for I am with you celebrating and anticipating the exhilarating freedom which is rapidly approaching!

I will leave you now with my silver sparkles and fortitude! Farewell!

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.  

Permission given to share ~ Thanks to Linda Dillon


Archangel Uriel Painting by Saatchi Artist Daiva Luksaite

Perceiving and Embracing the Ancient Energies and Higher Dimensions of Reality – Suzanne Lie

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Perceiving and Embracing the Ancient Energies and Higher Dimensions of Reality Arcturians through sue lie

Dear Ascending ONES,

We the Arcturians are here within this NOW to assist you with the ever-expanding process of expanding your consciousness to be able to perceive the higher dimensional energies, as well as the higher dimensions of reality.

As you expand your consciousness, you begin to perceive, and hopefully embrace, the higher dimensions of your fourth dimensional states of consciousness, and sometimes, while in deep meditation, you may even perceive your fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

As your fifth dimensional consciousness becomes activated, you will likely be able to perceive more and more of the Ancient Energies. The perception of these Ancient Energies is not common because they flow into your reality through the process of transmutation.

Transformation means: To change or alter in form, appearance, frequency and/or nature. Transformation is when something, or some person, experiences an alteration, metamorphosis, and/or mutation into a different form of express. These forms of change can occur within your fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

On the other hand, TRANSMUTATION means that the person, place, situation or thing transforms into a HIGHER dimensional version of a person place, situation, thing and/or reality. Specifically, transmutation means to change the frequency of these persons, places, situations and/or things into the fifth dimension or beyond.

The fifth dimension has an entirely different operating system than that first through fourth dimensions, as the fifth dimension is not bound by or based on “time” or “space.” Transmutation occurs within the HERE of the NOW.

Transmutation is much like “ascension” into the fifth dimension. If you transmute into a higher frequency of consciousness, your perceptual field expands to encompass the perceptual field, and even experience, returning to your innate fifth dimensional SELF.

The form that contains your consciousness resonates to the same frequency of reality as your consciousness. Therefore, if you state of consciousness is low, you will feel negative and you will primarily perceive that which appears negative and/or unhappy.

On the other hand, if your consciousness resonates to the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you will feel hopeful, inspired, creative and have a deep need to assist others. You will never feel alone because you can perceive that there are the higher dimensional being who accompany you on your journey to third dimensional Earth.

Your fifth dimensional consciousness is the carrier wave that travels from your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, and into as many synaptic junctions in your human brain as you will accept.

It is through the process of these inter-dimensional synapses within your brain that you can perceive your higher dimensional environment as it glitters beyond your third and fourth dimensional perceptions.

What is occurring within your NOW is that Gaia is beginning to speak with Her humans who have been able to REMEMBER their fifth dimensional states of consciousness. It is through humanities fifth dimensional communication with their higher dimensional SELF that they can have mental and perceptual contact with the higher dimensional frequencies of reality

When you consciously choose to bond with these higher dimensional energy patterns, you have chosen to bond with Gaia’s higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields. It also means that you have chosen to assist Gaia with Her transmutation back into Her fifth dimensional Planetary SELF.

The process of ascension is basically the process of transmutation. Transmutation means:

to change or alter into a higher frequency of form. Gaia, in fact, Gaia’s entire area of space, is preparing to transmute from the third/fourth dimensional frequency of reality into the fifth dimensional frequency of ascended realities and ascended beings.

We, the Arcturians, in consort with the Golden Ones, the Venusians and the Pleiadians, have been assisting Gaia to prepare for Her transmutation into a higher resonance of expression. Gaia has long awaited humanities ability to match Her rising planetary resonance.

Gaia is a good “mother planet” and does not want to leave her human children as she continues to raise Her planetary resonance into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality. In fact, Gaia’s frequency will continue to rise, even if it is without the assistance of humanity.

All of Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have been transmuting into a higher frequency of resonance. The “scientists” are calling this process “Global Warming.”

In fact, from a third dimensional perspective, Earth will become increasingly hotter. However, from a fourth dimensional perspective, the intense “heat” is primarily Gaia’s moving into a higher frequency of resonance.

The lost ones of humanity know that they cannot transmute into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, so they are trying to halt this process of transmutation. However, they will not be successful as it is Gaia’s chose to ascend.

The lost humans can make Gaia’s ascension more difficult, but they cannot stop that which has begun in the higher dimensional realities and is slowly, or quickly, proceeding according to the Divine Plan.

Many humans have thought of Gaia as a “thing.” Conversely, Gaia is actually an alive being and is now entering higher dimensional energy fields of space.  Space is like water in that some areas of space resonates to lower frequency energy fields, and some areas of space resonate to a higher frequency energy field.

Earth’s atmosphere is alive with higher frequency energy fields that cannot be perceived through one’s third dimensional perceptions. There are also lower frequency energy fields that cannot be perceived through third dimensional perceptions.

On the other hand, with meditation and a search for mastery of the mind, one can become consciously aware of the energy fields that live within, and around, their aura. Also, there are portals within one’s aura, which most humans are unaware.

These portals lead to all the different frequencies of reality, but can only be perceived via one’s higher dimensional perception. While in a state of third dimensional consciousness, humans can only perceive a third dimensional reality.

However, if one expands their state of consciousness to encompass the fourth dimension, they will perceive their third dimensional reality from the different perspective of the higher dimensions.

An example of this is your dreams. In your dreams, the timelines may change, people may come and disappear, and you can “wake up” from one dream, then “fall asleep” to have a completely different dream.

This total change of perspective was NOT determined by your environment. Instead, these higher dimensional perceptions are changed by the frequency of consciousness from which your dream, thoughts, and/or actions have arisen.

Your outer, waking environment will also greatly influence your perception and your states of consciousness. There are also ANCIENT ENERGIES that have resonated to certain areas for so long that the ancient energy fields are totally intertwined with that location.

For example, the Redwood Trees of Northern California, USA are many hundreds of years old and have created VERY strong energy fields. In fact, these energy fields can be experienced while leaning against, or walking amongst, the Redwood Trees.

The more one can expand their consciousness to embrace the fourth dimension and beyond, the more they will be able to have inter-dimensional experiences while in nature. More and more, one’s inner guides are directing them to remember the higher frequencies of reality that have always been there but were forgotten once the human’s perceptions were limited to the third dimension.

As humans begin to remember the higher frequencies of their innate Multidimensional SELF, they will also become more in touch with fourth dimensional beings, such as the Faerie Beings, and all of Gaia’s earth, air, fire and water elementals, as well as the higher dimensional frequency of the trees, animals, skies, water and Sun.

The third, fourth and fifth dimensional realities are different frequencies of reality that all occur within the same time and space. All these different frequencies intermingle into a beautiful collage of life on Earth.

To experience the different frequencies of your earthly reality, you must match the frequency of your perceptual field with the frequency of the environment that you wish to consciously perceive.

It is in this manner that you can perceive the second and third dimensional frequencies of your daily life, the fourth dimensional frequencies of your higher dreams, your inter-dimensional consciousness, as well as the fifth dimensional, beings who speak directly into your hearts and minds.

It is your challenge as humans to release your human ego in order to merge your consciousness, perceptual fields and physical interactions with Gaia’s third, fourth, and fifth dimensional expressions of reality.

As humans become willing to admit that they are ONE with ALL the many elements and elementals of their Planetary Mother, they will become ONE with Gaia. It is within the Oneness with Gaia that humanity can perceive the ancient energies that resonate to the frequencies of humanity’s higher states of consciousness.

If the members of humanity can remember that they have chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW of great challenges for Gaia, they will be more able to assist with the Planetary Ascension which is based on the Ancient Energies of Ascension that have always been but are too often long forgotten.

These Ancient Energies of Ascension resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s planetary reality. Humans were meant to be the “Awakeners of Gaia’s fifth dimensional energy fields,” but it was not yet the NOW in which humanity could awaken to their own fifth dimensional expression of self.

Therefore, too often, humanity became lost in their “power over others,” and forgot that they took a human body to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

However, as humanity begins to find their own Power Within, their perceptual fields will expand to include the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia’s Earth. Many humans are brave Galactic beings who left their Starships and Homeworlds to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension,

Unfortunately, many of these brave beings who chose to take an earth vessel to assist with Gaia’s planetary ascension became lost in the many lies and illusions of third/fourth dimensional Earth.

It is for this reason that the awakened members of humanity have been called on to assist with opening the Ancient Portals so that the fifth dimensional energy fields can flow onto Earth.

With the resumed flow of higher dimensional energies into the body of Gaia, Her awakened inhabitants will be more able to recognize, choose and accept the Fifth Dimensional waves of energy that are encircling Earth in preparation for Her Planetary Ascension.

Gaia needs humanity to believe in, and call forth, the higher dimensional energy fields that still surround Her planetary body, so that these higher dimensional energies can intermingle with Her planet. Many of you have experienced an area of “sacred ground.” Therefore, you know that there are areas that resonate to a higher frequency than other areas.

How can you, the members of humanity, assist with the opening of the ancient fifth dimensional portals through which the flow of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire can assist Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension?

Please ponder the above question and feel free to put your answer on the comments section of this Blog.


The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:40 AM

Living Your Divinity * Living Your Magic – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Fairy Painting Waterlight Fairies by Bones Nelson @ Zibbet


Living Your Divinity ♦ Living Your Magic

Clearing out and breaking through your own Programming Honoring Your LightBody DNA Evolution
Remembering WHY WE Are HERE

FREE WILL is available (REALity) through Full Consciousness
Aloha Light Family,

Awakening from the old illusory realities brings FREEdom for all EMBRACING this. Fully CHOOSING to live from Pure Peace, Love and Harmony from inside, fully CHOOSING to let go of all that no longer supports, CHOOSING TO LISTEN and HONOR AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT OF YOU…. choosing UNITY over that which separates or maintains “Division” in your own lives….. and RETURNING to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, where LIVING kindness, consideration, respect and sharing, supporting, inspiring and assisting all truly ready to transition over to our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE…. is beyond important for each fulfilling our Soul Purpose/Roles and Missions here.

REMEMBERING is a STATE of Consciousness, a STATE of Presence and changes our ENERGY COMPLETELY…. REMEMBERING SHIFTS US to full gratitude for all and out of all of those matrix programs that we once held before…. (which is a physical density ratio thing, not a weight, rather how much “space and Light” we hold inside….. Understanding how physical density works becomes an important part of this process as well…. as it’s important for how our Physical LightBodies work, our Crystalline LightBodies/Structures work and how “Photonic and Plasma” our body is too, as well as how linear or Quantum…. and how our bodies function, which changes substantially (over years/our whole life up until this current now. Photonic DNA Evolution does not fall into any “boxes” or human perceptions, because it’s not any of “those”. AS WE TRULY REMEMBER, with our whole BEing… we RETURN to an EXISTENCE that is Pure Love. This REMEBERING only comes through our wide open heart and mind and “clearing” (Transcending) all that was linear WITHIN US before. All of that unconscious programming, all of that resistance, all of that duality and separation… that’s what BOUND US TO A 3D EXISTENCE… yet as we all continue… NOT ANYMORE…. As all start to understand… really truly fully understand… that 3D is relative to our own conscious, you stop calling the “physical reality” 3D…. and start looking at it completely differently. You start to realize that physical matter doesn’t dictate, we do…. that whether we live from Pure Love, Deep Sacred Respect, Caring and Sharing and Unifying all…. or an inner battle that plays out in our external… is what dictates our physical reality/experience… and that each one of us – WE – WE are the ones that dictate “how” all goes….. and our CHOICES, our MINDSETS and where we FUNCTION FROM, the basis and foundation for all of our realities… are either a derivative of fear or love. The/Our human aspect, when unconscious, focuses on the ‘physical’…. we focus on THE ENERGY… EACH’S ACTions, each’s openness, each’s caring, each’s showing up/LIVING their part AS FULLY CONSCIOUS LIGHT BEINGS too.

WE SEE ALL…. as all is visible when we actually care enough to open up all of the way to truly see…. to open up fully to “drop” the stories that we all “used” to PRETEND to not have any power or responsibility in what we kept supporting/playing in before. I REMEMBER the very first time, once I “woke up” to start to BEcome my “first” Higher Self aspect here… the very FIRST TIME I STOOD IN MY POWER and said an emphatic “NO” to certain realities that were not kind, loving, respectful to “Me”, that I used to allow to occur…. THAT MOMENT… this PURE POWER RUSHED THROUGH ME and I GOT IT. This is “How” we break through all of that programming… and I busted out laughing hilariously while driving home and sooooooooo excited at my own NEW REALIZATION… at the POWER I NOW HELD… and from that (zero) Point forward…. I began aligning my own realities through PURE LOVE…. for myself, SO THAT I COULD assist others who were ready to DO THIS THEMSELVES TOO……… I REMEMBER how FREE I finally was, from the turmoil and confusion inside, from the utter and complete “lostness” that I had felt, because I kept giving my power away in a multitude of ways, that I could not previously understand… because I was still “living” that “lack of love and power and self-respect” within myself… and I kept allowing everything to occur, because of my “programming” and deeply embedded beliefs that were ready to be cleared from my own body and physical reality, as my LightBody DNA activated HUGE…. all of a “sudden”, I had “new purpose” and it was to LIVE MY NEW FULLY… and EMBRACE that which made no logical sense to anyone else, because transitioning over from a “sleeping human” to a Multi-Dimensional Light BEing living from an Ascended State of Consciousness is not a linear/logical process. It’s non-linear, vibrational and Quantum….

REMEMBERING comes through our own DEEP inner-connection and FEELING that connection and REALIZING that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THERE IS…. and that our “path” and “journey” to NEW EARTH is the “opposite” of everything we once “thought” we knew or believed…. NEW EARTH BECOMES VISIBLE and our own REALitiy as we LIVE it…. fully… in every way and we transition over from our old earth beliefs…. and we REALIZE the IMPORTANCE of all…. and we actually take a “pro-active” stance…. which still won’t look anything like we thought …. Ridiculous amounts of sleep for our bodies to complete continual PHOTONIC DNA re-writes and clear out dense programming/timelines/beliefs housed in our bodies and playing out in our fields/external …. Ridiculous amounts of RELEASING, clearing and detoxing our whole life/body/us…. Ridiculous amounts of laying around, crazy sleep/waking cycles, sporadic food craziness… Ridiculous amounts of living from an “invisible reality” that only becomes visible as our HIGHER HEARTS AND MINDS open fully…. Ridiculous amounts of “saying NO” to that which still represents the “old” (duality realities)…. and investing ourselves/all that we are/have into a REALITY that’s already occurred, yet only visible through our deep inner connection that WE hold inside of ourselves … and to those who SHARE THIS NEW WAY TOO… and can see through their Universal/Cosmic/Divine SOUL/Source Presence/Access as well…. to the rest, we are “weird and crazy”…. until they go through it, then we are not so weird and crazy, everything else is………. In the beginning, and various phases along the way, opening up fully is not “easy”, because it “goes against” everything we once learned, were told, believed… yet this too is a necessary and important part of the process, as it breaks down those linear constructs and programs that we hold/held in our own bodies (as reality) before… so that ALL OF US CAN LIVE the most brilliant realities that emanate PURE LOVE with every breath….. Everything else, a program and “ours” to observe and decide…. how to align our own lives with our highest everything here. ♥ MAGIC, FREEDOM and UNITY — this is our REMEMBERED (and for the human aspect “New”) way. Yet it’s not “new”…. we just forgot… HUGE…. and now it’s time for all to REMEMBER and LIVE THIS FULLY TOO.

What does an old version/old earth reality offer? You/we all… have to step back and look at the much bigger picture from inside and really see… really be ready and really comprehend…. THAT NEW EARTH IS THE ONLY REALITY, the rest is the old illusion and an unconscious “real”ity where each “tries” to hold in place, because their fear of “not conforming” FEELING so great. These are old programs too…. as NEW EARTH is not to fear, that was old earth…. NEW EARTH FREES each from this. ♥ NEW EARTH IS BIRTHED from within each …. the Light Encodements are held in ALL OF OUR DNA… our wide open hearts activate this, as does beauty, kindness and CHOOSING….. a whole new life… that’s available to each as their own ENERGY OPENS UP FULLY and IS READY to activate, explore, learn all new and RECEIVE.

SHARING A BIT OF MAGIC with you… to inspire and support you as you “do” your own REMEMBERING experience here too!

We’ve got some awesome (and fun) things that we’ve done recently, as well as more coming too…. I’ll share some of the recent below and as the new projects and activation opportunities are ready, those will be made available in various places for all too!

Keep embracing and creating, building, and making your reality exquisite too! It’s time to “move on” and BE TOTALLY READY for NEW REALITIES to take physical form/materialize/arrive…. as “fast” as all clear the density/programming and REMEMBER what PURE LOVE and UNITING really means/is.


Fairy Painting Waterlight Fairies by Bones Nelson @ Zibbet

On Raising Our Vibrations – Narendra Mishra

Ascension by Kaiser Mony @ DeviantArt


On Raising Our Vibrations

Anyone who has been following Golden Age of Gaia these past few days will recognise the theme of raising our vibrations as being prominent.

Whilst this is presented as being important to the Reval, in the greater context it is paramount to Ascension.

After all, what is Ascension but the increase in our frequency (vibrations) such that we resonate to the 5th and beyond.

The Reval is a part of the whole process of Ascension. A very necessary part, that marks a huge milestone for the Ascension efforts. Permit me in this post to briefly weigh in on my own thoughts on this topic.

Let me at the outset thank Steve for leading in this discussion. Through his invitation and example we have looked at many wonderful suggestions for raising our vibrations. Much of these we already know and I, daresay, practice. So is there something that we are missing? I think so.

There are two points that come to mind that I haven’t seen anyone write about so far. My apologies if they’re there and I missed them.

The first is the true meaning of the Reval – a purely spiritual one. As Archangel Michael (AAM) has frequently said through Linda Dillon, the true Reval is the revaluation of our own spiritual worth. This to me is the crux of the matter.

As in the Hermetic saying, ‘As above, so below’, the financial Reval is predicated upon our own spiritual revaluation of ourselves. Who we are truly as Divine beings. Only when we feel a sense of intrinsic worth can we truly manifest it externally.

Allow me to elaborate on this point further. Why aren’t we truly feeling our sense of self-worth? There can only be one answer. Our shadow side, our past-conditioning, doubts, fears, anxieties and the like are hindering our view of our magnificent Soul-self. Are we willing to face our shadow side and resolve it?

What is holding up the Reval (of currencies)? Nothing, according to AAM except ourselves- our vibrations. If we are waiting to see the indictments of those possibly in a position to stymie the Reval, then we should wonder why aren’t the indictments happening yet?

Consider that the Illuminati or Cabal are projections of our own shadow selves. Resolve your own shadow side and it will be reflected on the outside. When enough of us do it, critical mass for collective co-creation is reached and it manifests on a global scale.

The second point is related to the first in that it deals with AAM’s call for us Lightworkers to be willing to step into positions of leadership. Now. Not after the Reval. If I understand it correctly, the Company of Heaven wants to know what we can do now. We have to take the first step. We have to be the leaders.

Yes, this brings us to the catch 22 situation of needing money to do anything. But certainly there is something you can do or offer that does not need money.

The magnitude of it does not matter. The intention does. A small act done from a consciousness of true divine worth creates ripples that can be likened onto the allegorical butterfly that flapped its wings on one side of the earth and created a typhoon on the other.

A recent conversation with Jennifer really highlights these points. Jennifer was commenting to me that in the many years since she’s had her blog up, it is only now that her readership has gone from a handful to several hundred.

I reminded her that it is only because she really, truly, and wholeheartedly accepted who she was and committed herself to being authentic. Within the space of a few short months she achieved more than she did in years, simply by accepting her worth and stepping forward in leadership in her own way.

I can also attest to the exact same thing with this blog [Rekindle Your Spirit]. As above, so below. Our Consciousness, our sense of self-worth, dictates our external manifestation.

​Having made these two points above – the need for revaluation of our own intrinsic self-worth, and the need to step forward in leadership – I question myself, am I doing enough?


Ascension by Kaiser Mony @ DeviantArt

A GRAND SPIRAL IN LYRA – Nalinee Diosara

lion via nalinee blog.


18 December, 2018


As codes within our DNA being constantly activated through the shift of frequencies in our galaxies, many memories return into my awareness.

Ask, tune in, open to receive and trust. These are steps that I take when communicate with my DNA and guides. (I feel that the more and more aware we become of our shifts, we realise that our guides, higher selves and all that is are fractals of our imagination which decoded from the sparks of resonance within our DNA. Here I would like to stress that imagination is not “just an imagination”. Imagination is a golden key of expanding one’s consciousness.)

Strong presence of Lyran Council inspired me to communicate. I ask them if anything can be showed regarding my connection with them.

Within one breath, I was in a space of bright, soft luminescent light. I was in a place which my mind understood as a hub, a place where different consciousness and frequencies unite.

Lyra, I whisper to myself. I was in a space where different layers of Lyra consciousness.

In front of me as a pale glowing white giant spiral, I stood at its bottom looking upwards seeing beings doing their tasks on each level. The closest thing that my mind could comprehend was that this glowing grand spiral was very much like a grand hall with different floors. Translucent floors. One can ascend or descend along different levels of the spiral where each beings seem to be conducting different tasks.

“You see, we Lyrans are keepers of wisdom. We offer and give knowledge to those who visit our space,” said a gentle tone coming from a feline humanoid figure standing on my right. I then found myself looking down from second floor.

On the “ground floor” there were many beings, different lights and souls came to Lyra to gather and obtain what Lyran offer which seemed to be codes, messages, knowledge, and wisdom. Those that stood next to me where acting as channels of information. Those that are below, the visitors, were busy receiving and recording information that they came for. “Our service here is to deliver messages that is relevant for their soul journey. The visitors here not only receiving but giving us opportunities to fulfil our tasks as well,” said the loving tone. I could feel the love and respect the felines have for their visitors or students.

I then look up to the higher levels as my mind was wondering where the source of this information was.


“We are ambassadors of Lyra.” said a deeper tone. The presence of the felines on the third level here felt loving, firm, and direct. The beings on the second floors felt much more causal…compared by my human mind.

“Here is where the information being encoded into etheric crystals and webs of light in many colours. It is then being decoded and passed on by us,” said the tone of the guardians.

This felt so familiar. The same process of channeling and delivering messages to the collective on earth. I tuned to the beings, lion like to be more exact. Within my instinct I knew I have been here before. I have been through this process.

Within the next breath, I shifted from the ambassador’s level to where the visitors resided. I became one of them, a student of Lyra school. I diligently recorded all the information that was delivered to me in forms of web of frequencies into writings. In the following breath, I was a medium who gave out information, a fluid vessel which information flowed in and out. I then flew in light speed through the ambassadors. Then through groups white tiger beings who were holding space for everyone here. From third passing the fourth layer along a grand spiral. Higher I went. Then, I looked back and saw myself as visitors, students, channels, teachers, ambassadors all at once. All in One.

In my next exhale I found myself surrounded by the winged ones, Primordial beings.

“Welcome dear beloved,” deep and warm orchestral tone came into my hearing senses with yellow golden light into my sight. I felt deep sense of warmth in my being which felt like soothing sun rays; not too hot, not too cold….just “right”.

I was wrapped in a big warm hug of the cosmos. No space or time, just light of creation.

This is where all comes from. All the knowledge, love, webs of frequencies. This is where all kinds of fractals and spirals come from.

As I inhale, I was back into my body, in current time and space.

This was when I usually would throw a tantrum begging for my higher self to take me back. But I have grown. I realised the love from above is within below deeply into this human self…and even more in deeper levels that I have yet to rediscover.

I blinked and thanked the universe for this experience.

All comes from One, One is within ALL


Too Late to Change – Suzanne Lie

vintage-clocks-mark-ashkenazi at pixels - time

Vintage Clock by Mark Ashkenazi @ Pixels


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Too Late to Change – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Message From the Arcturians

Too Late to Change

Dear Ascending Ones,

Today, we wish to remind you not to allow anything or anyone to diminish you or make you feel less about yourself! Some people may be intimidated by your Higher Dimensional SELF. In this case, that person could become angry when they are confronted with anyone that needs assistance.

Please remember that each person has their own issues which frighten them. Therefore, one could become angry when frightened by messages that they do not yet feel ready to address. One who is not ready to face the truth about what is happening in their daily life and/or in their country may be frightened by the challenges before them, and they may “take their fear” out on others.

When a leader does NOT send out unconditional caring and higher dimensional self-confidence, it is more difficult for those who are threatened by that leader’s decisions, and it is more difficult for those who work under, and/or are led by that being, to feel secure.

Leaders who send confidence, kindness, and hope to those whom they lead may sometimes be replaced by leaders who “take out their own insecurity and hidden fear” on the ones who they are supposed to be leading.

However assured a “selfish and unfair” leader may appear, the truth is that they know how they feel, and live in constant fear that others will realize how worried they are that their fear will be revealed.  Therefore, these types of leaders rule others via the very fear that lives within their own heart and mind.

However, these “lost leaders,” as we the Arcturians call them, will eventually have to face their own fear, as well as the great damage that their fearful leadership has created. Unfortunately, leaders who lead via their own fear, poor self-esteem and lack of confidence, usually “ACT” as if they are not afraid, and seem to love themselves in a very narcissistic manner, while they constantly find fault in those whom they should be guiding and protecting.

Therefore, these “leaders” must keep their “opened door to fear” closed to the vision of others, while they try to face that fear alone.  Whenever a “lost leader” needs the strength and wisdom that a good leader lovingly and consistently offers, they often choose to insult, degrade or frighten those whom they should be leading with strength, courage and loving confidence.

One can only give to others what they have within themselves. Therefore, in order to send love, confidence, dignity and hope to those whom they lead, that lost leader must first have those attributes within themselves.

It takes a great deal of courage to lead others by speaking the truth in a positive and courageous manner. Therefore, a leader must be positive within their own thinking and, most importantly, remember that in order to be positive within themselves, they will need to have love and respect FOR yourself.

Others may not know about a lost leader’s struggle to maintain self-confidence for themselves and to be able to maintain a positive and courageous outlook for themselves and for those that they lead. Being a good leader is not just a gift. Being a good leader is something that a person has thought about from their youth and have taken responsibility for “being a good leader” at a young age.

A good leader, must always remember that FIRST, they must lead themselves. They also must remember to be conscious of their own thoughts and emotions because, “What they THINK about, they BRING about.

Please remember that anger hides just below fear and anxiety. However, if that fear and anxiety is unknown to the leader, they will unconsciously hide that secret from themselves and use anger and judgment of others in their leadership.

It is in this manner that the lost leader attempts to deflect their own fear into the hearts and minds of those whom they are leading. This behavior is like a doctor that gives the patient that which will make them more sick, rather than giving their patient that which would heal them.

Unfortunately, those who have lived in the shadow of “power over others, greed, and hidden insecurity” for most of their lives, see their negative behavior as being positive because it gets them what they think they want.

However, ALL humans want LOVE. But some lost leaders have become so lost in themselves, that they cannot see outside of themselves, or perceive themselves in the same manner that others perceive them. Fortunately for these lost leaders, there are always other lost ones who are ready to perceive the lost leader as a good leader.

These lost leaders do not see themselves as having the selfish, “me first” manner that others perceive them as having. In fact, lost leaders seldom see any of their shortcomings, as these kinds of leaders only perceive what they want to perceive.

On the other hand, those who live via “power within” instead of “power over,” send out the love and respect they have gained for themselves. A lost leader’s fear can interact with others in any moment that the lost leader feels threatened, which is very often.

Therefore, when others need their assistance, the lost ones cannot take the time to understand why others come to them to gain that which they cannot even give to themselves.

Since these lost leaders cannot be honest with themselves or with their reactions to challenges, they get angry that they are being called on to leave their safe, protected illusions in order to be bothered by thinking about, and caring for, others.

Of course, these lost leaders are unable to notice that they are the source of their own fear, as facing their fear is something that they will do anything to avoid. If it harms others, they don’t care because they ONLY care about their own unsolvable problem of chronic UNHAPPINESS.

However, if they can find a way to make others “unhappy,” then they can pretend to be the hero and rescue them from the very problem that the “rescuer” created.

The lost leaders may try to lie to themselves that they are really trying to be a good person and do the right thing, but they constantly wonder why they feel so frightened, angry and alone. Yes, yes, it is the fault of others that they feel this way. Therefore, they never need to look at themselves and can always blame their “problems” on others.

One of the biggest problems for lost leaders is those who live via Love, Power Within, Caring for Others and constantly consulting their own Higher SELF. Why do these people seem to somehow be happy, be in love, have good friends and a sense of Inner Peace and SELF-confidence.

“HAH,” say the lost leaders. “Who needs love and friends and confidence and inner peace, when I can have MONEY AND POWER OVER OTHERS?”

When these lost ones “stand before their maker” perhaps they will get the answer to that question,

BUT, then it will be “too late to change!”

The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:57 PM

February Ascension Energies – Power Vision – Jamye Price

Gratitude to artist


February Ascension Energies – Power Vision

February Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

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January’s energy of Patience was a powerful preparation for February. I feel the energy of February as fast-moving twists and turns. Like the spiral of creation is folding in on itself and breaking apart in ways that create a more cohesive flow. Eventually.

Since October there has been an intense strengthening of the inner structure, and February is no different. As your inner realm is sovereign and clearer, your power of love is amplified. You are a powerful “space” for new potential.

The interaction with time is shifting strongly as well, though I feel this as quite a smooth transition at this time. The potential of the future is within your present. The present is the power of the past in linear experience. Your patience creates a powerful present moment that informs a new future.


February asks you to strengthen your ability to perceive a new potential for the future in your present moment. It asks you to perceive yourself through your power that has grown you through time. Your power is an energy from the past. This linear experience has given you opportunities to discover your capability. As you observe your power or your past, look for the evidence of your capability and nurture it.

Strengthen from the Past by Jamye Price

To honor your power, you are being called to value your inner sanctity and have the fortitude to maintain healthy boundaries.

Your inner power is the amplifier of your energy. In physicality, in density, there is a natural drag of creation through time. Your momentum must be nurtured and replenished to sustain. Here power meets vision.


In order to sustain momentum toward manifestation, vision becomes a connection to what has yet to manifest. One aspect of Ascension is shifting into a greater usage of the brain. Changing your reactions and perceptions is important to holding the space of potential within.

It doesn’t always feel blissful. There may be doubts. Your vision is the subtle connection that begins to manifest through your creative focus. February energies will influence the third eye and the throat chakra strongly.

Your you-nique perspective. There is great power in your uniqueness to life. The diversity allows the facets to reflect a brighter, clearer picture. You offer a fresh perspective, a unique facet, a new potential to life.

Part of your vision work is to imagine the future of love and empowerment. As you envision your future, you become a conduit for manifestation. Your focus on being fully present and holding a vision for the future, modifies your brain usage into less repetition of old, often unconscious, reactions. This enhances the frontal lobe to activate your creative nature.

View Life's Potential Areon Lyra by Jamye Price

Your overall resonance shifts into a higher vibration of love as you hold powerful vision. That powerful vision then holds you.

Your choice to nurture that vision determines the future flow. Your choice is in the now. Your manifestation is in the future. Patience. That calm creative state of being open to flow.

February is a month of your Powerful Vision coming into focus. It may be moving fast. You don’t have to figure it all out. Just observe the present and find your unique perspective of love that offers a path of manifestation to your creative future of Love.


Decide for yourselves which world you will live in – Marilyn Raffaele

Art ~ Elizabeth Kyle Visionary Surrealist Artist


JANUARY 27, 2019

Welcome to the new age dear ones, for in spite of appearances you are indeed on the cusp of the new age long predicted by seers of the past and present. The evolutionary process cannot be stopped because it is simply the process of awakening to what already is.

Sooner or later every soul tires of the fruitless efforts involved in third dimensional living and without personal alignment to feed them, the illusions of material sense begin to fade away. Evolution can be ignored and delayed but cannot disappear because it is the means by which every soul awakens out of illusion and into reality.

Try not to imbue your concerns with power over you, but rather remain centered in the realization that your oneness with Divine consciousness constitutes your oneness with harmony, peace, abundance, and wholeness–everything IT is. Then after doing that, take the human footsteps you may be guided to take.

Many are suffering at this time of transition and those on the other side are well aware of it. The world has not been abandoned, nor is it being punished for its “sins”. Events taking place in these times are necessary to the completion cycles of clearing for earth’s ascension process that is now well on it’s way. A point of no return has been reached.

Many are being forced out of their comfort zone which serves to open them to question their personal belief system and the status quo. New and higher awareness about everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled are quickly unfolding in world consciousness through the Light of the higher dimensional energies now pouring onto earth.

Third dimensional ideas are beginning to shift into higher form as increasingly more people awaken. This is causing those who have chosen to remain locked in “power over” consciousness to resist and fight any change as best they know how. There is a global rift beginning to take place between those opening to higher consciousness and those refusing to or who are simply not spiritually prepared.

You are going to witness this deepening divide as chaos, but it is part of the ascension process. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Much that heretofore has never been questioned, especially in politics and religion, is increasingly being examined and questioned by those seeing with “new” eyes.

The outer always reflects the inner. Consciousness is the substance of all form because nothing else exists but Divine Consciousness. However, the qualities embodied in the One Divine consciousness can only be experienced personally when there is alignment. Every person’s consciousness expresses what it is in alignment with.

However, it is important not to judge or believe that everyone experiencing problems is un-evolved, for the individual may be right on track with his pre-birth contract, having the experiences he chose to have as necessary for his spiritual growth.

Differing levels of consciousness are the reason so many religions originally based in real truth and taught by an evolved master teacher are today polluted with erroneous concepts and beliefs that representing gross misinterpretations of the original teachings. Students and followers unable to grasp the teachings at the level of the teacher, interpret them incorrectly according to their much less evolved state of consciousness. This is why Truth should never be organized.

You who read these messages have made your choice to ascend and are spiritually prepared to stay centered at all times even if you do not think you are. The outer scene is changing very quickly and those who remain centered, meeting every appearance with an awareness of truth, will find they are spiritually cushioned for whatever presents.

It is time to clear lingering false beliefs and remove any energetic cords still binding you to some person, place, or thing. This will create space for higher frequency energies to integrate and become your energy. Energy pathways present in the etheric body are now being activated in the physical body, enabling it to hold, carry, and become one with higher frequencies.

Many highly evolved beings are assisting earth at this time. Assistance is always available for the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual facets of the whole. It is important to understand that because of free will, help must be asked for. Guides cannot tell you what to do, they are only permitted to assist you with your decisions.

Never disrespect the physical body through the belief that it is base, sinful, irrelevant, or un-holy as many religions and even some metaphysicians continue to teach. Your body is the sacred temple of Divine Consciousness, the material sense of the spiritual body. To think of it as anything less is a facet of the three dimensional belief in duality and separation. Treat your body as the sacred temple it is by keeping it safe, loved, and clean inside and out.

We have often stated that every person must eventually let go of seeking outside of themselves for what they need. This is true regarding spiritual truth as well. When a person attains the conscious realization of their completeness and wholeness, that which is needed regardless of how seemingly ordinary can manifest outwardly because the person’s consciousness is in alignment with the substance of it.

Needed answers, ideas, or goods flow through some person, job, book, etc. but NEVER FROM THEM.This is the universal mistake inherent in third dimensional thinking that has brought about so much suffering and pain for the world. It is a person’s attained consciousness of their already present wholeness that can then manifest in forms that are personal to the individual.


Truth progresses from being simply intellectual knowledge to being an attained state of consciousness through awareness, acceptance, and practice. Truth must become one’s actual consciousness before it can manifest because consciousness is the substance of all form. A consciousness of duality and separation will continue to create experiences of good and bad for as long as it remains intact.

Release any and all beliefs promoting the idea that some ritual or belief is necessary for your spirituality. True spirituality is not governed or based in rules and regulations, it just IS. Going to church every Sunday will not make you any more spiritual than you already are although it can assist spiritual beginners to open to new ways of thinking.

You are ready to fully embrace the truth that you already are and always have been everything you sought through lifetimes in techniques, rites, and rituals. These helped you to awaken in the beginning but you are no longer beginners. You now know that you already embody everything you sought and yet many of you continue to doubt, still placing all your trust and confidence in the third dimensional belief system.


Continuing to think of yourself as a human being subject to the whims and conditions of duality and separation after awakening to the reality of who and what you really are, is very foolish indeed and only serves to hold you in bondage to the creations of this mindset.

When you compare, judge, doubt and access your life according to third dimensional standards, you are only able to see a tiny fraction of the whole picture leaving you to understand your life in very limited ways stating that some things are right, and other things are wrong and that if you fail to accept and live by these rules you are unworthy of love.

Choose in this moment to once and for all let go of and move beyond the old programming and decide for yourselves which world you will live in. Truth either is or it isn’t and the choice always remains yours.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/27/19


Art ~ Elizabeth Kyle Visionary Surrealist Artist

My Story by Devi Prem @ Dolphin Mystery School

Art: @ Etsy


My Story

by Devi Prem

I have wondered for a long time if I should share this evolving experience. Since having listened to other people having gone through a similar evolutionary process has really helped my own integration over the years, I decided to share this special shift in my life with you.

Over ten years ago I noticed this most beautiful spirit in the corner of the room. I asked my friend and mentor at that time who that wondrous being is. He replied, “Consider that this is you.” I could not quite comprehend the importance. Shortly after, I received my name PremDevi. It has since been a magical journey with many waves of karma to be cleared. At some point, I could experience this sweet spirit more often, communicate with her, be guided, and held.

This has been an extensive journey of personal transformation through continuous spiritual certification trainings and mentoring that actually started way back in my twenties. Over and over I had to courageously face myself, my shadow, and all of my unpleasant patterns including the socially accepted ones. It has taken enormous courage, compassion, and forgiveness to be on this journey which continues. Humility is what it takes to bring light and shadow together in love.

At some point, I was able to feel this spirit, that so far seemed to be separate from me, actually inside of myself. First experiences were magic and I got to understand that this spirit was me in another dimension. Initially, I was only able to hold the experience for about 5 minutes. This was all so beautiful that my whole endeavor went into practicing embodying this beautiful spirit that really was me. As more light is being poured into a container, more of the dust of personal issues come to the surface to be dealt with, so another wave of purification occurs. The spiritual path does take endurance and commitment.

Finally this year in a moment of immense gratitude and love, my heart burst through and I got to experience myself fully in the light of and as this sweet spirit. The enormous amount of love that I experienced as myself was and is limitless. Nothing else really matters on Earth existence besides anchoring love and light. This includes ourselves. This love and light of our true essence needs to first be anchored into our bodies and into our own lives. Then we can transmit and share it with others.

The practice of love starts within, in our own hearts. The past few months I have had my main focus on embodying this experience of love and shower of light into my daily existence. I am now resting more in my eternal Self. My former personality is like a fading memory. I get to consciously choose now to create a new and more loving personality. Integrating the layers of being eternal while living this embodied life is an adventure.

As magic as all this sounds, the waves of clearing and purification continue from personal topics to collective ones. What is different is that I see it like taking a bath, a daily happening of cleansing, there is no holding on, there are only waves.

My life’s focus is now on how to best share this passage in support of other’s shift into their true essence of love and light. I am here for them with support, compassion, honest reflection, and transmissions of light frequencies in one-on-one sessions via phone and through my upcoming online programs and new weekend workshops.

Wishing you a blessed life filled with magic and angel sparkles!
In love and light, Devi

Devi Prem

The Progression of the Journey Inward – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Carol Heyer


The Progression of the Journey Inward

Having focused on feelings as the triggers of action doesn’t mean I’m somehow negating the role of thoughts.

Thoughts tell us what’s “right” to be done, what we want to do, what “should” be done, how to do it, etc. But they don’t impel us to action. Feelings do.

We might say that an angry sergeant major “inspired” us to act. Or the policeman “persuaded” us to do what we did. What we really mean is that they excited fear in us and we acted on the basis of that fear.

Or someone else “seduced” us by which we mean we acted on the basis of our lust.

Or we might say that someone “made us mad” by which we mean we (our thoughts) “made us mad” and we chose to act on the basis of that angry feeling.

Thoughts make action advisable but feelings, in the end, impel us to act or not.

So what? Why is all this worthy of study?  Mother Mary through Pamela Kribbe suggests why:

“You have been trained to think far too much, to gather and organize information from your environment with your mind, and from there to respond to the world. But the dimension of the spiritual world, which, in fact, runs through you and of which you are also part, is literally very close when you know how to enter into it.

“In fact, entering into the inner world is about stepping back from the outer world and becoming fully anchored in your body and feelings.” (1)

So moving from thoughts to feelings is moving inward, more deeply into our spiritual quest.

If we observe ourselves when we think, we see that we can think and be quite divorced or removed from our intimate inner reality.

But when we experience our feelings, we find ourselves quite involved and much more aware of that reality.

Of course spiritual realities go beyond even our feelings. The divine states of love, bliss, and peace for instance go far beyond our more surface feelings. They’re deeper by an order of magnitude. These all appear to be steps: thoughts —-> feelings —-> divine states.

Therefore, if we want to take a step deeper than simply observing our thoughts, then observing our feelings would be next. After that, observing the wisps of divine love and bliss in our field of experience would be next. (2)

I’m not aware of being able to do more than that by and on our own free-will initiative.

There. I just felt a wisp of love within my field of experience and awareness. I acknowledged it and it expanded. This is a very simple exercise which I believe is open to all.

It may turn out that it’s only possible with love as a divine state rather than with love as an ordinary feeling. I don’t know. But it istrue with love as a divine state.

And even here the process is not “natural.” I have to train myself to breathe into and experience the divine states.

Nevertheless, awareness of our thoughts is not something that will – or should – go away. Our vasanas are word-based. Our life decisions are. The direction we go in, the construction and use of any tools along the way, our relations with other people are all word-based. And our thoughts determine our feelings. (3)

But once we’ve looked at those and want to go further inwards, then the next step, I think, is to become fluent and fluid in the knowledge and experience of our feelings.

Most people will think to themselves, I AM in touch with my feelings. But, in my experience, the vast majority of people are not (including me, at this moment) (4) For me it’s the next place to go.

I notice a smile of excitement and curiosity when I even broach the subject. I’m aware of the benefits of being in touch with my feelings.


(1) “Mary via Pamela Kribbe: The Inner Journey,” , at

(2) Wisps of love, bliss, and peace blossom upon being recognized.  That has been my experience with all three.

(3) “Thoughts precede emotions, an infinitesimal lapse that isn’t recognized because the thought about a situation and the reaction to it seem to be simultaneous. When you perceive a situation as fearful, instantly that thought provokes the natural reaction―fearful feelings. As the thought veers into preoccupation with the situation’s possible developments, the fear feelings that follow gather force.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 1, 2012, at

“Most of your emotions arise not from your physical life, but from the way you think about your life. With this realization, you can begin to catch yourself in the act of thinking in a limited, fearful, separate and/or time-bound manner. This is when you can begin to release your habit of third-dimensional thinking, and begin to allow yourself to remember your innate multidimensional thinking.” (The Arcturians, through Suzan Carroll, Feb. 28, 2012, at

(4) It took me months in an encounter group even to see that I was out of touch with my feelings. The process of getting in touch with them also took time and needed to be carried on perpetually.

Being in touch is not something one can do one day and “save” it for the next. Like telling the truth, it has no shelf life. Yesterday’s in-touchness, like yesterday’s truth-telling, carries no weight today.


Artist ~ Carol Heyer

Divine Source by Amorah Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple


Divine Source

by Amorah Quan Yin

I felt guided to [write] about Divine Source. Many people speak of this. But how many really know what it is? In the beginning of each of our individual existences, each of us was born into Creation in our own unique way.

At this point of Creation, we have specific Higher Dimensional Beings of Light who sing us into consciousness with their full focus and intention. It often is just two Beings, but sometimes several. As they hold the energies that will make up the essence of who and what we are, they sing with intention of bringing those divine qualities into the new Being-YOU!

There is during this process always infinite Love and Light plus whatever qualities each of us is meant to become. Every divine quality you can think of is a possibility. And during our original Creation experience when we first come into consciousness, we feel these beautiful qualities that we are becoming more and more. And yet there is something else we feel. The Divine Source of our own existence and All That Is.

It feels like awaking for the first time to ourselves and feeling as if we are in a wonderful space in which we are loved, nurtured, held in Peace and Joy and deep safety. In Oneness everything around us is also individual and unique. This atmosphere we feel ourselves in is Divine Source.

This Divine Source is the cumulative energy of all of the Beings of Light in existence and what that creates energetically. It will always be loving, always filled with Light and hold the possibility of every other Divine quality that exists. It also holds the quality of Oneness with special love for the individuated Beings of Light, such as yourself.

This Divine Source is the place from which come all of our potentials that are in affinity with All That Is and with our own essence. There is nothing greater or simpler in a very powerful way.

Divine Source holds for you and everyone else the Divine Plan of returning to Oneness with God/Goddess/All That Is. It is like the reminder that is what you came from, what you will return to, and what you are. We exist at all times in that beautiful Divine Source. But often we lose sight of it as we begin to believe in our ego selves more than our spirits—who we really are. So returning to your true self also begins to help you feel and actualize that Divine Source eternal connection again. It is what really is in existence that holds what you really are.

Happy return journey to your true self. And call often on Divine Source to assist you in this divinely destined return to YOU and to Oneness. Surrender into that vast Love and Light of which are a part. So be it!!!

Gratitude & Appreciation to unknown artist.

A Greater Purpose to Requesting Healing by Archangel Raphael – Natalie Glasson

archangel raphael - named angel


A Greater Purpose to Requesting Healing

by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 25th January 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Archangel Raphael, I come forth to you with my Angelic Healing Team to share wisdom and high vibrational healing transmissions. I wish to encourage you to ask for healing from me, Archangel Raphael, my Angelic Healing Team and in truth any guide you resonate with upon the inner planes. Asking and requesting healing for yourself is now essentially important, as healing is not only a transference of energy or a physical aid, it develops your connection with the Creator allows you to support the lives of others. As you ask for healing, whether out loud or in your mind, you are creating a pillar of light that flows from the inner planes into and through your being. The more light you anchor into your being the easier it will be for you to manifest and experience the qualities of the Creator within you. Through requesting healing, you merge yourself with the Creator and experience the power of oneness with the Creator as you go about your everyday life. Below are some examples to assist you in anchoring a healing for yourself:

‘I ask to be aligned to the healing energy of Archangel Raphael, allow me to accept and experience a healing that is appropriate for me.’

‘I ask Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing to surround me completely in a bubble of healing and nurturing light. I ask that your healing light assists me in increasing my light quotient, realising my abilities of acceptance, transformation and anchoring the consciousness of the Creator that I require currently in my life to activate my Creator presence within me. Assist me to in embodying the wholeness and completeness of the Creator’s light within me, building my bond with the Creator and inspiring others to do so. Let it be.’

‘I invoke the powerful loving consciousness of Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator to penetrate my aura dissolving all negative energies, emotions or thought patterns. I invoke the powerful loving consciousness of Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator to penetrate my physical body converting all negative consciousness of pain, suffering, illness and disease into positive loving consciousness of the highest vibration. I invoke the powerful loving consciousness of Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator to particularly penetrate (part of your body) to manifest perfect glowing health. I am open to my energies shifting so that my entire being is aligned to the light of the Creator, experiencing a continuous awakening process.’

‘I am open to a healing from Archangel Raphael and wish to ask you to predominantly assist me in understanding the purpose and meaning of my current suffering so that I may realise the lesson that the Creator wishes me to overcome, achieving perfect health with ease.’

‘I ask Archangel Raphael to activate my natural healing abilities, my natural ability of absorbing and deciphering the consciousness of the Creator, gaining mastery over the skills of acceptance, shifting and anchoring healing vibrations. Allow me to feel, sense or acknowledge your healing vibrations and my own healing, caring and awakening light flowing from my being. Thank you.’

‘I invoke the healing presence of Archangel Raphael to channel the consciousness of love, balance, peace and equality between the masculine and feminine aspect of the Creator into my being. Please allow me to experience the blissful and joyous vibrations and consciousness of the angelic kingdom.’

‘I ask for an intensive healing from Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator. I ask for an intensive awakening, embodiment of light and consciousness, and connection with the Creator. Allow all negative blockages within my physical and spiritual body to fall away so that I may focus on building my bond with the Creator. Thank you.’

You may use one or many of these invocations to aid your connection with me, Archangel Raphael, and the Creator. I will support you in receiving an appropriate healing and a deeper connection with the Creator.

Anchoring the Creator’s Energies of Acceptance, Transformation and Love

The Creator realised within my expression and energy, Archangel Raphael, the quality of healing, caring, the ability to help and soul connection and evolution. Helping and caring for people is in fact one of my many purposes; sharing the most essential energies to aid their growth. We can now see that every soul has the ability to heal because every soul can, if they wish to, devote themselves to caring for themselves, and caring and helping others through the process of anchoring the Creator’s energies of acceptance, transformation and love. I feel this message is very simple and yet vitally important because it helps you to realise how easy it can be to embody the light of the Creator, creating transformations in your life and the lives of others.

A Greater Purpose to Accepting Healing

There is a greater purpose to my current communication and encouragement of requesting healing for yourself. My purpose is to alert you to the transformation that is available to take place within humanity through the simple process of requesting healing. This transformation is the shifting and rebirth of your energetic vibrational pattern especially at a physical body level.

Humanity has created a template of existence through their thoughts of how a physical body manifests on the Earth generating this over many generations and civilisations. It is akin to a knowledge or understanding of human life that is embedded into the physical form and consciousness of a human passed down through generations. These simple beliefs dictate the appearance of a person, how they should act and react, what is available and possible for them on the Earth and in truth most things that every person experiences on the Earth. It is akin to DNA; information, characteristics, features and mannerisms passed through generations. Of course, every physical person is different, and the soul can influence the manifestation of their physical body depending on the lessons they wish to learn. This template has evolved and changed and yet all humans hold the same consciousness which manifests within their physical bodies.

With more people awakening and the vibration of the Earth quickening. The information, template or coded consciousness within each physical being is no longer appropriate or relevant to the current day ascension. This has been transforming for some time now, however, I, Archangel Raphael and my Angelic Healing Team wish to boost, transform or upgraded humanity’s template of existence held within their physical bodies in order for their physical bodies to equal the light of their souls.

Many of you are already experiencing and receiving updates to your energies and the consciousness of your physical body. It is important to realise that this needs to happen on a mass scale. I, Archangel Raphael wish to support the release of pain, strives, suffering, negative thoughts and false beliefs held within the consciousness or cellular structure of the physical body of all from current reality and from generations ago. Now is the time to release old energies from the physical body and allow a new higher positive vibration and consciousness to anchor to support your soul’s development. If your physical body’s particles, cellular structure and physical manifestation hold a lower vibration then this will only ensure your vibrations remain at a lower level. By increasing the vibration held within your physical body you allow yourself to link into higher dimensions and assist in releasing the limitations and cloak of fear that obstructs and weakens humanity.

Currently when people on the Earth are asking for healing, with the permission of their soul, we, the Angels and Archangels work with the energy of their physical body to allow fears and limitations from their own reality and that of the generations before them to be released, bringing a greater freedom to their energies. This manifests an improved health and vitality, a renewed vibrancy to their body and its function on a physical and spiritual level. It is simply a healing with focus on the physical body and releasing old energy patterns. This practice enables the person to create a consciousness within their physical body and cellular structure that is appropriate for them, gaining a greater sense of mastery.
If you wish to experience this healing process to aid your spiritual growth and to assist in your physical body gradually being converted into pure Creator light, then you may use this invocation to assist in the healing and activation.

Healing and Activation for Your Physical Body

‘Archangel Raphael, Archangels and Angels of Healing, my beloved guides and the Creator, I call upon your sacred presence, support and protection. Please balance and prepare my energies so I may be open to converting the consciousness and light vibration of my physical body.

I ask that you now channel the pure and blissful angelic and Creator healing energies into my energy and physical body. Please allow me to accept a higher vibration of light, a purer vibration of love and a new positive consciousness, anchoring this deep into my physical body, flesh, bones, blood, organs, DNA and cellular structure.

I ask that all negative past programming, consciousness, beliefs and fears stored within my body from previous generations on the Earth and from my current lifetime on the Earth are dissolved, released now with ease and perfection.

Please assist this conversion of energy within my physical body, ensuring that this is a gradual process of peace and increased perfect health. Please anchor into my being and energy your support and assistance.

My physical body now holds the pure light, love and consciousness of my soul, soul group and the Creator to aid my further spiritual development on the Earth, free from fear or doubt, embraced in love and positivity. Thank you and let it be.’

Take time to imagine, sense or acknowledge the healing, rejuvenating and activating light flowing into your physical body, sit or lie in peace until you feel the process is complete. It is beneficial to practice this each day for 14 days in order to allow the transformation to occur within your physical body. It is important that over the 14 days of transmuting any negative vibrations and embodying positive vibrations that you invoke the Angels of Love from the angelic level to surround you and to channel their pure energy of love deep into your being. Ask for this at least three times a day, as it will ensure that you are supported and held in love, allowing all negative energies or consciousness to be released instantly and converted into love of the highest vibrations.

This healing process is naturally occurring to those who are calling on healing from their guides and the inner planes, however, to focus your intentions on this healing and activation process will boost your spiritual growth and allow your physical body to become a supportive energy to your development on the Earth. It is a step forward to ascension, mastery and a greater integration with the soul of the Creator.

In constant support and love,
Archangel Raphael

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Multi-Dimensional Existences: Do You Actually Fully Comprehend? Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Multi-Dimensional Existences: Do You Actually Fully Comprehend?


Something I’ve been observing/noticing as we continue this journey of awakening every aspect of ourselves/lives/realities….. and anchoring/holding/creating/building/BEing/Living our Heaven on Earth/NEW Earth everything here… is comprehension of what each speaks, comprehension of what each is doing, comprehension of what each is actually allowing, participating in, contributing to…. many still don’t actually fully COMPREHEND beyond their human mindsets, limits, perceptions, program and beliefs; there’s often limited or no inner-connectedness, there’s limited or no actual connection, limited or no actual listening, feeling, understanding of how all actually is/works here……

The words each speaks, the acts all “do”, the mindsets of where each functions/acts from…. this takes FULL CONSCIOUSNESS each/every ENERGY, and when there is no “full-time” deep inner CONNECTION, there’s no CONNECTION within the experience…. there’s no FEELING beyond the human feelings of story or personalization, there’s no caring beyond current “needs”, there’s no real understanding of anything….. UNLESS ONE IS fully deeply connected through the DEPTH OF THEIR CORE OF THEIR OWN BEING too…. and fully present and taking care with every word, taking care with every breath, taking CARE through OBSERVATION and PRESENCE with that which is spoken and transmitted out, without any judgment at all……

Do you take CARE with everything? Do you actually truly CARE with every fiber of your whole BEing, enough to ACTually ACT from this place/space? Do you live/function/exist from your HIGHER HEART and Higher Mind Consciousness, that deeply sacred connected space inside of you that comprehends all on a very different “level” than your human aspect does?

Do you PAY ATTENTION to your Lightbody/Energy Body/DNA when it speaks? Do you actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL, without closing your heart out of protection of projecting your ego programs out? DO YOU ACTUALLY COMPREHEND…. on every level…. from deeeeeeep deeeeeeep deeeeeep within you….. how important our deep sacred connections are? Do you actually comprehend when you are in your head or when your heart closes off? Do you actually COMPREHEND with all of you…. what’s really really going on and that it’s “not” what you “think/thought”?

Do you close your eyes to hear/see/feel/connect? Do you know if you are in your HIGHER HEART or your human heart here? Do you actually LISTEN to your own higher self/selves/Universe (YOU-niverse)….. which is your higher dimensional aspect/version trying to guide/support/teach/assist you and “lead” you to your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE, showing you everything you “need to know” to do this “easier” too?

DO you actually sit and OBSERVE all ….. without any judgment what-so-ever….. do you actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO HEAR/SEE/FEEL and understand/comprehend on a level that challenges your human ego aspect, your linear you to expand your heart and mind to see from your own higher dimensional place/space inside? Do you actually TRUST ENOUGH TO OPEN UP WIDE OPEN and shift all to a space of PURE LOVE and allow your own highest aspects/versions of you come THROUGH YOU….. DO you actually TRUST ENOUGH TO SURRENDER YOUR ENTIRE EVERYTHING within you… to your PUREST YOU (YOUR SOUL), that doesn’t live from fear, lack, judgment, blame and stories/programming/separation….. do you actually comprehend as to whether you trust or not?

Do you actually COMPREHEND which aspect of you is in charge and running your show? Do you actually COMPREHEND how to shift vibrationally, how to exist a linear reality and live a fully Quantum one? Do you actually comprehend what your actions affect…. every one of them and what you support with each one of them….. do you actually comprehend, beyond your current mentality how your reality comes to be created and that your perceptions dictate your actual experiences here…… Do you truly comprehend that when you act from any space NOT YOUR HIGHEST ASPECTS and Depths of your PUREST YOU, that you create a reality from fear, separation, duality and lack to re-experience here?

Do you really comprehend that it’s you that doesn’t fully get it, when your heart is closed… because your human heart must be wide open for your higher heart to open up, so that you can gain access to the “other dimensions” of your own NEW EARTH….

Do you REALLY COMPREHEND that energy you are feeling? Do you REALLY COMPREHEND those words, those actions and “why” you are “doing” them, speaking them….. at all? Do you actually observe your everything to see where you are FUNCTIONING FROM? Do you COMPREHEND, in every moment, with every breath…. fully, with every particle of you….. what’s going on inside of you and how to shift all? Do you actually realize that the external reality is a reflection back? Do you actually comprehend what DNA recodings, recalibration, re-configurations mean and how they occur in your bodies? Do you actually COMPREHEND with all of you, the words you regurgitate? Do you actually listen to them, feel them and observe them so that you can decipher (de-code) and encode all with pure love here?

Do you really really really truly comprehend… what PHOTONIC DNA EVOLUTION and BEING a LIGHT BEING means? Do you really really really truly get all of this? Are you wide open to learning everything a-new…. admitting that your human aspect doesn’t have a clue, surrender the resistance to “all of this” (ascension and multi-dimensional existences) that you hold still…. deep inside of you? Do you feel your muscles tighten down when this occurs? Do you consciously stop and breathe, relax your body fully, so that your heart can open fully again? Are you truly present within your current realities, expanded and observing from your highest place, your most expanded you…. the one that sees/understand and shifts all BACK INTO PURE LOVE from that place/space of PURE OPEN CONNECTION….. where Divine flow, Divine Harmony, Divinity, Peace, Sovereignty, bliss and magic and beauty exists? Do you LIVE YOUR MAGIC, YOUR JOY, YOUR BLISS… DO YOU SHARE THIS with others to inspire, uplift and AFFECT ALL AS LOVE HERE?

It’s not enough to say the words…. you actually have to listen/feel and comprehend…. on/from every level…. you have to fully understand what you are doing/saying/projecting out…. if you desire to shift, if you desire YOUR OWN NEW EARTH REALITY to be YOUR ONLY REALITY here…..

ARE you your NEW EARTH ASPECT, the pure one, the kind one, the responsible, respectful and caring one? Are you CONSCIOUSLY showing up, are you actually observing yourself when you inner-act…. your behavior, your mindsets… the things you say/speak…. are you actually LISTENING WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY/BEING/ALL OF YOU…. or are you still set in “old ways”, trying to apply old beliefs (linear) to a reality that’s no longer linear anymore….

ARE YOU WIDE OPEN so that your higher heart and mind are where you function from or are you so busy “talking” that you can’t actually hear? Are you so busy “talking” that you are not listening to your FEELINGS and learning to UNDERSTAND THEM and why you have them and how all came to be…. honoring your body as it goes through cellular cleansings and template re-construction which dictates your actual physical realities here?

Do you pull away enough to go deep inside to connect, until you don’t have to “pull away” in order to accomplish this?

Do you surround yourself vibrationally and energetically with all that supports your own expansion of Consciousness here? Do you even know how your physical body/field/surroundings play a part in everything here? Do you actually comprehend that your CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY DNA is higher/highest intelligence, more-so than your human aspect is? Do you actually comprehend or do you hear a cool word and speak it, teach it, use it…. “pretending” that you get it? Do you really actually comprehend that you have to COMPREHEND THIS on every level, with every cell of your body and your ENERGY … in order to be fully CONSCIOUS HERE? Do you really truly fully realize and comprehend that all of this is about you being FULLY CONNECTED, PRESENT AND LISTENING/RE-LEARNING AND FEELING with your every sense…. that this is a process of your senses being stimulated and enhances, that this is a full on SENSORY EXPERIENCE, where every aspect/particle of you must be connected, in-tune, present, wide open….. all of the time now……

Do you truly comprehend that when you shut down, you close off, your heart closes, that you disconnect, you separate off from our NEW EARTH NETWORK/GRID/TEMPLATE/SYSTEMS and you go unconscious and re-enter and old earth reality with your whole body again? Do you really comprehend TELEPORTATION through your Consciousness and with your bodies too? Do you really truly comprehend what it means to vibrate, with your body, in and out of infinite dimensions, timelines, realities and HOW TO DO THIS CONSCIOUSLY yourself? Do you truly really comprehend that your own level of consciousness dictates the dimensional/vibratory frequency bandwidth that your body occupies here…… ?

Do you really truly comprehend density and how this correlates to the physical dimension you actually occupy and that through the conscious activation your own LIGHT, that you can “teleport” your own body to a different dimensional experience easily here? Do you really truly comprehend that as long as YOU HOLD ON to that which is linear, dense and “fixed”, that these are your limits, self-imposed, due to your own inner-resistance that you are not consciously aware is there? Do you actually truly comprehend that you must CHOOSE to STOP, you MUST CHOOSE TO OPEN YOUR HEART FULLY, otherwise your human-ego-linear-aspect of you is in charge and dictating the actual physical reality your body/all of you experience here?

Do you actually truly comprehend what you ASCENDING IS? Do you actually truly comprehend what MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES, and even more-so, EXISTENCES are here? Do you actually truly full comprehend that there are infinite multiple dimensions all present within the same space and your own density/Lightbody dictates the “HOW” you experience all of “this”?

If your heart is closed, you are not going to “get this”, you are not going to accept this, you are not going to consciously have this experience, because your ego-matrix programming is still the dominant aspect in charge, therefor transmitting out the “coordinates” of the dimensional reality you experience here. The process of activating your PHOTONIC DNA and your multi-dimensional body evolving is an immense process that only your Higher/Highest Selves/Soul Aspects can comprehend…. and when you expand fully to become these, to gain access to the infinite knowledge/intelligence and where you hold this inside…. you begin to actually COMPREHEND as to how you have to APPLY YOUR HIGHEST ACCESS/KNOWLEDGE to how you live your actual and fully life here…

As each surrender linear existences for non-linear, vibrational, energetic ones… ones of CONNECTION through feeling, connection with their WHOLE BODY/ENERGY/BEING/PRESENCE….. then what each considered reality will start to shift. What all placed their faith in will also shift too. It will no longer be something “out there”, it will be with your own Higher Self/Universal Self aspects….. here to guide you, teach you, show you, provide for you, look out for you and become you… as you ACTually open up fully and actually truly CARE to connect fully and ALLOW YOURSELF TO MERGE (Unify) into the same being… into ONE BEING, that doesn’t separate off anymore…. into that ONENESS and knowing that doesn’t conform to anything of your old…. into your own NEW EARTH ASPECT that is fully connected and All-that-is….. into BECOMING THIS LIGHT BEING with your every breath….. into BEing this YOU, that actually lives a 5th Dimensional Existence (and way beyond)…. that actually experiences higher dimensional realities through you…. instead of just “words” you say or repeat (which is still an activation, yet it’s much slower, because you are not actually FEELING the words and LIVING THEM CONSCIOUSLY……

Words are ENERGY… they are encoded with your ENERGY… they are encoded with your mentalities, your limits, your beliefs, your fear or your knowing, your lack or your love, your selfishness or your generosity, your kindness, your compassion, your respect… they are ENCODED and they transmit these CODES (coordinates) out… they transmit out Sacred Geometrics and Quantum Realities to take form… as a vibrational response. Your every cell transmits, your energy “speaks”, your whole body a living breathing transmitter of that which you perceive/hold inside of you as your “realities”… “telling” the Quantum Field, the Unified Field of Consciousness what to “return vibrationally” to you… as an actual experience to assist you with awakening more, assist you with clearing more, assist you with REMEMBERING more, assist you with LIVING YOUR PUREST EVERYTHING TOO…. as you RETURN to UNIFICATION within you…. by dissolving, resolving and releasing all of that separation/duality programming housed in your body (density)…..

DO YOU FULLY COMPREHEND, with every cell and particle of your whole body/BEing, what CONSCIOUSNESS IS? Do you truly comprehend how all is alive, breathing, inner-connected and how every thing you do, say, feel, hold, speak…. transmits OUT for you… and the only way you “get a choice” is when you are fully present, in-tune on every level and fully conscious as PURE LOVE here? FEELING is necessary…. you must FEEL THIS CONNECTION fully in order to REMEMBER fully here. You must LIVE THIS CONNECTION fully….. with your every Sacred Breath…

YOUR ACTIONS ARE ENERGY… these SPEAK ENERGETICALLY for you… on a Quantum level, not a linear one….. these actions are geometrically encoded and create a vibrational return to you too….. these ACTions dictate the dimension your body occupies, relative to physical density and light. Linear creates one reality… non-linear creates another….

EVERY BREATH creates, every action creates, every thought creates, every mindset/belief creates, everything is living/alive/breathing and working through harmonics…. all realities are “coordinates” that were “dialed” through each’s ENCODED ENERGY… your physical body is ENERGY…. where matter has taken form… this physical matter being re-worked/re-coded constantly on a DNA, genetics and whole body template level at an increasingly accelerated rate….. your body transmits out dimensional coordinates…. which determine the dimensional experience that you actually have… these coordinates are embedded in your DNA…. and dictated by how linear (contracted/separated off) or quantum (expanded/connected/Unified) you are from deep inside of you, with your whole body/BEing and every aspect of your life…..

Multi-Dimensional existence is nothing like your old realities were…. in order to participate, you actually have to COMPREHEND ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, your Soul Level…. which means functioning from a very different place/space than you once did… as your “natural” place…. Your “natural place” changes from your head to your heart to your higher heart to your whole soul…. which means your whole reality will shift constantly as you make this transition with your whole body, life, being… from deep inside of you. ♥

WE are in the vibration/frequency bandwidths where ACTUALLY CONNECTING FULLY INSIDE TO ACTUALLY COMPREHEND is beyond important and necessary for these now/next phase to be “easier” and simple for all…. If your heart is closed, you will be confused for awhile, as your whole body goes through a transition from linear to non-linear, which takes “time”, as this occurs on a DNA level… not a linear one.

LIVE your MAGIC, LIVE YOUR JOY, LIVE YOUR BRILLIANCE…. LIVE THE PURITY OF YOUR SOUL…. the innocence of your pure child being reborn/re-birthed and experienced for the “very first time”, to REMEMBER the purity of this LOVE that WE ALL ARE HERE…. Live fully RESPONSIBLE for ALL OF YOUR ENERGY, without justification/making apologies for that which you see from deep inside, that others may not be able to see/understand/comprehend yet…. Live from the PURITY of that which you ARE… Live from Generosity, Kindness and Caring… Live that deep inner connection…. open your heart fully… otherwise you are disconnected and can’t experience the magnificence that’s available with every Conscious Breath….. Share your Light, as this is your Conscious Energy that elevates, uplifts, inspires and SHOWS THE WAY for others to CHOOSE to LIVE our brilliance too….

REMEMBER… the human aspect will choose fear, live from programs/beliefs and mentalities that reinforce each’s own lack of connection and inner-power as love here. This is a disconnected state, this is each’s heart still closed and living from the dis-trust state…. Each’s EXPERIENCES are to bring these walls around the heart down so that it can open fully and “let all that” hurt, pain, anger, distrust, I was wronged and blame energy out…. so that their human heart can open enough for their own Higher Heart to be activated/open up….. The whole chest wall must open/clear density programs of separation (blame, shame, guilt, betrayal energies)…. and it, as well as the throat region/back of neck and whole head have to go through immense clearing for this to occur….. REMEMBER the lower half of the body is “survival mode, manipulation, fear, distrust, compromise energies too…. so the whole body has to clear a ridiculous amount of programming (coordinates/codes) that bound each’s body (tethered) to old 3D versions of Earth…. as Earth is not just 3D as “once believed”, now it’s a multi-dimensional Earth with the coordinates for multiple dimensions available, yet to access these with your physical body, an entire Evolutionary Process must occur (is occurring and accelerating within all now).

This massive process is the COMPLETE EVOLUTION of all DNA, through PHOTONIC LIGHT (your Soul & Galactic/Cosmic aspects), where your PHOTONIC DNA is the Teleportion Device… with your physical body being re-calibrated, recoded, reconfigured constantly, as is your whole “Life”.

YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES are achieve by way of many things…it’s not just “one” thing…it’s EVERY thing…. Your ability to do this Consciously comes through your own Full Embodiment processes as your DNA rewrites itself continuously, as the grids within your body take you online/offline continuously, as the templates in your bodies and for the foundation of your entire reality are completely reconstructed/re-worked. All new codes, all new algorithms, all new schematics, all new everything…. the “hows” and the “why’s” and “when’s” completely opposite of how all once was….

TUNE IN …. CONNECT FULLY …. OPEN UP FULLY …. YOUR HEART, YOUR MIND, YOUR WHOLE BODY, YOUR WHOLE BEing must be fully on-board…. “part” of you, “part of your life” … is the limited way, the fractaled way, the limited view and your limits you self-imposed…. now it takes ALL OF YOU AND YOUR WHOLE LIFE…. from this very Quantum Space, this vibration, these energies right now/here…. ALL OF THIS CREATES…. THIS IS A WHOLE REALITY KINDA THING NOW…..

I love you! Keep creating, exploring, living your excitement, your freedom, your bliss, your magical everything too….. as you CHOOSE FREEDOM and PEACE INSIDE, as you fully connect from deep within, your body will start a DNA re-coding process to “build new coordinates” for which dimension it will physically occupy and creates your VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE/RETURN too! ♥ Tune in fully, with every particle/aspect of you… to begin to COMPREHEND MORE…. and more, then more, then more…. from “beyond” the smallness that we all once called ‘reality’, as all is soooooooooooooooooo very much more! Open your heart fully to expand to your whole body. S-T-R-E-T-C-H your mind constantly…. tune into the frequencies of all from deep within, hear/see/feel the ENERGY, the encodements, the transmission and CONSCIOUSLY SHIFT YOUR OWN RECEIVING MODE AND TRANSMITTING MODE… both. The crystals in your Crystalline LightBody do this naturally for you. Your Photonic LightBody “manages” the coordinates naturally and organically for you too! Honor your physical LightBody DNA as it works “hard” for you. Support it fully, listen to it fully and it will in-turn support you, yet not in a linear way, as it’s going fully Quantum too! (Which is a new ballgame constantly, with each next level-up phase we all enter into/move through). ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Crown of Flowers by Atistatplay at DeviantArt


That’s Ascension – Steve Beckow

Heavenly Lotus by Scrawly @ Steemit


That’s Ascension

I’d like to bundle a few things together to arrive at a hopefully-helpful view of our Ascension – or perhaps, more accurately, of the phase of our Ascension I think we’re in.

The Divine Mother asked us recently to help take the Reval beyond the vibrational level at which the cabal could interfere with it. (1)

The Arcturians asked me earlier to “master EVERY thought and feeling.” (2)

Kathleen is mastering balance, loving neutrality in the face of anything that comes her way.

Every spiritual tradition discussing enlightenment stresses the importance of purification – ridding ourselves of our core issues or vasanas.

Do you notice any similarities or correspondences? What do all four of these have in common? And how are they related to the phase of Ascension we’re in?

They all leave us in a higher state of consciousness than that which we’re in at this moment.  They all contribute to raising our frequency levels. They all contribute to, lead to, and culminate in our Ascension. (3)

I think we’re in a particular phase of Ascension which calls upon us to let go of all that holds us back from expanding or ascending – vasanas, extreme behavior, 3D habit patterns, call it whatever you wish.

Ours is a gradual Ascension: Only as much speed as the physical body and psychological constitution can take, taking into consideration 7.7 billion people are going through this process, most of them unknowingly.

Following any of these four paths consistently would speed us along the path to our Ascension.

Michael gave a good definition of that Ascension in a recent reading when he referred to “those human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.” (4)

I’d say that such a person would have ascended.

Living permanently in Divine Love – what I used to call transformative love and what I’d also call Ascension – is living in all the divine states simultaneously and fluidly, if I may paraphrase Michael.

Only Divine Love is everything and holds everything; anything else is fractional, partial.

Traditionally, in spiritual disciplines, a person perfected only one divine quality – detachment, service, harmlessness, etc. That would be enough to carry them through to advanced states of enlightenment.

But it’s a sign of our evolution that Michael would even suggest we live from all of them at once.

His request can have the same effect as a Zen choan because, to imagine what space it would be that could hold all the divine qualities, we’d be “forced” into or stumble upon the space of Divine Love.

Call it what you will – raising our vibration, self-mastery, balance, or purity – we’re all urged on to do it by the rising energies. They’re raising all our vasanas to the surface, turning us into a collective cat on a hot tin roof.

And the destination is just as Michael said – living from all the divine qualities at once, in a coordinated and fluid manner. Well, heavens, that’s life in the Fifth Dimension. That’s Ascension.


(1) “The Divine Mother on the Impact of the Dark on the Reval,” 

(2) Arcturians in a personal reading with SB through Suzanne Lie, Nov. 8, 2013.

(3) The point of balance turns out to be the same as the natural, pure, and innocent Self, the open heart, the self-mastered individual.

(4) AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.


Heavenly Lotus by Scrawly @ Steemit

As Entire Collectives Shift – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Angel of Illumination ~ Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


As Entire Collectives Shift…. from their human heart to their Higher Heart, Clearing their own human akash and moving into Oneness as each’s “New Way” and “Place” to Live from…. (LightBody DNA)



The human heart vs. each’s Higher Heart (Thymus Region)…. the amount of physical density around and within the human heart space…. the separation held, the old beliefs, mentalities … linear constructs and all of the walls around each’s heart…. all of this must clear for each’s higher heart to open… that tiny space where each “finally” makes the connection, literally… as each’s LightBody is a a bio-electrical system that “reconnects” within the body, clearing/breaking down linear everything…. and reconstructing all through new (Light Codes), opening up neural pathways in the brain, stimulating neural networking systems in the physical body, establishing “new connections” within the body, so that each can REMEMBER and awaken through Literal Light……

DNA repair (The LightBody) is what the human aspect calls “healing”. This “healing” is perceived this way, because of “how all is”…. this “healing” is a word that each uses to describe “missing pieces” or “something wrong”…. when in essence, the missing “pieces” are the fractals of each’s Whole Soul…… Therefore, as you become “whole again”, your physical body “reverses/repairs” all… through your Lightbody doing DNA work on a cellular/molecular/atomic level inside. ♥

DNA Repair is the “first part” of each’s LightBody processes…. the Gamma LightBody that activates to stimulate, overwhelm (pushing out/breaking down discordant linear programs), activate a cleansing process…. of RETURNING EACH’S BODY to full “health”… by way of re-coding each’s DNA, which is a de-coding/de-programming/de-calcification/de-construction phase…. necessary to return each’s body to LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS… and “reverse” everything …. ever ingested, ever spoken, ever felt, ever experienced, ever done, ever believed, ever “less than pure love”, which co-mingled and “tainted” our original templates and modified our “original” DNA…

As humans, WE WERE THE GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS….. everything we drank, ate and were “fed” to believe… our DNA “distorted” (by what we unconsciously did) and genetically modified/re-coded… which kept each “asleep”. It’s important to understand, all of this was “pre-agreed” before incarnation/assuming our physical forms here…. so there are no “victims” in this sense, yet until each can fully see and truly understand and take RESPONSIBILITY for their own bodies and realities, this continues…. as long as each puts “something/anything/everything else” first…. functions from a place of “fear”, allows the external to dictate beliefs… this is HOW REALITY IS….

An initial PHASE of Conscious Awakening, is getting our physical bodies clean. Detoxing all of the programming, de-calcifying our bones/pineal gland/blood/heart and getting all toxins out of our bodies… so that our LightBodies can “kick in” and “take over”… this is our SOUL BODY, our ENERGY BODY…. and it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE HAVE/ARE…. and our Lightbody genetically re-modifies all back… to our “original template/blueprint”… as we all become fully conscious and purify/return to purity from within. Our Soul has different DNA than our human body does. As does our OverSoul…

As humans, we made excuses and didn’t make this our #1 priority, because we didn’t understand how BEYOND IMPORTANT this was/is…. we didn’t understand that the whole 3D Matrix Reality actually depended on this…. We didn’t understand that we had to actually CHOOSE AND MAKE THIS OUR #1 PRIORITY… our Soul… if we truly desired to exit the old and accelerate our own awakening/ascension process here….

We didn’t understand that our hearts were closed, our minds were closed and we lived in fixed mentality realities…. we didn’t understand the immense process of RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS HERE and how much it related to our own physical bodies… that there was a LIGHT (BODY) activating and awakening inside of us…. to re-code, re-write, re-tune, re-align, re-calibrate, re-construct all that we “called reality”…. and it was going to look NOTHING like we “thought”…..

We didn’t understand the whole 3D experience, the purposes, reasons and that the whole things was a realm of amnesia, where we were all asleep and living deep beneath the Veils…. We didn’t understand how much it was going to take to TRANSITION OUR BODIES out of old realities and over to our own NEW Earth Realities here…..

We didn’t understand, because we are not “given” access, we don’t gain access UNTIL our body does what it needs to do. We didn’t understand it was a DNA thing, not fully… we said the words… our whole lives even (some did/some had no clue)…. because HOW PHOTONIC DNA/QUANTUM DNA WORKS, how body templates and gridding systems work… only becomes available to us as we RETURN TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS here…. Each Lightbody phase, very different than the other… this is a gradual process that can seem quite intense, where there is great separation/density/duality still held as programs/realities deep within….

It took us many linear years… of MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE to actually understand and to share the information/get it out there/make it available, as we actually had to go through it, experience it and gain full access to every AKASH…. bringing through each “piece and part” vibrationally… as the ENTIRE PICTURE is way to vast for our linear/limited human aspect…. and it changes constantly…. as we EVOLVE THROUGH OUR OWN HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS here….

PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES…. these work to “reverse” all….. our Gamma Lightbody is the one that activates when it’s time to accelerate physical body “repair”, by cleansing/purging/detoxing genetic modifications through the water, air, foods and toxic emotions/mentalities of each’s whole life experience thus far… without realizing that what each is actually clearing is ALL EXISTENCES, not just the visible physical one…. as the codes for all are held within each’s physical body and play out by way of separation/duality/lack mentalities, all a RESULT of each’s disconnected state… which the INITIAL LIGHTBODY WORKS SO VERY HARD TO RE-ESTABLISH for each…. that Deep Connection, that Sacred Connection… where the PUREST FORM OF LOVE EXISTS…………

The first LightBody phase is to reconnect the physical body and how it communicates/functions/exists…. actually building an entire NEW TEMPLATE that overrides the human experience here…. all of the physical and emotional “Pain” is the Ego body, the unconscious body… evolving by way of the INTEGRATION OF LIGHT that works through each’s body to re-tune and harmonize and return each to PURE LOVE from deep within. Neural transmitters/receivers, neural networking systems, blood, urine/liquids, oxygen, every organ/gland, the spine/heart/brain…. all undergo an immense CONTINUAL PROCESS of DNA ACTIVATIONS and re-configuring processes that actually re-construct each’s physical reality…

The human ego aspect functions from a place of dependency and fear, from a place of “lack” within… as a result of each’s own inner-separation…. This “lack” of connection is re-established as each’s BODY CLEARS THE DENSITY HELD that “created” the disconnect… as a result of human experiences, which were SOUL DESIGNED EXPERIENCES to re-enforce this “forgotten state”, this amnesiac state, this comatose state, this disconnection from each’s own PURE SOURCE LIGHT.


The process of awakening from the initial 3D Matrix and transitioning through 4D to return to 5D…. is a very physical, emotional and mentally challenging one. This is because it’s a massive “breaking down of programming”… all housed in the body and re-inforced by “out there”… until ENOUGH LIGHT has activated (each’s journey is similar/different, relative to when “codons” turn on, pre-programmed prior to “here”). The entire 3D matrix was built on separation and fear…. yet it’s a REALITY built on beliefs and dis-empowerment… and 5D is the opposite… 4D is where each will work through all of this separation/duality… and as each’s BODY ACHIEVES THE VIBRATION to function at 5D (frequency),, the physical reality comes to match this “out there”. This is because each REMEMBERS and CHOOSES THEIR OWN VERSION OF 5D EARTH over 3D illusions/fears/beliefs….. The reason it’s all challenging is because as each CHOOSES, the linear ego constructs are broken down.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT BREAKS THROUGH ALL OF THAT PROGRAMMING….. The entire 3D Reality was a PROGRAM, supported by each living in it. Each looking “out there” and blaming, doesn’t truly understand that they are the one holding all of that in place… through their own lack of inner-connection (fear). It takes immense courage/boldness to break through and dissolve the old beliefs/mentalities/energy… because of how strong it is at first. This will lessen, as each starts to truly understand how ENERGY/THEIR ENERGY BODY/PHYSICAL SOUL BODY WORKS….

5D is your EVERY BODIES Consciousness awakened and merging into ONENESS… which starts with each’s heart opening up soooooooooo wide, that the physical matter (density) around/in each’s human heart finally starts to dissipate/break down/dissolve/detox/purge/clear/cleanse….. IT’S AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL DENSITY THING and HOW Photonic Light works through every particle of your whole body…. SEEKING OUT programming that’s not in HARMONY with your own SOUL LIGHT…. as your SOUL literally needs to “take over” your body, which is your Sacred Vessel/Body chosen for your entire old earth and NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE here. The “re-working” of your whole body…. is a complete and continual re-coding process of your DNA/Genetics and a complete re-structuring of your entire existence and that which each calls “reality” here.

The building and constructing of your inner matrix/template that links up to your external matrix (field) is an immense process. A constant re-synchronization process, dictated by what each exposes themselves to, surrounds themselves with and allows in their own VIBRATIONAL and ENERGETIC FIELD/SPACE. Each dimension has different templates/matrixes…. 3D, 4D, 5D and each all the way up to our current 12D…. once each’s BREAKS THROUGH and clears the heavy human emotions that anchored the body in dense 3D, 4D is where each remains, working through DENSITY that plays out as a lack of trust and inner-connectedness, while learning to trust the perceived unknown/invisible… which becomes visible as each’s heart and mind fully open and each’s LightBody links up to our NEW EARTH here.

Within each’s body, each Lightbody phase (non-linear processes that break down to linear ones when observed over many linear years and relative to current linearity/density or Quantum Existence…. First each’s Gamma LightBody works to repair DNA and return each’s through deep inner connection, which links all up to the ENERGY OF NEW EARTH. The Crystalline Grids are accessible/built through each’s maintaining higher/highest states of consciousness…. as by holding these states “long enough” for the DNA/PHYSICAL to be completely recoded/restructured through all new Quantum Mechanics, algorithms, dynamics, logistics, templates, schematics, geometrics, equations and more. Plasma Networks/LightBodies work vastly much differently than the previous two, Photonic Lightbodies vastly different than the previous/others. All a part of our LIVING DNA INTELLIGENCE that is restored as each’s heart opens fully and full integration of “current/highest” light codes available/embraced occurs.

Our LightBodies work very differently than our old dense sleeping human bodies did. This is a complete re-learning everything all over again… through every experience and applying NEW CODES (Higher/Highest Consciousness) to how each lives every aspect of their lives here….

Many Transitioning Collectives have just gone through the OPENING OF THEIR HIGHER HEART… the PURE EXPERIENCE of PURE LOVE… the REMEMBRANCE of what we were disconnected from/forgot….. THIS PURE BEAUTY…. that emanates from within, this PEACE and ONENESS is an activation and “re-set point”, if you will… this is the BEGINNING of all experiencing this … the beginning of NEW LIVES here… free from unconscious matrix programming inside, yet learning how to re-align their whole lives on a Soul Level… while entering other “levels” of akashes to physically/energetically clear…..

THE 5D TEMPLATE is built as each LIVES THIS…. activating 6D – 12D templates is “in addition” to the 5D Soul Template… where the “Activation of the Consciousness” is EXPERIENCED, which BEGINS a DNA re-writing process that recodes all you “call reality” from inside… and YOU take this “new highest aligned reality” and you incorporate it, apply it, create it, build it, share it, MAKE IT your ACTual REALity here…. you LIVE it…. fully… AS YOU LIVE IT, your template starts to construct/build… each template takes many linear years to “complete”. This not an “overnight” process that the human aspect “thinks” (or wishes for, replacing the actual inner/physical work it takes to accomplish all). Your entire REALity will be created/brought forth from within you and vibrationally “go out” into the “world” (multiple dimensions) and activate that physical reality (DNA Codes) to return a Vibrational MATCH for you. If you are “waiting” for “one day” or for the physical to happen first…. this is the REVERSE OF HOW ALL WORKS HERE….

As you activate the CODES and where the higher consciousness intelligence is housed within you, as you surrender your body fully to integrate, you must learn to acclimate to new ways of functioning, as well as APPLY this knowledge to how you live your own life here. Returning through Love, Living from Unity, working together cohesively and harmonically, sharing, supporting, caring… from a much deeper level than ever before….

NEW EARTH IS A CONTRIBUTORY REALity… where all entitlement goes. Where all dependency goes. Where all excuses and supporting/allowing the old go…. Where you become the ONE RESPONSIBLE for observing your own programming, you break this yourself, you honor each’s own reality, respect other’s realities, respect yours and you transcend all of the JUDGEMENT that you once held…. as this is a deflection/reflection tactic/energy… a way to blame everyone/everything else, instead of standing as a SOVEREIGN BEing here.

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW REALITY…. built upon SOUL CODES and OverSOUL Codes. Every dimension from the 5th on, are full Service roles…. 12D being the HUMANITARIAN TEMPLATE, THE SACRED DIVINE UNION TEMPLATE… THE TEMPLATE OF THE 144…. Embodiment is each holding these VARIOUS STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS VISIBLE BY WAY OF HOW EACH LIVES….

Deep Sacred inner-connection, open honest loving connection/communication, stepping up and into higher/highest service roles through sharing, caring and considering all….

Struggle is necessary when there is duality, as it’s a part of the process of breaking down/through the programs/energy that held the old realities in place before…. Struggle goes when each stops resisting/fighting/insisting/holding on to the “old” out of fear/disconnection within…..

NEW EARTH IS FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… yet you are not “entitled” to anything here. Yes, we all deserve it, yes we all have infinite everything, yet our human ego/linearity is what stops this as “reality” here. Until you/each can fully connect from the depths of your entire being, without the “pain” needed to feel…. when LOVE is your basis/foundation of all… when you truly open your heart/mind/energy and allow yourself to shift, when/as you fully appreciate everything, every GIFT you are blessed with and open up to share…. when you decide you are ready to be a part of a much bigger picture, contribute and do your part too…. you’ll become an integral part of our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM here too….

When you look at your current reality and see every gift, every purpose and all of your roles and the roles of others… and LEARN HOW TO LIVE IN FULLY UNITY in every way… within the home, commUNITY or other external space…. when you realize you are not entitled as your ego once thought… that when you truly understand and see all as a gift, you’ll step forth and open up to connect… to truly care for all that you connect with, to learn to be there for them and put your ego aside….. to learn to REVERSE EVERYTHING from lack and need to generosity/reciprocation/contribute/support….. when you see that not every reality is “just about you”…. and that we all are a part of a much bigger picture… To RETURN OUR EARTH TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS… and it takes us all BEING IT… BECAUSE THEN WE TOUCH THE LIVES OF ALL OURSELVES…. and this is HOW WE ALL RECONNECT…. by building/forming/creating a whole new earth together… by way of what we invest/put into it and how much we actually truly care to be a part of all…..

When your HIGHER HEART AND HUMAN HEART ARE WIDE OPEN… your human heart will “pour out” all your separation/pain/hurt/betrayal programs… while your HIGHER HEART, your UNIVERSAL HEART will RE-CONNECT you with the PURITY AND LOVE OF ALL THAT IS…. you will REMEMBER with your whole body/BEing…. you will SEE and FEEL THE BEAUTY and you will CHOOSE YOUR NEW… over all of the “old” we all use to live in…

Where you can’t unite, you will do this by yourself. Where you pretend that you can’t/aren’t, you’ll learn this is not true, where you wait for outside, then outside will “do” this for you…. yet not as you “think”….. where you REVERSE ALL and open your heart fully to SEE those around you, to care about those around you, to CARE FULLY ABOUT YOURSELF, LOVE AND RESPECT YOURSELF FULLY, because you are treating yourself with love and respect…. you will realize the GIFTS THAT YOU ARE and the IMPORTANCE of BEING LOVE here…. That soft you, that kind you, that you that holds no lack, that YOU that is your ASCENDED ASPECT…. you will BE this in every exchange and realize that you RECEIVE, based upon how you show up… in every capacity, every reality, every exchange…. as all is LIGHT ENCODED… and your transmission of your whole body/being is what dictates your own experiences here.

LEARN TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR HEARTS (there are more Energetic Hearts that activate “later” too. These are the “first” to achieve….naturally and organically. Everything you put in your body matters…. everything you drink/eat/breathe… and your “money” is energy, so what you spend your “money” on/invest your money/you in, SPEAKS as to what you are supporting and a “part of”. Look at the bigger picture. The Vibrational/Energetic One. (There’s so much more here, yet later….).

YOUR HUMAN HEART EMPTIES OUT all of your human akash. This is how awakening through our hearts works. Opening our hearts fully is a necessity in order to remember fully here. Part way is “protection mode” and limits/conditions still…. Allow the unconscious programs to cleanse from your whole body (every cell becomes a “heart” and “galaxy” eventually). Connect through your HIGHER HEART REGION for greater ease and to shift your whole body/being back into the 5th Dimension….. a vibrational frequency bandwidth that your whole body must achieve….

The Cosmic Frequencies and Gaia all now “work” to transition all into much higher dimensional frequency bandwidths…. constantly. The CODES are activated in your DNA, your LIGHTBODY …. within your physical body…..

De-evolving, re-evolving, deprogramming, reprogramming, deciphering and re-coding… this is how “our new” works here… disconnecting from the old grids/going offline and reconnecting to NEW EARTH GRIDDING SYSTEMS and NETWORKS are a continual process here. Dissolving the barriers of linearity that all hold within and transitioning all to a completely non-linear then fully Quantum Existence… is a whole body/field/reality experience.

BE READY TO RE-LEARN EVERYTHING…. be wide open to “new”, expect it not to fit into your current perceptions, stretch your own mind, bend, untwist, see your linearity and realize that re-association on an energetic level is necessary to re-map/open neural pathways/neural networks in your body to link your whole body up in all new ways…. to the entire Crystalline Gridwork of our NEW EARTH Operating System here. ♥

I love you! HIGHER HEARTS… HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS… THROUGH YOUR PURE HEART observations (to study/listen/see/learn) and openness…..

NEW EARTH IS BIRTHED from within you… built with your own energetic “blood, sweat and tears”…. built through your own dedication as a SOUL/Light BEing, because you truly care. Working “from the bigger picture” and higher dimensional realities that have already occurred… all we are doing is what is necessary in the physical to bring our actual realities forth (materialization). When your photonic DNA completes the re-coding process, and you accomplish all fully from within, including the physical realignment, your “new realities” of HEAVEN ON EARTH will become visible in your physical reality “out there. First from inside…. then ….. We don’t look “out there” for our reality… “that” is a vibrational materialization of what we HOLD and how we live our WHOLE LIVES here….

UNITING MAKES IT EASIER, YET EVERYONE MUST CONTRIBUTE AND DO THEIR PART…. otherwise there is a vibrational mis-match… and RECEIVING is not like it was before. We receive based upon what we’ve already accomplished/hold/done…. It’s the opposite…. We all contribute to this HOME we call EARTH…. we all “earn our keep” by caring enough to BE the difference here. Look at the “home” you current live in, reside in…. do you realize that “someone’s” got to be responsible, that “someone” does all the work, that “someone” holds it all together, manages all, pays for everything… that someone “created that reality” from scratch…. that someone built that reality… WHO DO YOU THINK THAT SOMEONE IS?

Do you realize everything is a gift and that when we live this way, then we come together of our own accord,  not with our hands out, yet with our hearts….

Our Earth/our Homes…. they “run” because we get up each day and we get all done… they thrive, because we FEED LOVE into all…. they “work” because we actually CARE and see how we can contribute to the “whole”. They flow, in Divine flow… in Quantum flow… in completely aligned rhythm and harmonics, because we hold HARMONY within us…. everything is COHESIVE, because we are cohesive… we are the “glue” that holds all together, we are the flow, we are the ONES LIVING FROM THE MUCH BIGGER PICTURE AND SHOWING UP…. to get it all done as LIGHT BEINGS FULL OF LOVE here. ♥

Your “Home” is your LightBody… the sacred temple body/ship that holds your Soul, that you as a Galactic Commander steers. The physical home you live in, a sacred temple as well… the Earthly home we live on… our Sacred Temple/Ship and each one of us are driving this SHIP…. with our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies…. ☼ As Pure Source Consciousness …. ALL OF THIS IS OURS. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. as you live from your higher heart space, your higher mind consciousness and pineal gland come further online… which is how you “see” multi-dimensionally… one of the ways…. first in dreams/visions then your actual experiences here.

p.p.s. Obviously, I didn’t include “everything”. I shared that which supported this writing, yet all is much more expansive than “this”. Even all of this, is just a small part of how all works. This is to initiate more understandings and assist with all embracing DNA RE-WRITES and these processes from a different space than the old “linear mentalities and beliefs” …. and assist with shifting those ready to honor their ow LightBody DNA Evolution processes here. ♥ Moving beyond the old mindsets is beyond important, otherwise each is still “trying” to “fix” according to the old limits/conditions that no longer apply here. This is QUANTUM DNA…. nothing is as we once “thought”. ♥ Our Higher Intelligence/Knowledge provides the new schematics/manuals/information (technology) for shifting HUmaNITY as a whole. This is a part of Crystalline Dynamics and Photonic Dynamics, all reworked through SOURCE INTELLIGENCE CODES (and so very much more). ♥ I’ve spent that last 9 years writing/sharing/teaching NEW EARTH TEMPLATE CODES…. with the last few relative to this 12D Template, in order to assist HUmaNITY with activating/receiving/integrating/comprehending the Avatar Consciousness Unity and Purity Codes that transition all through greater ease… as all are ready to actually utilize/apply these codes to their own realities and come together to BE NEW EARTHERS FULLY HERE. ♥ THE 5D TEMPLATE is each’s beginning… and as each achieves this within themselves, their own 3D/4D falls away… which is how entire collectives shifts…. everyone shifts over and becomes an active participant in very different ways than all once knew… as all of this is LIGHTBODY DRIVEN… not linear …. a “new” Quantum Linear that replaces all old ways……….. ♥



Gratitude to artists ~ credit given where this is known.

Getting in Touch with our Feelings – Steve Beckow

Humpty Dumpty by Tracy Sabin @ Artflakes.


Getting in Touch with Our Feelings


I think feelings have received less attention than they deserve from us in spirituality. We tend to focus more on our thoughts – our self-commands, conclusions, decisions, beliefs, etc. Our feelings often go unnoticed.

Getting in touch with our feelings is not taught in school or in most homes. Just as sexuality, communication, and parenting are not.

If I ask many people how they’re feeling, they may say, “I feel like….” But that isn’t actually a feeling. It’s a thought.

Or they may say: “I feel that….” That’s really not a feeling either. We mistake our thoughts for feelings quite commonly.

If I ask a person how they feel, often they cannot come up with a precise word for it.  They may not know where to look to find out how they feel.  (I’m equally out of touch, by the way.)

I may think of my feelings as the great army that supports me. But extreme emotion can also unhinge me and send me off in directions I wouldn’t ordinarily pursue.

I used to use strong emotion – primarily anger – to temporarily fuse back together again when I was dissociated (as the Humpty Dumpty Man). (1)

The answer is just to observe my feelings, to “be with” them, rather than indulging the extreme ones.

And that’s what I intend to do for the next while. Just observe the feelings that arise without acting on them. Feel into the being I am when strong feelings do and don’t blow across the inner landscape.

Just as the word “I” can refer to any of our bodies – physical body, ego, mind, Self, One – so the word “feelings” is used to refer to a wide range of phenomena.

Usually we use it to refer to our ordinary emotional states such as happiness, anger, jealousy, arrogance.

But it’s also often used to refer to the divine states.

What’s the difference? Well, the difference I’m most aware of is that our ordinary emotional states give way to the circumstances whereas the divine state of love transforms them. (2) It doesn’t yield to them. As long as we’re in it, it sweeps them away.

I won’t be referring here to the feeling of love but to the divine state of love (or perhaps “Love”).

It took me six weeks of a three-month encounter group to realize that I was out of touch with my feelings. And when I did, I ran down the trail, shouting at the top of my lungs, in awe and wonder, “I’m out of touch with my feelings!!!!”

Being in touch with my feelings – recognizing them, flowing with them –  is a very desirable state. (3)  It’s a doorway into the divine states. When we’re in touch with them, it’s easy to feel love and bliss arise; when we’re not in touch with them, we seldom notice the wisps of love and bliss that are there just waiting to expand upon our recognition of them.


(1) See “Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 1/3,” 

(2) This is so in two ways. In the first place, the inner tsunami of love strips away all impurity from us as if it were the wind scattering leaves.

In the second place, after the tsunami of love left me in an Ocean of Love, the divine state prevented negative feelings from coming anywhere near me, like a protective or insulating barrier.

(3) The experiential domain is more refined than the intellectual domain. Immediate experience is more of a motivator than thoughts. Being in touch with our feelings places us in the latter domain. Either it leads to or is co-existent with conscious awareness.


Humpty Dumpty by Tracy Sabin @ Artflakes.

Receiving the New Earth in Yourself – Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

The Painted Fairy by Girltripped @ DeviantArt


Dear friends,

I am the voice of Mother Earth. I welcome you all from my heart. Feel my living presence in your midst; I am here with you all. I am literally present in the cells of your body. I flow in each tiny cell: in your blood, your organs, your limbs – I am in everything. I share my consciousness with yours and share this life with you.

Open yourself to me and experience my healing power – and take your time doing it. Allow my power to flow from the ground beneath your feet up through your being. Imagine the splashing sound of a stream and let that pure water flow through you that brings refreshment and renewal to your being.

Feel my energy flow up through your feet, your ankles, and your lower legs. Know yourself to be sustained by me; know that I care for you. I know the rhythms and the pace of nature, and I live by those natural rhythms and not by those created by humans according to clock-time. I feel the time and the rhythms that are born from within.

Before I want to say something about this new era, and the arrival of the new Earth, I ask that you first receive my love. That you allow me to go deeper and deeper within you with each breath. That you let my energy flow through your legs up to your waist, so you feel that you may rest and let go. That you may relax deeply like a child who is not yet fully living according to clock time and the standards of society. In the beginning of his or her life, a baby is more a child of the Earth; it moves with natural moods and emotions, with the rhythms of day and night, of play and rest.

Allow my energy to flow into your heart, then fill your chest, your shoulders and arms with that gentle energy of naturalness, of rhythm and relaxation. And then let that energy flow up into that poor head of yours – so full and overloaded. You think so much, and thinking puts pressure on you as a natural being, as an organism that is connected to the Earth. Feel how your thoughts are like electric currents in your head, how that constant mental churning constricts your awareness, in the sense that it consumes so much of your consciousness. Thinking, worrying, reasoning; wanting to think about the future; the planning, providing, controlling. Those currents in your head are often powered by fear: a sense of threat that tells you that things will go wrong if you are not continually making an effort to control everything.

Now, imagine my energy, the gentle energy of Mother Earth, the natural rhythms of the land, of the animals and the plants. Envision how this energy arises to the top of your head, your crown, and brings rest there. Let the excess thoughts drain away from you and realize you are not the part of you that often identifies with excessive thinking. If you want to know who you really are, then with your attention and awareness go – literally – to your heart and feel the space there. There lives in your heart a desire for more ease, more fluidity, more surrender. But at the same time, you have become stuck in the clutches of fear that is the engine behind the many thoughts in your head.

So there are two streams in you: the grinding thoughts created by fear of what is going to happen in the future, by fear of those around you and of unknown danger; and at the same time, there is that wonderful flow from your heart and a desire to be in the now and to surrender to life. Be here now, with your awareness, and feel the silence.

Your heart is ready for the new. There is a deep desire in your whole being to take the next step, to let go of the fear that tyrannizes you. This is the call of the new Earth. It is my call, because I also feel that desire. I also would like to be more in peace and harmony. I myself am in the process of developing fully, which means I also learn and grow from all I experience through the life on me: the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, and humanity. I live and learn through you and I feel a pressure, a movement toward a greater and more all-inclusive consciousness – it is unstoppable.

I am about to change and I feel that you want to come with me, because the time has come for change. There has been a lot of pain, a lot of suffering on Earth; a deep struggle by humanity, especially with itself. Fear and self-judgement have deeply affected you inwardly. It is as if you no longer know how to live; the naturalness is gone. You have to search very deep inside yourself to find your most spontaneous impulses, your deepest inspiration, because you have learned to live on the periphery, the outer edges of who you are.

That is something truly sad, and I observe that as the greatest pain in people: they have learned to ignore their unique, unlearned impulses. They are no longer true to that which lives deep inside them, in their original being, which has a unique shine for everyone, because everyone is different.

It belongs to my inner mission to combine many life forms on this planet in a harmonious way. My highest ideal is that each being, in its own way, can let its light shine, and then that all these unique light forms be bundled into a beautiful whole, a gem of many colors. The promise of the new Earth is that each one rises to their own potential and that everyone is exactly right, precisely in their own way. This is the necessary step in order to make the whole more complete.

It is my deepest inspiration to give form to that promise, which is why I am calling on you to

believe in who you are, to go back to your own center. You desire this from your heart and want nothing more than that. However, there are also voices of the old, of the fear that makes you resist. Voices that tell you it should not be this way, that it is not the intention; that you have to fit in, have to adjust; that you should not be different.

Feel that voice of fear for a moment, the energy that wants to hold you back and keep you away from your radiant self. Do not analyze that impulse from your head, but feel it from the quiet space in your heart. Do not try to analyze where that voice is coming from, but feel for a moment from inside the tone of that energy and what that does to you. Fear is often the origin of many emotions, such as the need for control or power, to struggle, to be unhappy or tense so you can never really relax. Fear is almost always the root-emotion of every other emotion. Try to look at it with gentleness as a flow that exists and has determined this Earth with all its life forms.

Look at the fear and you might see a color around it, or feel a vibration that emanates from that flow of fear. By consciously observing it, you detach from it, you rise above it. You can even feel the fear itself in your body as the fear takes hold of you, in your muscles, in your heart, in your stomach or your belly. However, when you consciously observe it, something transforms it. You say: “I see you, fear, but I don’t go along with you.” Fear can only become permanent if it is fed, for example, by your thoughts.

When you look at fear with an open heart, without wanting to intervene, you no longer feed your fear. It will still well up as an old habit that does not die immediately; the fear is still present, over and over again. However, when you recognize this energy and do not go along with it, it gradually recedes and possesses you less and less. This is the real work that faces you, the discipline that is demanded of you. Not the discipline of hard work or adapting, but of a keen awareness, a staying alert when the fear strikes, a becoming bigger than the fear, a drawing nearer to your heart instead of to your head. Come back again to the silence of your heart.

I ask you to now connect with your inspiration, your inner light, the uniqueness inside you that you came to bring to Earth, because you know it will give you joy if you express it in this earthly world. Feel the power of that light to surround you, the light that comes straight from your soul. While the Earth energy, the healing power of the Earth comes from below, upward, you now experience a flow from the Heavens, from above, downward. That is your soul’s light. But if you feel nothing, simply stay in the silence; it does not matter if you do not feel it clearly.

Being present in your heart in an open way is the main key: then there will be change. The soul comes to you and can make itself known in many ways. In some persons that will be through meditation, while for others when practicing an art form or doing something they enjoy. The flow comes to you because it belongs to you; you do not have to create it. It is already there and dances around you.

Now imagine that the flow comes to you and you receive it in whatever form presents itself. If you like to visualize, you can imagine that your inner child comes to you, this time beaming and holding out a beautiful gift that symbolizes your inner light. Let the streams of Heaven and Earth mingle within you. Your soul is cordially invited to be here, to move in all the cells of your body so that there is a dance between the consciousness of me, the Earth, and that of yours, your soul.

When your consciousness flows through into the physical world, it touches everything: the people around you, as well as the living beings who cannot talk and communicate on a conscious level, but still feel everything. When your soul’s light is streaming through you, you bring an angel vibration here and you bless the life around you.

As a human being, you have a precious awareness within you. More than any other creatures on Earth, you have a free will, a free consciousness that can choose. It is the power of that consciousness – when it is in balance – that touches all living creatures on Earth, inspires them and triggers an acceleration of their growth. Know that not only are you in need of me, but that I also am in need of you, that your consciousness inspires me. It is through our cooperation that the new Earth is born. I invite and welcome you; I create joy in us.

Thank you very much.

Earth February, 2015

© Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


The Painted Fairy by Girltripped @ DeviantArt

A Time of Love ~ The Equalization ~ Steve Rother @ Espavo

art-shakti-by-kimberly-webber-at-fine-art-america-female face

Art: Shakti ~ Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America


NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the Virtual Light Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

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A Time of Love
~ The Equalization ~

Greetings, Dear Ones

Beginning of the Game

We join you this day as a collective. We have watched you move through multiple levels of your existence since the very beginning of the game. Planet Earth and the family of E came together and said, “Let’s have a game with no rules whatsoever. We’ll see how it develops and if people can open their eyes and actually re-member who they are.” And so, it began then continued for eons of time going through different levels and junctions of time space. Now, here you are stepping even further into another level of existence. We are so incredibly proud of you!As we mentioned several times, we have been watching these energies of separation which have permeated your planet. Much of the separation has to do with the propagation of fear, and the way that it often easily spreads from one thing to the next.

Fear Only Exists in the Future

Fear and love are complete opposites. Although you think of hate as being the opposite of love it isn’t, because the opposite of love is actually fear. You can only be afraid of things that are in the future. And the easiest way to think of fear is as missing information. We’d like to start filling in some of that information for you, which is why we have been upfront and open about everything that we see coming. Dear ones, you don’t always see how incredibly proud we are of you and the amazing work that you have moved through as humans. The bringing of your spirit here to have this experience in this astounding way is reaching far beyond any plan you could have made. You’ll see it when you come home, we’ll show it to you. You’ll see the effect and how it ripples out and touches everything. On Earth this generally shows as the opposites of love and fear, but in reality, each person spreads a full spectrum wave. Yes, therefore we are encouraging all humans to work in any way possible towards unity. Why? Because expressing Unity attunes the spirit to experience the full spectrum wave.


It is an incredible time for you to be here and your place has been reserved for exactly that reason. So, here you go. You have this opportunity now to take these next steps. And we look forward to the next steps that are in front of humanity right now. Today, we wish to speak about a natural equalization process that exists universally. There is always this back and forth motion, which quite simply is used to balance anything that is out of balance. When the wave changes direction it has completed the process of Equalization. In fact, there are black holes throughout the universe to help provide equalization between dimensions. There are a lot of things that you’ll start to understand as you step forward into this new reality, but one of the most beautiful aspects is that you will have an equalization of love. That is beginning on Earth right now. However, the state of equalization can also close back up abruptly and without warning.There are those who will try to control it, but with a little encouragement that equalization can open and bring a balance that all can enjoy. The timing for that is right now. You see, over the last several years, humanity has moved into a general feeling of fear. It’s not right or wrong, but simply the way things move. Fear is not wrong, dear ones, it’s simply an emotional reaction to a projection. What you do with it is up to you. Of course, fear is one way of motivating yourselves.

You might have setup many things in your contracts throughout life to bring you that example, to push you in a certain direction. When you start to move in a certain direction, sometimes you have to wait for the energy to equalize before the universe brings it to you. Here you are, just taking one step after the next. It’s absolutely incredible for us to watch. Yet we know that during these changes there has been more fear experienced on the planet than love.That has an opportunity to change and it begins right now. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your circumstances, political beliefs or financial status, that is your so-called player, the individual piece that you are moving around your evolving game board.

Your Player Can Be Changed

You can change so many things, dear ones. You can even change the game board, which you are just starting to become aware of and that is the magic that we wish to talk about. The equalization is actually very simple. You can feel the changes of planet Earth, the intensity of all the energies coming together as it brings humanity into a great period of change. The natural reaction to change is fear. “What if I don’t make it or don’t change? What if this change is not as good as the last one?” Well, what if we tell you that every single change leads to something better, even if it does not always seem like it at the moment that it is happening.

Even when you look back at some of the worst decisions you have made or things that have happened to you in your lifetime, would you really change them if you could? No, it isn’t part of your system. More than an experience in your past, it’s part of what makes you who you truly are. Mastery of this means that it no longer controls you and that’s absolutely beautiful. All of humanity steps up during this period of change, bringing their metamorphic shell around them tightly after falling into a period of fear. But it doesn’t seem out of order because everyone’s walking around with their metamorphic shells pulled very tightly around their body, as if it had become fashionable somehow. It’s now the norm to carry that much fear and to deal with it. Yes, the nice part about fear is that the illusion can be filled.

Fill in the Blanks

So that’s what we’re here to help you with, filling in the missing information. Whatever your belief systems or whatever you’re working with, fill in the blanks first and that’ll open all sorts of doors for you. You won’t even have to worry about the second step, because things will start opening very quickly. You can simply follow the movement of the energy. That is the other piece that’s happening on a global basis, but how deeplythat love goes or how well it is shared is entirely up to humanity. With all this fear, you’ve been pulling back and bringing your shell closely around you. As a result, there has been a lack of love, because you simply can’t hold both fear and love at the same time. This is starting to change now because the opening has happened and it’s beginning to equalize. You’re now likely to see more goodness from humanity than you’ve ever seen before, which can be a brief experience or the start of a larger trend.

Does that mean that you’ll turn on the news and everything will have suddenly turned the direction that you wished? No, that’s not what we’re talking about. Everyone’s been so concerned about which way things turn and that has caused even more separation. So, what about just going to love? That’s what’s opening for equalization, it’s the imbalance that now has a chance to change and there is a wave of love that is taking place on planet Earth right now. How deeply will it go, how much will it affect other people or help improve the situations on planet Earth? That’s entirely up to you, dear ones. That’s your job and it’s happening right now.

The Opening

Humans have a need to love and be loved. You cannot live on this planet without love. Because all of humanity has been moving into the fear of uncertainty, the love has been pushed out of the way. And that is the equalization opening now. Although it is only a brief opening, if used it can become wider. How can you step up into the next level where the love is? You can love your way out of the difficulties. That’s what’s taking place. We’d like you to fall back in love with yourselves, which is the hardest part

Whatever your belief systems are, no matter which faith or traditions you follow, these are the times that you can open your heart and make a difference. Keep in mind that being surrounded by this fear makes it more difficult to open your heart,because it may make you feel vulnerable and that can be difficult. When it makes you want to close your metamorphic shell and crawl back into that space, that’s when you tend to hide things and cover them up. But that’s the part where you can stop looking at yourself as a part of God. We love you so dearly as individuals, not just as the collective of light workers. If you can feel even a portion of the great love we have for you, dear ones, you’ll realize there’s only one way to hang on to it and that’s to pass it on to others.

A Time for Falling in Love

Fall in love with someone else, even just for a moment. No, you don’t need to confuse yourself or change your life. You don’t even need to get wrapped up in sexual energy. Just follow the unconditional love ever chance you have. It could be as simple as experiencing the beauty of a rose, as you hold it in your hands. Can you stop long enough to fall in love with the snow, as it falls from the sky landing on the tree tops? Or even that slight interaction that you had with your neighbor, as you were both taking out the trash? Wherever it is look for those opportunities to fall in love, for this is the time more than ever before. You have the opportunity to take this wave of love, which is now prevalent on planet Earth, and stretch it into your own life. Bring it in in some way and express it. Give it a space to grow and move. Dear ones, this is more important than the future. It is more important than what’s taking place on planet Earth, what’s happening in politics or even what is occurring on Wall Street.

You’re closer than you think, dear ones, you’ve opened the door to experience inter dimensional time space. It is now open to you completely because you’re living in the fifth dimension and learning how to work with it. We’re incredibly proud of you. Keep following your heart, dear ones, taking one step at a time. The other day, the Keeper was driving somewhere himself and he came upon one of his old belief systems. As he pulled up to a stop light, there was someone standing in the median with a little sign that read, “Help me.” Well, the Keeper’s belief systems started kicking in and he looked the other way. You see, he was taught that if you give to beggars then you are part of the problem instead of being a part of the solution. He had all these rationales, because at one point in his life he actually knew people that would go out and make a living of standing on those street corners. That was his problem with his belief systems, until we made him reach into his pocket and give the gentleman some money. That finally released him from the old beliefs. Was it his responsibility what the man does with the money? No, the true gift was given to him the moment he gave the money.

See a Spirit Fall in Love

Find a way to express love, bring it into your life and amplify it. Bring it further into every expression of who you are.There is a wave of love on planet Earth and once you start and continue the momentum, you’ll feel all that incredible energy coming forward to support you and make that connection. What happens when two people open their eyes and truly see each other’s spirit? They fall in love. Oh, yes, there’s a lot of resistance to that. One may look away and say, “Well, I’m not supposed to be doing that.” But what if you just fell in love with no expectations, just for that moment?We appreciate your ability to let us love you during the time that we had been here together. Your path forward is of great importance to all of us. We’re so incredibly proud of everything that you’ve done here on planet Earth, and we can’t wait to see what you do next. Take this wave of love, for you are the beings who can equalize it.

Know that you’re on an incredible path. It is with the greatest of love, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together as you celebrate these beautiful times of love on planet Earth.


Art: Shakti ~ Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America

The Next Higher Frequency of Reality – Suzanne Lie

Art: Last Sowing by Karol Bak


Friday, January 18, 2019

On The Edge of the Next Frequency of Reality Arcturians through Sue Lie



The Next Higher Frequency of Reality

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

More and more of you are starting to see yourselves standing on “THE EDGE.”

“The Edge of what?” we may ask.

You will not know what you are “at the edge of” until you are there.

The reason for this is that:

“The EDGE is when you can perceive yourselves at the edge of what you are

releasing and transmuting into the EDGE of Your

 next higher Frequency of Reality.

We say “next” because there will be more and more fifth dimensional energy fields that will be searching Gaia to share their fifth dimensional energy fields with the areas of Gaia that are still strong enough to accept such a powerful gift.

Unfortunately, there are still humans who have not yet remembered the promise they made before their incarnation on Earth. This promise was to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they took this body on Earth to fulfill a promise to assist Gaia.

They made this promise to Gaia from the safety of their fifth dimensional Homeworld, or Starship. Therefore, many of them were surprised to see how damaged Gaia had become and how this damage was getting worse rather than better.

In fact, our Galactic Family (of whom many of you are members) has been awakening more and more of our volunteers to Earth. When a “volunteer” comes to Earth, they are often shocked by the grave damage done to dear Gaia and the lies and illusions that are too often used in order to have “power over” others.

Fortunately, when our volunteers to Gaia fully awaken to their chosen mission, they will begin the process of telling, showing, and living the TRUTH of your true Galactic SELF who bravely volunteered to assist with the Great Awakening.

This Great Awakening is much like your “Fairy Tale” about Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty was fully aware of the TRUTH. Therefore, the forces of darkness put Sleeping Beauty, as well as her entire Castle, asleep until she was awakened, when she received her first kiss of Unconditional Love.

Third dimensional love can be difficult, temporary, and far too ungrounded. Therefore, this “gift of love” was NOT present to assist the “sleeping ones,” but to awaken to a new reality based on Unconditional Love, which is LOVE that has NO conditions.

By awakened humans, we mean humans who have activated to the inner frequency of the higher third and fourth  dimensional frequencies of their Heart/Mind. Your Heart/Mind connection allows you to perceive and accept the “Edge of the Fifth dimensional energy fields,” which are growing larger and stronger every day.

As the higher dimensional frequencies merge with your third/fourth dimensional perceptual field, your fifth dimensional perceptual fields are activating, and ready to receive the “Kiss of Unconditional LOVE,” which is the “key” that can open your Heart/Mind to accelerate your physical form to accept the increasingly common, fifth dimensional energy fields.

Therefore, what we mean as “The Edge,” is the “edge of humanity awakening into the NEW Fifth dimensional Operating Systems.” Then, just as you are updating the operating systems of their computers, phones and other means of communication, you are “updating your Heart/Mind to prepare for the transmutation back to your innate fifth dimensional resonance.

With the merging of heart and mind, and the update to fifth dimensional energy fields,  the awakened ones can more easily communicate with humans who are preparing for, or entering, their “Return to SELF. This return to SELF begins in a manner that is not bound by the constraints of third dimensional time and space.

As an awakened, or awakening human, becomes more and more aware of the truth that they have learned/remembered by attending to the “inner feeling of truth,” as well as great sense of Unconditional Love and Clear Inner Directions that occurs when one’s Heart and Mind merge into ONE.

When the Heart and Mind can intermingle and merge one’s thoughts and emotions, the human brain begins a cycle of “transmutation.” Transmutation is more than just change. Transmutation means that the frequency of that thought, feeling, memory etc. has been “transmuted” to resonate to a fifth dimensional energy field.

This transmutation begins with the merging of Heart and Mind, which will activate your new, fifth dimensional Operating System. This “new operating system” is not new to those who have awakened and/or remember their “Inter-dimensional Communication” skills.

This “skill” of Inter-dimensional Communication is what allows the grounded third dimensional ones to perceive and communicate with their true fifth dimensional SELF, who will “over light” them during their third/fourth dimensional mission to awaken all humanity.

Humanity was meant to be the savior of Gaia, and the ones who could assist Gaia with Her transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet into a fifth dimensional planet. These innately fifth dimensional beings, from their fifth dimensional Ships, and fifth dimensional Planets have volunteered to assist the brave ones who chose to take an earth vessel during one of Gaia’s most difficult times.

Many cruel attacks have been made on Gaia’s planetary body so that the rich could become richer and the “power over” ones became stronger and stronger. These brave fifth dimensional family members came to Gaia to assist to awaken and communicate with their friends and family who had bravely chosen to take a physical form during this transmutational NOW of Gaia.

Gaia is ready to begin Her “Planetary Ascension Process.” However, Gaia does not want to desert her third dimensional beings that inhabit Her Planetary Form. Therefore, she is calling ALL her life forms to remind them that:

“IT IS THE NOW to fully awaken to your true, Multidimensional SELF.”

Your true Multidimensional SELF is not bound by your third and/or fourth dimensional limitations and duties. The job that “makes you money” is not as important as the job that

“assists with planetary ascension.” Of course, many humans need to “make money” to take care of their loved ones.

Fortunately, as you connect with your fifth dimensional SELF, which operates from fifth dimensional THOUGHTS AND EMOTION, your Multidimensional SELF begins to awaken and to communicate with you.  Each of the Multidimensional Beings of your SELF remembers your “Mission to Earth.”

Since these different aspects of your Multi-dimensional SELF have different memories of incarnations, different skills, different memories and even wear the different genders of their earth vessels. Again, each individual human is actually the composite of all the realities that they have ever experienced, loved, learned, and remembered.

As you all remember more about your true, Multidimensional SELF, you remember more of the lessons that you have learned on Earth, as well as on other planets. As you remember your “inter-dimensional” experiences, you can better assist Gaia as She begins to initiate Her “Return to the Fifth Dimension.”

As you “stand on the EDGE” of great change, you will begin to have dreams, imaginations, memories and physical experiences in which YOU are the “Leader of YOUR Reality.” However, your awakening fifth dimensional frequency of SELF has not taken an earth vessel to assist your human self, as that would a desire for your personal self.

As soon as you have a “personal need,” which is common in your third dimensional world and even your fourth dimensional imagination, you “fall off the edge” of the fifth dimension and align your self with a fourth or even third dimensional desire and/or goal.

Yes, you must have your personal needs to be fulfilled so that you can clear out the old third dimensional limitations and move into the fourth dimensional frequencies of “finding the edge” of who you have been and who you now remember that you have vowed to become.

Of course, the first part of this process is to remember the Multidimensional SELF that you chose to leave in the fifth dimension to serve as a guide and a mentor to the frequency of YOU that is wearing a third dimensional body and a fourth dimensional aura.

However, whenever you are able to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimensional frequency of the HERE and NOW, you will not be as easily distracted from your higher dimensional mission.

When you are in alignment with Gaia as well as with your fifth dimensional SELF, YOU can serve as a Portal Opener who opens fifth dimensional portals between third dimensional Gaia and Her Multidimensional Planetary SELF.

In this manner, both person and Planet serve as living portals through which the fifth dimensional frequency of energy fields can flow into and merge with planet Earth.  Yes, the humans often serve the honored role of being “Portal Openers.”

Portal Openers serve both from the Ships in outer space and from the human liaisons who are living on Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional planet. In fact, many from Earth visit our Ships during their sleep and/or meditation.

It is from the innate dedication of your physical and galactic SELF that you are dedicating yourselves to assist dear Gaia to fulfill Her Mission. Some of Gaia’s Missions are known to humans and some are unknown to humans.  Sometimes it is safer for the humans to not know what is occurring.

However, there are those who serve Gaia both from home on Earth, as well as from their galactic homes in Gaia’s distant skies. Either way, YOU, as well as many others who may or may not be aware of the fact that they are guiding dear Gaia back into Her innate higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields.

As Gaia enters these higher energy fields, life on Earth will become more “on the edge of change,” but  also “in the process of transmutation into higher frequencies of reality.”

The above link is a great YouTube video about all the Galactic Beings

We the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, are HERE with you


If you call us, we will answer!

Blessings from your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:37 PM

An Interchange of Consciousness by the Tree Spirits – Natalie Glasson


An Interchange of Consciousness

by the Tree Spirits

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 18th January 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

With blessings from the divine, we the spirits embodying the trees upon the Earth greet you. It is an honour for us as a community and collection of beings to communicate with you personally. We wish to share with you our love and peace to support you in your personal and collective ascension missions upon the Earth. As Tree Spirits, our energy is both linked to the sacred vibrations of the Creator and grounded deep into the earthly vibrations of Mother Earth. We reside within the physical planes and the spiritual planes which allows us to access the larger picture of what is occurring on the Earth and the within Universe of the Creator. Although a single physical tree often houses one spirit, it can house more, we are linked as if wired together, meaning that all trees are connected. This network of energy and light allows us to exist as one Tree Spirit Consciousness, as a source of active vibration and awareness, we are an energetic body of oneness even though we appear as singular. We are in constant communication through our network which is the essence of our existence upon the Earth. When you connect with a single tree, you are connecting with our entire community, consciousness, and source of all that we are and all that is the Creator.

Our Greatest Gift to Humanity

We, the Tree Spirits, exist upon the Earth for numerous reasons, we have many gifts to share with the world and hold specific roles in supporting Mother Earth and maintaining stability within the energetic vibration of the Earth. However, our greatest gift that we wish to share with humanity is a reminder of your unique oneness with all that is the Creator as well as with all aspects of the Earth including humanity. Your unique oneness is a natural part of your being, it is also your relationship with yourself and all manifestations of the Creator. Oneness is the key to existing in peace, love, and truth with fulfilment, whether you are inhabiting the Earth or the inner planes. Oneness is also the aspect of the Creator and your being which has been forgotten and may even feel alien and strange to even contemplate.

We, the Tree Spirits, mentioned that we are individuals embodying a physical tree and yet we are connected to all other Tree Spirits, simultaneously creating a source and well of our purest light and consciousness which we can draw upon and is our truth. In some civilisations upon the Earth, humanity has been able to access and exist in the same way. Can you imagine that you are as you are now, a soul existing within a physical body? Your soul, consciousness and awareness is connected to every other soul in embodiment upon the Earth, so interconnected that you can draw wisdom, healing, strength, love, truth and so much more from the united energy of all souls upon the Earth. This united energy becomes like a powerhouse and a foundation that carries you forth. You are an expression of any aspect of this source that you wish to be. You are never alone and feel familiar with all beings whether you have physically communicated before or not. You also recognise all beings as their highest manifestation of themselves. Do you recognise that this is already your truth? It simply needs to be realised and experienced fully. It is our purpose to support you and all of humanity to realise and experience your unique oneness, the power it holds and shifts it creates to your perception and experience of the Earth.

When you begin to realise your unique oneness with humanity and a good number of humanity does the same, then this will dissolve and heal many issues which are causing suffering and pain on the Earth. Thus, humanity will engage in actions of peace and nurturing to bring forth transitions upon the Earth that many desire and hold dear in their hearts.

Once humanity begins to remember their unique natural ability of connection and oneness then they will discover they can experience oneness with all beings and aspects of the Creator, from the nature world to the animal world, the inner planes beings to the source of the Creator. Once you master and recognise your natural ability of unity and oneness with humanity, a oneness and unity with everything that is the Creator even the core of the Creator opens up fully for you to explore. Thus, you remain as a soul incarnate in a physical body while being connected to the love, active energy and pure consciousness of the Creator; everything is available to you.

Our gift to you is that we, the Tree Spirits invite you to come and sit with us, let us integrate you into our united consciousness so you may know what it feels like to be as one with an aspect of the Creator.

  1. First find a physical tree you feel comfortable with, say to the tree, ‘Greetings, I feel guided to work with you. I would like to ask you to guide me to connect with the oneness and unity you experience with all Tree Spirits, so I may know the sensation and feeling, activating the same within my being. Are you willing to work with me and guide me?’

Wait for a response which may come to you as a vision, thought, words, feelings or an inner knowingness. If the response is agreeable, then enter into the energy field of the tree and sit or stand wherever you feel is most appropriate.

  1. Take time to breathe deeply and connect within your being, focusing upon emanating the truth and light of your soul into your entire being and auric field. Send energy from your heart down to Mother Earth to anchor and ground your being allowing Mother Earth to support you.
  2. Send pure love and acceptance from your heart chakra to the tree you are present with. You can imagine your energy flowing directly into the tree’s trunk, flowing up its roots and into its entire being or entering in through the ends of the branches to flow down into the trunk and roots.
  3. Once you have envisaged this be aware the Tree Spirit will do the same sending its energy into your being. Let yourself be filled with the light and love of the Tree Spirit.
  4. Place your attention into your heart chakra, you are surrounded by the light of the Tree Spirit. Imagine, sense or acknowledge you are existing within the central and core energy of the Tree Spirit. Begin to feel a oneness and synthesis taking place within your being with the Tree Spirit.
  5. Say within, ‘Please demonstrate to me your connection and oneness with all Tree Spirits now and the well of light and source you draw from. Thank you.’
  6. Simply breathe deeply and observe, the Tree Spirit will demonstrate to you its oneness with all Tree Spirits in a way that serves and inspires you.
  7. When you feel the process is complete ask Mother Earth and your guides to ground you back into the Earth, your body and reality.

The Interchange of Consciousness

The remembrance of oneness is our constant gift to humanity; however, we wish to share another gift and process of spiritual awakening which is appropriate for this stage of ascension on the Earth. We wish to invite you to share consciousness with us so we may benefit from your spiritual evolution and you may benefit from our wisdom and ascension awareness. You will keep your wisdom and ascension vibrations as will we, they will not be lost, it will act as a boost of awareness, understanding, healing, and growth. It will be as if we are enthusing and activating each other, receiving what is needed now to support further ascension, awakening, and transformation. This process can be practiced and experienced often, acting as an advancement to your ascension.

  1. First find a physical tree you feel comfortable with, say to the tree, ‘Greetings, I feel guided to work with you. I would like to ask you to create an interchange of consciousness with me to support our ascension and spiritual evolution. Are you willing and is it appropriate for us to work together?’

Wait for a response which may come to you as a vision, thought, words, feelings or an inner knowingness. If the response is agreeable, then enter into the energy field of the tree and sit or stand wherever you feel is most appropriate.

  1. Take time to breathe deeply and connect within your being, focusing upon emanating the truth and light of your soul into your entire being and auric field. Send energy from your heart down to Mother Earth to anchor and ground your being allowing Mother Earth to support you.
  2. Send pure love and acceptance from your heart chakra to the tree you are present with. You can imagine your energy flowing directly into the tree’s trunk, flowing up its roots and into its entire being or entering in through the ends of the branches to flow down into the trunk and roots.
  3. Once you have envisaged this be aware the Tree Spirit will do the same sending its energy into your being. Let yourself be filled with the light and love of the Tree Spirit.
  4. Place your attention into your heart chakra, you are surrounded by the light of the Tree Spirit and your own soul light. Imagine, sense or acknowledge you are existing in oneness and complete harmony with the Tree Spirit.
  5. ‘I gift to you all that I Am, I share with you my purest energy, consciousness, wisdom, love, and vibration as if I am sharing the template of my spiritual evolution with you and all Tree Spirits. May this be used only in service of the Creator. I invite you to do the same now as well, I am ready and willing to receive. Thank you.’
  6. When you feel the process is complete ask Mother Earth and your guides to ground you back into the Earth, your body and reality.
We love you,
Tree Spirits

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female face tree spirit

Gratitude & appreciation to unknown artist.

A Journey into our Past – Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A Journey into our Past–the Arcturians through Sue Lie

Dear Readers,

Here is a message from the past. How has your life changed since 5-24-15? As you read this message look at how you have changed since. Sometimes we need to look into our past to better understand our present.

A Journey into our Past

The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,

Can you tell us some more what is happening within THIS NOW?

Dearest Ones,

We answer you and all who read this transmission. YES, something that IS happening to ALL OF YOU. Everyone is receiving the higher frequencies of energy that are moving into and through your bodies in a strange trans-mutational manner.

You might say that the protective cover of the lower dimensional energy field that was placed around your bodies at birth is beginning to fall away. No one knows about this protective cover, as it a natural component of your physical anatomy.

However, your anatomy is transmuting from the physical, third-dimensional frequency that you have always known, to a slightly higher frequency, which you may call etheric. However, since you experience most of the world in relation to your perception of the world, you may not realize this shift because the world is shifting right along with you.

Now, this is where our term “all of you” changes. Not all of you, meaning humanity as a whole, will have this same experience. Furthermore, all of you will NOT have this experience within the same NOW. Therefore, we speak initially to our volunteers who took a physical form to assist Gaia.

You, our volunteers to wear human bodies comprised of the same elements as Gaia’s planetary body, took these forms because you volunteered to live in “entrainment” with Gaia. When you live in entrainment with the planet, as you transmute the elements of your own human body into a higher frequency, you assist Gaia to transmute Her planetary body into a higher frequency.

Simultaneously, as Gaia transmutes Her planet into a higher frequency, you remain in alignment/entrainment with Earth’s higher frequency. Therefore, as you allow these higher energy fields to transmute your human body, you do so in partnership with Gaia. Simultaneously, as Gaia’s body transmutes into a higher frequency, you stay in alignment with that shift.

Just as it would initially be slow to make a long-standing stone move from the location it has occupied for a long “time,” it is slow to begin the momentum of your body’s recalibration of core frequency. We say “core frequency” because this shift begins from within the core of your spine and slowing works its way out into the periphery of your body.

Many of you have been feeling your Kundalini awakening within the core your spine for quite a bit of your time. Now, that sensation is beginning to flow up and down your spine, and you are feeling it in your entire body. However, your third-dimensional brain is not calibrated to receive this information.

If you expand your consciousness into alpha waves, fourth-dimensional consciousness, you will feel a tingling sensation in your body, along with a buzzing sound in your ears that seems to be louder every day. That sound appears to be “buzzing” because your third dimensional brain cannot translate the sounds of this higher dimensional reality.

For example, you may hear an 8,000 Hz message, but there will be no “tone” to it. Your 3D hearing will likely experience this frequency as a buzzing noise. However, many of the children of your NOW are born with the ability to calibrate their attention to higher frequencies so that they can consciously perceive them.

Most physical ears of the older generations are only calibrated to hear the tone-core frequency of sounds from 500Hz to 4,000Hz. Above and below those frequencies your physical self can only hear a buzz in the higher frequencies and a sensation in your lower body for the lower frequencies. It is the same for your physical vision. Just as your earth vessel can only hear the core/midrange, it can only perceive the core visions.

It is the NOW in which your inner Higher Self is assisting you to recalibrate your perceptions by recalibrating your consciousness. All perceptions are based on your state of consciousness. When your consciousness resonates to beta waves, you can only perceive the third-dimensional physical world.

When your consciousness resonates to alpha waves, you can perceive the fourth dimensional reality, but only if you disengage your third dimensional perceptions. (such as close your eyes) In all your incarnations since the fall of Atlantis, you have been taught to believe that only your 3D, physical perceptions were real.

During the peak of Atlantis and before, the resonant frequency of Gaia was higher. Therefore, humans could easily perceive the fourth dimension while awake in their daily life. After Gaia’s near destruction from the fall of Lemuria and then the fall of Atlantis, the frequency of Earth dropped into the third dimension.

From then on, most humans could only perceive the fourth dimension while their physical body was sleeping or during meditation. The reason for this change in that perception is because the manner in which one attaches their form to any given reality is to align their consciousness with the frequency of that reality. For example, there is a fifth dimension version of Earth, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension.

However, because the collective consciousness of Earth is rising, more of you are starting to perceive this fifth dimensional Earth while you are in deep meditation. Because you are wearing a third dimension body, you can only perceive fifth dimensional Earth while your consciousness is calibrated to the frequency of the fifth dimension.

Furthermore, because you have the “habit” and “belief” that “only the physical world is real” your 3D brain interprets your experiences on fifth dimensional Earth as “your imagination” or a “dream.”

One of the most challenging components of your ascension will be to ignore the signals of your physical brain and attend to the signals of your multidimensional mind. The difficulty is that you cannot see your multidimensional mind because the lower frequencies cannot perceive the higher frequencies.

Of course, you also cannot see your physical brain because it is encased in your skull. However, since your “physical brain” is part of the consensus reality, everyone knows that they have a brain and that they would instantly die without it. Thus, everyone believes that they have a physical brain even though they cannot see it.

On the other hand, it is NOT a part of the third dimensional consensus reality that everyone has a multidimensional mind. But, since the higher dimensions can perceive the same frequency or the lower frequencies, you CAN perceive your multidimensional mind via your fifth dimensional perceptions.

You fifth dimensional self could also look through your 3D skull to see your brain. In fact, your fifth dimensional self can easily perceive your entire 3D self, but your physical self cannot perceive fifth dimensional self.

But, if you have a higher dimensional dream or meditation your consciousness will expand into the fifth dimension, and you will be able to perceive your fifth dimensional Lightbody. Fortunately, your consciousness expands beyond your physical body when you sleep and when you are in deep meditation.

The advantage of meditation is that you can document what occurred during or shortly after you return to your third dimensional consciousness. Therefore, even though you will likely forget what occurred while in the higher states of your meditation, you will have “proof” that you experienced it.

Of course, you can document your dreams, which is quite helpful. However, you have to wake up right after the dream or you will likely forget it while your 3D brain focuses on the physical world.

Throughout your “time,” there have been many “psychics” who could perceive the higher worlds. Unfortunately, for much of the “time” between the fall of Atlantis and your current NOW, the consensus reality did not believe that these people were legitimate.

Humans who could consciously experience the higher dimensions were often labeled with derogatory names and often punished or killed. The dark forces of humanity that ruled for many years after the fall of Atlantis, could only perceive the third dimension because their consciousness was so low.

Consequently, if someone could perceive what the dark ones could NOT perceive, the authority of that person would be questioned. Worse yet, the dark ones often proclaimed that “psychic” energies were of the devil. Which is interesting because the “devil” is the very being that the dark ones could see and often worshiped.

The dark human worshiped the beings of the lower dimensional astral plane because these beings resonated to a slightly higher dimension than they did. These lower astral beings could easily perceive the third dimensional dark ones and sought to join forces with them.

Once the dark human allowed these lower astral beings into their consciousness, they gained a dark power over others. In tandem with the lower astral beings, these dark humans could burn physical objects with their mind, make changes in the physical world, and even enter the minds of other humans who worshiped power over others.

These “undead” astral beings could enter into the bodies and/or consciousness of humans who perceived them and allowed their attention to merging with the energy field of the lower astral plane. These dark astral beings could change shapes, which greatly impressed the dark humans, and tell them information about the physical world.

The humans of the dark side worshipped these lower astral beings because they were impressed by their power over others. The dark humans wanted to have power over other people, so they allowed the lower astral beings to gain power over them.

The dark ones did not realize that the lower astral beings were just energy packages that were first developed on the third dimension. They did not know that if no one fed that dark energy package, the package died. They only knew that when they worshiped these dark entities that they could gain a certain amount of control over their third dimensional world.

When these “power over others” humans died, they entered the collective of ALL the dark, cruel, lower astral beings that resonated to the lowest frequency of Gaia’s aura. Over many eons of cruelty, war, torture, and suffering, Gaia’s lower astral field became dense with these the cruel ones.

This lower astral plane was NOT filled with Devils created by God, but with Devils created by humanity. However, the dark rulers told the uneducated, vulnerable people that God had created these Devils that would create great harm to them and their families if they did not obey. Since these dark rulers had become leaders in their community or even in their church, the people began to believe that power over others was a good way to be a leader.

What is occurring within this NOW is that the pendulum has begun to swing away from the polarity of darkness and into the polarity of light. The difficult part of a polarized, third dimensional reality is that it can remain in the darkness a long “time.”

The wonderful part of a polarized, third dimensional reality is that it will eventually return to the Light. One of the main turning points began in August of 1987 with the Harmonic Conversion.

The main reason why the Harmonic Conversion became a turning point was that so many humans came together to meditate for love, peace, and light that they created a shift in the third dimensional consensus reality.

This collective force of positive, loving thought forms that were created by humans helped to “turn the tide” away from separation consciousness and into unity consciousness. This collective energy field also ignited hope in the hearts of humanity.

It also marked the beginning of the demise of the dark ones. We know that the decades from late 1980s into your NOW seemed like forever for those who have lived through the “who do you trust” propaganda.

We say to you ALL, who you should trust is your own higher dimensional expression of SELF. Just as you have learned to meditate for unity and peace, please remember to meditate to UNITE with your own higher dimensional SELF.

Your higher self will keep you anchored in the higher dimensions, as well as provide you with a safe frequency in which you can relax. Because greed, darkness, wars, and lies have ruled your world for so long, it is easy for you to become impatient.

Please remember that impatience is a form of fear that can lower your consciousness. Because you perceive the realities that resonate to the frequency of your state of consciousness, be sure to keep your consciousness within the upper fourth and fifth dimensions.

Then, if you become temporarily lost in the fears and darkness of the past, your own Higher SELF will assist you to remain in constant contact with the unconditional love and multidimensional light of the higher dimensions.

Most importantly, what you believe is what you perceive. If you believe your world is filled with fear, anger, and sorrow that is what your 3D brain will seek. Your 3D brain has an agreement with your thoughts in which your brain will believe what your thoughts tell it to believe.

If you only have thoughts of how difficult life is, your 3D brains will seek out perceptions that prove those thoughts. In this case, your thoughts and perceptions will prove to you that the world is a dark and frightening place.

On the other hand, if you believe that life is good and that every day your world is doing its best to create a better reality, your brain will tell your perceptions to seek out proof that the world is good and is getting better every day.

We hope that you can now better understand how YOU are the creator of your reality? All that you can conceive exists, but you will only perceive it if you believe it. Furthermore, if you believe that something exists, your third dimensional brain, or your multidimensional mind, will assist you to experience that which you could not perceive before you believed.

For example, when your thoughts say “life is good” or “life is bad,” your 3D brains sets out on a search to find proof that your thoughts are correct. Of course, sometimes life IS good, and sometimes life IS bad. Both of these realities simultaneously exist within the millions and trillions of versions of reality.

You live in a huge store in which you can “purchase” any reality. Each reality resonates to a certain state of consciousness. You move up and down the elevator of this store via the shifting of the states of your consciousness. If you wish to “purchase” a fifth dimensional reality, you need to calibrate your consciousness to the fifth dimension.

Do you remember when you were ONE with your higher dimensional self and chose to “purchase” the adventure of a third dimensional reality? You believed that you could assist Gaia, so you entered this adventure.

Then, it took more incarnations and/or more disappointments that you could count to fulfill your mission. Fortunately, now that you are connecting with your higher dimensional SELF again, you are no longer on the ground floor looking up.

Instead, YOU are in the NOW of the ONE, which gives you constant guidance through the maze if life and ascension beyond the illusions of the third dimension.

Blessings dear Ones,

We are with you within the EVER-PRESENT NOW of the Higher Dimensional Realities.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:20 PM

Catalyst of Thought-Matter Ideation, Enigmatic Crysto-Cosmic Glue – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Meditrina painting by A. Andrew Gonzalez


Catalyst of Thought-Matter Ideation

Enigmatic Crysto-Cosmic Glue

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Copyrights Reserved 2019


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we welcome you, in a vector, of Unconditional Love.

And so in part one of this interesting and timely topic, we speak about the divine science of planetary transitions ongoing and indeed, quickening on the Earth.

According to geological theory & science, your Sun and its amazing family of planets, including your Earth, were formationally spawned from a massive cloud of elemental particulate dust & gaseous vapors condensed some four and a half billion years ago, (in linear-time sequence).

Several hundred million years after the Earth took form, billions & billons of tons of asteroids & meteorites collided onto the planet in a massive impact phase, bringing minerals & water to a molten embryotic earth … divinely penetrating, fertilizing earth’s conceptional egg. In the primordial dance of tectonics & volcanics, endogenous of geological time, the earth’s diverse mineralogical skin evolved and shifted. An outer crust developed

Your academic mainstream sciences, are indeed, relatively well versed in surface knowledge of the Earth’s geology. But it will be many decades before multidimensionality is ‘scientifically’ acknowledged. And be reminded, a big piece of the ongoing transitional upshift of your blue & green garden planet, is around dimensional expansion. Indeed your planet Earth, your Solar System & Cosmos, are dynamically multi-faceted, with infinite ever evolving dimensional aspects.

All of the planets in your solar system are in fact highly conscious beings. All are part of your unique ‘University System’. All are soulfully inhabited. Only the Earth has dynamic physical life, as you know it.

The Changes Are Beginning..

The landmasses of the earth are beginning to change. The Earth is warming, the jet streams & weather are shifting into more frequent phases of rain, flood and drought. The ice caps & glaciers are melting in mass, the sea levels are slowly rising. You are coming into an era of increased tectonic movement, earthquakes, volcanics and jet stream shifts. Although it is set to be a gradual process, major portions of your coast lines will over the next centuries, drastically alter. Your Edgar Cayce spoke of parts of Nebraska being the eastern coastline to an inland sea of the Pacific….in less than 200 years !

Portions of the lower and upper east coast will be submerged, other portions of the central east coast will actually be uplifted. The central midlands will become an inland sea due to expansion of the great lakes and subsequent drainage thru a vastly widened Mississippi river. The Ozark & Ouachita Mtns of Arkansas will be one of the safe areas, as will portions of the high planes of Colorado, above the widening rift. Much of the western Rockies , Tetons, Cascades & Sierra Nevada ranges, will be islands.

The Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, the Colorado Vortex & the Michael Vortex of Banff, will become major energy sites in the changing earth. For these will be in safe areas, by design, and will coagulate incredible streams and fields of Consciousness Life Force & Fohat.

New Planet Earth

Mineralogical Effect

It is true that the entirety of the living planet Earth is sacred. However, specific places are far more embellished in terms of their energetic resonance. Indeed, the land masses of the planet are extremely diversified.  Certain sites which are termed as power nodes & sacred, have been recognized and ceremoniously honored as benevolent & holy, by more ‘earth-aware’ cultures & societies of your past.

Specific locales indeed, have the capacity to ‘thin dimensional veils’, and open both mind and spirit to greater knowledge. Past & present ancient wisdom carriers considered these as stargates & visionary quest sites.

Such sites are conscious living teachers, and globally these are shifting, rebooting & activating in differing formats. The crystalline is gaining new fields, melding in unique ways with dimensional expansion.

There is an unrecognized ‘energy element’, well understood within certain past sectors & traditions of esoteric wisdom, which is coming into evolutionary roles in the new paradigm of earth.  This ‘energy-element’ is fohat.

Although appropriately customizing in its present evolutionary format, this is an ancient, eternal energy. It is a knowledge once understood by advanced spiritual societies, including the Atla-Ra of the Atlantean spiritual scientists of the Law of One, at a timeless phase of non-polarity…pre-duality. It involved the science of manifesting ideation, thought-mind into matter. It is rarely known or considered among present day seekers. But it is a knowledge component, well for wisdom seekers to become reacquainted with.

The Animation Principle

Fohat has been considered as the animating principle, crysto-electrifying every particulate of physical reality into life. It is a multi-faceted energy. In ‘Metatronic’ aspect, it is the catalyst enabling manifestation, it represents the infinite crystalline- aspect of coherent divine electrical energy of ceaseless formative power. Fohat being the universal propelling ‘Vital Power Force’….forming both the catalystic propulsion & synergetic result, simultaneously. Fohat is absolutely crystalline in nature, for the manifestation from thought to physical reality is literally, precisely a ‘crystallization’ process.

It is this, and more. This is due to the dimensionally expanded Earth, 3d to 12d, and the 12-12-12 activation of the 144-Crystalline Grid. Fohat is streaming thru the new 144 Crystalline Grid, in more complex crysto geometrics, in scripting divine codes in newly emerging, diversified formats.

It is through Fohat that the Ideas of Creator, of the Divine Gestalt & Universal Mind are encoded upon physical reality.  Indeed, Fohat is the dynamic, the active kinetic, which encodes the blue print for the New Planet Earth.

Masters, although you may not be familiar with the concept, we assure you that the awareness of the manifestation process, is an important trigger in the sacred path & purpose of responsible co-creation.

Fohat and Akash are different entities, but the two are symbiotic…reciprocally coadjutant, synergistically reliant upon one another. Fonat is sourced directly from Divine Thought, and contains codes for shift. Indeed, it is via the energy streams of Fohat that the Ideation & principles of what is termed the Universal Mind are encoded & impressed upon matter. The complex pulsing force of Fohat, is perpetual. This energy evolves as required, in more complex forms, shifting its characteristic codes & frequencial attributes to meet the needs & goals of each new phase of the ‘University of Duality’, each era of your evolution toward graduating.

Whether or not it is understood, Fohat effects all humans, according to their light quotient, from novice to mastery. It is the nonphysical coding kinetic of prana, indeed the catalyst of both human & planetary kundalini. It is linked to the important re-discovery, re-emerging crystalline knowledge of Tachyon energy. (Which will open amazing keys to rejuvenation and health)

Fohat has a strong connection to the mineral kingdom, and to earth kundalini. Influencing the living crysto-electromagnetic fields & flows of the dynamic earth, including portals, leylines and resulting vortexes.

Fohat is optimally and perpetually paired with Akash, (Conscious Units), which can be thought of as the pixels of reality. And ‘pixel strength’ varies on your planet. Powernodes, sacred sites are in high resolution !

And although Fohat pulses globally, perpetually, it is streamed, and transformed by the Crystalline grid, and thus has a natural coalescence, natural aggregation in areas termed white-holes, stargates and crystalline fields…for in the new earth, you are upshifting into higher resonance, you are in the initial stages of the Crystalline age. Crystalline coherency represents the highest organization of all in the physical, and nonphysical realms. Fohat is crystalline in source, thought to matter, as we have said is a crystallization process.

Indeed, the ‘blue-print, the geometric coding for the architectural design of Planetary and Human Ascension…is the crystalline energy of Fohat, providing a crysto-electric current, manifesting objectively) from subjective spirit to objective matter.

The Rarified Air

As we have stated, the energetic essence of Fohat exist globally…., but it is concentrated & far more amplified in power areas of a specific frequency. The same is true of Akash, or Consciousness Units. There are myriad conditions that enable concentrations of Fohat, three of the key drivers of the requisite resonate vibration include crystalline resonance, mineralogy & latitude-longitudinal vector.

We will speak more at length on the attributes of certain specific vectors in part two of this series. These include the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, the Colorado Rift Vortex, and the Michael Vortex of western Canada. The three play a very important role in the new earth.

There are of course others, however, in this specific channel series, we are initially referencing the 3 most potent ‘fohatic’ areas of North America. For in these times of change, with sea levels rising, there will be changes in the land masses of North America in the not too distant future, albeit gradual. These three areas, the Crystal Vortex, Colorado Vortex & Michael Vortex in Banff Canada, areas will emerge as vital areas of mega energy streams.

And Dear Humans, we feel it important that you understand and accept the reality that your physical earth, land masses are changing in the centuries to come. The extreme polarization, gravitational anomalies, pole movement& glacier melting is resulting in a reorganization of streaming of energy portals. This energy is transforming, deviating, relocating in the transition of yr planet. There is a transmogrify, a vector sensitive re-modeling ongoing. Powernodes are not only changing in energy format, the portals and leylines that network vortexial portals are altering directional vectors.

We will define, in a vastly abbreviated simplification, the key contributing factors that enable Fohat coagulation in Arkansas, Banff & Colorado:

Arkansas : Vast Crystallized Minerology, Diamond Pipes, Lithium, Radium bearing thermal crystalline structured waters, & Magnetite, Quartzitic Gold (Ouachita & Ozark Mtns)

Banff -Yoho-Jasper Canada : Crystalline Glaciers, Lithium, Radium Bearing thermals, Diamond Pipes, Colloidal Crystalline Waters (. Lakes) (Rocky Mtns)

Colorado  :Tectonics~ San Luis Rift, Mineralogy , Gold, Uranium, Solar Clarity (Rocky Mtn

There is a crystalline clarity in all three. In the area of the Michael Vortex in Canada, & Colorado the energy has more of a seasonal aspect….meaning in winter, both Canada’s Michael Vortex and the high elevation of the Colorado vortex may be somewhat less accessible.

Because of certain frequencial commonalities, there exists a strong axialtonal synergy between the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas & the Liquid-Crystal energy of the Michael Vortex in the Canadian Rockies.

What is special in these areas of lithium fields, quartz, radium thermals, magnetite & kimberlite pipes, (which occur in both Arkansas & portions of the Canadian Rockies), is that due to myriad geographic & geologic factors, the energetic force referred to as fohat, is extremely abundant in such mineralogical fields. In these areas, Fohat is effectively paired, ingrained with the consciousness units termed Akash & amalgamated in unique local formats of crysto-electrics.


In part two of these series we will speak more on the attributes of these sites, and discuss the sacred science that opens doors. For by reading the words we share, will trigger a subconscious knowledge of this consecrated wisdom, this integral science. Please do not think it is beyond your grasp. This is forgotten knowledge, not lost, and in the wheels of simultaneous lifetimes, you will trigger the aspect of self, which understands and awakens.

Masters know that all is well. Trust that the Ascension in all its multi-dimensional aspects, in all of its transitions is well in hand. We know each of you by name, we know the changes you are experiencing. We are with you. The greater part of each of you is here, watching your human expressions in biochemical clothes, as you walk through the linear flowering of this magnificent time.

Humanity wears duality filters, and you are as yet a species with amnesia. But the veil is thinning, and the drapery that hid knowledge is opening in the dimensional expansion, in what is termed the Crystalline Shift.

In our channels we seek to remind you of what you once knew, as your awakening is nigh. You on the path are beginning to see the great and greater Truth. It is Truth beautiful beyond your imagination.

Remember to love one another and nurture one another, and Dear Ones, please do not forget to love and nurture yourself and experience the gentle Love that is your matrix. Love is the frequencial key that melds ALL. Fohat carries its code.

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are beloved.
And so it is …And it is So…
And So it Is…And It Is So…
Copyrights Reserved 2019


Meditrina painting by A. Andrew Gonzalez

Trust & Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Turquoise Moon Phoenix ~ Laura Iverson


Trust and Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2

I asked Madison Rosenberger to send along her channeling and thoughts on raising vibrations.

(It’s fine by me that people advertise their services in their articles. We all need to live.)

In Part 2, I share a very helpful understanding I came to from reading her words.

Madison: Here is the message I received from my Sacred Guides, it was short but powerful:

“Remember that the ‘all that it is’ connects you to every single person on the planet, so every time you personally practice returning to Love and raising your vibration in any way you help the collective to do the same.

“By focusing on yourself, you help the world. Every day when you speak to your clients [Madison] you raise their vibration, not by the words you speak, but by the energy you embody. It is contagious. Remember to continuously do as Diana Cooper taught, ask Archangel Gabriel to pour his Diamond Ray of Purity into your body and for Archangel Metatron to give you a 100% Light quotient increase. Ask AA Metatron to watch your energy and to top it off whenever it dips down.”

Madison: I personally feel that no human being has met the “end goal” when it comes to raising their vibration, because really there is not “end goal.” The continual growth of our souls is the entire purpose of our lifetime here.

Any time we dip into fear, worry, concern, anger, judgment (of any kind, even judgment of “bad” forces), immaturity, victim mentality, or lack energy, we drop our vibration.

I don’t know a single human being who doesn’t experience any of these emotions from time to time. That doesn’t mean we are doing a “bad” job. Of course we are all doing the best we can, but it does mean we’re never at a stopping point when it comes to striving to live in alignment with our truest selves.

We can align with our true Divine selves with practices such as mediation and affirmations, but the best ways to raise our vibrations are through two things; prayer and surrender. Praying daily to the Archangels, as my guides reminded me, for help in raising my Light and then surrendering to the will of God.

Surrendering to the plan the High Council has for us and surrendering to the Divine flow of life means that we trust. Trust and faith are the ultimate alignment with our higher selves and there is no better way to raise our vibrations.

We are asked by God to trust him, even in the face of so much pain, so much heartache, and so much fear, we are asked to take that leap of faith and trust fall into the Oneness.

The second we fight it and try to control the outcome of our lives by expressing what we think is best, we are stepping out of the highest Light of destiny and into a lower frequency.

So above all else (and of course in addition to powerful practices that shift your frequency) have faith that all is working out as it should and pray for help along the way.

Thank you again, Steve, for all that you do for the community and the collective. Your site is a constant state of comfort for me.



Steve: Don’t go away. I’d like to comment in Part 2 on part of what Madison says here.

Madison Rosenberger, Ph.D. | Channel, Spiritual Teacher
& Yoga Teacher RYT 500
M: 7047781538

Shifting Chakras – Jamye Price

With thanks to unknown artist


Shifting Chakras

Shfiting Chakras by Jamye Price

Your chakra system, part of your lightbody, exhibits the resonance of the electromagnetic field in which you live. It is a microcosmic expression of the macrocosmic environment. As you incarnate into the Earth experience, your capability of flow manifests in accordance with the information within this environment.

There is uniqueness and diversity, as well as cohesion and unity within the environment. You incarnate into a system with your uniqueness, yet the system also influences your unity. The two are reflexive. Our chakra system reflects this.

The chakra system has it’s uniqueness and unity, just as all life on Earth.

While the chakra system has similarities, there are also some differences in people’s chakra systems. For example, there are those that have “rainbow” chakras that hold a broader spectrum of resonance within each spin point (many of our plant foods have shifted in this way as well).

Some chakra systems react easily to information in a way that expands the flow of a singular chakra to encompass the whole system as necessary. That creates a faster processing through experiences. There are chakras beyond the seven main ones that are becoming more consciously accessible to our resonance. But I want to outline a specific change our chakras are experiencing at this time.


Body PlanesAround 2010, there was a shift in the heart chakra flow where it began strengthening flow along the sagittal plane. In late 2015, I started noticing that same flow with the throat chakra.

Back in 2010, I was doing healing work and was interrupted by my Guides. They began moving my hand in front of my heart chakra and told me that the heart chakra is shifting flow. It is moving into a resonance that flows outward (the sagittal plane). I had this corroborated by two people in odd ways within about a month.

What this shift signaled is a clearer resonance with connection.

Rather than the strength of the chakra flow being more internal the self, it flows outward more readily, connecting you with life. This is an evolution that creates more connectivity. It initiates clearing and activation in order for the species to evolve into fourth density. It is a gradual strengthening that occurs over time.


The shift of the heart chakra coincides with evolution into fourth density. Density considers the resonance of the whole being and experience, dimensions consider the perspective of expression manifest—or how to define the density experience.

In terms of dimensional expression, we are shifting how we flow beyond just the physical timespace experience, into the depth of connection (heart chakra resonance).

Clarion Call to Love by Jamye Price

The application of this shift is that the individual becomes more heart centered, more interactive with love, the connective energy of the heart. As the heart chakra amplifies into a stronger transverse plane of flow, your heart resonance has clearer interaction with life, releasing the mind from the burden of leading your path solely from mental reliance.

The experience of this shift varies and has times of intensity. The Ascension symptoms most directly connected to it are shifting relationships, shifting passions and shifting empowerment.

Relationships that aren’t healthy become more intense as the heart chakra connects with a predominance of pain or pleasure.

Your heart begins to lead as the intensity of your heart flow magnetizes the clearing that will create the most empowered you. You are also activating those that are close to you whether in proximity like a coworker, or DNA and intimate relationship. This affects the overall flow of the collective over time.

Your passions may shift, even if they aren’t defined yet, as living without love connection to your life becomes less and less tolerable. For some, this will slow down their “productivity” as moving through life with control and actions can no longer dominate your experience. Mental force concedes to desire, which often begins by not desiring, confusion, resisting and finally surrendering into the flow of your own heart. The flow of the heart is amplifying.

The heart creates empowerment through the safety of love. Without that, the ego is constantly seeking to establish safety by control and domination of the external. When the heart leads, connection with life has no need of manipulation, domination or suppression to create.

This where the tipping point of leading by fear or leading by love asks for the ultimate surrender of the ego and mental control. Will you embrace the unknown, take a risk of not being satisfied in the moment or a creative risk of external judgment? The empowered heart loves life, it’s positives and negatives are no longer polarized into avoidance, they are traversed in the transverse wave functionality of love amplifying all directions of flow and connection.


As the throat chakra intensifies its flow along the sagittal plane, we are becoming more connective with our communication and manifestation. The throat chakra holds our manifestation of time as we begin the process of linearizing the non-linear. Creation begins to form here.

Foundation of Strength by jamye Price

As this chakra readjusts, time becomes an erratic flow of excitement and depletion, peace and frenzy to varying degrees. The body changes sleep patterns, physical energy flow (fatigue or vigor) and a readjustment to the senses, both intuitive and physical. The patterns that felt comfortable may no longer work as the density of time becomes more intense before it relaxes into more freedom.

You may have times (;o) of dry unexplained cough, throat clearing, fear of expression or non-expression, feeling/experiencing the past or future. The throat changes are inspiring the self to express out, whether that is verbal or not. The shift in the throat chakra (strengthening in late 2015) becomes important, as the manifestation and expression of the species determines the future experience.


The heart flows within infinite time as the mind linearizes so the throat can express. The heart is patient, with a deep connection to the wisdom of life. The throat chakra offers linear expression to the heart and progression of manifestation to the mind, reflecting the balance between the two.

This timespace is supporting your progression through a stronger resonance that pulls the heart and throat chakras into more connective expression. Are you going with the flow?

This intensifying transverse wave flow creates a clearer polarization that then blends into a new creation. You are creating a new future as you allow your infinite heart chakra to express into this finite experience through the throat chakra. Let your love shine!

On My Own Authority – Suzanne Maresca

Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art


On My Own Authority

It’s been a long road and quite a journey to arrive where we are as a Collective. Many of us have been on The Path in one regard or another for years, decades and even multiple lifetimes.

Profound realizations occur on an individual level and when they do, in the Oneness of our Collective, we achieve a new consensus without even realizing it.  Bottom line is that we agree on a great deal more than we disagree, and we’ve already expanded our awareness beyond anything we might have contemplated, say, ten years ago.

In meditation, we learn volumes about ourselves and our place in this world. We establish our own Sacred Connection to Guidance, and we introduce the simple phrase, “In the name of the Light” to insure that the Beings we’re connecting with are in integrity and alignment with the Highest Good of All Concerned.

Lightworker blogs are often reached by people looking for something. It could be that the seeker has an idea in mind or a word to enter in a search bar to find answers, and sometimes it becomes a seemingly random entry into an alternate realm of possibility.

Once a seeker arrives at our main page and starts reading, an entire world of potential opens up. When I first started reading channeled messages, I was a recovering Catholic and actually rejected anything to do with saints and “heavenly figures.”  I stumbled onto this site back in 2012 when a friend shared an article on FaceBook. The messages at that time carried information that served as blessed relief that the suffering of this world had both purpose and the possibility of reconciliation.

It was comforting to take in the intel from the one called SaLuSa back then, knowing that we have loving partners in our Galactic Family. That Archangel Michael and The Company of Heaven would be present for Humanity at this critical juncture in our evolution felt right and proper. Ascended Masters apparently on call to assist, many with experience living among us on the surface…all brought peace to my heart.

Discovering that we have lots of help from The Folks in the Rafters was sweet elixir and balm to our stormy and troubled souls.

The majority of our readers have likely been coming to the site for at least six years, some even longer. We’ve all been taking in channeled messages that encourage us to make our own connections and do our own personal work to clear out false information about who we are. It’s been a time of embracing ourselves as Divine Beings.

We may then find it difficult to reconcile when a message comes in that runs counter to what we feel to be so. I wonder sometimes if so much contrary information is meant to serve as a catalyst, propelling us into establishing our own Divine Sovereignty and Intelligence.

We’re meant to grow up here and learn. Someone just arriving on the scene is going to have a different viewpoint than the ones who’ve been at this embracing our Divinity thing for a while.

Humans are mostly all on the same path. Our perceptions of that path and our place on it are what differs. There’s no skipping over the challenging parts, the clearing and personal work. It truly is the hardship that we experience that fosters compassion and expansion. It’s in our nature to want to save others from having to go through whatever grim thing that we, ourselves, have survived.

Personal work is taking action to re-write the stories that sit in our bones telling us that we’re “less than” in some way. That others know more than we do about what’s best for us. If we don’t address our wounding, we make ourselves vulnerable to those who wish to direct our thoughts and actions.

Why are we here? In order to reach our full Earthly potential and perform our various missions efficiently, don’t we need to embrace our sovereignty? Isn’t the goal to achieve and nurture our own connection to Source, to The Oneness?

I was having a conversation with my daughter about a woman who hosts a cable show called Slutever. Provocative title, yes. The thing about this show is that it explores Human sexuality un-apologetically. Karley is the name of the hostess, and she has a background of experience that brings her to be a fearless traveler, interviewing and in close proximity to people that may not always be a frequency match for her.  She gives an air of complete confidence that however different and unusual the folks that she interacts with are, she’s always “at home” and safe because of who she knows herself to be.

The discussion turned to what could be seen as the Ultimate Peace while here in form on Earth. If we were to fully take in that we’re here for a reason, that we’re Children Of God and carry the sparks of the Divine in our very DNA, that we enjoy the full power and protection of the Light because of who we are…well then, what situation or experience would be a danger to our being?

If we don’t cast a shadow, there’s nothing for a negative entity to latch onto…no affinity spots in our Luminous Architecture that make us vulnerable. Our Light and our Clarity make for some outstanding protection.

So, how long then will we be subject to upset by a channeled message? Can we embrace our own authority when we read something that doesn’t sit right in our bones? Can we accept channels as being Human, like us? Not always perfect and not always right on?

Can we relax a little about outcome and let go of the how? It’s okay that we’re all in different stages of evolution. What matters most here is that we use our own, internal discernment when reading or listening to anything. If we’re triggered into an upset reaction, are we able to track the upset? Does it speak to a fear?

If someone comes at us with an accusation, unless we have at least a niggling fear that it might be true, there’s no upset. A message from a “higher being” admonishing us for not being good enough at raising our vibe will mean very little to someone who is solid in their own guidance and actions. We have a choice to eat that apple or just leave it.

Trust in the Self is what the goal is, because inside each of us is where all the Truth resides.


Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art