Eternally, Permanently – Steve Beckow

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Eternally, Permanently

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What about me is permanent, eternal, persistent? What about me is unchanging, firm, and stable?

Have I seen anything like that about myself? Or within myself? There must be some indication somewhere.

I’ve seen the eternal, but my glimpses themselves have been impermanent, transitory, passing.

My experience of the eternal must be unbroken and permanent for it to satisfy me.

Even the Self, the Christ, the Atman is not eternal. The Christ in the end bends the knee to God and turns over to him all that he was given. The Atman merges with the Paramatman. The Self is the penultimate Reality.Β  Only the One is real.

But, were I at that crossroads, none of these questions would arise for me, none of these distinctions. In the end, they’re enjoyable distractions, pastimes for the mind. Nothing but good can come from Love of the Self.

I pray that my experience of the eternal Self be made permanent.Β  It must be eternal and my experience of it must be permanent for me to rest.


Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ credit given where this is known