Sanat Kumara


Do so before interacting closely with anyone, and every single time you plan to go into crowded and public places. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Raj, I AM Sanat Kumara, Holder of the Planetary Logos, teacher and implementer of the Universal Laws, your beloved brother and family.

It gives me pleasure to come here today to address thee and to commune with you, with this New wonderful You. I love you and this New You, but we do understand that it doesn’t come with much in the way of instructions on how to navigate these times of transition.

I would like to assist you in having the smoothest and pleasantest journey forward, despite the quagmire of chaotic energies swirling around thee. And yet, while you have to immerse yourselves into this world that is changing so fast, and where fear seems to be screaming in everyone’s ears, you are asking and praying for answers as to how to constantly maintain that high vibrational position.

And you are asking me, “How do we travel the world, living our lives, and yet not be of the world?”

I do understand your dilemma, for you did not have a previous experience of being reborn as an ascended master in form and then re-immersed into the third dimensionality, with a slight but yet significant shift in your awareness of who you are.

In previous lifetimes, the old way in which you had achieved ascension was by isolating yourselves from the world, and relinquishing everything that it had so that you would not be distracted or tempted into the old superficial ways of living.

And that was a way of living that many of you remember with ease, for it was a clear cut shortcut, black and white, but nevertheless, a very arduous path to ascension to return into the heart of the One. Those memories are serving you well, dear hearts, to keep your course and light direction. But this time around you had decided to do it while walking through the chaotic energies, and for some of you, this is while you are still processing a few remnant core issues. It is not more difficult than that past, individual journey of ascension, nor is it easier either, it is just different.

This time around, just as you did in your previous lifetimes, you do need to constantly maintain that awareness of where your energy field travels, and how strongly you focus somewhere else instead of remaining fully in your loving hearts.

That doesn’t mean that you are not seeing, interacting, and briefly communing with other beings in your daily travels, to work, recreationally, or just being.

But are you able to truly sense and see what others’ intentions are? Are you setting your clear and strong boundaries at every level of your being, while at the same time keeping your hearts open and bright?

So very often we see you extending your love and opening up completely to close soul family members, as well to more distant beings that come your way, thus becoming vulnerable to their less than loving energies, that many are quick to send your way consciously, and many times without any clear understanding of the consequences.

Therefore, shielding and setting boundaries is now even more important than ever! Do so before interacting closely with anyone, especially if you are an empath and a healer, and every single time you plan to go into crowded and public places. Keep your hearts open and beam your light, for your love is strong! When your entire being is full to the brim with loving energies, there is no way that anything less than that will be approaching, never mind attaching and therefore affecting thee. But when you focus on that which is less than love, which may happen while in this period of transition, then you tend to lower your vibration, even if only in a few parts of yourselves, thus making yourselves vulnerable and attracting negative energies. When that happens, take rapid action, and while aligning with the Law of Love, the Law of Repulsion, and the Laws of Constancy and Continuity, say a clear and firm “No!” See and feel these energies detaching and moving out of this new powerful you.

Dear hearts, this applies to your close and sweet soul family members when you tend to lessen your defenses, even when you sense that there is some disturbance and dis-ease. In the old ways, you have allowed their energies to come to thee, and you have even taken them as your own to process and transmute, for you do love these sweet souls and feel that you need to resolve all of their issues. You had lowered yourselves to their energetic level – and thus lowered your own vibration – trying to help and comfort them. Not anymore! This is not of love of your sweet self, nor of all others!

This New You requires honoring, gentle and constant self-love, and the maintaining of high levels of integrity.

Call on me, dear ones, whenever you are in need, for it is with great delight that I come to assist thee. Congratulation. I am with you always and closer than ever!

Farewell for now.

By permission.

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A Soul Urge to Learn – Steve Beckow

female face - poławiaczka-pearls-painting-title-by-karol-bak-female-face-pearl-

Poławiaczka Pearls painting by Karol Bak

A Soul Urge to Learn

I continue to feel attracted to exploring the connection between (1) motivation and (2) feeling good.

The subject seems so obvious as to not be worth talking about. And yet it’s not. And, as an observable phenomenon, most of what it points to is buried in the subconscious, below our everyday awarenesss.

I’ve been watching myself and I observe that I like (and pursue) feeling happy/good/satisfied (I’m going to call it HGS, for brevity’s sake) and I dislike feeling unhappy/bad/dissatisfied.

I see that I do that which promises to have me feel HGS and avoid the opposite.

I observe myself being attracted to, I choose to have, I move towards that which has me feel HGS. I act to be, do, and have that which I think will induce me to feel HGS.

When someone said that we seek pleasure and avoid pain (perhaps Pavlov?), I think they expressed the deepest reason why people act, at the level of subconscious, habitual or automatic behavior. Not at the level of the conscious, which more likely reflects a soul urge. (1)

What do I find noteworthy about what seems obvious?

Well, I should acknowledge that, as a very young child and runt of the litter, I learned to survive, cope and prosper by taking exception to things, being a stick in the mud, throwing a spike in the wheel, etc. I was a walking “No!” and constant complainer. I was always right and always on about something.

I did not avoid pain, like the normal human being. I courted it. It was a red badge of courage.

Well, I reached the end of that road with the utter loss of any ability to love. So I know where it leads.

And now, more recently, having visited a higher state of consciousness that I call “transformative love,” which I’m told was at times Fifth-Dimensional and at other times Seventh Dimensional, I know now what I’ve been missing all my life.

I must have been a pretty dry intellectual to most people I was in relationship with. I apologize to those who had to bear with me. My behavior as a walking “No!” caused me to lead a loveless existence.

When I write about that higher love, I hear, in my mind, Jesus’ words: A man found a treasure buried in a field. He covered it up and went away.

Yes, I’ve had several experiences of the treasure buried in the field of the heart – either experiences of love itself, of the bliss it gives rise to, of peace, or of the innocence and purity of the Self that’s buried in “the seat of the soul”; that is, in the depths of the heart.

They were all impermanent and so the treasure could be said to have been covered up again.

I hear Jesus once more: The man went away and sold all he had and bought the field.

This is the view looking forward for me. We leave the experience behind, whatever it was, take what we learn from it, put aside all other desires (sell what we have), and follow the trail that leads to the realization of the Self and, beyond the Self, of the One (at which point we’ve bought the field). (2)

So I’m now going back to square one and asking myself, “What motivates me, then?”

And this is what I’ve found.

In my state of everyday consciousness, I’m motivated chiefly by a desire to feel happy/good/satisfied. If it reaches love and bliss, I’m ecstatic. But those days are largely now behind me. At the moment, as I reconstruct myself, I’m happy to simply feel HGS. Oh, and I should add, to mix a little more in society.

Just as we’re rebuilding Nova Earth, so I’m rebuilding myself. Just as we’re deconstructing what didn’t work for us, so I’m deconstructing what didn’t work for me – my automatic and habitual behavior. The foundation I’m pouring in – when I’m no longer automatic but awake – is happy/good/satisfied.

This is new territory for me. Einstein learned math late in life. I’m learning how to be a loving person late in life. I’m saying “Yes!” where until now I said “No!” I feel awkward, gawky.

I do understand that feeling HGS is only a waystation on the larger journey. Way after that is living in a permanent state of love and bliss while continuing to function in society.

That’s what I’m ultimately aiming for. That will be the ultimate skill to learn in reconstructing myself and playing a role in building Nova Earth.

What will allow me to live in a permanent state of love and bliss while remaining functional in society? That’s my question now.

What motivates my behavior at the conscious, rather than the subconscious, level is a soul urge. What is mine? An overwhelming and endless desire to learn.


(1) Notice that we have the situation seemingly backwards. We tend to think of the subconscious as being somehow deeper than the conscious. It is and it isn’t.

It does lie below our everyday consciousness. And it’s passed when we seek deeper levels of consciousness in the heart. It is shown to be just one layer, just one floor as we descend below it.

It’s a layer of habitual or automatic behavior, arising largely from vasanas. The vasana layer of consciousness, whose feature is automatic behavior, is in reality a superficial layer of consciousness that one encounters when diving deep into the heart with one’s imagination/awareness.

(2) I hear: No one comes to the Father except through me. No one reaches the One, except through the Self. No one can be a knower of God unless they are first a knower of the Self.

Poławiaczka Pearls painting by Karol Bak

Awakening the Light of the Earth – Natalie Glasson

Hummingbird & Forest Spirits art by Jennifer Baird


Awakening the Light of the Earth
by Mother Earth

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 4th January 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Love and gratitude, I express to you as co-creators of the reality we are all experiencing now. I am Mother Earth/ Gaia, I honour all that you are and all you are creating upon the Earth now. I wish to share with you that all you are creating is appropriate and necessary to create the larger picture of the Creator. Everything has a purpose and accelerates enlightenment or Creator realisation. The larger picture for the Earth is created by the Creator and you are an aspect of the Creator, therefore you hold this larger picture for the Earth’s reality within your essence. The more you connect with and bring your focus to the Creator the more you will access this larger picture of the Creator within you which will guide you appropriately forth. Thus, you and others upon the Earth as a collective will bring forth all that is divinely appropriate and necessary for each stage of ascension.

I, Mother Earth, invite you to accept that all you create through your thoughts, believes and actions in your life are appropriate for you now and at this stage of ascension. This means to let go of feelings or worries that your thoughts are too negative or not positive enough, that you are focusing inappropriately or need to alter your beliefs. Instead, I invite you to accept yourself, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions as they are now. Accept that everything is appropriate for your reality and ascension stage now, as well as allows for you to access transformation and truth from within your being. When you accept that all you are creating right now is appropriate for your reality and the larger picture of the Creator you accept your power as an instigator of transformation, change, and truth in your world and the entire world. Accepting your power and ability to make shifts in your world and the reality of the Earth allows for illusions to fall away especially connected to your ability as a powerful beacon of light, spiritual being and wise expression of the Creator.

Rather than judging yourself and stating all the things you could or should do better, simply accept yourself as you are now, without the need to change, even if you are desperate for some form of change. This can be challenging although when achieved it creates a unique shift within you and a deeper connection to your truth; there is a sense of relief and empowerment. It is from this state of being and existence that you can then make the necessary changes and shifts within your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions with greater ease and without any form of resistance. It is through the acceptance of the now that resistance or battling with yourself dissolves, the lesson or meaning of an action comes to the surface, thus the energy is liberated, and you become liberated.

Awakening the Light of the Earth

I, Mother Earth, wished to share this understanding of accepting all that you are right now to empower you that you are a creator of your reality and the reality of the Earth. With this empowerment, I, Mother Earth, wish to join with you to create an awakening of light for the Earth, that all will benefit from.

The awakening of light is an activation within the core of my being, Mother Earth, which will fortify all aspects of humanity with sacred qualities of the Creator. This is akin to a revitalisation of your inner truth and divinity and a reconnection of the Creator with your entire being and reality. The qualities that will be fortified within all of humanity will be the qualities of acceptance of self, unconditional love for self and a redirection of mental focus free from illusions especially connected to self-power and self- abilities. The awakening of light from my being, Mother Earth, will support a deeper connection for humanity to all the dimensions and different aspects of the Earth, such as nature, animals, elementals etc. Thus, humanity will be able to draw from the essence of my being, energy, and aspects, the wisdom, knowledge, and support that is available to create a reality that supports and fulfils all.

You have a powerful role to play in awakening the light of my being, for once you connect with the light you will become an anchor and radiant of the light, delivering and supporting all that awakens from the light into manifestation upon the Earth. That which awakens from my light is somewhat unknown, we do know that it is ancient wisdom of harmony, compassion, and communication. These sacred qualities are needed to be fortified between the different civilisations inhabiting the Earth in order for the oneness of the Creator to dawn and be fully experienced once more. The different civilisations existing on the Earth at this time exist with separation in mind, this is especially present within humanity, as humanity sees themselves separate from the nature kingdom, animals and so forth. When harmony, compassion, and communication manifests between all inhabiting then a new wisdom and knowledge will manifest from the Earth regarding how to exist on the Earth, how to serve the ascension of all and how to exist in oneness and truth simultaneously. This will encourage many to look at the Earth, their world and all that has been created in a new way, from a space of the actions and possibilities that can be manifested and experienced by all. Thus, a judgemental and worrisome view of the Earth will dissolve. Each person and being will let go of the illusion and thought process that allows them to recognise themselves as being alone or unsupported. A new understanding and thought process will evolve where each person harnesses the power of being connected, supported and a unique aspect of a light filled collective. Now is the time to realise that you are fully supported that this is your divine right and a natural existence for you upon the Earth. It doesn’t mean that you need to know what your purpose on the Earth is at any given moment, your purpose changes and shifts constantly, while also consisting of recognising yourself as the true qualities of the Creator and delivering them through your being in ways that thrill and excite you.

When you and all of humanity co-create with me, Mother Earth, we create a powerful force where anything is possible. Imagine this for a moment.

The Process of Awakening the Light of Mother Earth

Allow yourself to gain a meditative state of being and awareness, imagine yourself sitting in nature which is luscious and green. Surrounding you are many large emerald crystals which exude the energy of my being, Mother Earth.

Feel yourself creating a network of energy and light with the large emerald crystals, receiving their energy and transferring their energy through your being. You begin to feel as one with the emerald crystals and feel the power of my energy, Mother Earth, building.

As the emerald light flows through and around you a brilliant white golden light emerges from below, this is the essence of my being. Focus upon my white golden light drawing it up so that it flows up through your being while coming to rest within your heart chakra.

‘It is my purpose and wish to activate the light of the Earth now to bring forth a revitalisation of my inner truth and divinity and a reconnection of the Creator with my entire being and reality. The qualities that will be fortified within all of humanity will be the qualities of acceptance of self, unconditional love for self and a redirection of mental focus free from illusions especially connected to self-power and self- abilities. The awakening of light from Mother Earth, will support a deeper connection for humanity to all the dimensions and different aspects of the Earth, such as nature, animals, elementals, etc. May I become an anchor and radiant of the light, delivering and supporting all that awakens from the light into manifestation upon the Earth.’

Take time to observe, sense or simply focus on my white golden light. Be aware of how the light transforms and expands, where it flows to and how it impacts your being. The more you focus upon my white golden light the more you will allow its blessings, truth, and purpose to unfold to you.

In loving truth and support,

Mother Earth

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Hummingbird & Forest Spirits art by Jennifer Baird