Catalyst of Thought-Matter Ideation, Enigmatic Crysto-Cosmic Glue – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Meditrina painting by A. Andrew Gonzalez


Catalyst of Thought-Matter Ideation

Enigmatic Crysto-Cosmic Glue

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

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Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we welcome you, in a vector, of Unconditional Love.

And so in part one of this interesting and timely topic, we speak about the divine science of planetary transitions ongoing and indeed, quickening on the Earth.

According to geological theory & science, your Sun and its amazing family of planets, including your Earth, were formationally spawned from a massive cloud of elemental particulate dust & gaseous vapors condensed some four and a half billion years ago, (in linear-time sequence).

Several hundred million years after the Earth took form, billions & billons of tons of asteroids & meteorites collided onto the planet in a massive impact phase, bringing minerals & water to a molten embryotic earth … divinely penetrating, fertilizing earth’s conceptional egg. In the primordial dance of tectonics & volcanics, endogenous of geological time, the earth’s diverse mineralogical skin evolved and shifted. An outer crust developed

Your academic mainstream sciences, are indeed, relatively well versed in surface knowledge of the Earth’s geology. But it will be many decades before multidimensionality is ‘scientifically’ acknowledged. And be reminded, a big piece of the ongoing transitional upshift of your blue & green garden planet, is around dimensional expansion. Indeed your planet Earth, your Solar System & Cosmos, are dynamically multi-faceted, with infinite ever evolving dimensional aspects.

All of the planets in your solar system are in fact highly conscious beings. All are part of your unique ‘University System’. All are soulfully inhabited. Only the Earth has dynamic physical life, as you know it.

The Changes Are Beginning..

The landmasses of the earth are beginning to change. The Earth is warming, the jet streams & weather are shifting into more frequent phases of rain, flood and drought. The ice caps & glaciers are melting in mass, the sea levels are slowly rising. You are coming into an era of increased tectonic movement, earthquakes, volcanics and jet stream shifts. Although it is set to be a gradual process, major portions of your coast lines will over the next centuries, drastically alter. Your Edgar Cayce spoke of parts of Nebraska being the eastern coastline to an inland sea of the Pacific….in less than 200 years !

Portions of the lower and upper east coast will be submerged, other portions of the central east coast will actually be uplifted. The central midlands will become an inland sea due to expansion of the great lakes and subsequent drainage thru a vastly widened Mississippi river. The Ozark & Ouachita Mtns of Arkansas will be one of the safe areas, as will portions of the high planes of Colorado, above the widening rift. Much of the western Rockies , Tetons, Cascades & Sierra Nevada ranges, will be islands.

The Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, the Colorado Vortex & the Michael Vortex of Banff, will become major energy sites in the changing earth. For these will be in safe areas, by design, and will coagulate incredible streams and fields of Consciousness Life Force & Fohat.

New Planet Earth

Mineralogical Effect

It is true that the entirety of the living planet Earth is sacred. However, specific places are far more embellished in terms of their energetic resonance. Indeed, the land masses of the planet are extremely diversified.ย  Certain sites which are termed as power nodes & sacred, have been recognized and ceremoniously honored as benevolent & holy, by more ‘earth-aware’ cultures & societies of your past.

Specific locales indeed, have the capacity to ‘thin dimensional veils’, and open both mind and spirit to greater knowledge. Past & present ancient wisdom carriers considered these as stargates & visionary quest sites.

Such sites are conscious living teachers, and globally these are shifting, rebooting & activating in differing formats. The crystalline is gaining new fields, melding in unique ways with dimensional expansion.

There is an unrecognized ‘energy element’, well understood within certain past sectors & traditions of esoteric wisdom, which is coming into evolutionary roles in the new paradigm of earth.ย  This ‘energy-element’ is fohat.

Although appropriately customizing in its present evolutionary format, this is an ancient, eternal energy. It is a knowledge once understood by advanced spiritual societies, including the Atla-Ra of the Atlantean spiritual scientists of the Law of One, at a timeless phase of non-polarity…pre-duality. It involved the science of manifesting ideation, thought-mind into matter. It is rarely known or considered among present day seekers. But it is a knowledge component, well for wisdom seekers to become reacquainted with.

The Animation Principle

Fohat has been considered as the animating principle, crysto-electrifying every particulate of physical reality into life. It is a multi-faceted energy. In ‘Metatronic’ aspect, it is the catalyst enabling manifestation, it represents the infinite crystalline- aspect of coherent divine electrical energy of ceaseless formative power. Fohat being the universal propelling ‘Vital Power Force’….forming both the catalystic propulsion & synergetic result, simultaneously. Fohat is absolutely crystalline in nature, for the manifestation from thought to physical reality is literally, precisely a ‘crystallization’ process.

It is this, and more. This is due to the dimensionally expanded Earth, 3d to 12d, and the 12-12-12 activation of the 144-Crystalline Grid. Fohat is streaming thru the new 144 Crystalline Grid, in more complex crysto geometrics, in scripting divine codes in newly emerging, diversified formats.

It is through Fohat that the Ideas of Creator, of the Divine Gestalt & Universal Mind are encoded upon physical reality.ย  Indeed, Fohat is the dynamic, the active kinetic, which encodes the blue print for the New Planet Earth.

Masters, although you may not be familiar with the concept, we assure you that the awareness of the manifestation process, is an important trigger in the sacred path & purpose of responsible co-creation.

Fohat and Akash are different entities, but the two are symbiotic…reciprocally coadjutant, synergistically reliant upon one another. Fonat is sourced directly from Divine Thought, and contains codes for shift. Indeed, it is via the energy streams of Fohat that the Ideation & principles of what is termed the Universal Mind are encoded & impressed upon matter. The complex pulsing force of Fohat, is perpetual. This energy evolves as required, in more complex forms, shifting its characteristic codes & frequencial attributes to meet the needs & goals of each new phase of the ‘University of Duality’, each era of your evolution toward graduating.

Whether or not it is understood, Fohat effects all humans, according to their light quotient, from novice to mastery. It is the nonphysical coding kinetic of prana, indeed the catalyst of both human & planetary kundalini. It is linked to the important re-discovery, re-emerging crystalline knowledge of Tachyon energy. (Which will open amazing keys to rejuvenation and health)

Fohat has a strong connection to the mineral kingdom, and to earth kundalini. Influencing the living crysto-electromagnetic fields & flows of the dynamic earth, including portals, leylines and resulting vortexes.

Fohat is optimally and perpetually paired with Akash, (Conscious Units), which can be thought of as the pixels of reality. And ‘pixel strength’ varies on your planet. Powernodes, sacred sites are in high resolution !

And although Fohat pulses globally, perpetually, it is streamed, and transformed by the Crystalline grid, and thus has a natural coalescence, natural aggregation in areas termed white-holes, stargates and crystalline fields…for in the new earth, you are upshifting into higher resonance, you are in the initial stages of the Crystalline age. Crystalline coherency represents the highest organization of all in the physical, and nonphysical realms. Fohat is crystalline in source, thought to matter, as we have said is a crystallization process.

Indeed, the ‘blue-print, the geometric coding for the architectural design of Planetary and Human Ascension…is the crystalline energy of Fohat, providing a crysto-electric current, manifesting objectively) from subjective spirit to objective matter.

The Rarified Air

As we have stated, the energetic essence of Fohat exist globally…., but it is concentrated & far more amplified in power areas of a specific frequency. The same is true of Akash, or Consciousness Units. There are myriad conditions that enable concentrations of Fohat, three of the key drivers of the requisite resonate vibration include crystalline resonance, mineralogy & latitude-longitudinal vector.

We will speak more at length on the attributes of certain specific vectors in part two of this series. These include the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, the Colorado Rift Vortex, and the Michael Vortex of western Canada. The three play a very important role in the new earth.

There are of course others, however, in this specific channel series, we are initially referencing the 3 most potent ‘fohatic’ areas of North America. For in these times of change, with sea levels rising, there will be changes in the land masses of North America in the not too distant future, albeit gradual. These three areas, the Crystal Vortex, Colorado Vortex & Michael Vortex in Banff Canada, areas will emerge as vital areas of mega energy streams.

And Dear Humans, we feel it important that you understand and accept the reality that your physical earth, land masses are changing in the centuries to come. The extreme polarization, gravitational anomalies, pole movement& glacier melting is resulting in a reorganization of streaming of energy portals. This energy is transforming, deviating, relocating in the transition of yr planet. There is a transmogrify, a vector sensitive re-modeling ongoing. Powernodes are not only changing in energy format, the portals and leylines that network vortexial portals are altering directional vectors.

We will define, in a vastly abbreviated simplification, the key contributing factors that enable Fohat coagulation in Arkansas, Banff & Colorado:

Arkansas : Vast Crystallized Minerology, Diamond Pipes, Lithium, Radium bearing thermal crystalline structured waters, & Magnetite, Quartzitic Gold (Ouachita & Ozark Mtns)

Banff -Yoho-Jasper Canada : Crystalline Glaciers, Lithium, Radium Bearing thermals, Diamond Pipes, Colloidal Crystalline Waters (. Lakes) (Rocky Mtns)

Coloradoย  :Tectonics~ San Luis Rift, Mineralogy , Gold, Uranium, Solar Clarity (Rocky Mtn

There is a crystalline clarity in all three. In the area of the Michael Vortex in Canada, & Colorado the energy has more of a seasonal aspect….meaning in winter, both Canada’s Michael Vortex and the high elevation of the Colorado vortex may be somewhat less accessible.

Because of certain frequencial commonalities, there exists a strong axialtonal synergy between the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas & the Liquid-Crystal energy of the Michael Vortex in the Canadian Rockies.

What is special in these areas of lithium fields, quartz, radium thermals, magnetite & kimberlite pipes, (which occur in both Arkansas & portions of the Canadian Rockies), is that due to myriad geographic & geologic factors, the energetic force referred to as fohat, is extremely abundant in such mineralogical fields. In these areas, Fohat is effectively paired, ingrained with the consciousness units termed Akash & amalgamated in unique local formats of crysto-electrics.


In part two of these series we will speak more on the attributes of these sites, and discuss the sacred science that opens doors. For by reading the words we share, will trigger a subconscious knowledge of this consecrated wisdom, this integral science. Please do not think it is beyond your grasp. This is forgotten knowledge, not lost, and in the wheels of simultaneous lifetimes, you will trigger the aspect of self, which understands and awakens.

Masters know that all is well. Trust that the Ascension in all its multi-dimensional aspects, in all of its transitions is well in hand. We know each of you by name, we know the changes you are experiencing. We are with you. The greater part of each of you is here, watching your human expressions in biochemical clothes, as you walk through the linear flowering of this magnificent time.

Humanity wears duality filters, and you are as yet a species with amnesia. But the veil is thinning, and the drapery that hid knowledge is opening in the dimensional expansion, in what is termed the Crystalline Shift.

In our channels we seek to remind you of what you once knew, as your awakening is nigh. You on the path are beginning to see the great and greater Truth. It is Truth beautiful beyond your imagination.

Remember to love one another and nurture one another, and Dear Ones, please do not forget to love and nurture yourself and experience the gentle Love that is your matrix. Love is the frequencial key that melds ALL. Fohat carries its code.

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are beloved.
And so it is …And it is So…
And So it Is…And It Is So…
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Meditrina painting by A. Andrew Gonzalez

Trust & Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Turquoise Moon Phoenix ~ Laura Iverson


Trust and Faith are Ultimate Alignment โ€“ Part 1/2

I asked Madison Rosenberger to send along her channeling and thoughts on raising vibrations.

(Itโ€™s fine by me that people advertise their services in their articles. We all need to live.)

In Part 2, I share a very helpful understanding I came to from reading her words.

Madison: Here is the message I received from my Sacred Guides, it was short but powerful:

โ€œRemember that the โ€˜all that it isโ€™ connects you to every single person on the planet, so every time you personally practice returning to Love and raising your vibration in any way you help the collective to do the same.

โ€œBy focusing on yourself, you help the world. Every day when you speak to your clients [Madison] you raise their vibration, not by the words you speak, but by the energy you embody. It is contagious. Remember to continuously do as Diana Cooper taught, ask Archangel Gabriel to pour his Diamond Ray of Purity into your body and for Archangel Metatron to give you a 100% Light quotient increase. Ask AA Metatron to watch your energy and to top it off whenever it dips down.โ€

Madison: I personally feel that no human being has met the โ€œend goalโ€ when it comes to raising their vibration, because really there is not โ€œend goal.โ€ The continual growth of our souls is the entire purpose of our lifetime here.

Any time we dip into fear, worry, concern, anger, judgment (of any kind, even judgment of โ€œbadโ€ forces), immaturity, victim mentality, or lack energy, we drop our vibration.

I donโ€™t know a single human being who doesnโ€™t experience any of these emotions from time to time. That doesnโ€™t mean we are doing a โ€œbadโ€ job. Of course we are all doing the best we can, but it does mean weโ€™re never at a stopping point when it comes to striving to live in alignment with our truest selves.

We can align with our true Divine selves with practices such as mediation and affirmations, but the best ways to raise our vibrations are through two things; prayer and surrender. Praying daily to the Archangels, as my guides reminded me, for help in raising my Light and then surrendering to the will of God.

Surrendering to the plan the High Council has for us and surrendering to the Divine flow of life means that we trust. Trust and faith are the ultimate alignment with our higher selves and there is no better way to raise our vibrations.

We are asked by God to trust him, even in the face of so much pain, so much heartache, and so much fear, we are asked to take that leap of faith and trust fall into the Oneness.

The second we fight it and try to control the outcome of our lives by expressing what we think is best, we are stepping out of the highest Light of destiny and into a lower frequency.

So above all else (and of course in addition to powerful practices that shift your frequency) have faith that all is working out as it should and pray for help along the way.

Thank you again, Steve, for all that you do for the community and the collective. Your site is a constant state of comfort for me.



Steve: Donโ€™t go away. Iโ€™d like to comment in Part 2 on part of what Madison says here.

Madison Rosenberger, Ph.D. | Channel,ย Spiritual Teacher
& Yoga Teacher RYT 500
M:ย 7047781538