Trust & Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

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Trust and Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2

I asked Madison Rosenberger to send along her channeling and thoughts on raising vibrations.

(It’s fine by me that people advertise their services in their articles. We all need to live.)

In Part 2, I share a very helpful understanding I came to from reading her words.

Madison: Here is the message I received from my Sacred Guides, it was short but powerful:

“Remember that the ‘all that it is’ connects you to every single person on the planet, so every time you personally practice returning to Love and raising your vibration in any way you help the collective to do the same.

“By focusing on yourself, you help the world. Every day when you speak to your clients [Madison] you raise their vibration, not by the words you speak, but by the energy you embody. It is contagious. Remember to continuously do as Diana Cooper taught, ask Archangel Gabriel to pour his Diamond Ray of Purity into your body and for Archangel Metatron to give you a 100% Light quotient increase. Ask AA Metatron to watch your energy and to top it off whenever it dips down.”

Madison: I personally feel that no human being has met the “end goal” when it comes to raising their vibration, because really there is not “end goal.” The continual growth of our souls is the entire purpose of our lifetime here.

Any time we dip into fear, worry, concern, anger, judgment (of any kind, even judgment of “bad” forces), immaturity, victim mentality, or lack energy, we drop our vibration.

I don’t know a single human being who doesn’t experience any of these emotions from time to time. That doesn’t mean we are doing a “bad” job. Of course we are all doing the best we can, but it does mean we’re never at a stopping point when it comes to striving to live in alignment with our truest selves.

We can align with our true Divine selves with practices such as mediation and affirmations, but the best ways to raise our vibrations are through two things; prayer and surrender. Praying daily to the Archangels, as my guides reminded me, for help in raising my Light and then surrendering to the will of God.

Surrendering to the plan the High Council has for us and surrendering to the Divine flow of life means that we trust. Trust and faith are the ultimate alignment with our higher selves and there is no better way to raise our vibrations.

We are asked by God to trust him, even in the face of so much pain, so much heartache, and so much fear, we are asked to take that leap of faith and trust fall into the Oneness.

The second we fight it and try to control the outcome of our lives by expressing what we think is best, we are stepping out of the highest Light of destiny and into a lower frequency.

So above all else (and of course in addition to powerful practices that shift your frequency) have faith that all is working out as it should and pray for help along the way.

Thank you again, Steve, for all that you do for the community and the collective. Your site is a constant state of comfort for me.



Steve: Don’t go away. I’d like to comment in Part 2 on part of what Madison says here.

Madison Rosenberger, Ph.D. | Channel, Spiritual Teacher
& Yoga Teacher RYT 500
M: 7047781538

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