That’s Ascension – Steve Beckow

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Thatโ€™s Ascension

Iโ€™d like to bundle a few things together to arrive at a hopefully-helpful view of our Ascension โ€“ or perhaps, more accurately, of the phase of our Ascension I think weโ€™re in.

The Divine Mother asked us recently to help take the Reval beyond the vibrational level at which the cabal could interfere with it. (1)

The Arcturians asked me earlier to โ€œmaster EVERY thought and feeling.โ€ (2)

Kathleen is mastering balance, loving neutrality in the face of anything that comes her way.

Every spiritual tradition discussing enlightenment stresses the importance of purification โ€“ ridding ourselves of our core issues or vasanas.

Do you notice any similarities or correspondences? What do all four of these have in common? And how are they related to the phase of Ascension weโ€™re in?

They all leave us in a higher state of consciousness than that which weโ€™re in at this moment.ย  They all contribute to raising our frequency levels. They all contribute to, lead to, and culminate in our Ascension. (3)

I think weโ€™re in a particular phase of Ascension which calls upon us to let go of all that holds us back from expanding or ascending โ€“ vasanas, extreme behavior, 3D habit patterns, call it whatever you wish.

Ours is a gradual Ascension: Only as much speed as the physical body and psychological constitution can take, taking into consideration 7.7 billion people are going through this process, most of them unknowingly.

Following any of these four paths consistently would speed us along the path to our Ascension.

Michael gave a good definition of that Ascension in a recent reading when he referred to โ€œthose human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.โ€ (4)

Iโ€™d say that such a person would have ascended.

Living permanently in Divine Love โ€“ what I used to call transformative love and what Iโ€™d also call Ascension โ€“ is living in all the divine states simultaneously and fluidly, if I may paraphrase Michael.

Only Divine Love is everything and holds everything; anything else is fractional, partial.

Traditionally, in spiritual disciplines, a person perfected only one divine quality โ€“ detachment, service, harmlessness, etc. That would be enough to carry them through to advanced states of enlightenment.

But itโ€™s a sign of our evolution that Michael would even suggest we live from all of them at once.

His request can have the same effect as a Zen choan because, to imagine what space it would be that could hold all the divine qualities, weโ€™d be โ€œforcedโ€ into or stumble upon the space of Divine Love.

Call it what you will โ€“ raising our vibration, self-mastery, balance, or purity โ€“ weโ€™re all urged on to do it by the rising energies. Theyโ€™re raising all our vasanas to the surface, turning us into a collective cat on a hot tin roof.

And the destination is just as Michael said โ€“ living from all the divine qualities at once, in a coordinated and fluid manner. Well, heavens, thatโ€™s life in the Fifth Dimension. Thatโ€™s Ascension.


(1) โ€œThe Divine Mother on the Impact of the Dark on the Reval,โ€ย 

(2) Arcturians in a personal reading with SB through Suzanne Lie, Nov. 8, 2013.

(3) The point of balance turns out to be the same as the natural, pure, and innocent Self, the open heart, the self-mastered individual.

(4) AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.


Heavenly Lotus by Scrawly @ Steemit

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