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My Story

by Devi Prem

I have wondered for a long time if I should share this evolving experience. Since having listened to other people having gone through a similar evolutionary process has really helped my own integration over the years, I decided to share this special shift in my life with you.

Over ten years ago I noticed this most beautiful spirit in the corner of the room. I asked my friend and mentor at that time who that wondrous being is. He replied, “Consider that this is you.” I could not quite comprehend the importance. Shortly after, I received my name PremDevi. It has since been a magical journey with many waves of karma to be cleared. At some point, I could experience this sweet spirit more often, communicate with her, be guided, and held.

This has been an extensive journey of personal transformation through continuous spiritual certification trainings and mentoring that actually started way back in my twenties. Over and over I had to courageously face myself, my shadow, and all of my unpleasant patterns including the socially accepted ones. It has taken enormous courage, compassion, and forgiveness to be on this journey which continues. Humility is what it takes to bring light and shadow together in love.

At some point, I was able to feel this spirit, that so far seemed to be separate from me, actually inside of myself. First experiences were magic and I got to understand that this spirit was me in another dimension. Initially, I was only able to hold the experience for about 5 minutes. This was all so beautiful that my whole endeavor went into practicing embodying this beautiful spirit that really was me. As more light is being poured into a container, more of the dust of personal issues come to the surface to be dealt with, so another wave of purification occurs. The spiritual path does take endurance and commitment.

Finally this year in a moment of immense gratitude and love, my heart burst through and I got to experience myself fully in the light of and as this sweet spirit. The enormous amount of love that I experienced as myself was and is limitless. Nothing else really matters on Earth existence besides anchoring love and light. This includes ourselves. This love and light of our true essence needs to first be anchored into our bodies and into our own lives. Then we can transmit and share it with others.

The practice of love starts within, in our own hearts. The past few months I have had my main focus on embodying this experience of love and shower of light into my daily existence. I am now resting more in my eternal Self. My former personality is like a fading memory. I get to consciously choose now to create a new and more loving personality. Integrating the layers of being eternal while living this embodied life is an adventure.

As magic as all this sounds, the waves of clearing and purification continue from personal topics to collective ones. What is different is that I see it like taking a bath, a daily happening of cleansing, there is no holding on, there are only waves.

My life’s focus is now on how to best share this passage in support of other’s shift into their true essence of love and light. I am here for them with support, compassion, honest reflection, and transmissions of light frequencies in one-on-one sessions via phone and through my upcoming online programs and new weekend workshops.

Wishing you a blessed life filled with magic and angel sparkles!
In love and light, Devi

Devi Prem

The Progression of the Journey Inward – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Carol Heyer


The Progression of the Journey Inward

Having focused on feelings as the triggers of action doesn’t mean I’m somehow negating the role of thoughts.

Thoughts tell us what’s “right” to be done, what we want to do, what “should” be done, how to do it, etc. But they don’t impel us to action. Feelings do.

We might say that an angry sergeant major “inspired” us to act. Or the policeman “persuaded” us to do what we did. What we really mean is that they excited fear in us and we acted on the basis of that fear.

Or someone else “seduced” us by which we mean we acted on the basis of our lust.

Or we might say that someone “made us mad” by which we mean we (our thoughts) “made us mad” and we chose to act on the basis of that angry feeling.

Thoughts make action advisable but feelings, in the end, impel us to act or not.

So what? Why is all this worthy of study?  Mother Mary through Pamela Kribbe suggests why:

“You have been trained to think far too much, to gather and organize information from your environment with your mind, and from there to respond to the world. But the dimension of the spiritual world, which, in fact, runs through you and of which you are also part, is literally very close when you know how to enter into it.

“In fact, entering into the inner world is about stepping back from the outer world and becoming fully anchored in your body and feelings.” (1)

So moving from thoughts to feelings is moving inward, more deeply into our spiritual quest.

If we observe ourselves when we think, we see that we can think and be quite divorced or removed from our intimate inner reality.

But when we experience our feelings, we find ourselves quite involved and much more aware of that reality.

Of course spiritual realities go beyond even our feelings. The divine states of love, bliss, and peace for instance go far beyond our more surface feelings. They’re deeper by an order of magnitude. These all appear to be steps: thoughts —-> feelings —-> divine states.

Therefore, if we want to take a step deeper than simply observing our thoughts, then observing our feelings would be next. After that, observing the wisps of divine love and bliss in our field of experience would be next. (2)

I’m not aware of being able to do more than that by and on our own free-will initiative.

There. I just felt a wisp of love within my field of experience and awareness. I acknowledged it and it expanded. This is a very simple exercise which I believe is open to all.

It may turn out that it’s only possible with love as a divine state rather than with love as an ordinary feeling. I don’t know. But it istrue with love as a divine state.

And even here the process is not “natural.” I have to train myself to breathe into and experience the divine states.

Nevertheless, awareness of our thoughts is not something that will – or should – go away. Our vasanas are word-based. Our life decisions are. The direction we go in, the construction and use of any tools along the way, our relations with other people are all word-based. And our thoughts determine our feelings. (3)

But once we’ve looked at those and want to go further inwards, then the next step, I think, is to become fluent and fluid in the knowledge and experience of our feelings.

Most people will think to themselves, I AM in touch with my feelings. But, in my experience, the vast majority of people are not (including me, at this moment) (4) For me it’s the next place to go.

I notice a smile of excitement and curiosity when I even broach the subject. I’m aware of the benefits of being in touch with my feelings.


(1) “Mary via Pamela Kribbe: The Inner Journey,” , at

(2) Wisps of love, bliss, and peace blossom upon being recognized.  That has been my experience with all three.

(3) “Thoughts precede emotions, an infinitesimal lapse that isn’t recognized because the thought about a situation and the reaction to it seem to be simultaneous. When you perceive a situation as fearful, instantly that thought provokes the natural reaction―fearful feelings. As the thought veers into preoccupation with the situation’s possible developments, the fear feelings that follow gather force.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 1, 2012, at

“Most of your emotions arise not from your physical life, but from the way you think about your life. With this realization, you can begin to catch yourself in the act of thinking in a limited, fearful, separate and/or time-bound manner. This is when you can begin to release your habit of third-dimensional thinking, and begin to allow yourself to remember your innate multidimensional thinking.” (The Arcturians, through Suzan Carroll, Feb. 28, 2012, at

(4) It took me months in an encounter group even to see that I was out of touch with my feelings. The process of getting in touch with them also took time and needed to be carried on perpetually.

Being in touch is not something one can do one day and “save” it for the next. Like telling the truth, it has no shelf life. Yesterday’s in-touchness, like yesterday’s truth-telling, carries no weight today.


Artist ~ Carol Heyer

Divine Source by Amorah Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple


Divine Source

by Amorah Quan Yin

I felt guided to [write] about Divine Source. Many people speak of this. But how many really know what it is? In the beginning of each of our individual existences, each of us was born into Creation in our own unique way.

At this point of Creation, we have specific Higher Dimensional Beings of Light who sing us into consciousness with their full focus and intention. It often is just two Beings, but sometimes several. As they hold the energies that will make up the essence of who and what we are, they sing with intention of bringing those divine qualities into the new Being-YOU!

There is during this process always infinite Love and Light plus whatever qualities each of us is meant to become. Every divine quality you can think of is a possibility. And during our original Creation experience when we first come into consciousness, we feel these beautiful qualities that we are becoming more and more. And yet there is something else we feel. The Divine Source of our own existence and All That Is.

It feels like awaking for the first time to ourselves and feeling as if we are in a wonderful space in which we are loved, nurtured, held in Peace and Joy and deep safety. In Oneness everything around us is also individual and unique. This atmosphere we feel ourselves in is Divine Source.

This Divine Source is the cumulative energy of all of the Beings of Light in existence and what that creates energetically. It will always be loving, always filled with Light and hold the possibility of every other Divine quality that exists. It also holds the quality of Oneness with special love for the individuated Beings of Light, such as yourself.

This Divine Source is the place from which come all of our potentials that are in affinity with All That Is and with our own essence. There is nothing greater or simpler in a very powerful way.

Divine Source holds for you and everyone else the Divine Plan of returning to Oneness with God/Goddess/All That Is. It is like the reminder that is what you came from, what you will return to, and what you are. We exist at all times in that beautiful Divine Source. But often we lose sight of it as we begin to believe in our ego selves more than our spirits—who we really are. So returning to your true self also begins to help you feel and actualize that Divine Source eternal connection again. It is what really is in existence that holds what you really are.

Happy return journey to your true self. And call often on Divine Source to assist you in this divinely destined return to YOU and to Oneness. Surrender into that vast Love and Light of which are a part. So be it!!!

Gratitude & Appreciation to unknown artist.