Divine Source by Amorah Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple


Divine Source

by Amorah Quan Yin

I felt guided to [write] about Divine Source. Many people speak of this. But how many really know what it is? In the beginning of each of our individual existences, each of us was born into Creation in our own unique way.

At this point of Creation, we have specific Higher Dimensional Beings of Light who sing us into consciousness with their full focus and intention. It often is just two Beings, but sometimes several. As they hold the energies that will make up the essence of who and what we are, they sing with intention of bringing those divine qualities into the new Being-YOU!

There is during this process always infinite Love and Light plus whatever qualities each of us is meant to become. Every divine quality you can think of is a possibility. And during our original Creation experience when we first come into consciousness, we feel these beautiful qualities that we are becoming more and more. And yet there is something else we feel. The Divine Source of our own existence and All That Is.

It feels like awaking for the first time to ourselves and feeling as if we are in a wonderful space in which we are loved, nurtured, held in Peace and Joy and deep safety. In Oneness everything around us is also individual and unique. This atmosphere we feel ourselves in is Divine Source.

This Divine Source is the cumulative energy of all of the Beings of Light in existence and what that creates energetically. It will always be loving, always filled with Light and hold the possibility of every other Divine quality that exists. It also holds the quality of Oneness with special love for the individuated Beings of Light, such as yourself.

This Divine Source is the place from which come all of our potentials that are in affinity with All That Is and with our own essence. There is nothing greater or simpler in a very powerful way.

Divine Source holds for you and everyone else the Divine Plan of returning to Oneness with God/Goddess/All That Is. It is like the reminder that is what you came from, what you will return to, and what you are. We exist at all times in that beautiful Divine Source. But often we lose sight of it as we begin to believe in our ego selves more than our spiritsβ€”who we really are. So returning to your true self also begins to help you feel and actualize that Divine Source eternal connection again. It is what really is in existence that holds what you really are.

Happy return journey to your true self. And call often on Divine Source to assist you in this divinely destined return to YOU and to Oneness. Surrender into that vast Love and Light of which are a part. So be it!!!


Gratitude & Appreciation to unknown artist.

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